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Niernan first and then Ismeme <33

Saul Lupus is by Alaine!

As always, life had a certain way of spinning him in circles, turning his perception of everything upside down, inside out and all manners of backwards. Of course, most of the time this was a pleasant experience- the good times in his life were beginning to blend together. Nothing managed to cover up the dark mark that was Coli's attack, but things were getting better. Eclipse's visit and feast for the pack had been a much needed pick-me-up, despite Lilin and Grace's absence. He knew it had upset his dark cousin, the golden woman's absence, but as always Niernan fooled around with his brother and Temeraire to take away the sting. The feast had continued on into the darkness and Saul had gotten rather drunk that night.

His life had taken another u-turn a few days ago. When he thought about it, the grin could not stay off his lips. Lilin was his, his mate, they'd consummated their love for one another. His body tingled all over when he thought of that evening, being drawn to the Grove by her sultry scent. He tried to stop his thoughts where they were- Niernan didn't deserve to be in the company of someone whose thoughts turned so filthy so quickly. The cousins, more like brothers, were coming close to their destination, chatting back and forth to each other. Saul had taken pleasure in announcing his and Lilin's mateship, but he'd found security in discussing his night with Lilin with his cousin. Yesterday had been a special day for the Stormbringer family- Teme had turned seven months and was just waiting to shift for the first time. It hadn't come on his seven month mark, but Saul had reassured his son that it would take only a short while for his body to get used to the change and he would be on two legs shortly.

The focal point of yesterday had been eclipsed slightly by the hawk that had showed up, harried by his own Gyrfalcon. Saul had managed to call Eirias off of the visiting bird long enough to see that it had dropped a letter nearby before leaving once more. He sorely hoped that Eir hadn't injured the bird, but he'd scooped up the letter anyway. It had been addressed to him, explaining about Maia's birth and mentioning a 'surprise' for him. It was signed by an 'Ismeme' and informed him to come to the borders and call for her. He'd informed his family, passionately kissing his mate on the lips before he'd asked Niernan to accompany him the next morning.

Their trip had started early- Saul didn't want to leave Vinátta for long, but Bran was staying, Ezra and Fritz were there and he was sure Lilin and Miskunn would put up a damn good fight if that dog returned. Glancing across to his cousin, they knew they were beginning to draw close. The afternoon was just beginning, but the day was overcast at best. With a smile to the Stormbringer with him, Saul came to a natural stop and threw back his head, calling for the female who had sent him the letter just the day before.

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Optime form. Ciaran's around. Yay ponies! :: 523 ::

Good things were starting to seep back into Niernans life, he was still incensed by the attack on Colibri, but with the time that had passed and the disappearance of the dog he had allowed happiness and peace to creep back in. A lot of his time had been taken up on patrols, or in the presence of Grace and her weirdly named pets. His eyes glazed a little as he thought of his golden furred woman, a goofy smile pulling at his lips for a moment. He shook the smile and the clouds away as he realised that he looked like a complete love-struck idiot, he also knew that it wasn't fair for him to think of his lady-love while travelling with his cousin. Besides, he hadn't seen Grace as regularly as he had wanted, she hadn't been at the party his newly discovered cousin Eclipse had thrown, as she had been off on an adventure with Lilin. He had put on a brave face and had played around with Bran and Teme, but he still missed her.

He glanced over at Saul and grinned proudly; only a few days ago Saul had announced his mateship to Lilin. Nier hadn't been surprised, it was the practical course to take after they admitted that they loved each other, but he knew that some in the pack had had no idea of their leaders relationship. He also knew that he was privy to information that others weren't, as Saul had confided in him about his and Lilins night of passion. When Saul had told him Nier had laughed aloud, not mockingly, but gladly. The dark Stormbringer was used to hearing about his brothers conquests, so was happy enough to listen to Sauls tale, the grey cousin becoming more and more like a brother to him.

Nier turned his thoughts back to the journey they were on, he had been surprised when Saul had called on him to walk with him to another packs lands. He had agreed straight away, and hadn't questioned his leader, but had expressed some distress about the patrol he would have to abandon. In the end Niernan had gone to his brother and had asked for the caramel furred man to cover his patrols, Bran had happily agreed, claiming he needed the exercise. He had been relieved that Bran would be vigilant, the large man working alongside Fritz and Ezra to protect the packlands. This had left him free to travel with Saul, and they had walked far already, conversing amiably and joking as they walked.

The pack border loomed and Saul halted, Niernan stopping a mere step behind and to the left of him, showing his respect for his leader. He listened to Sauls howl, the melodic tones mixing together to create one of the most beautiful songs in nature. Nier looked over to his cousin, "And now we wait." He said. The sound of his voice, after a period of silence, caused the cat curled around his neck and shoulders to jump. Nier sniggered and offered a finger for Ciaran to rub against, eliciting a purr from the large breed cat.

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Isa had spoken to Dixie before her and Wayne left for a little while and learned that one of the twins Gypsy had birthed, was to be a gift for Saul, seeing as his stallion, Hermes was the father. Now that the foals were about a month old, they would be able to travel back to Saul’s pack. She wrote a letter to him, explaining that there was a surprise for him in Casa. Dixie had meant to give one of the foals as a gift so Isa figured it would be best to keep it a surprise because of that. She would have taken the foal to Vinatta to make it easier for the male, but with her very large belly she wasn’t able to travel very far; especially not all the way up to Vinatta.

Having never met the Vinatta Alpha, Isa wasn’t sure how to get a message to him. She wrote him a letter, hoping he would be able to read, and gave it to Sora, her Redtailed Hawk. She had been trained to deliver messages for Isa a while back and she hoped Saul knew how to read, if not maybe someone in his pack could and would give him the message.

Sora returned and Adriana used low speech to talk with the hawk and let Isa know that a falcon made it difficult for her to get the message to the male but the bird believed he still picked up the letter when she dropped it. Sora was a little shaken up, having been frightened by the falcon. She hadn’t expected another bird to come after her. Luckily, Isa’s bird wasn’t harmed in any way and would be just fine.

Upon hearing the howl calling for her, Isa called Brynn over to her. The massive draft horse quickly came up to her, lowering himself down to make it easier for the pregnant female to mount his back. The two made their way to the border where Saul was waiting, followed by the two hawks, Altair and Sora. The two never seemed to want to leave her side anymore, always following her around wherever she went. Isa went to the field where Gypsy and her two foals were grazing, along with Maia and her foal and led the two mothers to the border, knowing the little ones would follow. Upon approaching the border, Isa noticed there were two males waiting instead of just one. She wasn’t sure which one was Saul but was sure she would find out soon enough. Brynn lowered himself down again and Isa got off, leading the mares and their foals closer to the men before her. I’d like to welcome you both to Casa di Cavalieri. I am Ismeme, the Tronco of Casa. She paused for a moment, allowing the other two to introduce themselves. Your mare and her foal are ready to travel back to your pack but I was also informed that your stallion, Hermes, is the father of these twin foals. Dixie wanted one of them to go to you, and now that they are old enough to travel, we would like to allow you to choose which you would like.

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Saul Lupus is by Alaine!

Standing by the borders, Saul was suddenly very grateful that Niernan had accompanied him. When Saul had been in Ichika, he'd been used to travelling back and forth over the mountains and into the mainland of Nova Scotia. Hermes had been his constant companion then and Saul had enjoyed the trips. This time, he didn't think it would have been practical to have brought the stallion- Maia was a handful enough without a foal to protect. Their chatter and jokes down towards Casa had been soothing to the male, who often thought he didn't spend enough time with his family. Of course, when the majority of the pack was classed as family, this was hard to believe but it was always there in the back of his mind, to catch an extra five minutes with Teme before he left, to take the time out to show Bran something or explain something further. Niernan's comment made him chuckle softly, a silent nod escaping him. He was, in truth, nervous about this meeting.

It wasn't too long until Saul could see movement. The first thing he noticed was a heavily pregnant pale woman, riding a horse. Leading behind were two familiar figures, but he was confused as to why Gypsy was being brought to the borders as well- she belonged to Casa now. He could not yet see the three small horses playing behind their mothers, but as they came closer Saul caught the prancing of many legs and smiled softly. Trying not to demand answers straight away, he allowed the female to dismount and lead the mares forward. It was then evident that three foals followed the mares and Saul felt his face lift in surprise. The female spoke first, confirming who she was.

Thank you for your letter, Ismeme. I'm Saul and this is my cousin, Niernan Stormbringer. Saul returned, flashing his cousin an encouraging smile before the females voice came once more. An explanation was apparently the topic and Saul lapped it up, green eyes flickering from the pale female to the three foals that were still prancing around. Gypsy had had twins? Saul allowed a grin to flash over his face, a nod to show that he understood what was happening. It was certainly unexpected, but Saul remembered the mysterious 'surprise' that had been promised- the extra foal was certainly a surprise and he told her so.

Well, now I must say this is a nice surprise. He commented, before critical eyes turned to the playing foals. The black and white colt seemed spirited and played with the dark filly boisterously. With a grin, he gestured. I would like to take the black and white colt, if you wouldn't mind? He asked, before more questioned entered his mind. How had Maia been, birthing? Had Gypsy run into any trouble what with having two of them to push out? One question did bubble to the front of his lips and he allowed it to slip past, curiosity tingeing his words. Where's Dixie? Is everything alright with her and Wayne? Saul asked, enquiring after his friends. He wanted to see more of the two, he supposed he would just have to make more of an effort. With a smile, Saul reached out for Maia's lead rope, producing a smaller hand made rope halter that had originally been for Maia's foal, but he thought it might serve better on the surprise colt instead.

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La di da :: 439 ::

The wait was pleasant, he had time to play with Ciaran and relax slightly on these strange borders, Sauls presence an entirely calming one. He could tell his cousin was nervous but he didn't show it, Niernan supposed that would be unbecoming of a pack leader.

Before long a large horse came into view, a rather rotund, pale furred woman riding the horse. Behind the ridden male came two mares and a frolicking following of three foals. Nier smiled at the playful demeanour in which the foals carried themselves, it reminded him somewhat of the play that he and Bran had practised as pups. He tore his eyes from the foals when the pale woman spoke, she introduced herself and used some strange words in the process. He had heard of Casa di Cavalieri, it had been one of the packs that he and Bran had considered, but then Saul had come along and Vinatta with him. But though he had heard Casa before, Tronco was completely foreign to him, he supposed that it was a rank in the pack, just like Vinatta had the Vald, Araedi and all that. He heard Saul introduce himself and then Niernan, a white toothed smile sent his way with the utterance of his name. Niernan bowed his head and spoke in his lilting Irish tones, "A pleasure to meet you Ismeme."

His eyes flicked back to the foals as they continued to play, his cerulean orbs unable to stray far from the handsome little black and white colt. He was shocked as Ismeme revealed that one of the mares, Gypsy, had had twins, he did not envy the mare. When the Casa woman told them that Saul was entitled to one of the twins Niernan couldn't help the glance he shot his leaders way, he didn't want to show just how much he would love to have the colt in the packs stables as he didn't want to build his hopes up. Which foal they took was Sauls choice of course, and he wouldn't say anything unless Saul asked his advice. He was greatly relieved when the grey man chose the colt, an easy smile spreading across his muzzle. He thought then that he may be spending more time in the stables, even if he couldn't call the colt his own.

Niernan stood back and waited, now cradling Ciaran in his arms as Saul conversed with the heavily pregnant woman, asking after a 'Dixie' and a 'Wayne,' he wondered who they were, but didn't ask, more than content to wait and listen until he was spoken to or until it was time to leave.

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He had heard the howl for Ismeme easily from his position by the lake and his ears twitched expectantly. The very pregnant fae had told him of her plan and requested his permission to invite the alpha of a new pack that went by the name of Vinatta. Having never heard of the pack the Sole was naturally very curious and willingly agreed to his Tronco’s request. From the call it seemed as though today might be the lucky day.

Slowly he stood up, raising his arms up in a stretch as he yawned. It had been a lazy day on his part, making slow patrols around the boarders and stopping to nap in the sun or skip rocks on the water often. Although he was eager to get to the boarder and see this new alpha the call was for Ismeme and he would allow her the time to reach the nameless leader and greet him or her before he arrived. After all, it was her idea.

As he neared the source of the howl he picked up Isa’s scent and smiled. It seemed she had beaten him by only a minute or two. His two legs moved quicker now, curiosity getting the better of him until finally three wolves came into view and drawing near them just in time to hear the lighter males question about Dixie and Wayne. Dix and Wayne are still hanging around here and both are very well but very busy. He reassured with a smile. They often leave for short periods of time to track for us. They enjoy the privacy and freedom. It was nice to know that one of the new pack’s males was a friend with the horse-folk that the Sole cared for dearly.

Looking to Isa he quickly apologized Sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to quickly meet your guests. Turning his golden eyes and smile back to the men he gave a shallow bow, I’m Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, the Alpha of Casa di Cavalieri. He wanted very badly to ask for their names but thought it rude. His eyes wandered from the light male to the dark wondering which one was Saul, the Alpha Ismeme has invited to give a foal.

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