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Odessa had found resting difficult recently. Whichever way she tossed and turned she couldn't sit comfortable and either had to fidget or move position altogether. At the moment she was resting in the main room of her and her mate's den, settled almost comfortable with furs and pillows beneath her. While Imhotep had insisted she stayed downstairs, where the furs were ready for her if she needed them. But it was rather stuffy down there and much too dark to read her medical book. Revising her winter herbs was all she could do to keep herself busy. But again she became uncomfortable. Shifting around in her seat with an irritated growl. Grey hands placed the book down, but were soon clasped over her lower stomach with a surprised whine. Orange eyes looked up in fright to her mate for a second, before darting downwards to the pool of liquid below her. Before monotone limbs scrambled quickly, but steadily towards the tunnel.

The female let out a hurried howl. One for her pseudo cousin, but it was cut off after the main message by a pained whine as Odessa curled up just a few paces away from her desired destination. Once it passed, she crawled over with a cry and final rested herself. But terror was obvious in her pumpkin orbs. 'Immy. G... Get me some water... Please...' Odessa whined softly, burying her muzzle into the thick furs.

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Imhotep was resting still uneasy and unhappy with the fact she had traveled outside of Salsola in her condition. Today though things seemed to be calm and she was resting though even he knew it was getting close. Imhotep wanted to meet his children the ones that would carry on his legacy and odessa's. They were the product of love and devotion. But neither of the two could know that some would not live in this world.

Silence had filled the room as both tried to relax. He glanced towards her once or twice her body never changing really. Imhotep smiled softly thinking about when the pups would come. He also wondered what they would look like what genders would they be. He went back to sorting his herbs and going about his daily tasks when his large ears swirled to hear Odessa move. He turned his delicate head and looked at her as his smile faded he stood up. Watching her crawl howl and stop pained him. He moved to her side and looked at her. I will love he said helping her get onto the furs before he turned to gather water and some clothes. that way he could hand her the pups clean.

He returned sliding next to her.he looked at her. I'll be right here. Just breath and hold my hand if you need to crush something.

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Draugr reclined on her steps, struggling to read a simplistic children's book. Reading was difficult for Draugr; she had not taken to it like she took to hunting and digging and playing. There was something very strange about squiggles on a page making words and sentences. And it was doubly hard to concentrate when she kept thinking of the pale coyote and her encounter with him.

Odessa's condition and Draugr's readiness to deal with it had exacerbated these thoughts, and Draugr found herself contemplating the possibility of her own pregnancy with mounting dismay and fear. Were it not for that, she might have enjoyed her romp without any regrets whatsoever. She might need to ask her mother -- but the thought humiliated and dismayed her. She feared being called a fool by none but Siv.

The drab-hued wolfdog had been preparing for this moment for some time. She'd gathered the requisite plants and substances, and had packed them all into a simple leather bag. That way, she could grab the necessaries and depart immediately. So -- she was ready when she heard the howl, resounding through the Ruins. The bag slung across her back, Draugr made her way toward her cousin's home. She knocked against the wooden wall, too mindful of her manners to barge in even at a time such as this.

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Odessa curls up on the furs and clings onto Imhotep. Telling him she'll not only crush his hands but his balls too, jokingly. Novak, Odessa's slave let's Draugr in and Odessa calls her downstairs.

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Imhotep was not going anywhere he was staying right by his mates side. It was times like this that made him glad that they had a slave around. The slave was able to get things done where imhotep or odessa could not. he tried to make her comfy and she joked a bit about his man bits and he gave her a bit of a look. No they are fine as they are He spoke as he looked up the tunnel.

Imhotep looked at her. deep breaths and soon it will be over. They will be healthy and be the pride and joys of all of Salsola. He believed in the gods of his home and the gods of the black witch. All would be alright all would be good he knew it would it had to be. He had so much stuff here and he knew Dra would be of great help to the pair another set of hands was a good thing. [b]Hurry he called up. Sun golden eyes looked at her he loved her so very much this was a good day for them.

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Draugr regarded the door with some apprehension, but more excitement than anxiousness. There was a sound of motion and voices from within, and a moment or so later, a slave opened the door, indicating Draugr's invitation. The dark-hued wolfdog stepped past the slave and into the abode of her cousin and friend, quickening her step with the murmur of Imhotep's voice, followed by a louder beckoning for Draugr to hurry. The dark-hued wolfdog's face was a mask, impenetrable and betraying nothing of her emotions. She gave a smile to the pair, though she stepped forward quickly enough, setting down the leather bag she carried.

Fire, the wolfdog said, snapping the one-word command toward Novak. She had steeped meadowsweet and thyme in water, which she now pulled out. It could be consumed as it was, but the wolfdog thought the strong taste of the plant would be more palatable if warm. There was another weapon in her bag, albeit one she was loathe to bring out if Odessa recognized it. In the end, she brought out the dried pennyroyal leaves and set them atop her bag. Her friend's warning about the children being unable to come had been taken to heart -- while the leaves Draugr had procured on her own might hasten their coming, it was a gamble with their lives, too. Perhaps, though, it was a necessary one -- should the children be unable to escape the womb, mother and child both would perish. At least this last ditch would save Odessa, should things go wrong.

She surveyed the scene and looked over Odessa. Are you comfortable? Do you need to be propped up? the hybrid asked, wondering if Imhotep might then have to hold her, or perhaps they might fetch something -- a pillow, a cushion, anything -- to give her leverage.

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Odessa hung onto Imhotep tightly, looking fairly pathetic. At that moment she wasn't even in pain, but she was terrified none the less. The medic remained still against the warmth of her mate's body, moving only to tilt her head upwards to the footsteps on the hard dirt of the upstairs. Orange eyes remained open as the monotone girl watched her pseudo cousin approach with a smile. Odessa smiled back, and gave a nod instead of a verbal greeting, to afraid that she'd do something wrong even by speaking.

In the room above, the slave pottered around quickly, but skilfully. Scarred hands used a large knife to chop up the wood and then to strike a fire into the pit. Pulling a cauldron onto the hooks above, he moved down where Draugr stood. Averting his eyes from the crowd, he spoke, 'Not putting fire down here. No room for smoke to leave' he said, pointing upwards. 'You want fire, is upstairs...' he added, waiting for further commands.

As Draugr spoke to Odessa, she shook her head, unable to speak, and then nodded. No to the first sentence, yes to the second. Her whole spine ached from the position she half sat, half lay in. But then again, she didn't really want to move either. There was a squeak of pain from Odessa and she burrowed herself in Imhotep's arm tightly.

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Imhotep shifted his weight to hold her better. He loved her so very much and seeing her like this well it was not what he wanted. Golden eyes looked at the young lady who had come to aid them. She was the daughter of Siv the witch and he trusted her at this moment more then anyone else.

Sand colored hands moved to hold her in a better way. He looked at her. Easy love breathe. He spoke his voice very soft and tender. She had already threatened his man hood once and he was not quite for wanting the lost. He found it interesting that she did not tell him to go away. He had heard most woman did not like other more so men in the den with them. Maybe it was her youth or maybe it was something more.

He took one hand and grabbed hers. the would be beautiful and strong. He prayed to the gods that his children would be healthy and more furred then he. That they would would gain their mothers wolven coat.

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The noises of the slave were a relief to the woody-hued canid. Fire was the cleansing agent, the bringer of new life and the howling dirge for its end. Her smile was terse, but she nodded at Novak as he returned to speak the flame's readiness. Heat this, she said. The jar was carefully passed to the slave, and Draugr's tone suggested if it was broken or spilled, it would go rather badly for Novak. Though her authority over this slave was not ownership, the woody-hued wolfdog felt she needed to control the situation. Odessa was speechless, and this worried her.

Imhotep's shift was, perhaps, enough to bring Odessa into a comforted position, but Draugr was not certain. Surveying the room, she spied a particularly thick pelt -- perhaps winter elk or moose, perhaps just a peculiar deer pelt -- and folded it almost in half, rolling it the rest of the way so she might tuck it behind her friend's back. We will try this way, the wolfdog announced, when she thought Odessa in a suitable enough position. If not, you may have to sit up. Draugr left out the squatting for now: it would serve only to worry Odessa.

Yes, the wolfdog said, once Imhotep had spoken. Slowly, deeply. In and out, Draugr advised. In all likelihood, these were things Odessa was already well aware of -- but perhaps in the moment, it was not so easy to remember. Panic was a strange thing, and though Draugr had not experienced much of it in her lifetime, she understood it well enough to realize how it addled the thought process and scrubbed working memory clean. Draugr could do nothing save occasionally reach to stroke Odessa's hair or shoulders while she awaited Novak's return, and though it seemed an eternity, eventually the slave came back. The liquid had been replaced in the jar -- which made Dra grimace -- but as it was not hot enough to crack the glass, she supposed it was alright.

When she took the glass back, it was actually only lukewarm -- but it would have to do. Offering the glass to Odessa so she might drink, Dra prepared to hold the glass and tip it back as necessary. As much as you can, the wolfdog said, her voice impeccably calm and businesslike.

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Orange eyes and the mind attached to them were dully aware of what was going around the young grey woman. She was aware of the slave's coming and goings, and of Draugr and she left her side for a moment to fetch a fur. It was thick, and had she been of sounder mind she would have been able to say exactly what kind it was. Ears flickered, able to take in words because her hearing was not as clouded. Eyes closed as she shook her head in response to Draugr's help. It hadn't worked. But with a large amount of effort, she moved herself from Imhotep side to place herself up right against the dirt wall shakily. The pain, which was now continuous, didn't stop, nor lessen, but Odessa didn't have the energy to move again.

The medic attempted to steady her breathing, but for all her efforts, in her own opinion she was failing at it. Panic filled her veins, but was dulled from time to time was the gentle touch of her mate and pseudo cousin. Odessa was merely glad she wasn't alone. As Novak returned, she reached out to take the liquid from Draugr with shaky hands, nodding her thanks. The slave left, but not without a lingering stare, after all he was curious.

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The frail wolf, pale and gray as a ghost, scooted back and away, leaning herself against the wall. Draugr, for her part, moved to the woman's far side, allowing Imhotep to move closer and occupy closeness with Odessa. He'd need to move later, as would Dra herself. For now, though, the woman merely laid a hand on Odessa's shoulder, watching the rapid rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

The woman took the drink, and Draugr was vaguely aware of Novak's lingering presence. By the time she turned her head and glanced over her shoulder, the slave was moving away -- and luckily, for Dra's usual patience with slaves was near nil and she had been preparing to drive him off with a word. Though Draugr's inexperience was great, she was immaculately calm and certain of her ability to help bring these children into the world.

Odessa? she asked, gently. Breathe slowly -- in and out, big breaths. The rapidity of her breathing was worrisome, and the drab-hued wolfdog did not desire for the frail gray wolf to complicate things with anxiety. She looked up toward Imhotep and offered a smile, but it was a hard expression -- demanding, very nearly. Keep her calm, the smile and the hard look seemed to say. There would be hardship, cerise blood, and pain enough without added panic.

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Odessa's bright orange eyes stared at Draugr, forcefully she attempted to slow down her breathing, holding her breath in placed before letting herself breathe with a shaky sigh. Behind her, Odessa's tail was still. Not even the idea of motherhood could pull her from her spiral that focussed on nothing but pain. Every so often a squeak would bubble up her throat. A mix of fear and pain. Orange orbs would close every so often too. The grey female shifted her position several times to, but finally she found her position, one she was comfortable in. Or at least more so than anything else.

In a matter of moments, Odessa had gone from useless and in pain to ready to suffer. Though she wasn't quite sure she wanted to carry on. It was too late now though and Odessa gritted her teeth and waiting for Draugr's command.

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The wolfdog herself was too young to experience pregnancy and childbirth. There was beauty in Odessa's swollen form, the life ready to spring forth from her body. It was as wonderful and mysterious as that thing she had already known, albeit not firsthand. She had seen the fleeting spirit and life drained from a moving and breathing body, and now she would see life flood forth into the world.

There were whimpers from the frail form, noises of anxiety and pain. Draugr laid a hand against Odessa's shoulder, holding onto her. Push when the worst of the pain comes, she said, quoting her mother. Your children are coming. Although the statement itself was fairly obvious, the earthen-hued hybrid had spoken the word children with a particular edge. It served to remind Odessa of what joy she would bring into the world by enduring and defeating this pain, or so she hoped.

Pale purplish eyes glanced toward their contingency plan, still laid across her bag. The wolfdog did not know whether it would be needed -- she hoped not. Moving down to the far end of the bed, with scientific detachment the hybrid peered at Odessa. She looked up at the woman and offered a smile, having ascertained the body knew what to do now.

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(3+)next puppies will be deaddead~

Orange eyes widened as Draugr spoke. Her lips parted slightly, she was ready to speak up against her cousin's advice. There was a building pressure in her spine and stomach, and still she shivered with a mix of pain and fear. With clear hindsight her pale hands snaked up to Imhotep's arm, thin claws digging in with increasing pressure towards the flesh beneath the short fur of her mate. Surely he would not mind, this would be a joyous occasion after all. The pain reached it's pinnacle soon enough however and frightened eyes sought out Draugr again with a meek cry of 'I can't...' Her body worked of it's own accord though, following through with it's automatic instinct. Odessa bore down, her claws gripping onto her mate and the thick elk fur, while her legs slide away from each other having been pinned together with reluctance. Eyes closed tightly and her jaw gritted as whines rumbled in her throat through the pain. The child emerged slowly, causing Odessa to choke out a whine through surprise, glee and ultimately searing pain. The stricken medic paused in her efforts and panted. It was a few moments before the urge returned and with a question of 'Again?' directed t Draugr, she continued without hesitation. More so because he body wouldn't let her. A cry of pain was soon enough joined by the yelping of a pup.

Without instruction, but with a gentle glance of uncertainty to Draugr and Imhotep, she collected the pup into her arms. Odessa settled the pup into her chest gently, using delicate fingers to clear his face. From what she could see, the child was pure white. Though whether he'd taken Imhotep's coat was difficult to case and almost absent from her mind at that time. 'Ankh...' she whispered softly. Suddenly, she passed the child to Draugr with a grimace as she realised her ordeal was not over.

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Imhotep found himself useless he could not ease her pain or take it on himself. Though he was almost sure that these would be their only ones for a while. He did not know why so many woman carried on and on having children. Watching his goddess in so much pain broke his hard heart.

He nodded to the other dark woman and nodded. He found himself unable to move stuck by her side holding her trying to sooth the pain. It was a hard thing to take not being able to sooth it having to let the body go through the motions and do what it needs to do.

He could feel Odessa's body straining. He held her and listened to the cries as he watched his first child being born. the white puppy resting on Odessa's chest. Would it be like him? or more rugged like odessa..

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