Shadows of the world

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backdated to the 18th

He knew he shouldn't have left, that he did need his healer to take care of the wounds that destroyed his face. He had seen his own reflection in the water and knew he was a sight to be looked at. Still with his face was a covering of crusted blood that he could neither clean off without opening up the stitched wounds or simply leave in in case they brought infection. Now even more withdrawn into himself Honrin had made a trip to interact only once with the rest of Vinátta, the rest of the time he stayed in his privately constructed camp embroiled in his own misery and anger.

Once he had taken his anger out on a deer that had wandered too close by accident. It had been unsettlingly satisfying to tear the life from the brown eyed creature. Now several smoking stacks littered his camp to dry out the meat he hadn't eaten at the time. Most of it was dry now and these he packed away to save, intending not to eat them himself. He thought of his poor mother and felt his heart break even more. The bottle he lifted to his lips and took another swig, uncaring if anybody was around.

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Life was looking up for the dark Stormbringer boy. Although admittedly his life hadn't been in any way bad before, there was so much more to do now that he had legs and arms instead of four legs. He still liked his Lupus form, but he couldn't deny the usefulness that thumbs and an upright body gave him. The past week or so, the male had been spending more time with Ink and the horses. His first ride on Jerri had been a nerve-racking one, but Ink had been more than happy to put him up on her again and he'd grown used to the mare. His riding wasn't the best, he could freely admit that. But he hadn't fallen off and that was at least a start. His hunting skills, on the other hand, weren't so lucky. He'd tried to chase things down, catching a few rabbits like his father had taught him. But the larger prey seemed to know exactly where he was coming from and he couldn't quite figure out what he was doing wrong. It would take a while for him to really perfect anything in that area.

His desire to seek out Lena was a strong compulsion- despite the pair only having met once in Amherst he felt a desire to see her again. He had no idea where New Dawn was though, other than on the other side of Amherst at the very least. It was frustrating, but he could only try and find her. Moving towards the borders was a step in the right direction. Hex remained in the stables, most likely playing with Darcy and irritating the others there. The smell of smoke caused the young male to turn his course however, sensitive nose catching subtler scents of deer in the smoke. As he exited the trees, he appeared to stumble upon a camp and he paused, before spotting a white male who was only vaguely familiar but not part of Vinátta. Blue eyes widened when he caught sight of the males face. "Hey? Are you okay?" He questioned, stepping closer, hands hanging easily at his side as he caught sight of the bottle in the males hands.

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He swayed as he took another drink, snorted and nearly choked on the amber liquid. He sneered at himself and tossed the bottle at a tree, it didn't smash as expected and he snarled furious at it for not breaking. Honrin hauled himself to his feet and turned as he heard a voice, stumbling to keep his balance. His incandescent eyes focused on the boy, younger than himself. Still furious at the bottle, himself, at his life and the stitches that pulled painfully at his skin he growled again and snarled at the boy,

<span style='color:goldenrod'>"Do I look alright!"</span> It did not amaze or concern him that his emotions had not disappeared into the blackness upon realising this stranger was near him. His anger drained away leaving behind a hollow husk and he dropped himself to the floor again,

<span style='color:goldenrod'>"Mm'sorry. Sss'not yur fault."</span> He took a second look at the boy, taking in the colors. He realised dimly that he knew this boy, although had trouble placing from where for a few seconds before remembering,

<span style='color:goldenrod'>"Wait! I kknoww whour are. Yur.. yur Saul's son? Yesshh I remememberer now. He brought you back to Ichika with him, when ah was younger. Only a boy mayself. Your were tinny as this."</span> He held his hands together a few inches apart, roughly the size of a small puppy and then cackled to himself, finding the whole situation funny now.

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Blue eyes widened considerably as the white male threw the bottle he was holding towards a tree. Unconsciously the Stormbringer tensed for the smash that was about to happen. Surprisingly, the bottle remained in tact, although the amber liquid that had been securely inside the bottle sloshed out and over the grass. What was perhaps more shocking, was the turn in the white males demeanour- he stumbled as he stood, but as Tem had called out, he turned, expression angry which was reflected almost immediately in the snarl. The sound immediately set the boys hackles up, his own answering growl in response. Incredulous at the treatment from someone who did not belong to their pack and was here as a guest, Temeraire made to step forward before the opposing males words caused him to unleash a proper growl.

"No, you don't look alright, actually. You look drunk, beat up... pathetic." Temeraire couldn't help the scathing tones as the words came from his mouth. Of course, he couldn't have predicted the swift, and frankly dizzying, shift in the opposing males attitude. As quickly as the snarl and sarcasm had come, there came a mumbled apology and Temeraire felt himself relax a little. Perhaps he was just drunk and it made him angry. A rough snort came from him as the white male dropped to the floor, before he allowed hackles to flatten, a more relaxed posture setting up for his own apology. "I'm sorry too." He stated simply, seeing no reason to elaborate on the words or meaning.

Blue eyes watched as the pale males own golden ones looked at him hard. He was sure he hadn't seen the other before, but quieted at the males stumbled words. White rimmed ears flashed up in surprise at the canine's words- he remembered almost nothing of being in Ichika, though his father had told him whenever he'd asked about the events of his early life. "I don't remember you... or much of Ichika at all. I'm Temeraire... what's your name?" He questioned, hoping the injured wolf wasn't too drunk to forget his name.

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