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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

Three days ago, his Uncle Niernan had made the point about his wanderings outside of Vinátta. After the initial terror of what was happening to him had died down, Niernan had made his fair point to him. He had frozen, been completely unable to do anything by lie limply in the arms of his 'attacker' and that response had scared even himself. The fright he'd taken had scared him away from the borders and Tem had been spending a lot of time at the stables with Helexia, spending time with Elias and trying not to be too enthusiastic when calling on Ink. He was excited to have a friend his own age and who appeared to be similar to himself. Yesterday his father had found him and asked him to refrain from disappearing out of the packlands while they were once again building- the patrols were less when almost everyone was intent on raising a village hall. He'd promised his father, but the temptation had been almost hard enough to make him break this promise.

He'd managed to hold out though and he'd remained in Vinátta for the whole day. Of course, his fathers concerns had fuelled a desire in the boy and he'd risen earlier than normal to catch his dad. Asking permission had been like pulling a thorn from a paw pad and Teme had stumbled through his request with frustration clearly on his face. Surprisingly his father had agreed as long as he was back by sundown, which was reasonable he argued with himself. Of course, the thrill of leaving the pack with permission was non existent and he'd crossed over the border on four legs, a scowl on his lips. Still, it was better than being kept in the pack and with each step away from the borders, his mood lifted.

He'd only managed to explore the outskirts of Amherst closest to Vinátta, so today he deliberately moved for a more central area of the concrete jungle. The cracked pavement was harsh against all four paws and the dark male found himself jumping onto the clumps of grass growing between these cracks. Before long, an amused chuckle escaped him as he found the clumps lessen and he found more interesting ways to leap onto these little 'islands' to avoid the cracked pavement, which had suddenly taken on a more dangerous aspect than before.

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Lena, for once, was away from the den without her brother hanging over her like a raincloud. She didn't know how she'd done it, or how she was able to do it without sneaking off. She had simply asked for perhaps the hundredth time ever since she was able to speak if she could go off by herself. And, surprising, instead of the expected "no", Cody actually told her she could. While part of her was suspicious, knowing that something must have been up, she was too busy being excited to focus on his motives. She had left as soon as he had listed out some "recommendations", or more like rules. No leaving the pack lands, no going anywhere unfamiliar where they haven't went before, and don't talk to anyone that they didn't know.

She listened. And as soon as she was away from him, made a bee's line to the west, over past the borders and into the lands that they rarely explored. That was why she wanted to go there, to check what was beyond her home so if she and Cody ever went there, she would be able to stump him with some knowledge about the area. While she wished to run and soak up what would probably be one of the few times she would be free of her guide, the lands were true strangers to her. She had to sniff, click her teeth, and scratch her claws at a mild pace to keep herself from tripping, falling, or worse. The farther she went, she noticed that her claws where making more nose than usual, and the ground beneath her felt like rough, bladeless grass. Rock? she asked herself, but continued forward anyway.

The rock trail never did end, and the deeper down the path she went, her movements became more echo-y, different than how her snap of her teeth and claws would sound off of trees. Occassionally she would feel the softness of grass, and would take a sniff of them. She bended over as another patch brushed against her feet, and its smell surprised her--another wolf! She waved her long tail in excitment, and followed the smell of the other quietly, noticing that it was moving from grass patch to grass patch, as if it hopping like a frog. She picked up the pace, her nose aimed close to the ground. The scent became stronger, and she lifted her head away from the ground to call out for whomever she was following.

"Hey, who's out here?" she asked boldly, blank eyes staring ahead as she tried to hear if he would reply back; he smelled very close, so he must have heard her.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

Leaping from one clump of grass to the next, Temeraire was able to momentarily forget about the thoughts troubling him. He prided himself on how different he was from his father, but sometimes he had to actively try and push rising worries away, just so he didn't obsess about them. They were few and far between, he had a good way of allowing things to wash over him and out. This carefree, ignorant attitude was often mistaken for lack of care and it had certainly seemed that way to Niernan when he'd made his point blatantly clear. It had, however, given Temeraire a lot to think about and in this instance, there seemed a lot of sense in what his uncle was telling him. Once again, he allowed these thoughts to disappear- once he'd made a decision, Teme often reached a peace of mind that he was certain his father could not.

So he allowed a deep snicker to come from him now, nothing like the giggles he was too old to give. Of course, there was the prickling feeling against his back that he was being watched, which he once again tried to ignore. He'd told his dad where he would be today- Niernan had nothing to worry about and Temeraire knew he would get just as mad at his uncle if he tried to attack him again. Still, blue eyes darted around him as he came to a suspicious stop, white rimmed ears catching an odd sound. The clack of jaws closing and the scrape of claws over the earth were deliberate, that much he knew because nobody could make that much noise without meaning to. And all of a sudden, a feminine voice came from behind him and Temeraire whirled around.

A petite female stood a few feet away and for a moment Tem studied her in silence. She was dark, pitch black in fact and he could see no bright highlights like his own. Blue eyes widened as he caught sight of her eyes- completely white and unseeing, he instinctively knew she was blind despite never having encountered a blind canine before. Saul had told him about Torok, but he hadn't mentioned their eyes. Hello? I'm Temeraire Stormbringer... Who are you? He questioned in return, his natural curiosity welling as he took two steps closer, nose twitching to catch a pack scent from her dark fur.

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The girl was curious why the wolf was hopping from patch to patch, and why he was out here on a "rock" trail in an echo-y place. She wondered many things, but no definite conclusion she reached in her mind. Many answers arose, some as outlandish as that he was looking for treasure hiddened by humans swimmers, yet none pleased her. She was always curious over the smallest of things, and nosey. It just seemed like she had to know the boy's business.

She heard laughter, and she wondered if he saw something funny--she wanted to know, too! But, she held her tongue until she decied to announce herself moments later. Her tail continued to wave behind her as she felt a pair of eyes stare into her. She knew that he must have heard her, but for some reason he was quiet. Maybe she scared him? Well, she wasn't scary, or at least she didn't feel scary. In case he was, though, she flashed a friendly smile, a line of white on an otherwise untainted drop of ink.

When he finally answered her back, her ears perked up even more and her smile became broader. She headed to where she heard the voice, and stopped only about a foot away from him, sniffing at him as well. "I'm Lena Rhiannon," she stated confidently. After she was done getting a good smell of him, she backed away a little and titled her head to the side. "Why were you laughing earlier? Did you see something funny--what was it? Or was it a joke you remembered? Why are you out here leaping on grass? What is out here, anyway?" Questions tumbled out of her mouth smoothly, as if it was not unusal that she was this talktive. And, it didn't help that she never met Temeraire before, either, who made her especially curious; he was one of the first few canines she had met that was outside of New Dawn ever since she joined the pack.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

He couldn't quite make sense of the near whiteness of her eyes, apart from the deep sense that she was blind. It struck him as odd that she was out here on her own- surely anything could happen to her while she couldnt see? There had never been anything in Tem's life that had made him pause to consider his eyes, or any other part of his anatomy. He just was, and he used them as they were meant to be used. However, as she seemed to dart forward, there was no hesitation in her step, no wobble to allude to a lack of balance or uncertainty in her step. He had to admit that he was impressed and didn't back away when she stopped just in front of him. Her answer was taken with a crooked smile- there was no doubt she was an outgoing female and that was always more fun than trying to coax an answer out of someone.

Hello Lena. He chuckled softly as her own nose came close to him. For a moment, he thought about keeping still before curiosity overtook him and he jutted his face forward, nose on a crash course for the females shoulder. She backed away shortly after and he tried to shake his head softly. What on earth had told him to simply stick his nose against her? He had managed to get a massive hit of her scent, which registered as delicate to him. White tipped ears flashed back against his skull as her barrage of questions registered with him and he couldn't help the dark chuckle that came once again. She was as curious as he was and he thought only for a moment before opening his mouth. In the way of the youthful, there was little filter to this words.

I was laughing at the thought of my dad, being a stupid worry-wort all the time. I couldn't imagine what it would be like, thinking and worrying about every little thing that happens... but he does. He paused, another snicker catching him before he considered her other words. The grass feels better than the hard ground, so I was leaping onto each patch. I was making a bit of a game out of it as well. Here? Dad told me this is Amherst, an old human city. He wasn't entirely sure what humans were, but his father always tried to answer his questions honestly so he could assume he'd been told the truth. Blue eyes narrowed slightly, before he opened his mouth once again. Are you blind? How did you know I was leaping onto the grass? Where are you from and how come no-one is with you? He asked, cocking his head slightly to the side as he considered what her answers might be.

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She had not even consider the fact that how her blindness could work against her more than usual. While there was the definite chance of falling because a crack on the rock trail or an especially thick patch of grass, she did not consider how others could trick her because she couldn't see. She was raised with people that recongized and knew her situation, and being sheltered, she believed that everyone even outside of the pack wouldn't use her because they understood, too. Terribly naive, she was. But, Temeraire raised no suspicions in any case, and did not know that he was caught off-guard by her circumstance.

Her smile became broader as she heard him laugh again. She squeaked in surprise as he poked her with his nose, but thinking he must have done it on purpose, gave him a gentle and playful nudge back against his chest with a giggle escaping her muzzle. She didn't think the motion was odd at all, since she was so used to her pack mates poking and prodding her as a way to greet her without words--especially her brother did this. Maybe Temeraire was the same with his own pack that she scented on him? Maybe they were like New Dawn?

But, she kept herself from asking anymore questions until he answered the ones she already spoke, and as he replied to them she listened quietly and expectantly. She perked at the mention of zealous worry, and added with a hint of cheeriness, "My pack is like that too--I think my brother is the worse. I'm surprised he even let me be out here without him clinging to me." She tilted her head as she considered what he said next, and supposed he was right; while she was used to walking around on rough stuff from time to time, the grass did indeed felt softer than the "rock".

"City?" she repeated, tilting her head the other way and turning it slightly to face the side. "Like... builings and stuff?" She faintly remembered buildings--she used to live in one. But now she slept in a den, and the memory of her old house were vague at best. She clicked her teeth again and listened, and once more the sound returned her as an echo-y pitch. After determinding where a building was, she took a few steps towards it, her head still turned to the side in curousity.

Before she even took her third step, though, she paused as the boy asked questions himself. None of them struck her as odd, and continued to face a building as she answered them contenty. "Yeah, ever since I was born I couldn't see. And, I knew you were hoping from patch to patch because it smelled like how a rabbit's would: one step, scent is there, a skip, and then another step." At the next answer, she puffed out her chest a little, as if she felt honored to mention what she said next. "I come from New Dawn, the best pack ever! And, I'm out here alone because I can be!" She stuck out her tongue playful, and added boldly. "I can take care of myself--and you can too, right? You are out here alone, too," she pointed out.

She turned back towards the building she had detected and continued to scratch her claws over the ground and snaped her teeth, paying close attention to the empty place.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

His nose's inappropriate dive for her shoulder seemed to be taken lightly and he managed a light laugh as she took the opportunity to nudge him back. His nose hit his chest and he heard a soft giggle from the blind female that widened his grin even if she couldn't see it. Aside from Andara, who Temeraire thought rather odd, he'd never met a female his own age and he wasn't too sure how to act. He couldn't help but listen aptly as she spoke and Temeraire couldn't help the hearty laugh that escaped him. He think there was anyone who had someone as worrisome as his own father and the discovery caused excitement to run through his body. In the way of the young, discovering similarities with others was always a thrill and he didn't think the novelty would ever wear off.

I had to ask my dads permission to come out here! He all but shrieked, before realising how over excited and girly he sounded. Coughing slightly to clear his throat, and perhaps sound a bit more like a boy than he had done, he found himself listening for her words once more. She didn't disappoint- her questioning words causing a redundant nod to rock his head before he realised she couldn't see his visual affirmative. It was strange, acclimatising oneself to another who couldn't see all the visual cues and signs that wolves relied heavily on. I think that's what their called, big rock things with doors and windows and things... He confirmed, another snicker escaping him. He was intrigued to see her move and felt a thrill of curiosity at the clack of her teeth before she moved.

He grew quiet for a moment when she confirmed that she couldn't see- that she'd been born like that. He was surprised at her answer to his first question- he wouldn't have thought about scents or anything like that. Blue eyes were intent on her dark body as she stood by the building she had located, glancing back towards him for just a moment before turning back to the building. He didn't want to ask if she had some kind of super-smell, just in case she berated him for not having a good sense of smell. He supposed that he just wasn't as aware as she was, though he wasn't going to admit it. You should try it, see if you can get on the grass without seeing it. He challenged, a cocky grin on his lips.

She deemed to answer all his questions it seemed, as she declared she was from New Dawn. He doubted very much that it was the 'best pack ever', because his own was the best. Her indignant response only caused amusement in the boy, who agreed with her words. I'm from Vinátta, my dads pack. He answered without being asked, the pride clear in his voice. Her deliberate goading caused a pout on his lips, before the excitement of a new friend drowned that out and in the optimistic way of the young, he snorted. I can more than take care of myself, thank you Lena! He growled, the playful sound however was drowned out when a grinding groan drew his attention elsewhere. Confused for a moment, he looked around in bewilderment before the shifting of a large concrete slab caught his attention. It was heading straight down for Lena's body, who hadn't moved away from the building the slab was falling from. LENA! He cried in panic, rushing forward in a daring rescue attempt.

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Another breath of laughter came from her, and she had to stifled them or else she wouldn't be able to stop. She was just so excited to meet someone that was like her in age and who did not seem to mind the obvious. There were very few young wolves in her home, and there was only one other pup besides her and her brother. While Lucia was nice, she was standoffish to Lena, and she could only guess it was because she was a luperci and she wasn't. So, that left her Cody for company, and at times, he was worst than the adults who fuss over her as if she was a newborn. It was actually refreshing to meet another kid at all, and Temeraire did not seem to mind her blindness, which made her more juilbant than usual.

Despite her attempts, again she had to giggle at what he said, though not at his shriek but more at his words. "I had to ask my brother, too, if I could even leave the den, and he's not even my dad!" Once she thought about it, it was funny; she asked things from Cody as if he was their mother and as if he was in charge of her. He was her brother, not her alpha! While she did not know that Teme's father was his leader as well, she felt as if they were on the same wavelength. "We're nearly grown up, I don't see why we need to ask if we can go anywhere. Its redundant, am I right?"

She nodded at his description of a building, and decided that they must have been like the houses in Thornbury. She began to wondered if the building before her was just like her mother's house, and wanted to go inside it to check out what was in there. She took another few steps as Temeraire spoke, but stopped again, showing that she was indeed paying attention to what he said. "Okay, I'll do it," she agreed, and quickly added. "But, I will only if you promise to close your eyes and do it, too! I bet can I do it better than you." She was certain of this, and hoped that Teme would fall into her taunt.

"Vinátta?" she repeated questioningly, the name rolling off her tongue oddly. "I never heard of it." Of course she wouldn't--no one really told her about the surrounding packs of Nova Scotia. But, the strange name perked her interest, and the idea of a pack that could different from New Dawn also sparked her curiosity. "What's it like there? Do you sleep in a den?"

She grinned at his reply to whether or not he could take care of himself, and opened her mouth to playfully question if he was certain of that. But, she heard a low grumbling, and whatever she was going to say was lost. She froze in her place, unnerved by the noise that was coming from the building. It became louder, and her unseeing eyes became wider, but yet her feet were planted, chained by the fear to move. She only moved until Temeraire pushed her out of the way of the collapsing object, and by the shaking thud she felt not so far away, it was quite heavy and dangerous.

Before she could think of anything, much less to say something, a familiar voice that was a couple of yards away yelled at them. "Cody?" she called back, dread and shock finally seeping into her senses. This couldn't turn out well.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

Her breathless giggle caused his own laughter to deepen. It was refreshing to say the least, Elias was a good friend but Teme was always aware of the age difference despite his friends short stature. Ink was a new friend and Teme hadn't quite gotten the measure of the contrasting boy yet. Standing with the dark, blind girl from New Dawn however felt refreshing, the excitement of finding another who seemed to have the same problems as he did was a novelty he wasn't sure he would get over. Her answer made his quieting laugh deepen, his teeth flashing as his muzzle pulled up at the uncontrollable giggles wracking his body. You are definitely right- your brother needs to lighten up and let you out more! He exclaimed, dark blue eyes dancing over her face. He was surprised how much he wished those words were true- he felt like he could spend days in this little females company and not get bored.

Her swift nod was observed, though it seemed she was thinking for a moment before his suggestion caused action once more. Her agreement was another confirmation to Temeraire that she was a fun and playful female despite her obvious disability. Her countering challenge caused a wide toothed grin to widen his mouth, tail flashing back and forward. He was never one to back down from a challenge. I don't think you will beat me. He exclaimed, the challenge in his voice clear. Her next comment threw him off for a moment, before he turned his attention to this part of their conversation. There are loads of trees, all over the place. Except in the lake... there aren't any trees there. We lived in a village called Jordheim, in domed houses that are covered in grass. He offered with a grin.

It was perhaps this point when the rumbling caught their attention and Teme watched as a chunk of wall tipped forward and began to fall. His shriek of terror manifested in her name before he'd launched himself forward. He thought perhaps he could have dragged her backwards, but as he neared it was clear they would have just a few seconds to get out of the way. Instead, he barrelled into her, sending them both tumbling out of the way. Breathless, he looked over Lena, concern causing tension in his fur. Are you okay? Are you hurt? He whispered urgently, despite their close proximity, nearly tangled together on the ground. A voice cracked through the air and Tem bolted up, blue eyes spotting an approaching male as Lena spoke behind him. Who's that? He questioned, blue eyes turning between the dark female and the brown male approaching.

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Their uncontrollable laughter and giggles placed Lena into a comfortable state, as if she was back at home and she was chatting with, if in a talkative mood, Cody. But, this wasn't Cody, and she wasn't in New Dawn, she reminded herself, the voice of reason and responsibility quiet like a summer's breeze. The thought barely tickled her mind, and she came to the unconscious decision that the boy before her was to be trusted and was going to be a good acquaintance, if not a friend. The girl wondered if Temeraire felt the same way, but after humoring the thought, never gave it a second look--she was going to be his friend even if he would somehow disagree, though it seemed highly implausible.

While she was attracted to the building, Teme's words yet again distracted her as they grabbed at her attention. "Really now?" she prompted. "What makes you say that? I bet you can't even walk a straight line with one eye close, much less hopping around with both shut." Her swagger was terribly obvious despite her attempts to appear suave. She was confident that she would better the boy even if he disclaimed, but feeling the victory of proving herself right fancied her, and she could almost taste the sweetness upon her tongue.

"Houses covered in grass?" The idea perplexed her. It sounded like a den--but no, Temeraire stated that it was a house and not a cave or a hole. A mix of both, perhaps? She wanted to go and "look" at them, but decided to ask later, since she had another building in mind at that moment.

She never got the chance to ask then. After the low yet loud grumbling had stopped for the shortest of moments, she felt a ball of ice instantly freezing in her stomach. Instinct told her something was coming, and it was coming at her. Yet, her feet were stuck, as if some part of her paralyzed her thinking she wouldn't get hurt if she stayed still. Move, she thought. But she didn't move.

Temeraire tackled her, and for the slightest of moments, feared it was the grumbling thing until she felt the rocking of the earth beneath her and the softness of fur that smelled of the boy. She barely moved as he stood above her, stunned into silence after she called the approaching male. But, she managed to find her voice after a moment, and replied quietly, subdued, "My brother." The overprotective, zealous brother, whom saw a stranger hovering over his sister with the bewildered look upon her face.

"Cody," she called again, trying to sound comforting and confident, failing terribly. She could sense his rising anger over the distant, and pictured the vivid emotion coloring his face. At the same time, the twins spoke to the boy. "Get away from her!" the brother nearly snarled, the sister silently whispering a nice suggestion, "Back away slowly." She never heard her brother like this before, livid and loud, and it made her want to cower like a small child. But, no, she wouldn't.

If they managed to untangle, she rushed to Cody and pressed again him, though not in a comforting manner--he pushed against her, towards were Teme was. Lena was trying her best to hold him back. "What did you do to her?" He was accusing, jumping to conclusions. "Nothing!" she answered, but the boy did not stop his advances, and she tried even harder to make him at least stop.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

It felt so good to open up and laugh with someone he'd just met. It often made Temeraire wonder why his Uncle had taught him a lesson- anyone he'd ever met outside of Vinátta had been good and nice, in fact two of them had chosen to follow him back and join their ranks. For just a second, Temeraire was blinded by the fierce wish that Lena would follow him home, that she would join Vinátta's ranks and never leave. As quickly as it came, the wish disappeared into the back of his mind, replaced by the challenge in the females tones. He felt outrage rise up in him, but the giggles escaping him didn't give said gasp of outrage enough force to let Lena know she was in trouble. I'll have you know, Miss Lena, that I can walk just fine with one eye closed, watch! His voice grew shrill at the end, coloured lighter by his excitement at proving her wrong.

Of course, he never got a chance to demonstrate his exceptional skill at walking with one eye closed. He supposed he should be grateful, because he wasn't entirely sure that he could walk straight with an eye closed. He also refrained from answering her words on Jordheim. He didn't have time to voice his affirmation before the rumbling caught his attention and he was darting forward. The pair tumbled to the ground, limbs twisting together so that when they landed, Temeraire wasn't entirely sure where his own body stopped and hers began. Or where the floor was, for that matter. It took him a good few moments, actually, to realise that he'd taken a protective stance over her body, paws placed awkwardly but his body was solid and his balance steady. His question was answered almost reluctantly he thought, at admitting that it was her brother. He remembered her words previously- that she'd had to ask him to come out here today.

He remained quiet, his body refusing to move from its protective stance over her body, as she called out his name. To him, it seemed almost pleading and Tem felt a flare of annoyance at the brother for coming in and ruining their playful challenge. Of course, this irritation morphed seamlessly into anger at the snarling words from her brother. Automatically and without thinking, Temeraire felt his fur bristle, hackles standing on end, shoulders hunching and ears lowering slightly. His tail remained firmly stuck out though- this was no defensive posture. Lena's small words, spoken gently and only for him, made no difference. Her struggling body beneath him however caused him to take a step backwards, freeing her from their trapped tangle and thereby giving him better footing. The males second question, given in the self same snarling tone, caused the rumbling, deep snarl from his own chest.

Whats it got to do with you? He questioned, voice darker and deeper for the anger that rushed through his veins. He didn't think he'd ever seen his family like this, and wondered if they ever felt this furious. He'd just saved the boys sisters life, and he was met with snarls and accusations? That was, most definitely, not on. With fangs bared, Temeraire stepped forward, head lowered as if to stalk forward towards the brown boy.

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Lena couldn't remember a moment in her life when she was emotionally uncomfortable. Bolder than her brother ever since she could remember, she went through things with a bravado that was strange to be found in a blind girl. She was confident by nature, even when she was in the wrong. No, she never had the reason to feel awkward with herself. But, when she heard her brother approaching with emotion coloring his otherwise diminutive nature while she was tangled with someone she barely knew, she felt meek. But, whatever true coyness she felt, she quickly dismissed it--she was not in the wrong, she told herself. She did not do something bad, and neither did Temeraire. But then why did she feel unsure for that short moment?

The brother's heated anger reached her like waves from the sun, and was quick to wiggle out from the boy's stance, small and slim body snaking away until he stepped back. Admittedly, she felt better being under Teme than openly facing her larger sibling, but she at least did not allow this to show as she pushed against him. It may as well have been a rock she was trying to move, and if she slowed him down any, he barely showed it as he basically moved her with him.

She knew that Temeraire's retort sent Cody's anger another click deeper, and she began to feel his growls vibrating his chest as well as the feral sounds. Along with her looks, the boy also inherited their mother's hellbent temper, it seemed. "It has everything to do with me!" He did not hold back his snarls now, and she could feel his muscles tensing, and could sense that her friend was not a long distance away. Cody could easily evade her and a mere second later clash with Temeraire, tooth and claw. The both of them were trained harshly by their mother to protect themselves. Even when she tried her hardest and when he claimed that he was going easy on her, she could never beat him in a sparring match. She wonderd momentarily if Temeraire had any formal training like they had.

She never heard Cody like this. He was docile, quiet, and shy even to those he knew. It hear him like this frightened her. But she wasn't the one on the other end of his now spitting growls, wordless yet clearly displaying his hostility. She finally came to the realization that if the confrontation escalated pass this point, either one of them could get hurt. Over a misunderstanding. Over her. "He saved me," she finally gasped, and could tell that her words were at least heard, since Cody was quieting himself only enough for her to talk over his guttural tones. "I-I wanted to look into a building, and then something fell--something from the building. If it wasn't for him, I..." Would she have made it out with a bump? Perhaps she would have been lucky enough to live, judging by the thud the object made.

The boy stilled for a bit as she trailed off. Was he looking over at the thing that fell? Though a gnarl lingered under his voice, he spoke edgily to Teme. "Is this true?" Lena felt a little chagrin as he questioned him. Did he not trust her? She held her tongue, though, and waited for what the boy had to say.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

Blue eyes took in the scene as a whole, though his mind had narrowed considerably to focus solely on the mottled brown boy. He could see Lena trying to hold her brother back and the thought that he needed protecting caused more fury to wash through the male. In the back of his mind, a small voice niggled at him- he didn't know how to fight, he'd never been in a scrap of any sort. With no siblings and only the kind hearted and relatively weak Elias growing up to play with, Temeraire had never felt the need to actually play fight with him. It occurred to him in that moment that he was going to have to rectify that. His Uncle's warning had stuck in his brain, but he hadn't sought the Irish man out to improve on his defensive, or offensive, skills. As quickly as the thought had come, he pushed it away, the anger causing fire down his limbs and in his body.

It was perhaps in his favour that Lena still stood in the way, but there was a larger part of him that hungered for the clash of tooth and claw. With his face contorted into a ferocious snarl, the growls tumbling from his chest in quick succession, Temeraire was certainly raring to go. While Lena was facing away from him, he thought he spotted a moment of hesitation from her, or something, before her quiet seemed to cease the growls coming from her brother. Temeraire perhaps shouldn't have been surprised at her admission, but he felt the snarl drop from his face. He was still angry- she was justifying herself, trying to placate her brother and that was maddening. Her words stuttered as she scrambled to explain and it seemed to dawn on her brother who exactly was in the wrong.

The mottled boy stilled completely then and unconsciously Temeraire relaxed just slightly. His hackles remained on end, ears and tail in a dominant position, though there was no longer growls coming from him and his face had relaxed into a scowl instead. He was addressed then, his confrontational words putting him on edge again. He didn't trust his sister to do anything on her own it seemed, nor did he trust her word. Frustrating as it was, Temeraire recognised that there was little he could do about the situation. Damn right its true. And you might have discovered the truth sooner if you'd slowed down and listened to your sister, instead of accusing the guy who saved her. Tem bit out, the contempt for the younger males attitude plainly obvious in his voice. After another scathing look to the mottled boy, he glanced towards Lena, expression softening once more. Are you okay now? I hope I didn't hurt you, trying to save your life. He emphasised the last words, unable to help the sneer he sent Cody's way.

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As the two boys spat out their tensions verbally, Lena vaguely imagined what would happen if they did end up fighting. The thought displeased her, and while she tried to shy away, it seemed inevitable, what with two's anger thickening the air she was breathing. Temeraire was almost eager for them to fight, and Cody was acting so rash that he just may jump on the offer--oh, how she could wish to scold the both of them for being so foolish and cuff them over the ear as if they were pups. But, the hostility of the situation made her uneasy, and was relieved when she was heard and they both calmed. For the most part.

After she spoke of being saved, her brother began to curl defensively around her even before the dark boy confirmed her words. It was as if he was suddenly, magically, reminded that the outside world was a dangerous place for his sister, and had bigger problems to worry about than a spitting wolf. She felt him tense as Teme shot an answer back, but he remained silent as he seemed to mull over something. The dark girl perked, flatten ears rising as she was addressing. While a smile cross her features, her brother formed a scowl. "I'm okay--hey!" She felt Cody nudge her gently again, and he said cuttingly, "We're going."

Lena fought against him for a moment, but the boy pushed her with a bit more force. "No, Lena! You lied to me! You said you would stay home. And look, you nearly got killed!" That subdued her a bit. She tried shielding the thought, but now so blatantly said, she felt quiet. She allowed to be herded as the doggish male guided her along, though he paused for a moment. "Thanks." The gratitude barely showed, if there was any. But Lena felt some other emotion in his words. Before she could think about it long, she felt the nose against her side again.

"Bye, Temeraire," she called softly hover her shoulder, hoping he was still there to hear her farewell. She had fun, while it lasted, and hoped he knew that.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

Despite the anger coursing through the young males body, he could see he was losing this almost-battle. While he and Cody had come to no blows over the accusation, it was clear who'd come out victor. Lena remained at her brothers side, having been pushing against him to stop she did not return to Temeraire to continue their little play date. He knew it wouldn't happen- Cody had come and trampled all over their fun, even if Lena had almost been squashed in the falling chunk of building. Still, Tem had been able to get her out of the way in time, he'd saved her life. And all he got in return was an angry brother. A scowl dropped his features as he saw Cody nudging his sister none-too-gently back the way she'd come. Her protests were cut off quickly as her brother revealed their impending departure.

But she doesn't want to go! He started to move forward but was cut off when Cody once again raised his voice. His words seemed to have the desired effect and even Temeraire couldn't deny that her brother was right, as begrudingly as he did so. His anger remained however, because now he knew there was nothing he could do. The 'thanks' was shot at him and he felt his lips curling as one last snarl came from him. He didn't want the boys thanks, not one bit. As Cody used move force to get Lena to move, he heard her soft goodbye and sighed. The anger dissipated and he watched her being pushed home with a hung head. Bye Lena... He spoke softly now, upset that his fun had been ruined. With a huff, the boy turned and began to head for home.

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