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The flurry of activity in the pack lands had confused the foggy headed Stormbringer when he'd woken to the sound of shovels hitting the floor, mud being moved and the general chit chatter of pack members working together. Rubbing his bleary eyes and yawning, Temeraire had rolled out of bed just a few moments after he'd been awoken by the sound. He had no idea that his dad had wanted to start early and the dark male had stumbled around his sparse house for a moment. He wasn't a morning person, very much unlike his early bird father. The dark male preferred the evening, the shadows shrouding him peacefully. Recently he'd found that his best friend was becoming distant and it was worrying him. Not enough, however, to take advantage of the fact that the majority of his family was busy building things.

After pulling on a pair of shorts, a necessity now that he was used to his optime form, Temeraire exited his house. He remembered waking a handful of days ago, two legs instead of four and a weird pink thing between his legs. This discovery had prompted a rather blunt conversation with his father, who'd taken it upon himself to explain to Temeraire all about sex, genitals and attraction. His general disgust for everything his father had said culminating in his covering up of certain vital areas with the shorts. He had no desire to walk out of his house, waving that around for everyone to see. After going to the stables to check on Helexia, Temeraire had been pleased that his foal was happy before he'd made a break for the borders.

He couldn't say whether he was actually allowed out of the borders or not, so he preferred to sneak out instead of asking. It would have been such a disappointment to have made a plan to go exploring, and to have his father or uncle decline. This time, he'd skirted around the ruins of Amherst and the natural harbour that seemed to separate Vinátta from the mainland. He'd been full of excitement as he'd raced forward, still sometimes unsure of his balance. He'd fallen a few times, rolling quickly to avoid being hurt before he'd continued on.

It wasn't until he'd reached a river that he stopped. The place he'd stopped appeared to be relatively easy to cross, but there appeared to be a faster flow than he was used to. The Grand Lake was a good place to learn to swim, but he hadn't yet been in fast water and he hesitated, blue eyes glancing around him for any signs of life.

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Aniwaya had proven to be good for information. Despite this, he'd decided to leave, heading North towards Anathema. There had been mention of this pack during stories so he hoped he'd learn even more about his dad- so far, he'd been labeled a traitor and a lover, but nothing else. No word on what he did or why. Just that he'd been banished from AniWaya... and from Anathema as well. He'd go there, though, in hopes of finding out more, learning more...

He traveled a great distance on Jerri's back, in a hurry to make it to the caves before the rains came. Autumn was coming. Surely the rains came around this time even this far East, right? Right. He didn't want to be caught in it, so, he'd ridden the entire way, pausing only to let poor Jericho have a break now and then. Eventually, they came to a stand-still, though. A river. Jerri didn't like water, not when it was shallow or deep. It was a moment later that they decided to head down river to see if it got any thinner...

...but that stopped them in their tracks yet again. A dark figure in the distance, small and young like Ink. The boy, curious as ever, hopped off of his horse and trotted forward. The mare followed this time, not sure if she wanted to wander in a strange place such as this. "Hey, excuse me?" The dark boy was on the other side of the river, just beyond reach. He stopped a few feet to the side and tilted his head. "Do you know any good spots to cross? My mare doesn't like water."

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Dark blue eyes could see little signs of life, but the area he'd stopped was scattered here and there with clumps of trees and bushes, so the young Stormbringer couldn't be certain there was no-one around. He looked back to the river, contemplating whether or not he even wished to cross. He wasn't too certain how far he was from home- he hadn't exactly been paying much attention to where he'd explored, his helter-skelter roam through the neutral lands went unchecked. He was sure he could find his way back, but he had very little perception of distance. He also wasn't certain what was out beyond the river.

The rustle of the grass, the brush of weight against the ground alerted him to someone approaching and the young male snapped his head up to spot the pair. The slight frame of the white boy alerted Temeraire to his youth and he guessed, though not an educated one, that he was about as old as himself. He looked over at the horse that followed, a large mare she appeared to be and Temeraire gave a loud whistle of appreciation. White tipped ears picked up the sound of words from across the river and he considered the question for a moment.

"This looks to be the shallowest parts for a while... do you think she'd be happy crossing here?" He questioned, a curiosity to his voice. He was a practical male at heart and he was already trying to form a plan of action to get the horse across if she refused to walk through the water on her own. He also considered introducing himself, but thought it might not be appropriate to give his name when a problem faced them.

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Ink decided to take the shade's advice. He kicked back into position on Jerri's back and sighed. This wasn't... going to be fun. "You may want to step back a bit. She might buck." Jericho hated water. As expected, he nudged her to the shallows and she froze up, tossing her head in protest. Ink clicked his cheek a few times and patted her neck, cooing to her. Eventually, after a few false attempts, she crossed. Quickly. In almost two hops, she skirted the water. Sure enough, the moment she was across, she bucked twice and Ink could only shimmy off her to save himself the pain. The mare darted off afterwards, into the woods beyond.

Ink watched her go, laughing. "Yeah, see you later then, Jerri!" He waved a hand at her and turned to his 'new friend'. "She'll be back. Thanks. Name's Ink." He extended a hand to the other boy, smile a touch goofy. It wasn't often that he acted so social, but just one person wasn't so bad- especially on an adrenelin rush.

He took a moment to look over the other male, sizing him up at first... then deciding that he was actually quite the looker himself. If a dog could blush, he would've. Still, he looked away casually. "What brings you here? This a territory?" He couldn't be sure- he'd stumbled in once, by accident, by crossing a river. Hopefully this wasn't the same deal.

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Blue eyes widened as the white male jumped up onto the mares back, settling into a comfortable position before nudging the horse forward. He had to admit that he was a little jealous. Helexia was a long way off of being ridden- more for the fact that she was only a few months old. He didn't know how to actually ride and felt a pout push his lips for a moment before he schooled his expression. There was no way he was going to start sulking in front of a new acquaintance. He did, however, make a not to ask his father when he returned to teach him to ride. He was certain it wouldn't take long to learn. The white males words caused a crooked grin to slip over him before he moved to the side, a safe enough distance away from the horse approaching the water.

It a flurry of hooves and waters, the mare seemed to attempt some kind of leap over the water, having to stop once before she was on the bank. Panic seemed to have gripped her, as she bucked twice. The white male clearly understood his horse and he winced as the canine dropped to the floor in time to move out of the way of the charging horse. Temeraire watched as she made a move for the woods, his limbs already moving to pursue. The males joking laugh and call after his horse stopped the dark male before he'd even moved and he looked back as he declared that the horse would return, before introducing himself.

"I'm Temeraire Stormbringer. Does she normally run off like that?" He questioned, unable to keep the crooked grin that was quickly become signature to the young Stormbringer. Noticing the mans outstretched had, Temeraire glance at it for a moment. He'd never been taught about this, but it felt natural to extend his own hand, fitting it against white fur and squeezing gently. It appeared for a moment that the two sized each other up for a moment, but it really turned into a curious look at the other before Ink's question caused the boy to look up and withdraw his hand. "My dad and uncles are building today... so I escaped and came for a bit of an explore. I don't really know how far I am from home... but I only stopped here because of the river." He explained, a snort escaping him as he thought about his families lack of awareness. "How about you? You just passing through?" He questioned, wondering where the male was off to.

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The boy's hesitation to shake was expected- not all luperci, young or old, knew to do so. Still, he made a good effort and Ink slipped his hand into one of his pockets, crooked smirk still ever-present on his face. "Jericho's got her own agenda. She'll come and go as she pleases, really." He'd give a shrug, knowing it would only take a quick whistle to call the mare back to him. "She's probably off kicking trees about now." A habit he'd caught her doing a few times to unwind.

Tall black-tipped ears flicked forward to listen to the boy. His family were nearby, then. Not too close, but close enough. "Me? Jerri and I were heading North, to visit the pack Anathema. Mind you, I'm not sure how welcomed I'd be..." He grinned stupidly now, a hand behind his head. "I'm... kind of the son of a traitor to them. Really makes me reconsider my plan." Then, an idea. What about this boy's pack? Maybe someone there knew something... and maybe, just maybe, they would let him rest a few nights. Tired body rejoiced at the very thought, so, plans changed.

"Actually, Tem- May I call you Tem?- Is there a chance your family would let me crash a few nights? I'm dead on my paws and Jerri's lost too much weight for it to be healthy. We've come a long way." It was true. And even Ink looked thinner than he should've been, rids showing past his fur just so. He could use the rest.


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The boys shook hands and Teme caught the crooked smirk on his acquaintances face. It was strange, but Teme felt comfortable around this canine as if he'd known him for a long time like Elias. His rusty friend had been a bit distant recently and Teme wasn't too sure if it was something he'd done. It was true that his out of pack excursions had excluded his childhood friend, but he hadn't wanted to get the male in trouble for wandering all over the place like Teme had been. His own question was answered with a shrug, Ink's words making him snicker. "I hope they don't break, she's a strong horse." He remarked, before realising that his words sounded juevinile. White tipped ears flashed back, before he pushed it aside, an easy smile on his face.

He listened with interest as Ink explained about heading North, naming a pack that Teme wasn't quite familiar with. Of course, the males next words were a shock and Teme couldn't help but snort at the revelation that the males father was a 'traitor'. The dark Stormbringer hadn't a clue what a traitor was, but since 'Anathema' might not welcome him, he assumed it was bad. "Well, perhaps it would be better if you stayed away from them?" He questioned, his voice tinged with slight sarcasm that wasn't meant to be mocking.

His new found acquaintance seemed to consider and idea for a moment, before words once again came from him. He was surprised that he actually quite liked the shortening of his name once more and he nodded his approval before the white boy continued. He was surprised to say the least- he didn't know this male and they'd only just met each other, but it was true. He'd spotted the ribs on the mare and it appeared his white companion was on the thin side. "Really?" He exclaimed once, before coughing slightly and nodding his head. "I don't see why they'd have a problem with you staying. I.. don't know how far from home I am, but its North of here." He admitted, glancing back the way he'd come as if to point out the direction.


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Ink laughed at the boy's comments, both about his horse's strength and his sarcastic advice. It was his black friend's answer that perked his ears up just a little higher. Awesome. "Sweet. Let me call Jerri back and we can walk that way, then?" He waved his hand for Tem to lead the way and turned to whistle into the forest. A few moments later, Jericho came trotting over to them and sure enough, her legs had a suspicious amount of chipped wood littered there. Ink took her face in his hands and cooed something to her quietly, which seemed to work as an apology for both of them. She fell in beside him when he started walking.

"So, Tem, tell me- what's your family like? Are you guys a pack or just a band of rogues?" If this boy was from a pack, Ink wondered if he'd be welcomed or invited into the ranks of said pack. If he'd say yes or move on after a few nights rest. What it would be like to live in a pack instead of a caravan. He'd been lonely, traveling alone with only Jerri's whickers and woes for comfort and company. He was used to curling up in a bunk bed, right above his cousin, sleeping the night away safe inside a warm carriage or tent. Ever since he could shift, he'd been expected to pull his own weight- now he'd discovered the reasons why.

He sucked at hunting, sucked at trapping. He had a good sense of direction, though, which kept him in line to his destination- as long as he knew which way to go originally. North and South were always easy for him, but the survival tactics were what kept him thin and underfed this whole time. Jerri's weight loss was from the constant travels, rarely stopping to eat and whenever they did, she did so only for a few minutes before settling down to sleep. She slept on the ground, which worried Ink- she'd never slept on the ground before they'd left the caravan. Was she growing weak, tired, from their travels? Maybe now would be a good time to settled down in one place. Ink could leave her home while he went out searching for answers... but how much time would he have for that, living in a pack?

"...what's it like, living in one place all the time? I've never really... done that, before. Ever since I was born, we were always on the road, going from place to place, never sleeping in the same town more than a few nights. What's it like to be settled?" He didn't mean to say any of it- thinking aloud, but turning to address Tem as he spoke. Answer. Always looking for answers.

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His new friends enthusiastic response was taken with a grin of his own, teeth showing and tail swishing through the air. There was something so different and new about Ink compared to Elias that Temeraire couldn't quite tamp down his excitement. He loved Elias like a brother, but he knew his childhood friend was shy, stunted and a little reclusive. Add in the fact that he seemed content to coast through life and Temeraire was relishing the chance to explore something new, meet others and generally have fun. He didn't really have beliefs yet, but he felt as though there was no point in caution- one would never experience anything in life if they were always careful. His thoughts were interrupted as Ink called Jericho back and a few moments later, the pale mare came trotting from the forest. He caught sight of the wooden chips on her forelegs and couldn't help the booming laugh that came from him.

He thought about his family for a moment before actually answering the males question. His family was... all he'd ever known and while they had their flaws, Temeraire couldn't fault them. "I don't know how to explain them!" He exclaimed once, before moving to walk back towards home. "They're good, I guess. None of them are horrible and I get on well with them all. My dad... he's a bit of a worrier, like all the time... and Uncle Nier gets crazy protective and a bit angry when I get close to the borders... But Bran is fun and always wants to mess around, he teaches me some fun pranks and things. I don't really speak to Lilin, my dads mate, but she's nice." He thought about Ezra, Elias and Colibri, all on the outskirts but all still classed as family. He didn't think he should mention the rest of them, he'd already bored the boy with his description of practically his whole family.

Ink didn't seem to mind too much and spoke once more, though his tone had certainly changed and he glanced across at the boy for a moment. He guessed that they were nearing the southern end of Amherst now, when he considered Ink's words. "My dad told me that when I was born, he didn't know about me and my mother couldn't look after me, so she came and found him. We haven't stayed in one place long since we left my dads old pack... but Vinátta is different. We dont have to move around, or worry about others breaking into camp. We're safer and there are different rules than being out in the wilderness with no pack." He didn't know what else to say about it, so he shut his mouth and continued walking. It didn't take long for the pair to fall into easy conversation with one another and this conversation carried them around Amherst and towards Vinátta easily enough.


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