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Liam smiled as he found himself sitting by the lake. He wanted to show the young child all the wonders of the world and provide for the pack. so today he would teach her some of the ways they could fish for food. he smiled watching the string with its hook and wrom dangle in the water. it wasn't fancy like a human fishing pole but he didn't care.

Liam smiled as she watched the water the wolven girl was such a unigue little girl to him. He wondered why she was so truusting her life hadn't been so good and she well had been hurt. Wouldn't she fear that he might do that too her? He just didn't get it. Laughing a little as she placed a paw into the water then drawing back from it,

Caroline gave him a look as she huffde. Its wet she said looking at him with her odd blue eyes. She was so very expressi and he could tell that she didn't seem to like it. Yes it is the fish ike it. He spoke looking at her his bi colored eyes focused on her. Its ok if you don't like the water you don't have to. He said smiling. dark hands pulled on the stick a bit as he could feel a fish on it pulling aginst him. this is when reading about fishing didn't always help. he could read but doing was a little hard then he had thought. After getting a fish on the hook he was now a little worried getting it out would be the hard part. It wasing like his line could get shorter he would have to pull and hope not to break his line.

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Ink's acceptance into Vinátta was still a fresh novelty for the young Stormbringer, who had been equally delighted to find his new friend settled in a house across from his own. Tem hadn't been certain, but he was sure Ink had chosen to live close by because of him. He'd pestered his friend for the last couple of days and Temeraire felt just a little guilty for leaving Elias out of the loop. The russet boy was so close to being a year old, though his size belied this. He was still a little smaller than Teme, who was almost five months younger than him. Regardless, Tem didn't want to leave his childhood friend behind and had gone to visit him today. Upon finding that his friend wasn't in, and that he had no idea where the boy could be, Temeraire had considered going back to bother Ink once more. He found that he had a lot in common with the white boy, but he wasn't too keen on irritating him either.

Instead, he'd moved towards the stables instead. Helexia was growing and was getting closer to three months old. He'd been trying to spend as much time as possible with her and was pleased when he arrived to see her dark bay face looking at him. Releasing her from the stable and rubbing her back softly, Temeraire had fooled around with the filly, nudging her and scampering out of the way when she'd charged at him. It had him roaring with laughter before long and the two had begun to walk towards the lake. Hex was more than happy to follow Temeraire around, so long as the boy fed her long stems of grass occasionally to keep her interested. After nudging into the filly again, Temeraire caught a snippet of conversation.

Emerging from the cover of trees, filly prancing beside him, Teme caught the dark brown of another Luperci. He recognised the male as Liam, though he knew he'd never spoken to him. He'd seen him from afar however and knew who he was. The little pup beside him, on the other hand, appeared to be a new addition and curiosity gripped him. Coming closer, Tem laid a hand on Hex's neck and she seemed content enough to walk by his side. "Good afternoon Liam... are you fishing?" He asked, his curiosity directed to the activity they were partaking in first before he asked about the young female with him.

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Liam sat on the edge of the lake his daughter of sorts at his side as he pulled on the string. He wasn't sure how good it would hold of how he was doing this was only the third time that he had really fished. reading all his books were far different then actually doing.

Caroline smiled as she looked up at the male that was coming. She looked in awe at him as she nodded to him about his question. Were trying to catch fishes to eat. I never eated a fish. She spoke smiling. at the other member. Liam pulled on the line as he turned his head to see the young man. Hey ya trying at least never cought anything but might as well keep trying. he said chuckling a bit. He patted a spot next to him. Want to give it a go maybe you'd have better luck.

Caroline smiled as she looked into the water. Here fishy fishy fishy I want a full tummy she called. turning to look at the other man she smiled. I'm caroline Liam found me losted. He fixed my leg see. He said the fur will maybe grow back I can't wait. She smiled looking back at the water. She had no attention span today. Liam chuckled looking at her and then teme.

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Hex seemed more than happy to wander off to graze at the grass around the Lake at Tem was easy as long as the filly didn't wander off to all sorts of places. Aside from Maia being at least a little mad about her offspring not returning, Tem had little desire to chase the stubborn filly all over Vinátta. He gave a soft click of his tongue against the back of his mouth and the horse looked up at him for a moment, deciding he didn't need anything and going back to the grass. Satisfied that she wasn't going anywhere soon, Temeraire turned back towards the pair sitting on the edge of the Lake. He knew he'd never seen the little pup before and silently hoped she had a few more manners than Sura. He needn't have worried however as her light and enthusiastic answer came and Tem couldn't help a sweet smile slip across his lips.

"Oh yeah? I have eaten fish before and they're yummy." He answered as he came closer to the edge. He didn't want to butt in on their obvious family time, but the technique intrigued him. He remembered the small slivers of white meat given to him by his father. They had tasted so different to anything he'd eaten before that he'd remembered it vividly. Liam's answer caused a good hearted snicker to escape the boy as he came to sit beside the older Catori. "Back at the Lakes, Bran made me watch once when he stood in the water and waited for ages with a sharp stick. I got really bored waiting, but I'm glad I did- I watched him spear a fish as fast as lightening..." He shut his mouth was a snap, realising he was rambling a little.

Thankfully, there was a small, exuberant voice that seemed to buffer his own natural chatiness and Tem looked down towards the girl as she tried to lure a fish out of the water, before introducing herself. Her ramblings were taken with a good natured smirk and he answered her amiably. "My daddy's a healer too. And if your fur doesn't grow back, I think you'll look good without it anyway." He reassured her, before turning back to Liam. "How do you do it, with a bit of string?" He enquired, blue eyes curious to the technique.

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Liam smiled he had to admit having someone else around kinda put him at ease he really did enjoy talking with those in the pack and he truely would like to get to know his family. He looked at Temeraire it was cool that he was able to talk to Caroline on a level that the girl would understand. He just didn't get how to talk to kids they were kinda different though she wasn't little by any means. But she had the mentality of a young pup. She was growing and looking more like an adult but she was still small in a sense and it bothered him he couldn't figure out her age.

I tried that once I failed so I figured I'd give this a shot see where I get. he said chuckling to himself a bit. He was soaking wet the last time. He'd also tried hunting fish like the bears he still felt like he had water between his ears. it truely was funny how much of an odd wolf he really was.

Caroline looked at Teme and smiled. Really I was scared, that others would think I wasn't pretty. she said as her tail thumped heavily on the ground. She was so excited an more so as she watched liam fish. Though she kinda wiggled as she sat there waiting.

Liam smiled at her then pulled on the line. With no reel it was a harder feat to get the line out of the water though it wasn't very long. He smiled as he saw the fish snagged on his line. Hey how about that He smiled pulling it up.

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He was glad that this impromptu meeting wasn't awkward. He had to admit he hadn't seen Liam around much- he hadn't been at the feast or the pack meeting when Colibri was attacked and he was sure he hadn't spotted him at the building site when he'd cruised by on his way out. In that way, he thought it might be a little awkward to converse with him, because of his lack of involvement. However, there seemed to be an optimistic, sensible nature to the male that reminded Temeraire slightly of his father. While Saul was far too much of a worrier, there was at least a sociability about him, a need to surround himself with others and have a good time at least. Liam's words caused a small chuckle from the boy, who shook his head good naturedly. " Bran was in the water forever before he made his move. I suppose its a learned skill." He conceded, thinking of his uncle's comical pose- spear raised in the air, opposing arm raised also and head bowed intently looking at the water.

His attention was claimed by the smaller of the two and he felt a grin tugging his lips up. She was a cute one and her insecurities were endearing. He didn't think he'd ever been concerned with how others saw him- he was far to preoccupied laying with Elias and getting into all sorts of mischief with his uncles. Perhaps it was a female thing, the need to look good to others. "Of course not!" He exclaimed, the outrage in his voice belied by the tugging grin on his lips. "Your fur will grow back, I know it will." He reassured, leaning over to give the girl a bump with his own shoulder. He wished Sura were a bit older and less rude and demanding, she would have been a good friend, perhaps like Caroline might become.

Excitement seemed to intensify as the trio sat there, Liam's patient hands drawing the line in. Tem couldn't help holding his breath as the last stretch of line was tugged from the water, opening his eyes to see a wriggling fish on the end. He leapt up with a yelp of surprise and grinned back towards Liam as he spoke. "You caught something!" He exclaimed, although the words were mostly pointless. Leaning over, Teme tried to snag the fish and hold it still, black hands attempting to grip the fish around the middle and hold it.

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