Change on the Wind

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Silvano knew what he had to do; he had seen it time and time again both with his home, the Crimson Dreamers, and here. Whenever a big change came about, the pack had to be alerted and it was his duty to alert them. He had spoken to Vigilante about what had happened in the courtyard of the Hotel and he had found that the King had been neutral about the shift. It seemed that he was otherwise preoccupied with things at home. He had recalled that his mate had been badly injured. That was definitely more important for now, and Silvano was happy to help out the King in a capacity he had not thought he would ever have been able to achieve with his mother and 'aunt' in the Dreamers. The Dauphin's disgrace was proving to be all to his advantage. No one could have plotted it better than that.

He knew of the amphitheater that the pack had built, and he made his way there. Everything was finished, and though he could see how improvements could be made, he approved of the work the pack had done. Standing on the flattened boards of the stage, the heavy male heard it creaking under his weight, but was reassured when he felt the entire underside had been reinforced with stone and dirt to let the heavier members stand confidently tall. Silvano tapped his claws against the wood, then glanced up to see the empty seats. They would not be empty for long. He raised his head and howled out with authority for everyone to meet here, that there was no option of refusing this order. He was a just man, but he was firm and he was stubborn.

Everyone came at their own pace, and Silvano stood around with crossed arms, waiting for members to take their seats. He ignored their mumbling and focused on what he would say when all of them assembled. Soon enough, the moment came and he gave out a short bark to get attention and silence. He let his emerald eyes rove over the crowd, half the faces familiar. "I know that none of you were expecting a call from me. But it is important that you all listen to what I have to say." He was unsure of how to begin, lacking the comfortable familiarity with public speaking his mother had. "Our Dauphin has been removed, and he is now to be considered a Serf for the time being. His behavior of late has been disgraceful, but I discourage any of you from treating him poorly for it." He knew that some would, and he hoped they would. Strelein needed to be taught a lesson to add salt to the injury that was his shame.

"I have been made your Constable." He knew that the last Constable had been Vigilante himself, which was something he could be smug about too, but he kept it off his face. "I know this a... change, but I'm here if you have questions. If you don't have questions for me today, you can easily find me at the Hotel or at the Stable. I promise to help in whatever ways you may need of me." He cleared his throat awkwardly, then gave a smile. "Any questions?"

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Skoll had been sparring with the wooden dummies when the call came. He dealt a powerful blow to the head of the target, stinging his hand with the force, and then swung around when the howl sounded from the amphitheater. It was not his father’s voice, nor was it the Dauphin’s (although he hadn’t heard Strelein summon the pack for a very long time, if at all), and so he was inclined to ignore it in favor of getting his daily training in. The authority in the call made him hesitate to do so, however, and he figured that if even a normal pack member needed help, he should be there to offer it to them. Gods knew he needed to make up for his weeks of excluding himself from pack duties.

The young man made his way as quickly as one could in their optime form without sprinting, loping steadily through the territory until he reached the back seats of the amphitheater. When he saw the former Crimson Dreamer standing on the stage, he cocked his head with confusion but smiled. He’d decided that he liked the Sadira—one with the heart of a knight like he aspired to be. The stubborn child in him decided he wasn’t going to just plop his butt down on a seat, and so he hung around at the back while the group congregated, folding his arms and being careful not to stare at another Courtier for too long; he didn’t want to risk gawking at Hati, especially since they’d never truly apologized to each other about their violent scuffle.

Once everyone seemed to be gathered, Silvano spoke, and the smile on the young Haskel’s face vanished to be replaced with shock. His ears folded back, and his arms loosened across his chest. What had Strelein done to be demoted to the omega rank? He knew the man had been distant lately, but he hadn’t been around him enough to know of his drinking problems. Strel had simply been an entity in his pack close to his father when he was a child, and now that this was changing, a small shot of fear flashed through the yellow werewolf.

And then the rest of the news came. Strelein had been usurped by Silvano, who now led as the Constable—a position Skoll’s father had served in before he became King. His ears folded back even tighter, threatening to disappear in his wild blond mane, but he simply tightened his claw-grip on his biceps and stared.

Perhaps this was supposed to be something to be celebrated—a new leader, and a very strong and honorable one, Skoll could admit. But, after his fight with Hati over their sibling hierarchy, he wasn’t so sure he liked this as much as he would have. There had been so many shifts of power within his family, and to see them in the rest of the pack didn’t bode well. Besides, Silvano was good and strong but he was so new to the pack; wouldn’t someone else be better suited? Like Niro—if Niro were not injured. Perhaps Alder? Would quiet Alder want the job? He gritted his teeth. Dare he say that he’d want to be the Constable?

Silvano opened for questions, and Skoll was not shy about taking that offer seriously. He took only a second to gather his thoughts before he spoke, loud enough to be heard from the very back. “What are you going to do now?” It might have sounded strange, but the Lieutenant really wanted to know; what could they expect now that Silvano had come to power? He wasn’t going to just sit idly after taking the position of a subleader, was he?

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The powerful howl grabbed Terra's attention. The pups were young, but the demand was great. Terra stared at her pups, thinking. Stepping out of the den she shifted into optime form, and gathered them in her arms. Squeals of complaint broke out, wanting to be able to walk around, even though they really could do little more than totter. A soft nip silenced them both, and she moved as quickly as she could to where they had been called.

Seated on the ground Terra listened to the news. The demotion didn't surprise her. While Terra hadn't been outright disrespectful to Strel, her trust in him had diminished greatly. The one taking his place did surprise her though. This was a new member, someone who had barely been in the pack. Anger flooded her veins at the announcement. Who did he think he was, to lead the pack? Skoll's question brought Terra's attention to his presence. She nodded her head in acknowledgement before turning back, doing her best not to challenge him. It wasn't like she could lead the pack herself, with the pups that she had. She just wouldn't be listening to him.

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Alder had come to the gathering as quickly as he could, leaving his work at the stables and making his way to the amphitheater swiftly. Just outside the theatre the male dismounted from his horse and let the stallion drift out and away. There was a crowd gathering already, and he grew uneasy among so many pack members. He knew most, but was friends with few. The masked wolf wore a small meek smile, and looked for Hati to sit beside.

It was odd that the once-Dreamer called for them. But Alder was not one to question such things, but did wonder what their leaders thought of it. Yet instead of raising her voice the humble stable master was silent in his concern. Then when the wolf rose to speak, Alder could not help but listen as he would any other leading force of the Court. There had been a shift in power, the tone of the young male expressed it even before his words were able to confirm it.

The Marshal knew that Silvano worked often and well with his horse, and besides him being of his mother’s former pack it was all Alder could really go on. Silvano’s mother was a former leader, and Alder had always respected her. But he did not see very much of that in the Sadira wolf yet; there was something that he lacked as a newly dubbed leader. Alder liked Strelein, and did not know what he could have done to move himself all the way down to the rank of Serf. But yet again he did not make a move to defend the once Dauphin.

Blue eyes could not help but look to his side to see if anyone else was going to raise their voice. Skoll, the golden prince, spoke up and Alder only turned to Silvano to see what his reaction would be.

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A wolf's howl rent the air. Hati's ears perked, noting with surprise the authority and commanding edge; it was the call of a leader, summoning his subjects. But it was not one he recognized.

The dark wolfdog stepped from the stables into the bright sunlight, self-consciously brushing strands of hay from his mane. He was obedient and he would come when called, but it didn't make him any less frightened of what he would find. For a moment he feared his father had abdicated the throne. Vigilante was preoccupied lately, and weary, over-burdened by the lifetime of responsibilities he had shouldered. They were all worried about Ayita's health, a gloomy cloud that hung over their household. He could only assume the worst.

A flurry of hooves told him Alder had left already, and Hati hesitated, wanting to follow as quickly as he could. The sooner he arrived, the less attention he would incur. For the first time, he would ride into public. He went to Asagi, his mother's chestnut mare; she had given him permission to ride the horse while she was bedridden, knowing the horse would not get exercise otherwise. Someday he would have his own partner, but for now, she would have to do. She tossed her head and whinnied with recognition, prancing easily from her stall as Hati led her. His nerves were jangling, too engrossed with worry over the surprise meeting to focus on the mundane ritual of saddling her, replacing her halter with a bridle, placing his foot in the stirrup and mounting. Practice made it come naturally, and they set off at a brisk trot, wind streaming past his troubled face.

They arrived at the amphitheatre without incident, and Hati slipped to the ground, patting Asagi's neck gratefully. He would thank his mother later for lending him the amiable horse, and dropped the reins, letting the mare wander. Hawthorne was nearby, and the horses would likely stay together. Hati hurried through the crowd with his head down, not making eye contact with his fellow Courtiers. It went against his desire to be polite and fastidiously well-behaved, but there was someone in the group he wanted to avoid above all else: Skoll. The brothers had a shaky truce around the house, but neither had apologized for the fight, nor had they spoken much at all since. Terra arrived with her infant sons in her arms, and Hati smiled weakly in greeting, though he wasn't sure she had noticed him. He was in too much a hurry to find his seat. He was alone for a just a moment, before a shadow cast made him look up. Alder was there, claiming the seat beside him, flooding him with relief. He flashed the Marshal a nervous smile, still tense about the meeting but secretly hoping Alder would notice he had ridden the whole way there by himself.

It was then he registered the wolf speaking on the stage was Silvano Sadira, the refugee from Crimson Dreams. As he spoke, Hati felt an immediate pang of sympathy for the fallen Dauphin, and cringed to think of the disgrace of the Serf title after all his seasons of loyalty to the kingdom. What had happened? Had his father really agreed to this? He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, anxious and unhappy. It was no reflection on Silvano, whom he considered a friend after they had tended to the horses together. It was rather his fear of the unknown, and the culmination of all the unwelcome changes that had coincided recently. His pale eyes were wide, gazing at the new Constable he was honor-bound to follow. He had no questions he dared voice aloud. Skoll's loud challenge made him flinch, though he did wonder what the answer would be: what would this mean for their kingdom?

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Silvano Sadira, now there was a man with a reason to live. Amaranth mused to herself as she looked at the man. He had a new lovely family and so much going for him. Dethroning Strel was a huge move though the man was like an uncle to her she had seen him start to crumble. He was not doing well things had just not been how they should be for him it was a hard thing to take in honesty. She had come here to listen and to support him.

The husky woman leaned a bit on her Bo staff and sighed. He spoke with such dignity and power something that Strel had lost over the last few months. She stood up a bit straighter and looked towards the young man holding the second seat. Her father would use Silvano for Amaranth knew he came with fresh ideas for the land and those things well they brought good and bad it would depend.

She looked at her younger brother and smiled. What will he do? He will help bring the court from the rut it has been in since the war. Fresh eyes new ideas and a new sense of pride. Amaranth spoke her tone even and full of pride for her home not an once of disobedience in it. She smiled at Silvano, as she shifted her weight and gave a slight bow. Standing back up, I know you will do us well.

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So, he hadn't really known Strelein very well to begin with, but Trent wasn't really sure why they were called together for all this. During the meeting, he stayed in his lupus form, feeling uncomfortable in a form where he couldn't make off if he needed to. He decided to stay close to Alder, the only wolf he really trusted (well, maybe Terra, a little.), but not so close that Alder would maybe come up to him and say 'hey, what rock've you been hiding under, by the way, your pony hasn't seen you in forever'. It would happen eventually, but Trent hoped to save that moment for another day. But he stayed close, and figured with all that was going on, Alder would likely have all his attention on the meeting, anyway.

Nobody asked after Strelein, which lead Trent to believe that they all already knew exactly what was going on and why what happened, happened. Wasn't there place for several leaders, anyway? Why had one been knocked down and another taken over? Had he challenged Strelein? And, if so, that lead Trent back to his question of multiple leaders, anyway? He cast Alder a questioning look, but wasn't sure if it would be caught in the moment.

There were a few questions asked, and only one responded to it -- a wolf he probably should know from being in the same pack, but hadn't ever personally met, and he didn't really know her name, either. It didn't really lead Trent to feel much better about things, and his coyote-like ears twisted back and forth in question.

With absolutely no idea of why on earth he was speaking, Trent suddenly heard himself say, "So, uh... What happened to that Strelein fellow? Was he doing anything wrong or somethin'?", and immediately thereafter the coywolf wished he hadn't said a word, feeling rather ridiculous. He wasn't sure why he was even saying a thing, because he didn't give a rat's arse for the man (yeah, he was nice, but it wasn't like he was a friend, or anything). And Trent was perhaps a bit too curious for his own good, but he'd never before been curious in a situation that could potentially end up poorly for him.

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He heard the mutters of dissent, but it was not an angry mutter. He almost laid back his ears, as though he were afraid of what this mass of people was going to do and say about him. But Silvano kept himself straight backed and looking as dominant as he knew how. All their qualms about him were reasonable, he knew. He had been there a scant few months, and he had hardly knew every single one of them, even if a few stood out from the crowd at him. Those familiar faces, though, were all looking confused up at him. They clearly didn't know what had happened and he doubted that most of them had even been around the Dauphin to know why he had been disposed of. And all of them questioned him, as a leader, as a man. He would have to prove himself to them all in time, and he hoped to start soon. Vigilante was going to be distracted with his mate injured, and Silvano would have to risk spending less time with his sons and mate. But it was for all of them; the good of everyone.

Amaranth spoke up for him, and the man gave a brief smile of gratitude and relief to know that someone supported him, even a little bit. She had helped to deliver Eugene and Pascal, so he was happy she was willing to support him. But before he could think of a properly eloquent response to Skoll, someone else spoke. It was a male on four feet that he had never met, but he had not heard that anyone had joined recently. Silvano furrowed his brows at him, not knowing his name. It was a little surprising to hear it asked, since he had figured it was well known enough why the former Dauphin would have been demoted so dramatically. Perhaps it was not so; the Court was seemingly spread out and the grapevine seemed slow. To those who did not know him or did not know what the Dauphin had been doing lately, clearly affected by grief at the loss of someone close to him, this must have seemed like a power grab. But it wasn't. At his core, Silvano was not power hungry.

Silvano shook his head at the question, frowning sadly at Trent. "Wrong? Not by this Court's culture, no. But he did us all wrong regardless. He was your - our - Dauphin and he chose to drink himself into a stupor, and ignore our needs and our problems." There were not many problems, but Silvano saw room for improvement everywhere. His eye was cast at the stable and track, which he was sure they could improve upon. "I came here from Crimson Dreams, where we were a family that looked out for one another. Our Dauphin had not looked out for anyone in a long time. I want to look out for everyone's needs, and I wish that he had not forgotten what his rank detailed. Yet he did and he had to stand down for everyone's behalf. But he has suffered enough," he said with a finality. He would not discuss the Dauphin anymore, and he did not want to offer up more embarrassment for him. It was good he, too, was not here to see his humiliation unfold. The gist of what had happened to him had filtered through the grapevine to him, and he could see why it had happened, but it meant no less distaste about it.

Silvano took the few steps to the edge of the stage and descended among the ranks, slowly walking up the middle aisle as he gazed at everyone. "I saw what happened during the war. I fought for our homes. I saw the suffering caused and promise that I will do my best to keep us safe, all of us. I see what the war did; it made us all extra wary of everyone. We should be proud of who we are! Packs nearby have blossomed and dissolved while we still stood, shaky as our foundations may have been!" His voice grew more empassioned as he turned back to stride down to the stage, speaking as he did so,"You want to know what I'll do?" He turned and faced them all, emboldened by himself. "I will work to help our Court, and bring us improvements. For now, I have my sight set on the stables and pastures. But I have not seen all nor will I pretend I'll be able to. If you have ideas to pitch, requests to make, potential things we can do to improve us, I will always be available to talk to. If you don't know, I live at the Hotel and should often be there." He finally stopped carefully taking in breath after so many words. He gazed at everyone with emerald eyes, waiting for more questions. Anything.

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The seigneur stared out the window in shock, his claws dug into the sill. Archer had gotten out of the barn and was loose to do whatever he wanted. Unfortunately if Kable didn’t go corral him he would lose his horse for certain. The male barreled down the stairs grabbed some rope and was out of the inn faster than he ever imagined possible. The stallion was into a field next door and taking off. He shouldered the coiled rope and shifted into secui form to catch up to him. Running as fast his lungs would physically allow him to he had the creature within range separated by a fence. Leaping onto the rickety wood structure he made another shift back into optime and quickly air saddled Archer, successfully roping him.

The Catori got the giant beast back into its barn when he heard the demanding summons. He threw his head back and let out a groan of defeat. Oh come on, why me!? Sighing he moved in the direction of the amphitheater. Alright, I’m coming, I’m coming. He was exhausted and unable to recall the last time he’d run so hard; this was not the way to begin one’s day. Arriving at the gathering just in time to catch what the man was saying, he took a seat near Skoll and lounged in it. He gazed over the attending; there was a good portion of his family, terra and two he had seen around but hadn’t gotten to know.

Kable hadn’t seen the Dauphin in a long time so he wouldn’t know that he wasn’t doing well as of recent. The Catori honestly didn’t know the man who was appointed their constable, but anyone trusted by the King who insisted on doing right by them was okay in his books. He’d heard all the chatter amongst the crowd, not knowing that his sister liked him. Kable looked upon the constable with hopeful red eyes. Change was good, maybe he could actually make some sort of contribution to the court.

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So let's take a ride, this place is getting too much for me...You're good, sit tight, and let me handle every- The music stopped. He was playing music for his daughter, Svetlana, the only child to survive that attack....The attack that only he knew about. Svetlana herself probably knew who it was too. The little girl had seen the whole thing. He'd been spending a lot more time with her once Vladmir, and Misha were killed. He wanted to protect her, and the need and want to protect her had kept him up for days and nights. He didn't remember the last time that he slept peacefully next to his mate and child. He mourned the lives of his two other children as well, so this did not help him sleep either. Seeing their screaming faces when he dreamt was the worst thing ever. He was sad, a lot of the times, and for once, he had picked up his guitar and sung to his beautiful little girl. One could probably say that he was smothering her with it. You asked what stopped this time of music? A single, authoritative howl. Not from Strel, not from Vigilante. Triangular, mismatched ears were held high on his head and the wolfdog turned his head curiously. Svet, stay with mom. She'll bring you. spoke the male before he got up and he put his guitar on it's stand and then he put on his sunglasses and he left the house. He was met by Krystalle at the front gate, who already had Amon and Paz sent off ahead and Vox already with his reigns on. Thanks Krystalle. muttered the Russo before he mounted his horse and he looked towards the Amptheater. They turned towards there and they rode. They rode hard too, since they had some land to cover.

Krystalle wondered what Mars' rush was, but she did not speak about it because she kinda knew why. He did not speak the whole ride, nor did he speak when he dismounted his steed when they got there. Amon and Paz were already there, and a lot of the others were there. Mars did not take a seat like Amon, Krystalle, and Paz had, instead he stood tall. His arms too crossed his chest and he looked through his sunglasses with an acid glare at the male who was on stage. The man barked for attention and silence, and once there was, he spoke of his absurd reasoning for calling them from their homes. His words made the Comte angry. He bit his lips, and his throat fought to keep back roars of displeasure at the asshole from Crimson Dreams. Who did he think he was? Last time Mars saw the asshole was in that meeting, when he just fucking stared at him with that nasty look on his face. Mars was right to leave Crimson Dreams, for only months later the pack was no more. His curled tail began to lash back and forth angerily.

When he went to talking about Strel the way he did Mars couldn't handle it. He really couldn't. Mars respected Strelein, because Strel was there. They all had their times of dispair, and maybe something happened to Strel that made him the way he was, this did not mean that they needed to condemn him for them. Sure, Mars could agree with maybe a sall demotion to see if that would wake the Dauphin up, but not down to serf, and then to talk about him the way that he did. How about you shut the fuck up? snarled the Russo man. He let his teeth show to the male. YOU know nothing of this pack! Sure, brag about how you were in the war, and you saw what it did, that doesn't make you any better than us. You are a Crimson Dreamer, by blood. You fought for Crimson Dreams, not us. And you think you can just waltz in here and fucking usurp our Dauphin AND talk shit? Go fuck yourself! Mars didn't care about the youngsters that would hear him cursing at the now Constable. Paz looked up at her father with questioning eyes. She did not understand the hostility between Silvano and Mars. Krystalle knew, and Amon was listening to his father, pretty much agreeing, even though Amon was very young back then.

Honestly, who the fuck do you think you are? You have no right to be on that stage right now, saying the things you are saying. I want Vigilante to come and tell us that he approves of this, because this is some horse shit. the Russo man spoke more. He refused to believe that Vigi would let a man that barely anyone in the Court knew to be their Constable. Much less a Crimson Dreamer. Sure, their customs were fine, care for each other, but they were no better than here, better yet they were worse because they ended up disbanding. None of this made sense to Mars, and Mars wanted answers from someone with authority, because this man in front of them did not belong here.

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A growl broke from Terra, glaring at the moody female that spoke up. The pack wasn't in a rut! The pack was fine the way it was. She had plenty of fun, setting up traps and playing games. The pack had experienced growth as well, so who was she to say that the pack was suffering? She didn't care for this outsider taking over the pack, and cared even less for the supporter, one she had been at odds with before. Terra knew what had happened to Strel, the only thing that she truly agreed with. He wasn't fit to lead, but that didn't mean this new replacement was either.

Terra spoke up, sharp words through the crowd. By this court's standards, yes. He was weak. He didn't know how to lead, and fell. That was as good a reason as any for Strel to be removed. What? He said he was an outsider. From a pack Terra knew no longer existed. Terra knew the members, interacted with them. She knew them, not this stranger. Anger coursed through her veins, only managing to stay still for the young life in her arms. Terra's voice rose, growls shaking her small form as the new leader spoke.

He came from a fallen pack! He was not their leader. Terra could accept him as a member, and support him, but to accept him as a leader, just like this? She would rather kill him. Terra's eyes widened as Mars stood up. She hadn't heard his temper before, only dealing with his awkward shy nature. As angry as he was, as sharp as his words were, she had to agree. Where's our alpha? He should be here, sharing the news. Not this stranger, who shouldn't have the right to speak.

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Skoll was skeptical about the newcomer’s rise to power, but he still had respect for the Sadira despite that. He seemed mature and kind enough, a good and fit soldier. Whether he knew the Court well enough to help it, and whether he actually had ideas to contribute, was yet to be seen—but the blond boy had some faith and understanding. He was still spooked by the sudden shift, but his loud challenge held no malice in it—only a somber demand for answers.

His half-sister spoke up in Silvano’s defense, but Skoll only frowned, not quite convinced. What was wrong with the pack, truly? They did need better protection, but that was a recent development, and one he hoped Silvano could provide the answer to. He watched, ears tilted back and lips twisted into a frown, as Amaranth pledged allegiance to the new Constable.

Silvano then did go on to address the questions—both Skoll’s and, first of all, Trent’s innocent query about what Strelein had done wrong. When he went on to describe the improvements he happened to make for the Kingdom, beginning with the horses, Skoll drew himself up a little more and nodded in understanding. It might not solve all their problems, but it was progress; it was something. And perhaps he would take others’ suggestions, such as the Haskel’s concerns about the attacks on their pack mates.

Suddenly, however, the meeting exploded into chaos. A patched, doggish luperci began to snarl and shout at Silvano, his voice venomous and fouled with language. The sheer hatred and audacity of having such an outburst at a public meeting shocked Skoll, who immediately whirled around and took a few bristling steps in his direction.

“Watch how you address your pack mate,” Skoll snarled, his ears snapping back and his lips wrinkling in an ugly growl. “Everyone here has the right to doubt and disagree—but you’re making a complete fool of yourself, barking like that in front of pups.” Emboldened by his rage, he drew himself up the last couple of inches he had on the tricolor male, his hands balling into fists. He was higher ranking than this ass, who he’d never seen do anything for the Court, and the son of the King as well. “Learn to watch your tongue, or someone will rip it out for you.”

He heard Terra speak—if not quite in defense with the mutt, at least agreeing with the last sentiment. “My father is with my mother!” Skoll howled at her, forgetting the bond of friendship in the heat of the moment. “He’s taking care of her. She was attacked, like Niro was attacked, and I’ve never seen any of you lift a claw to do something about it!” He was on the border of hysterics, his voice high and his green eyes flaming. “Maybe Silvano can do something about it—maybe not. He’ll either prove himself and make the Court safer and smoother, or he’ll fall, and we’ll have the right then to doubt him. Until then, we might as well help—because it’s our responsibility as much as it’s his!” He stood growling, daring anyone to challenge him, fully ready to erupt in to a fullbody fight.

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Amaranth looked at Silvano then she moved a bit towards Skoll. She could sense the annoyance growing and Amaranth looked at him. He was young and Mars was a hot headed brute and she knew if Mars chose to leap at skoll he would. Amaranth held her staff and moved a bit around her brother looking at him. Skoll its ok ignore him. She spoke her tone almost to bold for her rank.

You all listen and you listen good. I'm not of high rank but you see this man. He is the second in comand he has the right to the chance he was given. None of you have that right. My father is at mothers side and he is the king if he wanted him gone you better believe Silvano would not be standing right here. Purple eyes flaired with anger as she fought back a snarl. And you mars have no right to say who he is you left the court for another pack I heard you left that one to go live with the dreamers then back to here. So if you do not like it pack up and leave again. She huffed ears flattened aginst her head for a moment as she glanced at Skoll and Hati then Kable.

She tightened her gip on her staff as she took a deep breath. Skoll, Hati come we need to see how mother is. Kable you should come too. Our King needs us and our loyalty. She glanced at them all. then motioned to usher her tense younger brother off. She did not want a tussle to break out.

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The dog King had fallen in on himself, weighted down by the heavy burden of guilt and pain that was the result of his mate’s attack. Her injuries were worse yet and he feared desperately that she might not heal entirely. In the days—weeks, months, years, he could hardly tell anymore—since her attack, the dog mutt had hardly left her side, and the drama unfolding around him was nothing but a whisper in the back of his mind. For all he knew, Strelein and Silvano were one in the same, and the pack members nothing more than squabbling puppies. Nothing seemed to matter to him anymore, nothing but his mate. He found it hard to face his children; he had been crushed by the weight of their mother’s injuries. He was not as strong as they believed.

Charlotte worried for him, certainly, but she did not know how to ease his troubles. She stood by him, a short ways away from the gathered members, nervously rubbing one arm with the other hand. Vigilante sat beside her, stoic and brooding in his massive secui form. The former Dreamer spoke and the Miracles’ pack cried out, some in protest and some in support. For a brief moment, Charlotte watched the muscles in her father’s neck twitch, his ears moving only a fraction of an inch. She did not know the loud black and white male, but his aggressive attitude was putting her on edge. The girl reached out to rest her fingers in the fur of her father’s mane, but he moved forward before she could make that contact in hopes of grounding him.

“The Dreamers were our allies, and even in their absence they are still considered such,” he growled sharply, his tone deep and rumbling. “Adults and pups alike have been attacked. Weak leadership will only bring this kingdom down.” Jade eyes narrowed, looking to the faces of those gathered in turn. “If anyone else has any objections to this change in leadership, they may speak now. I suggest you do so respectfully, lest you end up in the same low position as Mars.”

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Kable watched with uncertainty as the event directly in front of his eyes unfolded. Like a domino effect tempers of particular individuals flared, some his family. It was interesting to see how a few were okay with the adjustments to leadership and others were so far from it. Cursing the man on the stage that relayed the news, a couple canines demanded the Kings presence. Skoll and Amaranth explained that Vigilante had been by there mothers side in her injured state. This was true, Ayita had been badly hurt and they were mates. Why shouldn’t the Haskel be ever so close to her? He cared about her deeply, he loved her.

All this arguing, all these tempers, doubts, this tension amongst their pack. To the seigneur this was ridiculous and border line absurd. Taking a large hand he not so gently connected his hand to his face and dragged it down his muzzle and off his mouth, as if he could so easily wipe away the start to this headache he felt coming on. A pack shouldn’t be or act this way they should be a unit with better understanding. He honestly didn’t care where Silvano came from. What mattered was that he was here, saying he was willing to help; how much only time and events would tell. For now all they could really do was trust put some trust in him.

When the King spoke the hair on the male’s neck and along his back stood. He almost didn’t notice his presence over the tension in the air. He explained that the dreamers were their allies and still were even if they no longer existed. Their leader also gave a little suggestion of caution and respect if any of them so much as chose to disagree and speak up. Kable shook his head lightly, he wouldn’t think of it, especially prompted by Vigilante.

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