Returning a Gesture

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He had awoken early in the morning to prepare for the trip to Inferni. It was only to be a short journey but with Neela still pregnant and Skye surly getting bigger every day in d’Arte Jazper was not keen to be too far out of call. Vito was not pleased when the Knight led him to the front of the wooden cart. The last time the beast had been hooked up to the cart they had traveled for a few days to the north with quite a heavy load of gifts for Zalen and the rest of New Dawn. A defiant winey escaped the black and white stallion as dark hands finished attaching the wooden poles to either side. You behave now. It’s not as far or near as heavy as last time. The Sole grumbled to Vito’s dismay. Before long Alyssum had arrived, the hide and antlers of the pack’s kill earlier in the month in hand. Quickly passing them to Jazper she hurried to the front of the horse, chattering with a smile in a reassuring voice.

The morning air provided a cool breeze as the pair sat side by side in the cart. Since the sun king took up quite a bit of the front he was thankful for Aly’s more petite size. Had he brought Aro or Tony the trip he would have insisted that they sit in the wagon portion with the gifts. But Alyssum was ideal for this trip, she had lived with the coyote clan in the past and he hoped that her presence would help ease whoever they came across. Glancing at her with golden eyes quickly he took in her scent once more. She always had such an earthy smell to her, probably from the large amount of time she spent hunting. She was quite attractive when she arrived home from a hunt. There was just something that drove him wild about a girl who didn’t mind getting dirty and messy. Breaking the silence they had lulled into part way through the trip he spoke simply, Hope they like the gifts. Inferni was getting closer now, the scent weak on the breeze.

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Macbeth was stubborn about going with Alyssum on the trip. He insisted that he was a necessary asset despite the fact they would not need any foresight on a trip that was meant to bring good will. It almost seemed rude to have a scout on a party bearing gifts, especially when they were going to a place that the pack had a neutral stance with. Perhaps he just wanted to talk to the ravens, she had thought. Stark had perked the magpie's interest, and had mention on occasion that he wouldn't mind for her to go hunting in the eastern woods again.

So, they reached compromise that morning that he will travel with her--and roost in the cart as they rode to the clan. He had agreed, albeit dejected of the thought of not flying. With the bird perching on her shoulder as she carried the stag pelt and the trophy of its large antlers, she made it to the cart where the Sole waited. For some reason, both horse and man seemed off, and she wondered for what reason. After handing her gifts to Jazper, and walked up to stallion and murmured sweet nothings in his language, hoping it would made him cheerful. She knew how much Vito liked for his ego to be stroked, and hoped her words were rightly placed.

Soon they were off, and she sat comfortably next to her king while the bird sat in the cart behind them, silent as he dozed off from the gentle rocking of the wagon. She looked over at the man and flashed a grin when their eyes met, and looked back ahead in an almost shy motion. Over the months, she had gotten to know Jazper, and unlike any other person in Casa, he managed to make the otherwise outspoken and bold hybrid quiet and peaceful without even knowing it. She looked back at him as he spoke, and again smiled as she replied brightly as well as encouragingly, "I have a feeling they will. We do have some pretty neat things that they can find use for."

Another easy silence spanned between them, and after a couple of minutes, she was the one to speak first. "I can't help but feel that you're not looking forward to going to Inferni," she commented, her tone nonchalant and kind, but she watched for the alpha's reaction from the corner of her eye.

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The pair were certainly interesting. A giant wolf who depended heavily on his friendly nature and large size to win over conversation and the smaller coyote mix that depended on her knowledge and skills. Perhaps if Jazper had been born smaller he would understand having to work hard to win others over but most canines approached him with caution and tried their best to play nice, most likely out of the anxiety of getting hurt by him. However those that knew the Knight well knew he was a kind soul, he wished for peace and friendship over all but he did have a temper on him. When it came to the coyote clan though he was nervous. He never knew anyone who was currently living there, never knew the leaders. The only time he had checked them out his worries had been confirmed by the wolf skulls on sticks and a grumpy Gabriel.

Fine gifts indeed. It was difficult for him to be completely confident with the scent of Inferni becoming stronger by the second but his attention was distracted momentarily as a bird landed on the cart beside Macbeth. Turning his gaze quickly to see what it was he smiled slightly. Alena. I was starting to think you had decided to watch the pack for me. He chuckled, relaxing slightly with the presence of the barn owl but when Aly brought up his nerves a frown appeared on his face, Bloody wolf skulls give me the creeps. Reluctantly he explained further, My adoptive folks weren’t fond of coyotes. Let’s just say I’ve never heard anything positive about the place. Realizing she might take it personally or think he had problems with coyotes he looked at her with honest eyes, I have nothing against coyotes personally. Nothing at all….but wolf skulls. A shiver ran down his back, the very objects he spoke of in plain sight.

His ears flicked back as they grew even closer and he pulled on the reins to bring the cart to a stop just short of the boarders. Raising his muzzle a deep howl called for a leader and announcing their arrival. Stepping down from the cart he glared at the skull uncomfortably then looked to Aly. Hopefully she would know whoever greeted them, or at least be able to make sure he didn’t mess up the conversation somehow. Alena, bored of sitting on the unmoving cart elegantly made her way to sit on the large wolf's shoulder, her own black eyes scanning the horizon curiously.

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When he agreed that they items they were gifting to the clan were indeed fine, she still detected that he was unsure. It confused her, for a wolf with his size, power, and position, what was there to be uncertain of? Alyssum knew he was not a shy beast, having spoken in front of her packmates many times before in ceremonies and at the ball alongside the Artisan leader, so the idea of him speaking peacefully with another alpha would not be a dire situation for him.

Her thoughts her disturbed when a pale shape drifted past them and into the cart, and she followed Jazper's gaze and a second later smiled when she realized it was only the young owl. The magpie was easily roused by the new company, and eyed the female for a moment with glittery and narrowed black eyes. But, despite his rather ungraceful awaking, he passed some silent judgement and approached the owl closer and chirped some warm greeting in a speech that was a bit akin to the owl's, though deeply accented.

The woman turned back to Jazper as he answered her remark, and could not help but smirk at his explanation. She even added a small laugh as he added the last bit in case he offended her, which she wasn't. "Its okay. The skulls freaked me out at first, too, but you get used to them. They're only for show, and as a warning," she stated in a matter-of-fact tone. She believed that the man was overreacting a bit, but then again, she wasn't a full blooded wolf. It wasn't her kin's bones lining the border of a species on the opposite spectrum.

After the wagon was stopped and the calls sounded, Alyssum made sure everything was in place before stepping down from the seat herself. She caught the Sole's eyes again and gave another reassuring smile, somehow knowing that everything was going to go swimmingly and he shouldn't be worried. While Macbeth remained on top of the cart, having some leverage, the coyote mix stood next to the black male, knowing that it would not be long until someone answered his call.

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Although Lystra was not the mount to be coddled and given even an inch more leeway than was necessary, she did have one redeeming quality. For her disobedience and aggression, the chestnut mare was a marvelous charging horse. She had proved this first and foremost in the Boreas conflict, where her hooves and teeth had dealt an impressive amount of damage. There were still horses in the half-wild herds between Salsola and Inferni bearing scars from her bites. Ithiel found himself having to reel her in against the stately roan his cousin rode.

For his part, the gelding was much more controlled, as if he understood the meaning of training -- which did not surprise Ithiel in the least, considering his origin. Myrika had marveled at his control, and Ithiel was prompted to recall that one of the leaders had ridden Ruari. Whether he was for battle or simply riding, he was well-trained and regal enough to have been the possession of a commander. Ruari was also a large horse, though Ithiel's mare probably over-topped him by some pounds. Even he seemed flustered with the laid-back ears and half-wild screams of Lystra.

Her wildness gave an early end to their training session, and the pair were leading the horses around the outside of the mansion's fencing. The chestnut seemed a different horse entirely with Myrika holding her lead. All aggression had drained out of her, and she followed the tawny woman with a doting look in her eyes. Ithiel snorted, thankful Ruari was calm under any hand. She should be yours, the dusky hybrid remarked. She likes you better.

She'd probably grow more protective and surly around others, Myri said. Besides, I don't have time to take care of four horses. I'm not giving you Cahal and I'm definitely not giving you Eira. It'll be years before Mili's ready to ride, too, so forget about that. Her tone was friendly and half-jest, though the underlying message was still a resounding no. She hadn't even addressed the horses in the communal stables, and so Ithiel knew they were completely off the table. He regarded her with cool red eyes, and was in the process of formulating a response when a loud howl stopped them both. The horses halted behind them, and Ithiel looked at Myrika curiously. She shrugged, and without a further word, both mounted up. Myrika was faster and more graceful than Ithiel by far, and was already turning Lystra in the direction of the noise.

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Though she'd been first to the saddle and first to wheel her horse around, Ithiel soon caught up. Lystra was a hefty horse, and most others could match or exceed her gait. Still, she was like an advancing train. Their session before with the staffs had been proof enough of that. They'd spend more time wrangling Lys and getting her in hand than they had practicing. And now that she was beneath Myri's hand, there was a familiar placidity about her, even as Ruari trotted smoothly just alongside her. The same horse she'd been trying to bite and kick and charge just half an hour ago might not have existed at all now.

Even as they headed toward the borders and the source of that call, Myrika ruminated on her cousin's question. Surely it would be better for Lystra -- but Ithiel was, no doubt, thinking to trade his horse for one of her own, and she could not have it. Perhaps she might part with Cahal -- perhaps -- but she knew she'd be exchanging an easier horse for a more difficult one. Already she was finding it difficult to keep after her home and stables. Kaena tried her hardest, but her body was not suited for the difficult work of mucking stables. Halo was blinded, and neither of her children seemed all that proactive about helping out. In truth, Myrika was feeling rather drowned by the keeping and care of her animals and house and Inferni, but she did not wish to speak such even to Ithiel.

As they drew near the border, Myrika could see a rather large figure, dark coal in coloration, lurking on the border. Ithiel murmured something at her side which she did not catch. She almost ignored him, but asked him to repeat himself, and was glad she did -- her cousin quietly introduced the tall man as the leader of Casa di Cavalieri. Myrika straightened in Lystra's saddle then, and brought her horse to a stop some distance from them. She handed the reins off to Ithiel, gave the horse a pat, and trotted forward. Her gait was almost awkward, as if she had started to rush, then thought better of it and came forward at a more reserved pace.

Hi, she said, smiling at the tall wolf with the bird on his shoulder, and glancing with that same smile toward the other, who her cousin hadn't named. I'm Myrika -- you're Jazper of Casa di Cavalieri, right?

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All he could do was roll his eyes at Alyssum. How could skulls of wolves lining the boarders not bother her. How would she and Inferni react if he lined his boarder with the skulls of coyotes. Even the though of that repulsed him though, he was not one to be prejudice against any sort of canine. Even her reassuring smile did nothing to ease his nerves, as far as Jazper knew Inferni was a place of wolf haters. It amazed him that one as kind as Aly had escaped their clutches.

His sunny eyes looked out, instantly noticing the pair riding horses as they drew closer. His teeth clenched slightly, he recognized the darker male named Ithiel. He had been the one to deliver the gifts from Inferni’s new leadership. He hadn’t been a particularly kind fellow, certainly seeming to have been acting out of forced kindness so the conversation had been very short. But the female who left her horse and approached the Casa duo was completely unfamiliar to him and certainly more delicate looking than Jazper had expected from Inferni.

Her smile was unexpected, though welcome, and the Knight could not help but to glance back at Ithiel as she spoke his name, obviously the male had filled this fae in. Hi. He greeted back slightly awkwardly before recovering his voice and as much confidence as he could muster. That would be right, It’s nice to meet you Myrika. Putting on his best sideways smile he gave a dip of his head in respect, causing Alena to shift and flutter in annoyance. His golden eyes glanced towards her neckline, noting the flower necklace. He certainly didn’t expect a leader of Inferni to be a lover of flowers. Reaching out to put a hand on Aly’s back and to gesture to her with his other hand he quickly remembered to introduce her, This is Alyssum de Fonte. He looked at her with gentleness and familiarity, the sort of look one gave to someone they truly appreciated, and Fenris knew Jazper appreciated her presence right now. We’ve come to thank you for the gifts you sent and to return your gesture of kindness.

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Alyssum gave an exasperated look right back, albiet it was more playful as to not disrepesct the alpha. While she could agree with some that some of Inferni's behaviors were strange, she could never speak out against them. The skulls were a custom that was taught and accepted--it was not like the coyotes ran around the Waste and speared any passerby that wasn"t their kin. Or, at least Gabriel did not allow such foolishness during her short time in the clan. The woman knew that, deep down, some small part of her would probably think fondly of Inferni despite where her loyalities now rested and what colors she wore. In her mind, there would always be a bit of fire and brimstone.

She repressed a smile, wanting to appear formal, as two figures approached from afar. As they came closer, she felt a little crestfallen as neither coyote seemed familiar to her, though the male did hold some resemblance to her old Aquila and wondered if he was a close relative to the de le Poer man. She then realized that she had half-hoped to see someone she knew, but after a moment of repriming herself, decided that it was for the best. She still held the fear that some members would label her for treason if they were to find out about her past membership, and was not too keen to wave the information around.

While the man's stiffness was, frankly, expected of the clan, the woman's bright smile was a welcomed surprise to her. Thus, the hybrid could not help but to spread her lips as well as their eyes met and returned the gesture to her. She was silent as some words were exchanged, and when she was addressed, gave a small bow of her head towards Myrika and murmured, "Greetings, Aquila." The title felt bittersweet upon her tongue like soured honey. She was so used to seeing Jazper as her sovereign that now being in the presence of what could have been pricked her like a thorn on her finger. Yet, she felt no regrets, and kept a calm and polite face as the conversation went on.

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The ashen coyote lingered in the background, regarding the stranger and the wolf he knew with red eyes. Though they were fire-colored, they had all the coldness of a frozen winter tundra. His purpose here was to protect his Aquila and seek to stop any threats to her person. While Jazper had been a polite and respectful enough canine upon Casa di Cavalieri's borders, Ithiel knew he was still a wolf, and he might well have the wolf's truer, more base nature. Treachery was within their blood, simple as that. There could be no trust between wolf and coyote, and it was difficult to watch his cousin and leader pander to these wolves and their packs.

His crimson eyes lingered on the taller male, though he occasionally glanced to his companion. She seemed to be partially coyote, and this sourly disappointed Ithiel. He knew there were coyotes in the world who chose to run with wolf packs, and coyotes who were raised by wolves entirely -- but it was no easier to see one in the flesh, beside her decidedly wolfish leader. The Duplicarius did his best to remain neutral, and this was easier with a less bold and aggressive horse beneath him. Ruari was content to stand almost at attention, gazing toward the wagon and the horses and the strange Luperci with mild curiosity, but little more. Ithiel's ears pricked to catch the words, but made no motion forward to speak himself. His voice was not needed here, and he was content to let Myrika do her pandering.

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Although Myrika herself was vaguely nervous, it seemed she was not the only one -- the tall, dark wolf was almost hesitant in his introduction, as if he'd missed a beat. Myrika did not dwell on it then and there, for it was brief and but a moment before the man recovered himself, but later she might review their interaction in memory, remember that detail, and puzzle over it. Instead, she nodded and her smile broadened with the man's respectfulness and introduction of his compatriot, and Myrika nodded almost eagerly. It is good to meet you, she said. This is Ithiel de le Poer, she said, nodding toward Alyssum and introducing him for the earthen-hued coyote's benefit. Don't mind him, he's not so friendly, but he'll only give you an arrow if you ask for one, she said, punctuating the statement with a laugh to emphasize the fact that it was a jest. She did not think these wolves were here for any ill reason, and she might have dismissed Ithiel entirely -- if she didn't think he'd protest, however slightly. He'd miss the meaning of showing total respect to her in front of these strangers.

The dark wolf's words about a gift elicited a pricking of Myrika's ears, though her smile turned almost bashful. She glanced downward toward the ground and shrugged her shoulders. Oh, you didn't have to, the hybrid began. Looking up at him again, she continued. But I'm glad you did, too. We're close neighbors, and I'm new at the job, so, she added, trailing off and punctuating the statement with a helpless shrug of her shoulders. Gifts are good between friendly parties. The redhead was comfortable using such ambiguous terms as "friends" with the Cavalierians -- they had never caused or been in trouble, as long as Myrika had known of the pack's existence, and had a reputation entirely different from Salsola's. That is to say, they had a reputation at all -- it seemed to Myrika their more northerly neighbors kept primarily to themselves, and actively avoided the crafting of any reputation. Not that it helped -- there were whispers all the same. Thank you, she added, thinking it good to thank them once preemptively, and many more times after the fact.

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As the coyote leader cracked a joke and began to laugh the Sole began to relax. And I would never dream of asking for that. He chuckled along lightly. Her body language intrigued and amused the large Knight. She was a lot more cheerful and just…. happier than he had ever imagined. Glancing to Alyssum he wondered if Inferni’s previous leader had been this way. He had heard that Gabriel had retired quite some time ago so this was clearly not his replacement. Regardless the way she carried herself was like a breath of fresh air to the previously anxious warrior, who was gaining back his confidence in full stride.

The attention was brought to the subject of gifts and Jazper nodded along to her words eagerly. We have been stationed at Whisper Beach since the fall but we never really interacted with you, even though Inferni is quite close. I thought that I would take advantage of the Leadership change and start us off on a more social paw. Smiling his sideways smirk he hoped that she would agree. She certainly seemed to be quite sociable. Casa di Cavalieri strives to be on friendly terms with all. My home is open to all in need of a friend or safe refuge be it for a night or a month. It was his goal for his pack to be at the very center of pack relationships and to be a reliable mediator and protector.

Now that the introductions were out of the way he held up a finger, gesturing for the leader to wait one moment as he returned to the cart. Allowing his tail to rock back and forth in calm excitement he carried a jar of raspberries and blueberries in one hand and a set of binoculars in another. Presenting them to Myrika with outstretched paws he explained, The gardens in Fort Kingsbury have some berry bushes and my companion here suggested these old things. They are called binoculars, you look through them and they help you see further away. Consider it a peace gift, should we ever invade your land you will clearly have the advantage of eyes. He winked, clearly joking. It was clear now he had completely shifted from nervous to simply spewing out words left right and center. Golden eyes moved to Aly as his head gestured towards the cart, a silent invitation for her to present the Stag antlers and coat from the hunt she had led.

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She felt the silent man's gaze flicker to her every so often. While some part of her, her curiosity, urged her to meet the fiery eyes, she remained focused on Myrika. She had a good assumption what he was thinking--here was a, for the most part, a coyote, standing close to a wolf. There were hybrids in their clan, mix-bloods, but everyone was still a coyote in one way or another, and it was somewhat unusual to catch an outliner species like their's in a lupine pack. Maybe he thought of her strange. But, whatever was going through his mind, neither his words or face showed what he thought.

She grinned when the woman's reaction. Coy, kindly grateful. Alyssum was pleased that Jazper managed to say the right words despite his previous doubt. With things running so smoothly, the earthen woman stance slackened, becoming one of ease as she allowed to be lulled into peace. She perked up a bit as Jazper shifted to th back and brought out the general gifts--berries, ones that are able to be planted numerous times across the lands, and the eyewear. The binoculars were an odd thing, as if looking through the eyes of birds, she'd imagine. While she'd found them intriguing, the woods was where she haunted, and trees blocked their far sight. The plains of the Waste would be a better place to use them.

She saw the motion her sun king made, and quickly went back to the cart, scooping up the spoils of her hunt. The pelt was clean and free of most blemishes, rather large and had to be fold trice over in order to be carried. It made it weigh no less however, and the mass of fur pressed heavily towards the ground in her arms. On top laid the beast's rack, it's points just as impressive as its owner's coat. The tips were somewhat dull with age, but nothing a good sharpening would not fix. She took a brief moment to make sure everything was in its place, and made it back to the group at a comfortable pace. She approached the Aquila, and outstretched her arms a bit for the hybrid to inspect her gift, a smile playing on her lips.

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During the conflict, Ezekiel had not freed Inferni to take refuge in other packs, though some had fled anyway. As Myrika considered the tall man's words with care, even as he spoke them, she wondered if she could keep the clan together in times of strife. She thought, given the offering of the tattooed wolf, perhaps it was best to provide the offer of a safe refuge. It was her hope none would go, but she also could not blame those with young children or elderly dependents for remembering those they kept.

If there was one thing lacking in her conditioning for this position, it was that she had little idea how to deal with and interact with other leaders. Her cousin had intimidated her, just as the tall man did, and so she was given to wordiness -- but unlike her cousin, Jazper seemed interested in friendly banter and not just a business-like discussion. This alone was therefore enough to make him more appealing than the Salsolian representative, though his masculinity might also have intimidated her to an equal degree, had his more quiet coyote companion not been beside him.

She watched with blue-green eyes as the man turned toward the cart, returning with a strange double-barreled object, and more recognizable objects. The sweetness of berries was well known to her, and she grinned broadly at the gift, though her grin turned to an expression of pure curiosity at the explanation of the second object, though she was not so wonderstruck to miss his jest and the opportunity for a small laugh herself.

Oh, she said, in a wondering voice. I've read about these. It was as most else -- she had read of things, but not encountered them. It's wonderful you've found a pair -- I understand they're difficult to make, she said, having never heard of a Luperci-crafted version. They weren't quite rare technology for the humans, and so the redhead assumed their relative rarity in Luperci societies might be attributed to specialization or intricate parts, as much else.

Thank you, she repeated, dark-dusted tail swinging. Your offers -- gift and of word -- are much appreciated. If we've windfalls, I'll make certain they make their way south again. The redhead did not dwell on just how they'd accumulated that particular windfall, and hoped in the future, whatever gifts Inferni gave were not purchased with blood. The hybrid's gaze followed Alyssum as she headed toward the cart, and both brows lifted in impressed surprise at the size of the antlers and pelt.

There was more of a feeling at her side than a nudge or word, but she turned, and Ithiel was there to take the jars of berries as well as the binoculars back to his horse, who stood stately and unmoving where Ithiel had left him. He returned thereafter to take the antlers, which had been passed from Alyssum along to Myrika. She held the pelt a moment longer, holding it up. This was a big buck, she said, carefully refolding it as best she could. Ithiel was already there, having set the antlers aside rather than attempt packing them on the horse. He'd have to awkwardly carry them back to the mansion, though no added sourness displayed on his countenance.

Everything's lovely, the redhead said, shifting awkwardly. She did not know what to do now -- thank them again, offer them something else, ask them to visit? She smiled brightly all the same, and shrugged. This really is too kind of you, the woman offered. Is there anything you and yours need or want in particular? She wanted to admit her lack of knowledge about her other packs, but stopped herself before babbling that particularly insightful tidbit out. It was quite okay to admit her newness at leadership, another entirely to admit her newness at absolutely everything.

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