but i assure you my debts are real

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<span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>No table because I'm somewhere where the computer doesn't load my table collection~ ;-; this should be set like, over a week in the future, but I wanted to post now :p Io's presents are a small supply of fish, a small supply of tobacco, an elk skull and feathers sutible for arrow making. Also, Kuba is pretty much all black at this point. His markings are brown paws/tip of tail and red nose stripe, though they'd be pretty much nearly black since his pelt hasn't faded in yet?WC- 500+</span></span>

<span style='color:black'>Neo, as opposed to Bialy, had been chosen for the long journey. The dappled stallion was still too wild to be trusted, especially now. Io would take no risks, and she was determined not to screw things up like she did with Dymtr and Jandro. Some would argue that taking an extremely young pup hours away for a visit was a stupid thing to do in itself. But seeing as the actions that led up to the child were something that could potentially ensure tensions betweem the two packs, Io thought it best to show face, with the child as proof.

The true white moved quickly through the short, dry brown brush, his hoofs echoing into the emptiness as they collided with clups of baked soil. It was an irritatingly warm day, an abrupt change from the morning that had started out with spitting rain. Io was thankful however, for the rain. It meant Kuba had to stay in the padded travel bag to avoid the rain, and that Neo could quicken his pace to canter for a while. A hard gallop would have been prefered, but Io was still cautious of the Lykoi child's wellbeing. Still it was not as if she'd casually tossed him into a saddle bag as opposed to the one that hung off of her snugly.

It would not have been possible to anyway, because the saddlebags were full of gifts for the coyote leaders. Feathers sutible for arrows, a small supply of fish, an elk skull (that was the best she could do, leaving AniWaya with the skull of a wolf was pushing it a bit) and a small batch of tobacco from the fields, which Io was surprised she'd been permitted to leave with. The package was a modest peace offering, but it was more a chance to proove Jacinto wasn't betraying Inferni to the tribal folks. That there really was a reason for him to leave.

Io found the borders easily, remembering the scent for a while back, when she'd been apart of the ranks. She dismounted Neo, patting his shoulders affectionately before letting him wander away. Of course, before doing so she'd loosened the girth off for his comfort and taken the heavy saddle bags away. And then she rested, glad to be out of the saddle after all those hours.

The hybrid Digalawigi Adeloquasdi Nata sat on a log at the borders, or at least some few metres away. There was no true shade and the sun set to work on beating down upon her back. Being from the colder part of Eastern Europe, high in the mountains, warmth was not something she particularly enjoyed, but stubborness didn't permit her to move. Kuba was sheltered however, removed from the cushioned bag and curled up on Io's lap, shadowed by her. The quoll had joined them too, Io figured she'd gained another 'pup' of sorts and the quoll found seperation too difficult. Both chewed on the collie's fur, the quoll due to his love of soft things (something Baird had notified Io of) and Kuba out of hunger, though he'd been fed so he'd have to content himself with wet fur.

With a howl, she waited. Patience was something that came easily to Io, but she would have been far more content if this could be dealt with as fast as possible and she could return how to a place where her duties lay.</span>

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(--) Ithiel can deliver whatever messages to Myrika. And Kaena gets to see a gr8 grandchild. 8D 26 Aug OK for date?

Ithiel is by me!

Ithiel hovered near the old woman as she meandered through the forest. He followed after her alertly, twitching his birch-colored ears this way and that. Kaena was plucking flowers or berries here and there, sniffing the latter before she ate them and stuffing the former into a small leather pouch. Ithiel did not know what she was picking, nor did he know if his grandmother had any skill as a healer. He had attempted to ask, but the response he'd gotten had been disheartening, to say the least.

The scarred old hybrid was the one to turn toward the howl at the borders, despite Ithiel's insistence otherwise. He followed after her with a stomping and annoyed gait, keeping up with the old woman easily. He did not want to defend Kaena from attack on the borders -- but howlers weren't usually attackers, after all. The dusky hybrid was alright with her being present for his handling of a joiner, but beyond that, Ithiel would have preferred to attend this business on his own.

There was no stopping Kaena, however, and the old woman was soon on the edge of Infernian territory, meandering through the skulls at a rust-and-snow colored woman. There was another, a child, with her. Ithiel observed them with contempt, smelling the wolfish scent to their coats, and noticed the woman's coyote face. He was readying himself to speak when Kaena let out a yowl. Is that one of mine? she demanded of the coyote pretender. The one-eyed woman stepped forward and Ithiel shadowed her, exasperated.

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assuming Io knows of Kaena? she probably would have from Jac and from her time here :P and le date is fine <3

Io's fingers traced the child's snout gently, allowing him to continue his habit of chewing (more like gnawing) fur, cloth, anything in his reach. She'd get the behaviour of of him eventually, but for one it would be difficult to stop now, and for two it kept him quiet. What's more it would be too difficult for Io to be that cruel to him so early on. His markings were faint, dark, with brownish paws and a lighter tip on his tail. A ruddy stripe emblazoned his snout. And he truly was beautiful. Of course, it was highly likely that Io, and Jaroslaw and Jacinto, were very bias. Silver eyes regarded the small form with a smirk on her lips. Though it was a smirk of pride above everything else.

Collie ears lifted up as a pair of Infernians approached. Kaena. The woman moved to her feet, clutching the child to her chest for safety. Kaena's words were short and demanding, but Io knew it was probably nothing personal. 'Yes' she answered simple, not quite casual, business like. Silver eyes moved to the child and lifted him up slightly for her to see. 'I am here to proof Jacinto was not lying to you. And to offer a gift. I am hoping we can remain on neutral terms through out this... Incident'. She wasn't sure how the coyote's had taken it, perhaps they'd been un bothered by it as AniWaya had. She gestured to the saddle bags full of gifts, before looking back to the pair.

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Ithiel is by me!

The grizzled old woman cooed at the child even before the rust-and-snow colored woman spoke the truth of Kaena's assumption. Ithiel glowered toward the child with distaste. Another cousin to be raised by wolves, he thought, hating Jacinto in that moment for his indiscretion. Ithiel had never even looked at a wolf in that sort of way -- though those sorts of looks were rare enough to begin with, coming from him. The dust-colored hybrid shifted his weight from one foot to the other, wondering if he should be the one to answer the woman -- Io, Ithiel suddenly remembered she was called. Kaena seemed intent on gushing over the child.

My Aquila never doubted the truth of Jacinto's ways. He is a Lykoi, Ithiel interjected, stepping forward. He still kept a respectful distance, but he now needed to speak, apparently, since the old woman's only interest was the dark little figure, the newest blood of the Lykoi dynasty. But Inferni does not scoff at offerings of peace, either. I will bring whatever message you carry to my Aquila. Ithiel was formal and polite, though not entirely friendly: there was an edge to his voice. Kaena turned around and swatted him.

Be nice to the mother of this little one, she reprimanded. I knew Dawali Amara of AniWaya. They're a good people, she said, her tone indicating boastfulness for having known this Dawa... something or other. Turning back to Io, the old woman's single golden eye seemed to glitter with news of the distant outside world. Does he rule there still? the hybrid inquired of the foreigner, interested to hear some tidings of the outside world.

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She held him out further to Kaena, signalling that she was welcome to look at him closer. Io never had problems with people pawing over her children, especially not with there family. As Kaena was. Kuba was truly a Lykoi, by name and appearance. Though Io couldn't tell at the moment, whether he'd inherit a coyote's body. But it was much more likely he would, after all, a coyote was what he was safe for snippets of wolfish and doggish blood. Th latter being from both sides. Ithiel spoke and Io gaze that jumped between Kuba and Kaena fell on the male, 'Of course. But I would have rather been safe than sorry. I understand what happened was a mistake, and there is no way to right it now. But I would not want any problems for anyone. And that is what I am here to say, to give my apologies'. And of course to ask for peace to remain.

Io smiled when Kaena scolded the male, but she kept it short and silent, not wanting to offend the male. Silver orbs moved back to Kaena with a soft smile, 'No. A woman called Ulilohi, and myself and Claudius lead now. There was a small battle a few months back, I will not go into detail' there was too much to explain, most Io didn't know, 'But they claimed Dawali did not have right to call himself a Kalona. I was not there at the time so my knowledge is limited'.

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Ithiel endured his grandmother. He did not feel the devotion some in his family felt to the old matriarch, but he understood her value and meaning to Inferni and respected her as his truest ancestor. Therefore, he was obligated to protect her in whatever ways possible -- including tolerating her, where she grew uppity or overbearing. Though she was but an Evocati, she had been one of the first Infernians, and this being almost a decade ago, she must command some amount of respect, despite their disparity of rank.

To Io, the dusky-furred hybrid nodded, memorizing her words -- or, the jist of them, anyway -- so he might deliver them to Myrika. I am sure Myrika will be thankful for your apology and gifts both, but she will probably say it's unnecessary. Ithiel would still encourage her to send a scout southward, despite all: it was worthwhile checking in with Jacinto and this young blood of their family now and again. And perhaps his cousin would do more than check in -- she had already sent a gift to many of the packs, and it was likely she'd send more in return for this.

Although Ithiel had not liked the idea of these gifts, he could now see their purpose. There were no nomothetic decrees establishing the return of gifts, of course, but already Casa di Cavalieri had reciprocated Inferni's offerings. While he loathed the idea of an alliance with any of the packs, there was sense in neutrality and even friendliness, if it kept Inferni from attack and in good standing with their neighbors. The pale tip of his tail flickered, and he considered silently while the old woman coddled the baby, clutching him and cooing with all the motherly love she might do for her own child.

Aha, the old woman said, crowing as she looked toward Io. A child of AniWayan leader and Inferni royal blood both? Jacinto picked his mistake -- this word was spoken with derision, as if Kaena loathed to ever call an act which created more Lykoi a mistake -- quite well. There was a smile on the old woman's face, though it was difficult to tell through the one eye and the scars, though it fell steadily as Io described the fall of Dawali. Dawali was a good man, she said forcefully, both her ears pricked upward with indignation. The scarred, half-eaten one was lower, of course, but the expression was unmistakable. You and yours do his pack right, she said, though it was not an admonishment, but an earnest wish. Her gravelly, low tones might make this hard to discern, however. Her manner was usually brusque, and now was no different.

Ithiel shifted his weight on both feet and glanced toward Io, trying to gauge whether she was offended. It was his grandmother's custom to speak frankly, but he did not wish to cause the AniWayan any offense. Forgive my grandmother, he said, hastily. She speaks her mind and none can persuade her to do otherwise, he said, now growing himself slightly more placating than he had been at first. I will help you offload whatever you've brought for us, and thank you for your trouble, he said, dipping his head.

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Io smiled as Kaena took the child, smiling fondly after him for a moment then crossing her arms casually and continuing her conversation with Ithiel. 'Even so, I would rather she knew that I acknowledge my wrong doing'. As much as she disliked titling it as such, it had all been a mistake. But she wouldn't take it back. Ever. Perhaps at first, when she'd been ashamed and frustrated. But never now. 'The same can be said for AniWaya too. No harm will come of him. He has done the right thing and provided for his child. And it was a lack of judgement by both of us'.

Io reached for the bags, pulling them up and opening them up. She opened the first one and held it up to Ithiel, 'Tobacco and Feathers. They are suitable for arrow making' she informed, sure that there was some proper word for it, but the lack of knowledge she had on the subject make it difficult to remember. Someone had told her once though, she was sure of it. Opening the second one, she spoke again. 'Fish and an elk skull.It was the best I could do, I do not think my colleagues would approve of me gifting a wolf skull' she said with a gentle smirk, she wasn't totally opposed to it after all. It was only their nature.

The hybrid smiled at Kaena's words. Yes, he could have done worse. 'Kuba will be fine man one day' she mused softly, 'And I am sure he will do you proud'. Even though she was no longer apart of the coyote clan, she still respected the Lykoi's for their widespread members and strong values. Then she spoke of Dawali with slight anger and Io nodded, 'I have heard nothing different than what you say. I can not say I understand exactly why he was dethroned, but I do not think it was a popular decision' she commented, remembering what she'd heard around the tribe. 'But yes, we will be sure to keep the tribe strong. It is our wish also'.

She turned to Ithiel again as he apologised, she smiled. 'It is no problem. A woman like her deserves to speak her mind'. A woman of history. 'And you are welcome'.

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(688) oh god tl;dr why can't i do this during sosu :|

Ithiel is by me!

At least the woman had the good sense to admit the error in her ways. Women were the temptresses, and it was their duty to reign in their natural inclination to seduce and tempt men. Most of which, Ithiel thought, were incapable of controlling their own desires. Ithiel and his ilk were rare exceptions, though apparently, even he was not immune to the natural male predilections. The dusky coyote, however, only nodded his approval, keeping these words, too, to send to Myrika. Perhaps he would soon make his way southward and down into the region occupied by these wolves, returning their gifts with more of Inferni's own. If so, the dust-colored hybrid would be able to deliver Myrika's precise words where AniWaya and Jacinto were concerned. As it was, he was aware only that the red-haired Aquila had consented to Jacinto's defection to the southerly pack, along with his eventual return. Ithiel found this foolish, but he would not speak so here and in front of Io, just as he hadn't said so in front of Kaena and Halo's children.

Ithiel surveyed the gifts, extending his hands to take what he could. The elk's skull was set upon the ground, for he'd need to have Kaena carry something in order for him to take it on. These are good gifts, he commented, meaning such genuinely. Ithiel did not offer compliments without meaning them, as he considered it a lie and flattery when not truly meant. The elk's skull will decorate our borders. I will see to it myself. He could not know of Io's past membership with his pack, but her respect of their traditions elevated her in his view. It was, after all, his own homeland where the skulls had originated from. Ithiel would tolerate no ill spoken of them, and it was relieving to find one so accepting.

Kaena nodded in response to the red and white AniWayan, scratching gently at the fur between the puppy's eyes. Ithiel was reminded of Sepirah by his dark fur and red-splashed nose, and wondered that his family might contain so many colors. Kaena herself was monochrome in coloration, possessing only the russet splash seen in so many of his cousins and other relatives, and even the young Kuba. Ithiel remained silent, however, through the discussion of Dawali: he did not know the man's name and knew little else about the southerly pack. He pondered his grandmother's knowledge of them, and realized it must have been from years past. She had led Inferni, once upon a time, after all -- she ought to know leaders long since dethroned in the other packs. It bothered Ithiel to think of so much history and memory occupied by that history. He could barely remember those who raised him after Jezebel's death, nor the names of his training commanders. Only the most obvious names remained in his mind: Gabriel, Jezebel, Aemon, Kastra. Even Kastra was fading; her absence from the clan strange to Ithiel. She'd ordered no directive, however, and he thought it best to remain within the clan's ranks. He'd sworn an oath and could not break it to chase after his once-commander.

Maybe they just thought he got too old? the hybrid suggested, looking up from Kuba with her sharp golden-yellow eye. That was what happened to me. Too old, they said, she said, grunting with annoyance at the thought. I could still lead, if I was given the chance. Won't take my grandkids' place, though -- it's their turn, now, and I am a done woman, she said, surprisingly cheery for the morbidness of the subject. It is right to allow the strength of youth their turn, after all. Ithiel shifted his feet and did not respond. There was no yearning in him for leadership whatsoever -- his mind made this a lost venture. He nodded and even gave Io a faint smile, feeling there was nothing to do save let the women coo over the child and discuss old histories.

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because you suck :P <3 and so do i ;-;

Silver eyes flickered to Ithiel's face, giving a smile to his compliments. 'I am glad you like them' she said, smiling especially for the fact that he'd promised to get the elk skull on the borders. I am glad to hear the elk skull especially will find use'[b]. She herself would have prefered gifting a wolf skull, but while she wanted to remained neutral with Inferni, it was important she didn't upset her own tribe with such practices. Although she understood, thy perhaps wouldn't.

[B]'Perhaps...' Io mused, considering the idea with slight distaste. Why would they dethrone someone who could still do their job through age? The very idea disgusted Io, but she was sure, hopeful at least, that this wasn't the case. 'But I hope not. I am confident that if you are a good leader at two then nothing should change peoples view of you after that' Io said firmly, strongly in agreement. The AniWayan was sure Kaena could still lead well, so far in this conversation she'd shown undeniable speaking skills and wit (as far as Io was concerned) and had still been bold enough to scold her own family member. 'Yes' she agreed, the youth must take their place soon enough.

'Speaking of which,' she began, 'Kuba will be raised with not only the tribe's ideals in mind, but Inferni's too. Perhaps not an outright hatred of wolves, but skills that will serve him should he choose to venture to Inferni'. Silver eyes flickered back down to her son quickly, the child clearly enjoying the attention given to him by his great grandmother.

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(310) Heyyyyyyy, you only suck a little bit. BAHAHAHAHA. (just kidding, you don't suck at all and i love a rose thread :D). Also, PRETTY sure Kae and Io were in IF at the same time -- Kae hasn't left since 2009, after all. XD

Ithiel is by me!

Kaena seemed almost disheartened by this talk of Dawali. There was a slump to her shoulders, more so than usual, and Ithiel wondered if there had been more between Kaena and this AniWayan than she was saying? Though, the old woman was more sentimental than most of her sex, and seemed to have nothing but the memories of eras long gone to satisfy her anymore. Perhaps it was no wonder she'd cling to an old friend in such a fierce fashion. I'm with you, girly, Kaena said, sighing. May you lead many long, good years, she added. Ithiel kept the scowl from his face with practiced calm. Even his grandmother could not help but pander to the wolves.

Kaena seemed to grow greedy with the mention of Infernian ideals. She looked down at the little puppy with a broad grin, apparent even through the scars. Right little Inferniwayan, she said, and Ithiel gave a snort of laughing derision at the portmanteau. You were in Inferni? the old woman said, cocking her head to the side. I didn't realize it at first, but you were, the old hybrid said, her smile more tempered. At least you remember us. She seemed happy enough to have met her great-grandchild, and with carefully extended arms, handed him back to his mother. The one-eyed woman looked up toward Io and swept her tail back and forth a few times, expressing her joy at having met Kuba. Thank you.

Ithiel shuffled up beside her and laid a hand on her bony shoulder. He flashed a faint smile toward Io, the bare ghost of one, and dipped his head. We won't keep you, he said. I'm sure you've a long journey home? he suggested, before Kaena could go so far as to invite them in and onto Inferni territory.

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yus <3 you can close after I post, yes? and i will get the angel-ithi thread started soon (fail)

Io nodded softly at Kaena's words, reaching out to recollect the pup. She left him rest her her shoulder, snuggling into her neck as she petted his back softly. He appeared un fazed by the long journey from AniWaya, which Io suppose was a good thing, especially seeing as he hadn't complained at all on the journey. Kuba had been very well behaved, but granted there wasn't much he could do to make a nuisance of himself was there. He'd been verbally silent almost, but still Io was eager to get him home. And to report back to her fellow leaders that there were no hard feelings between the packs.

'Yes. I was, a while back though. I left with Aeron...' she let a small frown fall on her face at the thought of her ex mate, but it was replaced with a calm smile soon enough. 'I could not forget Inferni. It was a good place. It still is I assume...' The russet and white hybrid smiled at her thanks and nodded also. Kuba stirred in his half sleep and silver eyes were diverted as Ithiel spoke, but collie ears remained upright and listening. 'Yes. Quite a distance' she smiled gazing back up and moved towards her horse. She put Kuba back in his compartment, and mounted Neo. 'I hope you enjoy the gifts'.

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