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Had it really been five days? It had felt like years, the way the days dragged their feet. He felt so much older, though not in a way he had strived for. His soul was worn, it had been tested since that day, and by whatever reason, its threads managed to stay together and did not unweave, albeit it was was pulled taunt.

By some silent decree from without much thought was given, he had been sleeping at Eclipse's house. The first night was reasonable, anyone would sit vigil over her to make sure she would be sound, and he did so. Yet, on the second night, it felt routine as he sat in the chair that he had grabbed from wherever that he placed near her bedside. He would watch as she went to sleep, and the hour or so that proceeded it, continue to carefully look after her until his eyelids closed without his permission. Mostly, he was silent at night, but his mind was loud in thought, and even in slumber it seemed that he could not rest. He would wake before she did, and by the time she would rise, he would have food prepared for her.

Maybe she didn't need him, he had at one point thought, but she did not deny his constant company yet. He felt bound to her side by the promise he made with her, that he wouldn't leave her. Maybe she didn't mean in in the way he was acting, but even not, Robert felt it necessary on both of their parts that they needed each other. That day, they left the house and decided to go to the stables, which he felt a bit unsure about. But, if it would make her happy, he decided, he would allow it. A close eye would be trained on her nevertheless, and he still felt regret for that moment he let his guard down in the tree house. He'd swore himself to never make the same mistake.

He hovered close to her side as they walked south from her house, their hands clasped together between them as they traveled at a comfortable pace. He took a moment to glance at his house when they passed it by, and the off-hand thought occurred to him that he had not revisited it since the day, and he looked down at his person to see that he was still dressed in the same clothes. But, it didn't matter much, anyway. "Its a nice day." He comment was soft, a mere suggestion for conversation. He treasured their shared silence, but it felt right to prompt her for a talk from time to time, just to simply hear her talk.

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Robert had been a surprise to the woman. He rarely left her side, well only to cook for her and that one moment a few days ago, but it was nice. She knew she needed this though her brain kept telling her to keep her guard up. He may pull her father's act. Then her heart told her to open up more to let his caring vigilance fill the empty spots in her heart. In no way did Robert fill the ripped shreds that were from the puppies she had lost, but somehow it felt like the man was helping her put the pieces back exactly in the spots they needed.

There was more silence then talk, but that mattered little to her, she liked his presence. She liked being close to him and she felt safe when he sat by her bed to sleep at night. She had not cried since a few days after the event. She ran out of tears and she told herself that she needed to make the best of things. That was why she was out today. They were going to do an everyday thing that would help the young woman. Her hand was clasped tightly with Robert’s but nothing to say that she was too tense or unhappy. She was slightly more content than that. She just feared that something might happen to him. Though somehow she was actually listening to her heart and knew she weas falling for the man, quietly and carefully. She let a soft smile brush over her face at his words; “Yes, Grace would like to be out in the sun and free.” She said quietly as they neared the stables. It was located close in the town that it was a short walk which was nice. She liked that she didn’t have to go far for the horse that saved her, who, she reminded herself, had saved her life and had not left it either. Those were thoughts that she could get used to and feel secure about. “Have you ever ridden before?” Eclipse asked.

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He flashed a smile as she spoke, as gentle as her's. While the sound of her voice that he would go at times without hearing pleased him, the simple movement across her face made him happier. "I suppose she would," Robert agreed. He had only briefly saw the horse before he actually knew about her, when he had to visit the stables for a hammer to fix a bookshelf that had a wobbly nail. That was before he had met Eclipse. But since then, he had heard a few words about her and the colt from the woman, and though he rarely went to look at them, knew a few things about them just from talks.

He raised an eyebrow as she prompted if he ever ridden before. "Nah, I never was fond with riding things." His mother rode often, especially now that she was becoming heavier with pups--the thought, of his future siblings, seemed otherworldly, as if he viewed this half of his life through a spyglass. Was there any other part of him that wasn't occupied with caring for Eclipse? If he remembered correctly, Bangle also had a horse, but even then and at that moment, he was not interested in riding horses. Two legs would get him anywhere a beast would, he thought.

"Where did you learn to ride? Or was it something you taught yourself?" he asked, curious. They neared the stables, and another few moments and they would be until the roof where they housed the hoofed creatures.

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She felt like saving the answer until after they were in the stables and she was near Grace. The chestnut was always a sight to see, especially with her flaxen mane. The color of it wasn’t rare, though it was in horses with darker colored fur on the body, but it looked splendid on the mare herself. The horse looked up, her ears perked in interest and a tiny head tried to pop up over the stall but it couldn’t seem to reach and just as Eclipse was close enough to touch Grace the colt had his forelegs up on the stall doors so that he could see better.

“Come on you, get down.” She said, seeing the colt brought her mood up and his funny little antics made her heart warm to him. She had seen his brother born but was already dead, like her own pups and it seemed that Grace was taking things in stride, but then she did have one living foal of her own. She nickered and pushed at his chest to get him down and he complied. “I learned from many different people, I think Saul is the first one to give me lessons. He’s my cousin, but I consider him more my dad.” She said, her voice sounding more normal as she spoke. SHe wasn’t the best around horses, knew enough to keep them alive on a long journey. She did wonder what happened to her other horse Buttercup, she probably found a new herd and was integrated in that one now that she had no master. “Come on you two.” She said, then looked at Robert,

“Well I won’t make you do anything you don’t want.” Of course this wasn’t what she’d done... say a month or so ago, or even a good few days... it hadn’t been that long since she called him up on that roof and figured out she had feelings for him, and they were growing stronger, though it scared her she did not run away as she had before when she left her motherly figures or other packs when she was younger, even ran a few times from the love and help Saul gave her. She wondered if she was getting better or stupid.

She didn’t really have to get them ready at all, the mare tended to wear nothing but a halter and Eclipse didn’t need to ride with a saddle all Grace needed was a slight coaxing with a carrot or something that was in season.

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As soon as they entered the stables, both of the horses seemed to perk up at the presence--well, at Eclipse's presence. He glanced over the mare for a moment until a leaping figure caught his attention, and could not help but slightly smile at the sight of the foal trying to get a better look at them. It was comical, and it helped that the little thing had an appearance that granted the man's automatic affection. He wasn't one to preen over young creatures, but the active horse was a definite outlier.

He nodded as she spoke of a man named Saul, the name sounding somewhat familiar. There was a Stormbringer in that northern pack, right, one of the alphas? The one they traded with a few week ago? The last names were similar enough to make the connection, he guessed. He was never one to be too interested in outside relationships, much less distant family members, but was curious enough, considering this was Eclipse's family.

Robert blinked at what she said next, and felt a little quiet as he thought the words over. It was certainly strange to hear that coming out of her mouth, and if it was a different time, he perhaps could have found joy in them. But, instead he felt a vague sense of sadness. He did not allow this to register though, and waited patiently as Eclipse readied the horses. He stepped out of stables for a moment to retrieve something for the creatures, and all he could come up with was a good number of clumps of switchgrass. Hopefully, that was enough to lead them on without much trouble.

He was silent as he walked a couple of feet ahead, leading the horses and the woman to the fields. He occasionally looked back at her, but at one instance he had stopped glancing back for a minute or two. Finally, he looked over his shoulder, and this time said something along with the look. "You know... I don't think it'd hurt to learn. How to ride, I mean." He was unsure, but hopeful. Maybe this would make Eclipse happy, he thought. At least she'd get a laugh at the thought of him, a man fancying his two feet on solid ground, up on a horse and freed from the earth he so loved. He found the thought funny himself.

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it was good to be with her horses again. They were happy to see her too and it seemed they were being well taken care of, but she felt bad because they were her responsibilities. She watched as Robert went to find something and she smiled, knowing Grace would easily follow her today, but the horse did take a liking to the idea of that grass as she passed by Eclipse she just smiled and followed him. She could see him looking back at her as they made their way to the fields and she rose an eyebrow. Grace was moving toward him, but not in any hurry and her ears were perked up with interest and Eclipse knew the horse was curious about Robert. She blinked shocked as he pretty much said he wanted to learn how to ride.

“Oh well it will take a bit of time and your legs won’t thank you but since Grace is... taking a liking to you; She did have a smile on her face already. She was not as sad as she had been since the birth of her children and she would continue to get better, it was reassuring Rob that she would certainly be fine and so would he. “If you really want I can sure try to teach you.” She said a gleam in her eyes. She did like teaching things and if he wanted to she certainly would and laugh as he bounced up and down on a horse. The thought brought a bigger smirk to her face.

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