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WC: 427 | Set the morning after Ayita gets home from the assault?

Ayita was gravely injured. Hati had not been able to sleep all night, not after seeing the look on his father's face, the intensity in his green eyes. Amaranth and Kable had found her broken body, brought her home, and it was lucky they had found her when they did. Someone had attacked Mother. Hati could not comprehend who was capable of such a crime; his mother was the most gentle creature in existence, she would never have posed a threat or even defended herself. It made him tremble with emotion, a roiling mixture of anger and horror and heartache.

It evoked that dark nebulous fear of the unknown he had felt as a child, the dangers that lurked outside the safety of the kingdom. It had been war tearing his family apart; shadowy tribal warriors threatening his home before he was even born. He was far too young to comprehend more than the most basic sentiment: bad things were outside the pack, and he would be safe if he stayed with his mother. His father and uncle had gone into battle, and only one of them came back. Now he was mere shades away from his first birthday, growing tall and lean into adulthood, and yet... he had still not dared to cross the borders of the pack. Even though there was no war, Niro had been hurt and was bedridden, or so Skoll had told him. There was nothing for Hati out there in the wild. Cour des Miracles was safety. He wanted to stay here forever, even as his littermates branched out and explored and left him behind.

Hati stood in the doorway, leaning against the wooden frame with deep concern in his pale eyes. He was frightened. For the first time, he saw his mother's age, and the thought of mortality occurred to him. She could not be with him forever. Things were changing too quickly for him - his body, his outlook, his goals - and he needed his mother to be the one steady element he could count on. Ayita was so small now, and it unnerved him to be taller than her. For a moment he considered shifting down, to be her puppy again, but that was a childish whim. He would need his height, his hands, anything he could offer her to ease her suffering. She might want food, or fresh bandages, maybe he could read her a book? "...I'm here, Mother," he whispered from the doorway, unsure if she was awake or asleep. He was her devoted shadow.

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Oh so pathetic

Ayita had been saved by her two eldest children she had been out cold for hours after the attack. Barely breathing when her family had found her. She tried to tell herself she had to live she tried to run they're names through her head to keep herself together. But out there she faded she had slipped out after forcing herself to move bleeding yards away from the attack. The rain had been light she remembered that. It stopped after only an hour.

Now she as home laying on furs the silence falling around her. She was alive she was home. Her aging body and mind pathetic as always. Ayita tried to pull herself up and decided that the pain was to great at the moment. She was just glad to be home even if she was on a makeshift bed.

The mother looked up as she heard the voicce of her young son. Hati my midnight prince. she spoke her voice soft her tone as singsong as possible. She looked at him worry read on him and it made her ache all the more. Come sit, what is troubling you? She knew nothing of his fears of the world beyond the pack or her health. She smiled at him her dulled eyes holding a form of a sparkle.


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WC: 355 | <3!

At the sound of her melodic voice, Hati rushed to Ayita's side, periwinkle-white fingers clasped in worry. There were sunken shadows beneath his pale eyes, betraying his sleepless night. His poor mother, she did not deserve this pain, but he could not take it away from her. She was the closest thing to a healer they had in the Court, and she could hardly move let alone treat herself. "Mother, can I do anything for you? Would you like a drink, or something to eat from the kitchen? I can get you books to read, or, or..." He trailed off into a soft whine, sitting gingerly beside her. It deeply upset him to see his mother lying so prone, so helpless. There were a myriad of cuts marring her soft brown fur, and the swollen immobile leg made him shut his eyes for a moment, trying to block it out. Again he wondered who could have done this kind of damage deliberately; it was the most evil he had encountered in his naive life since his uncle was killed in the war.

She asked what was troubling him, and it was enough to make his lips twist into an ironic, bitter smile. "You're really worrying about me right now? Please, if there's anything I can help with, anything at all, tell me and I'll do it. I won't leave your side until you're better." He spoke quickly, earnestly, trying to cover the fear he felt about her grave condition. She would get better, she had to. He could read books about tending to injuries, and make her whole again. He wouldn't let her out of his sight if it meant she would be safe. Like Niro and his bird, the eagle had been shot because she strayed from his protection into peril. Hati was no warrior, but he would rather die than let anyone hurt his mother. "Why... did you go out there? It's dangerous outside the kingdom... Didn't you teach us that when we were little?" he asked softly, ears falling back against his dark mane. Wasn't she happy at home, like he was?

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Oh so pathetic

Ayita had to admit that she was not ecpecting him to come in like this. she sat up a little bit. Shhhh. Hati one step at a time. I'm fine I need nothing breath. She said smiling at him. ya she ached and hurt but the pain mainly came from the broken limbs. She didn't expect her son to be this upset over it.

Ayita moved to lay her head on Hati's lap. She huffed as she looked up at him. he need not worry so much there was so much to life she had lived 7 long years seen war and the birth of her children, her first grand child and she had two more. There was so much good bad had to come once and a while. She closed her eyes for a moment as she thought of what to say next.

I worry because you are still my baby you could be 5 and still be my baby She spoke smiling a bit as she laughed lightly. She didn't want him worried over her. But hey it was a little late for that now wasn't it. Is that whats bugging you? The world beyond the court. She spoke her tone taking a bit more of a motherly lecture. I thought you of the dangers so that you would be smart about it. I don't want you to hide in here worrying about the world. Theres so much out there. She said stopping to breath her broken ribs hurting so bad.

I wanted to see Jiva, and your brother Liam. they both moved to the north. they are my blood I don't want them to be forgotten. There could be a girl out there for you Hati, but hiding in here you'll never find her. She spoke . She just wanted them all happy. The world is cruel but there is so much good in it. She shifted plling herself away slightly. Now how about you grab some clean water and those bandages. i'll teach you basic medical techniques if you'd like. If not Amaranth is coming by. She spoke smiling at him. She would keep talking but she may as well teach him and keep him busy.


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WC: 516 | I really like this thread~ 8)

The broken wolf laid her head in his lap. Without really thinking about it, Hati began to stroke her brown fur, delicately avoiding the furrows where the blade had sliced into her skin. It calmed him to feel her warmth, to see her blue eyes mirroring his own as she met his gaze. The panic he'd felt since she was first carried home was beginning to ebb. The scary part was over now. "But you got so hurt, for no reason..." he whimpered, revealing some of his childish fear. "The Court has everything, there's no reason to leave. I want to stay here with you." She called him her baby. As much as Hati wanted to be seen as an adult, reliable, mature, there was a part of him that always wanted to be her child and depend on her. He continued stroking her head as she paused, laboring to breath. It would have been better if he had been hurt instead of her.

His brother Liam... he hadn't thought about Liam much since he left for the north. Being a younger sibling, Hati's feelings were mixed; getting more attention around the house was positive for him, though he felt it was an affront to his family for Liam to follow in Noah's footsteps. Liam should have visited home so that Ayita didn't worry, didn't have to venture into danger just to see him. And... A girl? It was true, there was no one in the Court that had sparked Hati's interest yet. There weren't many packmates his age here anyway, but he hadn't thought about looking for a crush outside the kingdom. Ayita and Vigilante fell in love here, hadn't they? He just assumed that the right person would come along when they were both ready. "Jiva and Liam will visit you, won't they? ...and I wouldn't want to be with someone who didn't live here," he admitted softly. The kingdom meant too much to him, he couldn't imagine ever leaving for the sake of some girl. "Besides, maman, I'd rather find a horse than a mate right now," he added with a faint smile. He wasn't ready for romance yet, he wasn't even a yearling.

He felt her shift, pulling away from him, and he watched her with concern. He hadn't hurt her, had he? She was smiling, though... putting on a brave face. Hati quickly stood, ready to fetch her the supplies she asked for. "Of course, I'll get them right away!" No need to wait for Amaranth, he could help her. The dark-furred wolfdog darted frantically from the room, swiftly locating the linen bandages in the cabinet, and a basin of fresh water from the washroom. He knew little about healing and medical techniques, and hoped fervently he would get the hang of it. Now was not the time to disappoint his mother with his slow learning pace. He padded back into the sickroom as quickly as he could manage without spilling the water, fastidiously placing it on the floor beside her. "Is this enough bandages?" he asked hopefully, plumed tail waving.

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Ayita smiled as she laid there and waited. She didn't think her son saw the reason why she couldn't just stay in the court all the time. She knew that once and a while Jiva and her son would return. But they should not have to always travel to see her. She wasn't so old as to not be able to walk. She was able to move and she could travel. She smiled a bit when she was well enough she would travel again to go and see them.

Thats plenty If I could shift I wouldn't need to ask your help. She said huffing she should shift and have Amaranth reset her leg. It would be better for her she would think. She Should have Amaranth go and see Liam and get him to come set her leg but she didn't want him to worry about her. After all she was fine even though all her kids were worrying over her.

Why don't you take Asagi? She's a good horse I just never ride I bet you she'd enjoy your gentle ways. She spoke blue eyes looking at him. She moved a bit so that he would beable to clean the cuts on her face. Just be gentle and ask what ever questions you need too.

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WC: 398 | The end... ;n;

Hati dipped the linen into the clean water and gently daubed it on Ayita's face, delicately cleaning the cuts and abrasions there. He watched with a sick look in his pale eyes as the cloth was stained pink and then red, the crusted blood dissolving into the water. Hati did not like blood. The sight made him queasy, and he knew then the work of a healer was not for him; he was too empathetic when it came to pain, particularly that of his family... of his mother. But he was staunchly loyal to her, and it was his duty to help her get better. She would get better, even if he had to do this every day.

"It's okay, I... I'm happy to help you, to be of use to you. I... won't leave you," he whispered. She was home now, and she was safe from danger, and everyone in the pack would help her recuperate. Her mangled leg would heal, and she would walk again, and ride her horse, and mother all the little ones in the pack. Her wayward sons would visit, and her most loyal brood would remain at home with her, keeping her spirits up and fulfilling her every wish. Hati found himself humming quietly, a soft lullaby as he worked. He wasn't sure if he was trying to comfort her or himself.

At the mention of Asagi, the wolfdog smiled faintly -- she was a good mare, a steady horse. "I'll look after her while you're getting better... I'll make sure she gets exercise until you can ride her again. I've been training hard at the stables under Alder... I might be a stablehand soon. I thought you might like to know that." He swallowed the nervous lump in his throat, bowing his head as he busied his hands. He hadn't really told anyone other than Skoll so far, but he might have found his path. He hoped Ayita would be proud of him... if not now, then someday.

Eventually the dressings were complete. He sat with his mother for a long time. He did not move to leave her until Amaranth's arrival, when the medic could set the broken bones and fix whatever clumsy mistakes Hati had made in his first attempt. She was going to be alright... wasn't she?

She had to. It wouldn't be a home without his mother.

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