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WC: 336 OOC: Yeah ummm Robert is in big trouble, forgot to say she is wearing a yellow sundress of sorts, but it does go past her knees, but nice and thin, and her heat is lightly noticeable, but she has her head on her at least :). As always has purple scarf, but she left her bow at home. Doesn't hunt in town ;) Dated July 19

She had returned the afternoon the day before to find out that the ship had been there for three days... she had missed their homecoming and felt horrible about it, but no matter how bad she felt she and the horses all slept well that night. Even her normal nightmares did not plague her.... tonight however... well after Colibri asked about having her own children, well she found herself staying up, not sure what to think. She then thought about Rob and then remembered she had gotten him those books. Getting up from bed she checked the night, as usual in this stark summer night there were no clouds. Hurrying down her own stairs and out into the moonlit streets of Thornbury she hurried to Roberts’ home. Finding a good place to climb, she expertly climbed up the side of the house. She was grinning to herself, thinking of his reaction to her up on the roof. Then she couldn’t remember which window was his. If she got the wrong one the Alpha would be terribly angry at her, but …. maybe it was worth it. She had nothing to hide, she was only going to show Robert the stars. As quietly as she could she carefully walked over the rooftop with a handful of pebbles she had gotten from the ground below and picked a window hoping it was the right one, and getting the best angle she couldf she threw the first pebble, knocking at the window and spoke

“Psst, Robert!”

She threw the next one and spoke again. She continued this for a while in hopes the man would hear her. She was feeling quite adventurous today and of course Robert was the one she would have as a guinea pig. He would enjoy himself once he could see the stars and all their glory. She at least knew the names of the constellations and could chat about that with him... hopefully if this was the right room.

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Robert had been enjoying his time back home, and rarely left his house other than to do the occasional hunt and the one time his mother showed him a few things about fighting with a knife. It was not as bad as he thought it would be, learning how to fight, but it was not as thrilling as some make it out to seem. Still, he was a willing student under the hand of Skye, but the exercise had left him tired and given him all the more reason to stay indoors.

He had put down a book he was reading only a few hours ago, and like usual, was having a hard time to think when there were so many thoughts running around in his head. But, he was able to fall under a slumber after a good couple of minutes of fidgeting, albeit it was restless. Not long after falling unconscious, he began to having fleeting images of a dream. From what he could have made from it, he seemed to be on a boat, with rocking and a opened blue sky and the faint smell of salt on the constant breeze. But, he could not focus on it for some reason, and he suddenly awoke, though he was slow to get up.

He could have sworn he heard something scurrying up the house, and his mind went to mice, but he mentally waved it off, and rolled over in his bed, tucking his hands under the pillow where cool spots rested. But, he was not able to go back to sleep as he heard a definite clunk against something, followed by some voice outside that was muffled. Not entirely coherent, his tired mind took this pebble-throwing of events as a normal occurrence, and slowly made it to his window was a calm pace.

He cracked up the window and peaked outside, and stared outside towards the ground, but saw nothing of interest. After a second, he was about to pull his head back in, but something caught his attention: a familiar scent from a peculiar place. Furrowing his brows, he turned to look upwards, and had to make a double take. "Miss Eclipse?" he whispered, stressed, obviously surprised to see the woman hovering upon his roof, and pointed it out. "What in the name of everything reasonable are you doing up there?" He glanced up at the sky, at the position of the moon. "And at this unholy hour?"

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She was starting to think that it was an empty window and she was about to find a new one when she saw the head of the man she was trying to coax out and she couldn’t help but smile and wave. Yes his reaction was just as she thought it would be and she giggled. The giddiness of the moment and the reaction just gave her a slight high that no drug could give you, nor even alcohol.

“It’s not THAT late out, probably two hours after sunset. It’s the best time to see the stars. Come on, grab those books and come up here.”

She said with a happy grin on her face, and made herself comfortable. It really was a good spot to see the stars. The trees were nearby but none loomed over this house and it was nice. She would wait for Robert and if he tried to go back to sleep.

“I’ll keep throwing rocks at your window if you don’t and keep you up ALL night! You really don’t want to hear me sing.”

She said. She gave him a wicked grin letting him know this was most definitely not a threat. She’d probably even tell the whole truth to Skye who would... well probably yell at Eclipse and make her go home of course, but it would be worth it all in the long run. Eclipse thought as she stared up, now ignoring Robert visually but listened for his every move. She would know exactly what he was doing... well unless he closed his window. She crossed her legs and being a “woman” she made sure her dress lay flat on her so he didn’t see under them when he came up, that was if he didn’t need help.

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He stared up in disbelief as she explained the hour was more perfect than any other, and even if she gave it a reasonable explanation that it was the best time to see the stars he never bothered to look at before, she found her words inexcusable. In what world was the nightly hours bearable? None, because there was no other world but this, he thought. Even if they were, he doubted that the inhabitants would be frolicking around on their roofs to stargaze when one wanted to sleep despite his troubles doing so.

He was definitely considering shutting the window on her, but her mention of throwing more rocks worried him. While the prospect of losing more sleep was daunting, he would not appreciate if she accidently knocked out the glass in his window. Or, more so, he would not think Skye would like it. He was not quite sure how she would react, but he'd guess she would rather find him on the roof than coming into his room to find a broken window. But, despite his musings, he could not help but grin at her other "threat". "I'm sure you don't sing bad," he said amusingly, though he was still annoyed.

"But, whatever, I'm coming up." With that, he walked soundlessly across his room and grabbed his ragged sachel. After carelessly dumping out its contents on his bed, papers and quills and small books tumbling out, he went to his desk and grabbed the books. He inspected the covers briefly before sticking them into the bag, and slung it over his shoulder. With a rub of his head, pushing his already disheveled hair into a more tousled mess, he went back to the window where Eclipse waited.

He leaned out of the window, and began to wonder exactly how he was supposed to get up there. But, he did not want the woman to think that he was chickening out, and stepped out of the room, careful as he gripped on the small stripe of wood above his window as he stood on the sill. Cautious, though faster than he would have thought, he managed to clamber his way onto the roof, and heaved himself up the last few inches with a huff.

"Okay, now what?" he questioned after settling himself near her, taking in what she was wearing now that he was at a proper angle. He was quick to notice that she was wearing a dress instead of the waistcoat that he had gave her, and thought it was nice. While he was looking at her, he noticed something... weird. Something was off, but he couldn't tell. Whatever it was, it was faint, but it grabbed at his attention like he needed to know about it.

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“I surely hope you don’t wanna risk it, i may make you and your mother go deaf!”

She said at his comment on her singing, which was actually as bad as she said it was, though she doubtedit really would make anyone deaf. Then she heard the words she wanted to and listened as he shuffled through his room and soon came out to clamber up, not so noiselessly as she did, onto the roof. She was already sitting up now making sure he wouldn’t fall but making it look like she was waiting impatiently. He was her friend after all. She didn’t know how much she had missed him since he went on that voyage, teasing him wasn’t the same when he was gone after all.

”Well, look up, and you can see the wonders of the night sky. I’m sure the moon will be light enough for you to read, but not too bright to see most of the stars.”

She pointed up, then, lay down on the roof again, searching through the skies for the few constilations that were brightest of all, like the big dipper, and even the little one. She knew with a special glass one could see the stars closer as well as better but she didn’t mind looking through her own eyes at the skies above, so big, so powerfully immense and wonder what it was like up there where the stars were.

“I watched the stars with my mom once, but it was inside because of that snowstorm, we had to look out the window, but she made it special, showing me how to connect them to make constellations”

Her voice was not say, but had a twist to it as she remembered the cold February night after the big snow storm hit, just sitting there bored with her mother until she made a game with the gir, in a way teaching her about the stars and how they all somehow connected. It was one of the few things she had with her mom.

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"You talk about being deaf as if it was a bad thing," he called back as he gathered his things in his room, though he kept it hushed enough not to disturb his mother. As he stepped out of the window and climbed up with the grace of a three-legged badger, he continued to say with a grin, though it was somewhat worried by the climb, "If I couldn't hear, then I would not have to listen to you, would I?" When he pulled himself up onto the roof, his smile became the usual slyness to show that he was not being serious.

He rolled his eyes at her words, but his smile became less playful and more gentle. He glanced up at the sky, and had to admit the sky was clear and lacked the usual cloud cover, and the stars he saw through a little square that was his window expanded across the sky. He took it all in for a moment, but he looked away as he dug through the bag he brought up for one of the books. "And we just had to do this on my roof because? he asked with a hint of humor as he pulled out a book and began to thread through the pages for a certain page that showed some information about the stars. He was actually curious as to why she had the idea to do this on top of the house, and wondered if it was just some weird quirk about her, climbing other's houses.

The man paused for a moment as Eclipse spoke of her mother, and was lost for words for a moment. Silence brewed for a few seconds, but he finally asked with a hint of quietness in his voice as he continued to flip the pages of the book, "You miss her, don't you?" She spoke of her as if she missed her, he assumed. He knew the feeling, and could recognized it in others. He was not pressing for a reply, nor did he meet her gaze to show that she did not have to answer him if she didn't want to.

A minute passed, and he suddenly pointed at the sky with a single finger while the other hand gripped the book. "I found one!" he whispered loudly, and looked back down to the book to read more about the constellation he found. "Its called... Ophiuchus," he stated after re-reading the name to make sure it was right, "or otherwise called Snake-bearer." He looked away from the book to the sky to look at the stars, trying to imagine a figure grappling with a serpent.

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She heard his words and couldn’t help but laugh a little before she replied to him; “Of course being deaf is bad!” Then she looked at him straight in the face when he gave his next comment and could see the sly smile on his face and wished she had some kind of mud pie she could throw at him. She rolled her eyes but smiled back and let him win this round. Just this once. She looked back up at the sky with out a word as he moved his way up next to her and rummaged through his belongings; “Well i sure as heck couldn’t have sat on MY roof and got you there without waking the whole of the town now could I?” Not to mention her roof was a bit taller and harder to get up, and no doubt he would have really freaked out with its long slant and all. Her words were not made to sound offensive, but just as playful as his own words as he pulled out one of the books; “And far too late to go to the nearest clearing, I’m sure you’d love to do it on the road? Can’t see as much anyway not with the buildings!”

She sat on one of her elbows as her attention turned to his book he held open. She flipped through it once or twice before giving it to him, but felt he should have the privilege of looking at it as a whole. She paused when he asked if she missed her, and she sat all the way up, but her head turned back up to the heavens; “Yes... I do, I miss her very much. She disappeared after my father... well they both left.” She looked down ashamed, not sure how he would react to such a strange thing. She knew about his mother but heard next to nothing about his father and wasn’t sure if she should. SHe was quiet though after that and looked into his book. When he exclaimed he found one she looked for the name and then saw the constellation and then looked up at the sky. It took her a few moments and she peeked up a bit and pointed; “I do too! Does it say anything else about it? I know my mother told me stories of the Ursa major and minor as well as the draco one.” She said excitedly, looking to see if she could find them, noting they both were there and one of the easier ones to see she didn’t even need the book to remember which ones they were.

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"I don't think its that terrible, really, being deaf." After he got himself comfortable, crossing his legs over one another and placing the books beside him, he explained himself more thoroughly and seriously. "There was once a saying that silence can speak the loudest words. If someone was deaf, would you think they could 'hear' more than anyone else?" He mused quietly as he mulled over what he said. If such a thing was true, it'd be a tragic lost; one who could not hear could not speak neither, and whatever they learned from the silence would be forsaken. Their knowledge would die silently with them if they could not pass it on. Robert looked back at Eclipse and flashed a meek grin, as if to apologize for his philosophical moment. She dragged him up there to see the stars, not for him to wonder aloud about deafness.

"I supposed not," he quietly agreed to both of hers statements, much to his distaste. He guess it was better to be on his roof than someone else's, or in a dark clearing for that matter. The street was not as bad sounding as the other options, but it was too late to suggest climbing down. It seemed pointless then now that they were up there. But, Robert thought it was not as bad as he thought it would be.

He looked back at her when she answered him, and even when she turned her gaze away from the sky and hung her head, he continued to watch her. He finally looked away after a moment and looked up at the sky. He did not speak further about the matter then, but he hoped that she could tell that his lack of respond told her that he understood. He did not sympathize, but empathized--he went through what she had as well. Yet, he was too weak to verbally admit it, unlike her. It was as if he spoke about his father and brother, he would be facing a fact that he did not want to come to. It was childish, but he thought it was better that way.

But, the star gazing helped him forget. He looked over the page quickly, but shook his head. "The rest they show for that is a bunch of letters and numbers... I don't know what they mean." He looked back up at the sky, trying to find the constellations she listed. "What kind of stories?" he asked, mildly curious about what she knew about the groups of stars she spoke of.

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“But if you can’t hear you won’t be able to listen to the song of the birds, or hear your family talking to you, I mean if you can’t hear you can’t talk really can you? You’d be forced to write anything you thought down. I think that is a terrible thing to have to endure. It’s next to not seeing, a thing i don’t want to wish on anyone even my enemies.” She argued, though she was ready to drop it at any time now. She did feel strongly that it was some kind of punishment to whoever it happened to though.

She was glad he was placated by her comment and nodded almost sagely, as though she always had good points. She also noted his quiet as well, usually others would absolutely try to comfort her, and feel sorry for her, or pity her but he didn’t. She smiled at him for this. She wasn’t one to flaunt her sad story just to get an oh i’m so sorry from someone who’s fault it wasn’t. She settled herself comfortably again, letting her limbs loosen as they tightened with agitation at the bad memory.

She sighed sadly, there were no books that held stories of the stars anymore it seemed and she wondered how her mother found the stories she told Eclipse. She had to wrack her brain to remember them, it had been over a year since she heard the tales her mother told her;

“Well it’s been a bit long but from what I remember, the story went, that there was a woman who was to bear a god’s child, and when she did the gods wife got jealous and turned her into a bear. The woman saw her son one day and she was greeting him, but because she was a bear, he thought she was going to attack him so he tried to attack her first, but the god came and turned him into a bear as well, and then sent the both of them into the sky where they would be safe from his jealous wife.” She said and then looked back up a little, now feeling the story was pretty stupid now that she remembered it. She had been told it was really only a story but there was always something behind such stories. She didn’t know what was behind this one. Perhaps she was still too young.

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He looked away from the book and to the sky as she explained how horrible deafness could be. All she said was, of course, true. He could not argue with her the dire side effects that the silence could induce. "Blindness is worse than deafness in my opinion. Images fade from mind, and they are hard to cling to. But sound... If I lost my hearing right now, I think I'll be able to remember my mother's voice, your voice, the bird's song, until the day when its my time to go." To him, it was not the most terrible card that can be dealt in life. "It'd make you remember, treasure, the things we'd take for granted. It is not all that great of a fate... but it could be worse, right? Almost like a gift wrapped in thorns; if you can open it, you'll be able to see the upside."

Robert wished he could comfort her, but he knew it'd be best not to say anything. He did not like it when others apologized unneededly, either. All he could do was sit there silently, hope that it spoke enough to Eclipse.

He listened to the tale she woved, and about the middle of the story he found the stars that she talked about. He stared at the littler bear with the long tail, and tried to imagine a young Luperci, and the same for the larger bear with a wolfish female. Like always; he lacked imagination, and found her tale more unusual than baffling. "Are the rest of the stars lovers and their sons? Or do they have different stories, too?" he asked as he laid down on his back with his arms pillowing his head, the book splayed open on his chest. He looked up at her, and wondered if her mother told her more stories, like about Draco or the Snake-bearer.

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She gave a noncommittal shrug. She thought both were horrible things to happen to a wolf, and couldn’t even imagine being born that way or having both set upon her. That made her shudder a little and want to stop the whole conversation. So all she did was nod again. She always treasured all of her senses. They were what made her who she was. Just thinking about it made her even more aware and a smile creeped up on her face as she smoothed out her dress before laying back down herself, in the same way Robert did.

His question made her giggle, in fact many of them were about lovers and jealousy and it was interesting as she tried to remember all the stories but she shook her head as the one about draco was not at all about love in any sense; “Well the draco one, from what I remember, the dragon was of a hundred heads and he guarded a sacred golden apple. A goddess told I suppose he would be a part god or a normal human or whatever they were, my mom never explained and then names... they are so difficult to remember, well she sent him to get the apple and he did, he played a song to the dragon and he fell asleep. I guess the goddess was pleased and then for some reason I can’t remember put the dragon into the sky. I don’t know it’s all a bit fuzzy.” She said wishing she could remember, if she wanted to she could make stuff up, but Robert seemed a man of fact, and though these tales were entirely made of fiction they were of a myth of very long ago.

She turned to him with a quirk of a brow, looking at his features as they stared into the sky, and couldn’t help but think about how it complimented him.. and she started telling herself off, she’d not jump all over him like she did with Aro and she spoke suddenly; “What stars stor... .Umm i mean... You have um... you said you read about the stars yourself, what have you read about them?” She asked curiously, as well to hide what little embarrassment she had, though her eyes did not leave him. She was a stubborn woman who would not let her embarrassment show too much and she had to challenge herself, this was a challenge to her. Keeping her own thoughts to herself, the heat scent was nearly gone but she could tell it was there, and wondered if Robert was just too young to care or didn’t like the scent at all, but that was something she would keep to herself as she tried to figure the odd man out.

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He raised an eyebrow at her giggle, and wondered if the stars were really nothing more but wayward lovers. How they would get a mistress out of a dragon was beyond him. But, soon she explained, and he listened to the tale with open ears. Though she had forgotten some bits and pieces, he heard enough for him to manage to put together the story. "Maybe she, the goddess, put Draco in the stars as a punishment for sleeping on the job." It seemed reasonable, but being seen by many every night did not seem like a terrible fate. "Or maybe when the thing put him to sleep, he realized how tired he wy guarding a single apple, and the goddess decided to reward him?" he said, unsure, not really used to imagining ending for things that were not real.

He turned his head to see her stammer, which he found amusing. With a grin on his face, he propped himself on an elbow as she tried to get out what she said, though he was a bit curious as to why she was suddenly hurried. When he got up a little, he noticed a smell, and he realized that was the thing that he noticed eariler that threw him off. Furrowing his brows at it, he took a quiet intake of breath in attempts to find out what it was, but he regretted doing so moments later. Though it was vague, the smell was strong, in a good way. But, nevertheless the smell surprised him, and laid back down on his back, where the scent was more obscure; it seemed that the smell was always there but he didn't notice until then, or it lingered in his mind and he just thought he was still scenting it.

Now it was his turn to fumble with his speech. "T-they--the books, I mean, um, say that they are clouds of dust and fire. And, uh, I think its said that they're... lightmonths away?" He personally did not agree with what the books said about stars, and the words that were to big for even him to know confused him too greatly. And what he did know was being muddled with the distraction that was the scent. "Anyway... I think they, uh, said that the sun is the closest star." Trivial. "And, um... the hottest star burns blue instead of red." Useless. Whatever he said was facts that were probably the most unimportant things he could say in a situation.

He laid there, awkwardly silent. "So, um... what do you think stars are made of?" Maybe her talking could keep his mind off of it, and with an opened question like that could keep her busy.

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“Both ideas are good ones, but honestly I think they are all made up anyway so we can make up reasons why. Some stories like this have morals but not all of them.” she said. She remembered aesops tales that was read to her once upon a time ago, but it had nothing to do with the stars and she wouldn’t try to recie thoughs. As she tried to find words she could see him stir and sit up with a grin on his face and she almost looked away, but keep her eyes on his features. Yep.... the light did compliment him, she though, but in a more disgusted way at herself as he suddenly lay back down and stammered himself. She gave an exasperated look up at the sky as he stammered and feeling none too shy now lay a light punch on his shoulder, a way to restart his ticking brain, which seemed to be in stutter mode as she was only seconds earlier, but this was to say she had no hormonal interest i him whatsoever and he can stop being a big stammering idiot. Oh she was such a hypocrite.

He spoke and his speech seemed to get better and better as he continued on and she just listened to him and looked back up at the blinking lights; “The sun is a star? How can that be? It’s so bright!” She sounded incredulous. He asked her what she thought and she could only shrug; “My mom taught me they were not gods, but they were something strange, something no one could really make of anything. I just found them as... unreachable.” She was beginning to feel drowsy, knowing time went by pretty quick with another by her, talking and exchanging tales. She was smart but it seemed her knowledge limited itself and she didkn’t know everything, especially what was up in the sky.

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He nodded in agreement what she said about the stories not being real and how some of them were lacking a moral. When he sat him he watched her turn away almost coyly, which made him tilt his head a little to the side, more curious than offended by the action. She was suddenly acting strange, and nearly called her out on it, but he soon caught wind of the smell, and those intentions were forgotten. It seemed that his own change of mood did not go on unnoticed like her's, and she was quicker to show that she noticed.

"Ow," he murmured as she softly punched him. It did not hurt, of course, but he did not think it was needed, and turned his head to grimace at her. While he was retrieved from the awkward limbo he was in a moment ago, he still felt a bit strange. But, he ignored it. He did something that was out of character, thought. He stuck out his tongue at her, and blew a quiet raspberry, his pout soon turning into a grin. For some reason, instead of being usually exasperated, he actually felt playful, which he hadn't felt in a very, very long time.

He gestured with his hands, and whispered loudly, at least still aware that his family was sleeping below them, "That's why its so much bigger and brighter than the other little dots, right, because its so close? Its the only star to be seen in the day, isn't that cool?" He listened as she gave her own explanation of what stars were, and thought about it for a moment silently. "Maybe one day someone will. And, then we'll know for sure," Robert stated hopefully, finding the thought exciting. Usually, he didn't get excited either. He was acting very strange indeed.

He looked back over at her, and noted that she seemed to get more tired as they continued to talk. Instead of looking back at the sky, he rolled over onto his side to face her, and spoke even softer, so that she wouldn't be disturbed from the lull she was falling under. "If you could, would you climb a ladder to the moon? What do you suppose is up there?" he asked . It was childish, unfit conversation for two adults--after all, they were talking about gods, and lovers, bears, and dragons trapped in stars moments ago--but he was truly curious.

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