[J] The path Which only you know

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Hey there I’m new to Souls and I wanted to know if I could join your pack, I feel like this one would fit me the best and it seems really friendly. I write in character so I hope that’s okay tell me if you need any more information.

“Run, run free my child."

She made herself run, pushed herself harder than she ever remembered. She had to get away from those eyes, those piercing blue eyes. Her paws dug into the dirt beneath her and her breathing became staggered and ragged. The world began to spin as she fell to the earth, those eyes still behind her.

“Let the wind carry you away from the nightmares.”

She lay there for a while, letting the voice settle around her. After what seemed like an eternity, she stood, wincing at the pricks from the thorn bushes. She paid no mind to her smaller wounds and rubbed her muzzle against her shoulder. Those eyes, that voice were echoing through her head. No matter how hard she tried to erase them they would haunt her. Shoving off the heavy feeling that had settled into her stomach the small female continued on her way. She couldn’t remember how long she had been running for, a day? Two? Ever since she had that close encounter a bear, she was on the move. Ivy was not sure but she was running on fumes, she would have to find food soon. Her quick gate slowed as she took in her surroundings. Ivy Havoc had entered another forest, a very thick forest. The scent of deer caught her attention; she turned to the north and sniffed the air. It did not seem that far away, with a smirk she trotted forward. There was a small deer trail that was woven between bramble bushes and the ancient trees.


Ivy Froze in place, the wind that caressed her face brought the smell of deer flooding into her nose. The Deer was standing about sixty feet from her hiding spot next to the sloping hill face. The male was maybe a year old, small enough for her to take him out. She launched herself through the bramble bush and onto the deer. It cried and stumbled backwards from the unsuspecting weight. The female locked onto it’s shoulder.

That’s when she felt the prey lose it’s balance.

With a yelp the two fell down the slope, sticks and rocks battered her as they rolled. Ivy let go of the deer and tried to slow her descent. She was stopped by a tree.

<span style='color:red'> “Ow…Not the smartest move Ivy.”</span> She whined as she inspected herself over for injury. Just a few achy bones, nothing she couldn’t hand. Turning with ears half-mast the blue-eyed wolf found the deer was not so lucky. It seemed to have broken it’s leg. Carefully making her way down to base of the hill.

The deer seemed to wail at her with it’s blank dark orbs. She made quick work of killing the poor creature- no need for it to suffer any more than needed.

She dove for the leg and began to feast. The taste of iron flooded her mouth as she gorged herself. The scent of blood would attract other predators so she had to make her meal fast.

Half way done with her meal, Ivy froze, beneath the overbearing smell of blood and death was something else. Something that made her blood run cold. There was a pack nearby, very nearby. She loped after the smell, whining as the sight of her meal disappeared. Hopefully later it would still be there and she could continue the meal. Standing on a small overhang the female glanced around her. The scent of the pack’s border was maybe a few yards away. Nervously she lapped the blood from her fur, deciding whether howling was the best choice.

“Follow the path to where your feet will lead you. The path will be your freedom.”

The comforting hum of her father’s voice echoed through her ears. With a snort she sat down and howled. It sounded almost bell like, each not rang through the forest and to the twilight beyond. She lay down and watched as the sun faded behind the trees.

Hopefully she would not have to wait for long. <span style='color:red'>“I pray you may be right father.”</span>

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<b>(356)</b> Hello Kenzee. :D Its glad to see we have another member joining Casa! And, I think there isn't any more information you need to add, so you're all good. By the way, I really liked your post.
<p>Alyssum stuffed the rabbit into her game bag when she pulled out the arrow from where it impaled it from. She was glad that her solo training was paying off--her aim was cleaner than ever, and her tracking abilities we once again top notched. It was obvious she was reaping the rewards by the weight of the bag that was slung over her shoulder, filled with just that day's prey that she had killed. Most of it would go to the pack's stores, but she would eat good again that night, and again was thankful for Casa's choice of territory that allowed her to have easy hunting.

<p>She perked her ears as the faintest noise broke the silence, and looked towards where she thought she heard it. The coywolf could have sworn she heard the cry of an injured deer, and wondered if she should investigated it. But, she decided against it; it was outside of the pack's borders, judging by how distant is sounded, and it was more likely than not another hunter had a successful capture. She moved out of her pause and continued to traverse through the undergrowth with her bow kept in hand, attempting to find another scent trail to follow.

<p>A few minutes later, she was stopped by another noise, but this time it struck more interest in Alyssum than the wail of prey. The howl was close to where the borders were, and by the sounds of it, the caller wanted someone to come to her. Curious and feeling the urge to answer, the woman changed her direction and made a fast pace towards the perimeter, and her graceful lope allowed her to reach the borders about ten minutes after the howl rang.

<p>She rounded a crop of trees, and the fresh wave of her pack's scent washed over her as she stepped out into the open. Not so far away, a girl laid, which she assumed was the one who called, and Alyssum smiled towards her with a friendly face. <b>"Greetings, this is Casa di Cavalieri's borders. My name is Alyssum, and I heard your call--do you need anything?"</b>


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Okay, and thank you very much. I loved your post it was a great read. love how you show the dialogue by the way, I might just snag that from you :D

Ivy yawned, eyes drooping sleepily. She should have rested last night when she had found that hollowed out tree. The sound of paws brought her from her musings, standing the pepper fur stretched out her muscles. The pulling on them felt nice. The voice startled her; the female did not think that the wolf would be this close. Glancing up Ivy’s blue eyes met green. Instantly she bowed her head and perked her ears back. The etiquette of packs was coming back to her now. She puffed her cheeks out in a huff before peeking back up at the other female. Was she ready for this? She had been lonely, but she never knew how lonely until now. There was no backing down now.

Um yes, I-I’m Ivy Havoc.” She winced at the crack in her voice. “ I was wondering i-if you had any room in your p-pack? I’ve been on the m-move for a while and I want to settle d-down.

Okay so not the way she wanted to sound. Hopefully the latter wouldn’t notice. Her heart sped up, leaving a hollow ring to hum through her ears. When had her heart began to beat so loudly? She began to pace form left to right- her tail swished close to the ground. She was never good at sitting still, that’s what her mother had said. The deer in her full stomach began to twist and knot up. Maybe this was a bad idea, maybe she should have just kept moving. The thought of her mother made her smile slightly, her mother wouldn’t have wanted her to live like this. Her Father Wouldn’t want her to live like this. This shell of an existence where his daughter could barely get by on small game. John would be heartbroken if he saw her now.

Ouch…. A ripple of pain rocketed through her chest. She didn’t want to think about them right now. Didn't want to remember.

She felt something on her back again; the fur on the back of her neck bristled slightly. Those eyes were watching her again. Those damned blue eyes that followed her. She shivered at the feeling shrugged off the eyes and glanced back at the pack member. Sitting down the small female waited for the latter’s response.

She felt her heart constrict and her gut knot impossibly tight. She had been on the run for too long.

She didn’t want to be alone again, didn’t want to face her demons by herself.

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<b>(323)</b> Haha okay!
<p>She did not mean to surprise the young female, but it was too late to make any form of apology as she started to speak. Alyssum noticed the familiar nervousness in her voice and stuttering words, but instead of addressing it she merely smiled. When she was young and joining the coyote clan, she too had a twisted tongue that did not allow her to form the right things that she wanted to say. She was older now, more experienced, and fully understood the reasons why the other was acting like so.

<p><b>"We are well met, Ivy Havoc. Casa is a home for all those who need it, and I would welcome you to it,"</b> the coywolf said kindly, though she added a bit sadly, <b>"yet, I cannot accept you in myself."</b> She would have gladly accept the girl into the territory, but her rank would not allow her dictate such powers. <b>"But,"</b> the de Fonte said quickly beforeIvy could have become too disheartened, <b>"I would be more than happy to call someone who can, if you can answer a few, simple questions.

<p>"What kind of skills do you possess that may be of use for the pack? We value members who are able bodied and can fight, but we also appreciate any ability that a member has that can help Casa,"</b> she asked softly, her tone hopefully calming to the other and not to make her anymore nervous than she already was. <b>"For example, I am able to defend the borders, but I am also able to provide food easily for those who cannot or do not have the time to hunt."</b> The scent of deer clung on the other's pelt, and the woman wondered if she was the one whom had caused the animal she had heard earlier to cry. It seemed she was a hunter as well, so she mentally noted that as she waited for the other to speak.

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Hey there Ismeme was wondering if she could post with us since her character can accept joiners, would that be alright with you?

Ivy’s ears perked up a fraction, her tail swishing back and forth hopefully. Her eyes widened as she examined the wolf. She held her head high, confidently. A small smile graced her lips, her voice was smooth like honey. The only word that she could think of that could describe the one before her was almost, paternal. The tone of her voice reminded her of when a parent was trying to calm a flustered child. The pepper furred wolf quirked her head to the side and let out a relieved sigh. She thought it would be so much tougher to get into a pack. She felt so happy she could cry. She almost ran up to the other and howled with joy. But she stopped a few steps short of the border.

Couldn’t? Her brow furrowed in confusion before she realized why. Of course, she would have to pull her weight, that’s what they were needed for. To help to better of the pack, she paused and looked down at her feet. What was she good at? She was good at tracking, her brother always left her to do the hunting. She was good with pups, the few times she had to watch them she had become good friends with them. But other than that she wasn’t quite sure. She bowed her head in thought. Alyssum had mentioned the majority of the pack were warriors. Could she herself be one? She wasn’t all that strong compared to most wolves. She could run pretty fast though, more agile. But did she have the stomach to harm another wolf? kill if necessary?

The thought of another’s blood on her hands made her sick.

“Um, well Ms. Alyssum I’m a g-good tracker and h-hunter.” She paused and trying to stop her stutter. “I can watch pups. B-but I’m not sure beyond that. I h-haven’t really fought before. Not intentionally o-of course. I am willing to learn. I c-can run fast, maybe I could scout?”

Her smile dropped into a frown, ears pivoting up to half-mast. Was that enough? She might not do a lot of good compared to the others, but maybe, just maybe it would be enough. She pawed the ground with her left paw, staring at the black splotch on her paw as if it was the most interesting thing in the world and waited for the others response.

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<b>(276)</b> I talked to Ismeme's player, Courtney, and I said it was okay with me... I would have replied to this earlier, but I got sickly. xD But, I am feeling a bit better so I decided to post before another spell comes so that Ismeme can come in!
<p>She noticed that the girl suddenly became unsure as she mentioned that she could not accept her, and the woman felt a little guilty. But, there was not anything she could do about that fact--her rank did not provide her that much power. The only thing she could do in situations like that was being able to greet others at the borders. So, she attempted to burn through the small process as fast as she could so that she could call someone who did have the ability to do so.

<p>Alyssum saw her smile flutter into something less joyful, and she was quick to try to remedy that. <b>"I, in my own opinion, would glad to have more hunters in the pack. Sure, mostly everyone is able to supply food for themselves, but, more the merrier, especially when prey is at its best during this season."</b> She nodded in approval when she spoke about watching pup, also finding that skill useful; she barely worked with young ones before, and to have someone she knew who did was reassuring. When she mentioned her lack of fighting, she smiled encouragingly. <b>"And all we can ask is for your willingness to learn, Ivy. And, scouting is a nice ability to have as well.

<p>"Anyway, I believe you are more than fit enough to join Casa. I shall call for someone to come now, and hopefully they will be swift."</b> Without another word, she tipped her head to the sky and howled for anyone of high enough rank to come to them, the call followed by a few coyoteish yaps that was unique to hear within a mostly wolf pack.

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Oh no! I hope that you feel better dear! I hate when that happens, take all the time you need to alright? Oh cool can’t wait for Courtney to join in. I thought I could write a little more before Courtney got here, I was having one of those writing sprees ya know? :D

She couldn’t help but grin, one of those that looked almost dopey. It was as if her muscles were stuck like that. The girl was extremely excited, so much so that she had begun pacing again. Her tail was now wagging back and forth. So from what Alyssum said that they had good hunting grounds; hopefully large open fields. She loved to run, it felt like she was flying. She stopped pacing and sat back down, her tail twitching. “So what’s t-the pack like? Are they n-nice? What’s t-the land like? I-is there g-good places to run, I love to run. Do y-you like to run? What Kind of g-game do you have?” She shut her mouth tight, a sheepish smile landing across her lips. “S-sorry about that I’m just e-excited. And s-sorry about my stutter.”

She looked up at the sky, the trees danced gracefully in the breeze. The smell of the pack hit her once again. It made her smile wider. She was unsure of what exactly she was going to do once she got there, how she was going to fit into the jigsaw puzzle that was fate. She would try her best, work her hardest and do as much as she could. She glanced back to the latter with the tilt of her head.

“If you d-don’t mind c-can I ask you a question?” She sheepishly turned her head away and waited.

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OOC: Sorry for the wait guys

Ismeme’s swollen belly had been making it difficult to walk lately, but when she heard the howl she did the best she could to get to the border. She finally gave up and called for Brynn. He seemed to know what she wanted and laid down on the ground, making it easier for her to get onto his back. Slowly and carefully, he carried her to the border where Alyssum and a newcomer were waiting patiently. Isa make a small clicking sound and Brynn lowered himself back down to the ground so she could get down. She patted the stallion’s massive neck as she waddled over to the two woman, knowing perfectly well that the stranger was looking to join.

Smiling at the woman, Isa bowed her head in greeting. Hello there miss, how can I help you? My name is Ismeme Theos. the Tronco of Casa di Cavalieri. She didn’t appear to be a luperci, but that didn’t matter much to Isa. As long as the girl had some skills that could help the pack, or would at least be willing to learn, Isa saw no reason why the yearling could not be a member of their pack. And now that their Luna had stepped down, Jazper had given the Corpo ranks the privalidge of accepting new members. Of course, Isa wouldn’t accept just anyone, but if she had anything to offer the pack, she didn’t see any problem.

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Thats alright dear!

The sound of hooves brought Ivy from questioning the latter It was heavier than a deer or elk, She furrowed at the sound. why was there a horse around here? She froze when she found out the reason why, a luperci was on the stallions back. She was a luperci....icy chills shot up her spine. Instinctively she took a step back as the other approached them. She was expecting, her belly was swollen, so that was why she had the horse. But that was beside the point. she tilted her eyes to her paws and her ears back. Part of her wanted to be stubborn, to forget it and move on. The few luperci she had met were...well the reason the female had left to begin with. The achy feeling echoed through her chest again. But maybe they were different... maybe they were nice.

Hesitantly she peeked at the woman...Ismeme was it? her pale orbs shifting from her to Alyssum. Ivy took a deep breath and looked at the luperci's forehead. "I-I want t-to join Casa di Cavalieri! I-I'm not much of a f-f-ighter but I'm a g-good hunter and I could b-be a good scout.

She blurted out the words to where even she could barely understand them. with a disgruntled huff she looked down, ears pivoting to half-mast. She wanted more than anything to be part of a group, part of a family. She wanted the companionship, the comradery of it all. And while there might be luperci she wasn't going to let it slip from her grasp. Who knew when another pack would come along. Dispite how much her head was telling her to run, to get away from the latter her heart was telling her to go with it.

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The woman was clearly nervous around the Luperci’s. Perhaps she hadn’t been around many before or maybe she had been abused or attacked by a Luperci. It seemed possible, but Isa wanted to be sure Ivy would feel comfortable in Casa di Cavalieri. Isa lowered herself down slowly, sitting on the ground in front of the woman as she spoke. With a smile on her face, Isa bowed her head in greeting to the woman. There is no need to be nervous dear. We are all friends here, and I can assure you that you will never be harmed by any member of Casa. Taking into account what the woman said, Isa decided she would fit into Casa well.

I am sure you are an excellent hunter Miss. With training, you will become a good fighter and will be able to help protect the pack when needed. I see no reason why a strong woman such as yourself shouldn’t be accepted. With a large smile on her face, Isa slowly stood back up. Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri Ivy.

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<p>Here are some things that we suggest you take a look at, now that you've been accepted:</p>

<ul> <li>Check out the <a href='http://soulsrpg.com/ipb/viewtopic.php?t=20478' target='_blank'>Game</a> to see how you can start collecting points for fun prizes!</li>
<li> Look at the <a href='http://cdc.soulsrpg.com/territory' target='_blank'>Map and Territory Descriptions</a> to see the various places your character can explore within the pack.</li>
<li>Look over the <a href='http://cdc.soulsrpg.com/ranks/co-ranks' target='_blank'>list of Co-Ranks</a> that are available for you character to pursue once they reach the Famiglia rank.</li>
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