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Bi-colored eyes glittered in the sun as she stood outside the mansion, cold and considering. Her stare was hard and unforgiving, and with a disgusted snuff she marched her way to the door. It was simple, she went in, grabbed her stuff and then left. No fuss, no muss. The Catalan male had made it clear that he didn’t want her, and so she didn’t want him. Their children, no, her children deserved better. They deserved a parent who was there every step of the way, loving and encouraging every little bit of progress they made. She would make a fantastic mother, with or without his help. As she stormed up the steps her thoughts wandered to someone who had offered to help, Helotes. The ranked male had made it clear that he would do whatever he could to help her, and his experience was painted on his own children’s faces. He was handsome too, and she barely realized that she had already cleared the stares as heat rose into her cheeks with such thoughts. Was it wrong for her to think someone besides her pups father was good looking? Well, she certainly wasn’t claimed by anyone.

Barely a glance was given to Angels door as she snuck down the hallway, trying especially hard not to make the old floorboards creak. She didn’t want to alert him of her presence, now that she was back in the clan lands. Cautiously she opened her door, and was relieved to see that Kimbrah and Gabriel were happily napping on her bed, they seemed to have taken care of themselves in her absence. With no desire to wake them she creeped in and took note of her things, everything neatly hung up and put away. Without her realizing it, the door creaked open wider and wider, making it ridiculously easy for any spectators to see what she was doing. Suddenly feeling weary she lowered herself and sat clumsily on her floor, looking around blankly. Something caught her eye and she squinted, trying to realize just what the hell it was. It seemed one of the cats had knocked over one of her medicinal jaws and it had broken on the floor, the delicate petals of cherry blossoms scattered amidst the glass.

The scent still hung in the air and she shook her head, it bothering her for some reason. The coyote woman moved a hand across her muzzle, trying to get the smell out of her nose. It was then she recalled, and suddenly she was thrown into a mess of turbulent memories. The scent of cherry blossoms had hung heavily in the air that day, and she recalled the dark forest she had been walking through. Her memories became muddled here, why had she been walking in such a lonely and desolate place? What she did remember, however, was the even darker figure lurking in the shadows. His face was blurred out and shifted to grotesque preportions, but above all else she knew he was a wolf. Emmanuelle buried her head in her slender hands and shut her eyes tightly, trying to banish the memory as it festered. She knew what happened next, and she was reliving every moment of it. His dark body overpowered hers and knocked her to the ground, ignoring her whimpers and cries for help. She was silenced and then he took her and did what he pleased, only letting her go once his needs were satisfied. Just as quickly as he came he slithered away in the night, and here is where she lost control.

Her frame was racked with sobs and she cried earnestly into her hands, the soft blonde waves of her hair cascading over her shoulders. It did not take long for sorrow to turn to anger, and she stood up angrily and began cursing, though they were loud and furious they were so quickly strung together that it was just one long line of unintelligible words. She turned to her bed and picked up her pillows, ripping the soft skins and sending feathers flying. She stalked over to her chair, picked it up and threw it at the wall. “ FUCK YOU. FUCK THIS. FUCK EVERYTHING. “ The normally sunny hybrid shrieked, looking about her room for something to throw. There was a pretty glass vase sitting on her desk and she picked it up and threw it where the chair hit, raising enough noise with the glass shattering to the ground to surely alert another.

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Brooding. That's how Angel spent the vast majority of his time now. Brooding and Praying. He could have handled the situation much, much better. And he could have apologised sooner. But in all honesty he would have had he found Emmanuelle sooner had she not disappeared from the face of the earth. The Catalan male had been worried almost constantly about her well being, and that of his children. When they camp had been ransacked, he'd gained a pair of crucifixes. Of course, he was aware that the possibility of more surviving was likely, but two was the most he could find.

That morning, it was rather hot. And Angel was busy cutting him thick mane with a knife. Not because of the heat, no, he was used to that of course. But because it was getting too long. He'd smelt Emma around, but it seemed she was avoiding him. Angel found himself upset by this, but let her keep her distance if she wished. But a crashing sound from down the hallway caused him to rush to his feet. Moving into the room there was a moment f silence from the male before he spoke. 'Emma. You're back. I... I've been looking for you... I thought you were gone...'

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She turned around viciously as she heard him enter the room, her normally kind eyes ablaze with anger. " I was gone. " The woman spat, her hands shaking as she was so consumed by her anger. A small part of her wanted to yell and scream at him, to shake him, to hurt him as she had been hurt. Did he even deserve to know? In an angry and annoyed manner her tail whipped back and forth and her chest rose and fell as she inhaled and exhaled in short, furious bursts. Kimbrah and Gabriel watched with wide eyes from the bed, feathers comically strewn across their coats. Gabriel hopped off of the bed and twined himself within her legs, meowing plaintively. He could speak high speech, but no words would calm of comfort his master and so he stilled, purring loudly. Her eyes dropped and the anger left her eyes, looking at the dark dapples in his pale coat as means to distract herself from what was coming.

The woman dropped to her knees and hugged the large cat tightly, tears falling from her eyes into his soft fur. Gabriel simply stared at Angel with big green eyes but did not offer any assistance. " He raped me.... " She finally said after a long silence had passed, refusing to look up at the father of what was inside of her. " I was raped, and there was nothing I could do. There was nobody there that could help me.. I was so alone. " Her words were bitter and choked out as tears began streaming down her face, Gabriel pausing to lick at her tears before moving away, giving Angel a wise look. This was his territory now, and he better damn well step up. She was seated awkwardly on the floor, staring forlornly at the wooden boards. What was she going to do? More then anything, she just wanted to be alright again. The innocence she once had was no longer present, every notion she had of the world and how it worked had been shattered. Nothing was true anymore, nothing was sacred.

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He watched in the space of moment as she went from a sight of sheer anger to a crying wreck in seconds. While he processed the information with a stern look upon his face Emmanuelle's cat did what he was meant to be doing. Fingers hovered over the grip of his dagger as his lips lifted slightly to reveal a line of white teeth. 'Who?' If there was one thing he was certain of, it was that he would find this man and make him pay. Who could do such a thing? Some could argue what Angel did was ten times worse, but at least he asked first. Kind of.

He moved slowly, moving towards her and sat down beside the woman, 'Déu meu...' he hummed, rubbing a hand over his face in disbelief. 'I shouldn't have let you go. I should have gone with you at least...' He'd failed her, he'd failed himself as a man and he'd failed his family as a son. Shame was brushed across his name. 'Em sap greu...' Foreign words were the only were that conveyed his emotion to a T, the English alternative followed up half choked, 'I'm so, so sorry...' He shook his head, looking towards Emmanuelle sadly and attempting to judge whether physical comfort was a step too far. He rested a hand on her shoulder for the moment though.

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The dis-spirited coywolf did not answer Angels question of who, she didn't want to remember. Didn't want to recall his face. Later in time she would tell him, for the name of the bastard would never be erased from her mind. Tyko Amini. How? Why? She had helped him on the borders, made so that he could walk again. If it wasn't for her, he would have died from infection or had to have the limb amputated. Ungrateful. The slender woman huffed in disgust at her thoughts but turned to look as Angel sat down besided her. No more tears fell from her eyes, and she gazed at him with an otherwise blank and numb expression. What was left to feel?

The dark catalan man spoke language she could not understand but still her gaze did not waver. If she had more sound of a mind she might have comforted him, but she didn't feel like it. The sanctity of innocence Emma once held was shatterd, ripped from her forcefully. There was no room to comfort others, lest she lose her own mind. The woman was jaded, she felt cheated. Could she ever have a stable relationship with a male again? The thought of someone touching her that way again felt wrong, and a shudder slithered down her spine. When Angel rose his hand to her shoulder she flinched away at first, eyes downcast. Howeverm uneasily she let him touch her.

He hadn't been the one to rape her. He might have hurt her, emotionally. Not been there for her, not protected her, but he was here now. That was all that she could ask for. A hint of a smile touched her features and she shifted her body, gathering her long legs underneath her in a crouched position. Unexpectedly she tackled the male beside her, the two tumbling from sitting positions to ones laying down. She was stretched out on top of him and she smile, eyes looking into his. " I don't want to think about it anymore right now.. But you must promise me something. " Her gaze was serious and the smile dissapeared for a moment as she took the oppurtunity to run her thin fingers through his choppy mane. Freshly shorn. She rested her whiskered muzzle on his shoulder for the time being and closed her eyes. " Don't leave me again.. " The woman hugged him tightly, there on the ground once she had spoken.

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He could feel her flinch under his touch, and he backed up slightly, but he tried again and she stayed still. He wanted to pull her close, but didn't want to risk her getting any flashbacks or other things. His mind was ticking over, because he was honestly unsure of what to do. But as she pounced on him with a smile, he felt instantly at ease. 'Don't worry. We don't even have to talk about it...' he said, humming against the movement of her fingers in his hair, 'And I'm never leaving. I understand how wrong I was to be angry. I should be happy. And I'm going to be there for you I swear' he paused and looked deep into her eyes with his own crystal blue orbs, 'I promise...' He picked her up gently, his thick arms bearing her weight well.

He sat down on her bed, placing her beside him. 'How have you been? Aside from...' he trailed off and nodded, 'I haven't seen you in ages, you need to fill me in' Angel commented, his eyes sparkling and happiness in his voice for the first time ever. 'I am really sorry, though. And I'll do anything to make it up to you'.

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<p>She buried her slim muzzle deep into his neck fur, inhaling his spicy, foreign scent. Her eyes were closed and she listened quietly as he spoke, his deep rolling accent soothing her. Though her heart had been beating a mile a minute just a few moments ago, it slowed as she listened to his own heartbeat, feeling time trickle by second by second. The sun shone in through the broken glass of the window on the far wall, and the warm light highlighted the dust specks and feathers scattered everywhere. It was a simple feeling, but one that made her safe. When she was with him, she felt safe. He had a lot to make up for, but the woman was gaining confidence in the father of her unborn children. </p>

<p>It would take time, but the two of them had nothing but time. Emmanuelle blinked her eyes as he moved, gathering her into his arms as he picked her up in one smooth motion, taking a few steps to the torn up bed. It made her sad, seeing her normally clean room a total and complete mess because of what someone had done to her. Broken glass was scattered around the room, and the fresh scent of cherry blossoms still hung heavily in the air. As she was placed down she moved backwards, scooting her back against the wall. Still wanting contact with the dark male she gathered his large hands in her own, slender fingers tangling in with his.</p>

<p><b>“ Well. I left. I don’t know why. Me and Alma were supposed to go on a trading trip, but I couldn’t find her so I just left by myself for awhile.. “</b> Emma began, ears cast downward. “ I mainly stayed in the Dampwoods, I didn’t stray too far. I am getting pretty thin though, havn’t really been able to hunt. Gabriel and Kimbrah try, but rabbits and chicken don’t have much fat on them. “ She said quietly, holding out her thin wrist to show him. It was true, she had lost a substantial amount of muscle and weight, her face was nearly gaunt. “ I have been so stressed out and worried, I think the birth will be more difficult now.. I don’t know that a month will be enough time to repair the damage. “ Her eyes were solemn as she look at him, they would have to be prepared to face the fact not all the pups may survive.

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As she dug her snout into his neck, her buried his into her hair, flowery and native scented. Womanly too. Something he'd missed, something he wanted. He realised how he needed to get over Maria. It wasn't as if her wanted to, he wanted her dearly. But in order to respect Emmanuelle and his children, he needed to put the past behind him. He caught her glancing around the room and gave her quick smile, 'I'll clean up.. It's the least I can do'. He embraced her again.

Angel let her tangle her fingers with his, wanting nothing but contact. 'You shouldn't have gone alone,' he said, giving her a gently frown. He took her wrists in his hands and felt his heart leap. 'I'll hunt for you. Just call for me. Day or night...' he listened to her fears with a concerned look on his face. 'And it's my fault. Don't worry, I'll try to make everything, everything, better'

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