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Though Eclipse was no longer under the weather, she felt a little off today, but in all ways she felt fine, she was getting use to the idea that she was going to become a mother and that she had others in the pack who were willing to help her. This was what brought her mood up. She was showing enough now that there was no question that she was pregnant, and her scent gave it all off too, even more than when Hotaru told her she was pregnant.

She sat outside continuing the book she had been reading for some time. She was nearly done with it. One hand rested on her belly and the other held the book propped enough for her to read it. She was chewing on the last of her meal she just ate, the plate being on the side of the porch, empty of all but the grease. She was satisfied and happy, though slightly dazed at the odd feeling she was getting, but she couldn’t think of what could be wrong. It was a nice sunny day, she wasn’t throwing up and she was not nauseous at all. She kept shrugging it off in her mind though as she was getting close to a good part in the play of Othello. It was so strange how humans treated one another, she thought as she read her eyes moving back and forth on the book, trying to take everything in once. She couldn’t she had to read the lines a few times to understand and reorder what they said to make any sense what so ever. Why did they have to speak like that? She thought, did they always have to speak different types of english? She lifted a hand and rubbed at her muzzle to get any bits of grease off now that she was done. It had been a tasteful meal. She caught it well enough... or the Arrow she shot did. Her pregnancy had not hindered her hunting too much, she just had to remember she had a bigger belly than she was used to, and she did tire out far more than normal, but the rabbit was close to her newly planted garden and she wasn’t going to have it rip it up. Colibri had given her the plants and she would defend them with her life. Now she was finished with the tasteful intruder.

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It had been a couple of days since he was told of Eclipse's pregnancy, and since then, had been going to her house every other day whenever she was around in her house. While he felt odd at times, knowing that she was carrying life in her, his visits were always pleasant and they always shared a good conversation. It was as if nothing changed, and if it did, for the better; he found that he wanted to spend more and more time with her, and his short stays were becoming longer than they were intended, but the two got along the best they ever did.

After he finished his daily chores for the day, he was quick to leave the house and made his way to his destination on swift feet. The usual smile crept upon his face as he saw Eclipse sitting on her porch with her nose in a book, and called a greeting from afar before he approached her. "Looks like I'm not the only bookworm in town anymore," he remarked playful once he was at her side, and noticed a hand was placed upon her stomach that was now rounded enough to show that she was with pups.

His smile became a bit softer at the sight, but a moment later it became wide again. "So, what's up, other than..." He trailed off as he bent over to take a glance at the title, and raised his eyebrows at it. "Other than Othello? I guess I was right, I am not the only bookworm." He had read a different book by the author before, and while he tried to read Othello as well, he was not so fond of it. In any case, he was aware how oddly written the text was, and found it surprising she was reading such a thing, imaging her more of a simple, fictional reader.

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She glanced up over her book as Robert called to her and she gave him a bright smile. He had been visiting her a every few days and she enjoyed his company, it wasn’t that she wasn’t getting any. She did have a visit from Noah and a few others but she was just happy to see Robert the most. She recently accepted she was never going to get rid of him and he would never get rid of her and she would make the most of it. She was letting her own guard down around him, though it was probably a bad idea deep down, she felt it was important in their relationship, and that her inability to let anyone in her heart was more a hindrance, and she would start trying to really let others in starting with him. Or maybe just him.

She grinned as he came up to the porch and took a look at her book and she couldn’t help but laugh and hit at him lightly with the flat side of it; “You know I have only... like three books in my home. This one’s pretty good when you can get around the heavy words it uses.” She said, marking it and closing the book up. She set it next to her plate on the railing of the porch and looked at him; “So my friend, here for a visit,...” Then she felt the need to get up and walk and she stood; “Or would you like to escort me for a walk?” She said. Her slightly devilish smile told him she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She wasn’t waddling like a duck yet... well that’s how it was referred to and she didn’t think she’d ever waddle, but it was just a good excuse to get away from the house. She wouldn’t make him actually escort her, but she wouldn’t mind an excuse to be close to him though she’d keep that little bit to herself.

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He was glad that Eclipse was enjoying his nearly annoying presence every other day, or else it'd be bad on her part--he was pretty insistent on seeing her. While half of its intention was to make sure she was physically okay, the other half could have been obvious to anyone else, that he just wanted to see her and to make sure she was happy. Thus far, he could say that he had done a pretty good job doing so, and felt no need to stop with his visits; in fact, he looked forward to them, and always felt slightly disappointed when it was time to go, though it only made him the ever more eager for the next time.

He tried to playfully dodge the hit, but atlas, the woman was a good shot and thumped him softly on his arm. "Ow." He grinned at what she said, and taunted, "I used to have three books, too--its only a matter of time until you start getting more, so don't go into denial. Its inevitable."

He took a small step back as she stood up to get her enough room, though he stayed close to her side, and with perked ears listened to her hinted suggestion. He smiled deviously right back at her, knowing in the back of his mind if he disagreed with what she wanted, he'd be dragged along anyway. So, he stood in front of her and extended a hand towards her as he bent down. "'Tis an honor, m'lady, to escort thyself for a stroll. For what place would be divine enough to visit on this bright day?" he murmured in a posh voice in his best attempts to mimic the text written in the book she had read, though his leaking laughter disturbed the illusion he was trying to create.

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She gave a satisfied noise as she heard the light ‘thump’ of the book as it hit home and could only roll her eyes at his automatic reaction. Then his answer made her laugh a little; “Oh I am sure my library will grow someday, I just have to make due with what I have.” She countered back. She was in no way embarrassed for being able to read and knew that it was something special as not every wolf had the ability too. Even writing was something she would cherish. She already had a few of her recipes down in some old papers, and if they weren’t there then she would never remember her mistakes and she would then make them again.

She rose her eyebrows as he moved back, though said nothing and at the mention of going for a walk he held out his arms and spoke the absurd language of the book she read and she couldn’t help but snort out a bit of laughter, after all it seemed he was having a hard time keeping a straight face himself. So knowing exactly what to do she grabbed his arm into hers, she’d learned long ago being so close made him nervous at times, and pulled him up so that their arms linked and spoke; “Oh I thought a stroll in the woods would do my good sir.” Her imitation was just as bad but no less funny in the way it sounded coming out of her mouth. It was probably a good thing she took his arm then because she felt slightly light headed from getting up though she didn’t sway, she knew she would have if she hadn’t taken his arm. She wanted to make sure that he didn’t see that or he would insist on her laying down in her bed and staying there for the day, which was not something she wanted to do at all. She began the lead so that they could at least get started. She did have a good place in mind.

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"Remember, only a matter of time," he warned once more, waggling an index finger in a humorous gesture. "Before you know it, you are wall-to-wall surrounded by books. Though, I would have to be bold to say that you'll never beat my collection no matter how hard you try." Perhaps that was singular thing he outmatched the woman at--books. While trivial, he would wear out the bragging rights whenever it would available until he could one-upmanship her in another activity of better use. Until then, book hoarding would have to do.

As he leaned over, he could not help but smile at the sound of her laughter, and could picture her own smile upon her face at his foolishness. But, his faltered a little she suddenly took hold of the extended arm eagerly and pulled him close, which caused him to chuckle meekly under his breath. Despite their many close encounters prior to this, he still could not get used to the girl before him being so near him. "Whatever fancies m'lady, a jaunt through the trees we shall go," he said in his repeated accent, though it was more terribly performed than before because of the sudden closure and his own laughter.

He did not noticed the moment of vertigo, and allowed himself to be lead by her, already half used to the motion and kept his pace even with her's. As they entered the trees and walked in the direction that Eclipse chose to travel, he dropped the act he was failing miserably at and asked, "Where are we going? I know that we're not out here just for a stroll through the woods." He knew her better than that, and guessed she had a location already set and he wanted to know where. He looked around the trees in attempt to get an idea, but yet he came up with nothing--all the trees in Cercatori looked the same to him when he didn't know where he was going.

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She tried to hide the snort of laughter that came forth, but only made it worse my making an actual snorting sound; “If you say so oh keeper of the books.” She said. Yes she would let him continue to win the ‘I have the most books’ thing. She was not worried with that after all he had to have his ego checked every once in awhile. He wouldn’t want to visit her if she didn’t let that happen.

As usual she felt him stiffen slightly at her sudden motion and she gave a sly grin; “Anywhere indeed,” She said and moved out past the town and into the forest. She felt a little heavy in her hips, and she was slower and not as agile, but she still felt a good romp into the forest was what she needed and of course he could read her nearly like a book, but not always. “Ohhh I did want to take a walk, but yes we have a destination.” She said. That was when she felt a slight pang, and she only stopped for a second, but it was gone in seconds. She hoped he didn’t see her falter, she wasn’t worried, she had them every once in a while and then she would feel the little flutters. Though if she paid attention this time the lack of the motion in her abdomen would make her fearful, but she was far too interested in looking up at the terrace, where she’d found with a tiger a month or so ago.

She was going to keep the location a secret until they got there, and it wasn’t long before she was at her destination. The trees did not clear but the ramps and the bridges were the first things to see. She could see a ramp that whirled up one of the trees close by and a ladder on a nother, and then netting. The netting itself was frayed and not so useful now, but she did wonder what it was used for; “You know what this place is?” She asked curiously.

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He grinned at the title, finding it amusing at the least. "You know it, master of the kitchen," he commented right back playfully. It was not unknown to him that she was good with her recipes and the mix of herbs with meat, and thought about the day they hunted together and when he got a taste of her cooking. It was honestly good, and was about to suggest doing so once more when they paused for a moment on her accord.

Instinctively he thought of the pups, and looked at her with wide, worried eyes. But, whatever she felt seemed to pass, and while he was now burdened with concern that he had forgotten to bring along on the walk, he did not suggest going back. He knew that she would only deny, and state that nothing happened. Again, he thought about how strange the situation was; he never viewed her as fragile ever since she proved capable, and seeing her in a delicate state was a change for him. Though he kept silent, he did take a glance at her face as they walked, trying to see if anything was indeed wrong. But, saw nothing off, and tried to put his thoughts to rest.

He noticed that the trees were finally becoming familiar, and looked up to see the familiar houses roosting on top some of the branches. The terrace always had interested him, and remembered when he was younger that he explored them for a couple of days before something, most likely a good book, grabbed his attention away. They came to a particular house, and he inspected it along Eclipse. He looked at her as she finally spoke, and answered, "I think it's Shawchert's old house. He was the first leader, the one before my mom. He used to live out here with his mate and kids, so this could be where he used to live." It would explain the netting--somewhere for the pups to go.

"It would be weird to live in a place like this, huh? I wonder if anyone is worried that a squirrel or raccoon would steal their things or something," he commented lightly, again looking back to the woman for an answer. The warmth of the sun through the leaves was lulling him into a calm, and whatever worries he held moments ago seemed to disappear as he talked peacefully with Eclipse.

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She rose her eyebrows at his comment. She couldn’t say she was THE master, but she knew she was darn good, and the thought of that roasted rabbit came into her mind and she smiled and shrugged in a vain manner. Though she deeply knew she needed much improvement before she could be the best.

The instance passed and she was waiting for him to ask her but it seemed he noticed but wasn’t going to ask. She would have lied of course saying a puppy kicked. Which she knew wasn’t it. Though as she thought of that, she tried to feel for any movement, but none came, and she figured they were sleeping as she was learning they did even in the womb. They slept at the wrong times and were awake at the worst she thought.

When they arrived he told her what the place was and who resided her, and it dawned on her why there were ramps and nets, it was good there were those ramps she didn’t think she had the energy to try the ladders. “There was a leader before Skye? I thought she was always the leader. Come on lets go explore!” She said, her eyes twinkling with adventure as she headed up the first ramp. It led up to the tallest of the buildings, the door was rather high and she wondered what kind of monster this man had been. She opened the door after letting Robert go, she needed his support to get up the ramp. She looked around in the dusty cobwebbed room, it was full of everything one could think of, pelts, wooden furniture, even a wolf sized item... a mannequin, she remembered, it looked finished too, and wondered what he was going to do with it; “Wow, I would make a correct assumption he’s not here anymore. Why didn’t he take his stuff, there’s so much here, like these knives and this stuff, I saw Hotaru using it.” She said pointing at woodcarvers utensils.

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It seemed that Eclipse noticed that he knew something was off, but yet he still did not speak about it. Perhaps it was just a pregnant thing, that the pups moved and poked her or something of the sort. His mother always stated around the house about her own children moving around inside of her, and perhaps it was nothing more than just that. Yet, being unfamiliar with such things, he could not help but have a nagging worry for a moment before it faded from mind.

"Yeah, he was--" He was cut off before he even finished speaking as the woman suddenly exclaimed that she wanted to go up, and had to kept up with her in case she would lose her balance and fall. Again, he was brought out of the peaceful lull and wished that Eclipse did not want to go up in the terrace, but he knew by the look in her eye that she would go up there anyway, and he may as well just go along to make sure she would not trip or something as equally as bad.

When they finally reached the top, he too noticed the height of the door, and while his memory of the man was faint, he knew from his mother's talks that he was a pretty big guy. It seemed that the door proved that to be true. He followed Eclipse into the house and kept a watchful eye on her as she looked around the room, only taking a few looks himself. He glanced over the knives that she had pointed out, and gave a shrug. "You know, I really don't know why he didn't. I was really little when he left; I don't know where he went, either. My mother may know, though, so I could ask her later if you want to know."

The wolf-sized wooden figure caught his eye, and took a few steps from the woman's side to look it over closely, thougtful eyes searching over it. "Interesting..." he murmured to himself, and gave the wood a light brush of his finger, making a clean line through the thick layer of dust that settled over it. He became more curious of the object and walked around it to look at its back, and for a moment left his watchful gaze from the woman.

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He was a good guy to try and help her even if she was so pushy and mentally she figured she would pay him back and soon. For now though the adventure of exploring the place was on her mind and the home that they discovered to be the old leaders was fascinating to her in a way, she was no wood carver nor was she remotely good at anything but skinning and sometimes tanning an animal, but the furs we soft. She didn’t acknowledge the man as he spoke of asking his mother; for the pain was back and it was sharp, she’d stumbled lightly as the man’s back was turned to her and she breathed deeply, but this time the pain stayed as a dull throb. She closed her eyes as she moved towards the pelts. She was able to focus once it came to a dull cramp, and she stopped and felt a trickle on her legs, and almost panicked thinking she peed herself.

Her hands went to her thighs and came up with not urine for it didn’t smell like that but it was mixed in with red. “R-rob...” She said, a little fear in her voice. She had a horrible suspicion what it was and what was happening now. The pain grew again and she crouched over, leaning on the pelted wall and kneeled, cringing at the contraction; “S-somethng’s wrong.” She panted when the contraction was finally over, her fearful eyes turned to him. Her voice was filled with utter fear, nothing like her sad self pity at all, it was the fear she was losing something that was now dear to her. Her hands were shaking now at the thought of losing the puppies she, at first, didn’t want, but now that she got the idea... she didn’t want to lose these puppie. She never wanted them to die.

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(383) I CAN'T ; ;

He did not mind the adventurous streak in the woman, it was the fact that she was carrying more than just herself was what concerned him. He had thought as long as he was with her, nothing could go wrong and she wouldn't hurt herself when he kept a watchful eye on her. When she did not answer him back, he had assumed that she was not interested, and let it passed without pressing any further upon the matter.

He had looked away, only for a mere moment to look over a meaningless thing, and he already sensed something was wrong. It was at first a nagging thought in the back of his mind, something that tried to grasp his attention. He dismissed it, though, until he heard his name being called softly. Almost as if the sound of his name had shocked him like a fork of lightning, he whipped around and saw her flinching near the covered wall. She was kneeling by the time he had ran to her and crouched by her side, hands holding onto her shoulders as if to steady her. He was really steadying himself.

Bile rose in his throat as he noticed the reddish liquid trailing down her legs, and realized that the faint smell was what was trying to gain his attention moments ago. All the while cursing himself in his mind, he quickly whispered to her, "I have to call for Taliesin, Eclipse, okay? I'll be right back--I'm not leaving, but I have to call him." Despite the calm in his voice, fear was rising insde of him like a huge wave. Maybe unconsciously he managed to make his words peaceful in an attempt to lessen the stress the woman was feeling.

His hands squeezed her shouders once and ran to the edge of the house, and yelled at the top of his lungs. "Taliesin!" His voice boomed as loud as any howl, but he added that call as well, highly desperate for anyone who can help to come. After the call was let out, he flew back to Eclipse's side and only then did his words leaked the intense worry that he was feeling. "Its going to be okay, Eclipse. He's going to come soon, I promise. Everything is going to be okay."

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Fear lanced through the girl as another contraction paralyzed her. She was afraid and didn’t know what was happening, but she knew it was bad. Her water had broke and there was something wrong with her puppies. She could see the worry in his eyes as soon as Robert came to her, to see what was wrong. She tried to be in Roberts eyes and just the thought made her cringe. She was sitting now, and breathing hard. She gripped his hand hard when he said he had to go for Taliesin, though reassured she didn’t want to let him go, she had just started to accept her children and as quick as possible they were all going to die or already were. It was inevitable. Her mind knew it and now her body did to.

She heard him as the wave of pain receded. Calling for the healer, and she knew it was too late, and what hope she had dwindled as she saw the brown man’s look, and worry in his voice. She shook her head; “Robert, it’s too early they aren’t going to make it.” She said, a lump in her throat. Then another wave of pain and she did what her instincts told her, that she needed to stay where she was or risk herself getting hurt as well, she lay down against the wall and looked at Robert, fear in her eyes. She was fearful for her unborn, and not her feelings or the future this time, and the fear felt far more real than anything else; “Please Rob, please don’t leave me too.” She said, the pain cutting in through every word as she tried talking through her contraction. One hand was grasping a knee, the other holding onto Robert, any part of him she could grab.

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(338) go on without me

It was all happening too fast for him to process at first. When he was aware of what was happening, all that matter was calling for Taliesin. Taliesin would know what to do, for he was the healer. He must have delivered children before, he would make Eclipse and tell them that everything will be okay. If he came, everything will be okay. Yet, the cold, logical side of him pressed hard against his wishes, chilling him to the core. It murmured softly in the back of his mind that it was all wrong. It was too early, and far too late for help.

The minute had passed in a matter of seconds when he had called for the man. Now that he was back at her side, sitting closely beside her, the seconds seemed to pass all too slowly while they waited. All he could do was wait, and pray desperately, praying for once in his life. When the woman's voice distantly sounded in his ears, he shook his head and half choked, half murmured. "No, Eclipse, they're going to make it." It felt like he was swallowing his own heart just telling her the lie. "Taliesin will be here. I promise, everything is going to be okay."

He sensed her fear as strongly as his own, and curled close to her, providing any comfort that he could possibility give her. When she spoke again, he leaned his head against her own. "I won't. Eclipse, I swear, I'll never leave you," he murmured, pressing his muzzle even further into her as she gripped him, his hand finding her's and held it just as tight. "I never will," he repeated, as if someone who going to deny it. He felt so useless, so pathetic, and felt like speaking his promises was the only thing he could do as the girl went through so much pain beside him. He damned and cursed himself repeatedly as he tried to convince not only her but himself that the inevitable wouldn't happen.

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The words that Robert gave her weren’t as reassuring as he hoped, she knew better than that, he was just giving her false hope. She wouldn’t blame him though after all this. He was doing his best to keep her calm. His promise though, that she believed. In her life of being untrustful towards someone and any wishful thinking on love. she truly hoped this was something true and honest. She clung to those words.

Another wave came over here and she tightened her grip, almost becoming a death hold as instinct worked its wonders and she pushed. It hurt, but not as much as she thought as the first of the pink hairless things came out, far too early and far too still. She was left panting after a few seconds and saw the infant puppy... no... it was never even alive... tears ran out of her eyes as she let go of Roberts’ hand and moved to pick up the bloody wet pink thing and held it close to her, her body heaving with tears. It was so tiny. three of this little puppy could fit her hand... there was no fur, and it could not breath. She sniffed and nuzzled the lifeless form. This was far different than burying the twin colt that Grace had when it was stillborn. She shuddered and leanded onto Robert, feeling another wave coming on and trying to hold it, she didn’t want another form to come out, she didn’t want the saddness to grow, but it was just a normal contraction. “M-m... my poor puppy...”

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