Nursery Days

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Levent had spent a lot of time preparing for the coming of his children. When he wasn't doing his normal duties, he was commonly seen ranging outside of the pack territory, often returning with strange objects such as old stuffed animals or plastic bones and once a deflated beach ball. Wilson had remarked that he looked like a hoarder, and indeed much of his stone house was full of these knickknacks on top of his trading goods. The father-to-be was silent on the subject if any of his allies asked him, but anyone could put two and two together if they looked at him.


Despite his apparent business, the one thing others probably couldn't get a feel for were his emotions about the whole thing. He often hummed cheery tunes as he made room for the assorted toys and blankets, but there was a blankness about him; his grins were the usual grins he cultivated for the sake of others.


The truth was that Levent himself didn't know what he should be feeling. He was anxiously excited, but he didn't want to lose his cool, and he had no idea what would happen <i>after</i> the children were born. While he adored Hotaru and meant what he'd said about helping her raise them, this was completely new territory to him. All he could do was be sure that the kids had enough toys to chew on when they were bigger and something to pen them in.


He'd found a treasure in an old abandoned house early in the morning, and now the Turkish man dragged the large pieces back to d'Arte, humming and avoiding eye contact with everyone he passed. He stumbled several times with the sheer size of the wooden walls, but eventually he reached the town square in Thornbury where his and Hotaru's huts were in sight. He approached the woman's after a moment, deciding that -- while most of the supplies could stay with him for now -- she would want this.


Leaning the unassembled pieces of the baby crib against the building, Levent knocked on the door and called warmly, <b>"Would you be interested in purchasing a prison for your youngsters?"</b>

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<p>Hotaru had found herself in high spirits after talking to Levent about their puppies for the first time. He had agreed to help raise the puppies and their relationship had become deeper because of it. Hotaru, although she never said it out loud, considered them to be mates. In her mind, there was no other description for their relationship. As sudden as the situation was, they were going to raise a family together. Even so, the days didn't go buy without their bumps. Neither of them were really living together, although it was silently agreed upon that the pups would live in Hotaru's house. On top of that, things could get awkward. Hotaru sensed that Levent was in daddy shock, although she hoped it was just her imagination.

<p>While Levent spent his time thinking of the pups future's and gathering toys for them, Hotaru spent her time thinking of their introduction into the world. She had pushed her bed to the far corner of her room and made a nest of furs that she was planning on giving birth on. Besides her nest was one of the drawers she had pulled out of her dresser to make another bed for the pups. It wasn't good, but at least it would prevent them from crawling off.

<p>Hotaru sat on her bed, gently messaging her stomach and feeling the movements inside of her. She mumbled softly to the growling puppies, wishing them a safe and speedy trip to the outside world. Beside her was Fawkes, casually preening his feathers and making off hand remarks about the puppies. He was neutral to their arrival. Although he didn't like the idea of yet another distraction from him, at least they made Hotaru happy. Kelia sat on the bed board, adding in her own opinions. She also couldn't care either way, so long as the puppies weren't too loud.

<p>A gentle rasp upon the door was followed quickly by warm remarks from Levent. Smiling, Hotaru stood and made her way through the familiar house to her front door. Kelia and Fawkes followed behind, flying to their usual perches in the living room. Happily, the mother-to-be opened the door and exclaimed in sarcastic manner, <b>"Depends on the quality. I don't want some pups running amok in my house. I will only take the finest of prisons."</b>

<p>Stepping forward, Hotaru went to give Levent a greeting lick, her tail wagging happy and slow behind her.

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Summary of lost posts:
Hotaru and Levent snuggle and Levent offers for the crib to be inspected. He explains where it came from while Hotaru looks over the crib carefully. After a long time, Hotaru gives the crib her approval and asks for Levent to bring it inside.

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