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31.08.12 . 11am . new dawn borders then onwards . optime form
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His desire to find and see Lena again had grown considerably in the past couple of days. The confrontation that had been the end of their first meeting plagued his mind, though perhaps not in the way one might think. He worried about the blind girl, concerned about how her brother treated her, if she'd been locked in a den since they'd met. He felt no remorse for his own aggression- in his mind it was perfectly justified and he dwelled very little on his own part in antagonising Cody. A more assertive side to the dark Stormbringer had slowly begun to wriggle its way to the surface since his Uncle's mock attack and the resulting realisation that he'd been blindly walking out into the wilderness with no protection. Just a few weeks after the confrontation with Cody, Teme had found himself snapping at Vinátta's guest Honrin. Luckily, their altercation had been alcohol fuelled on the Artisan's part and Temeraire had been reacting in the only way he knew how.

After mentioning to his father, who was wrapped up with Lilin and their new family albeit unborn and still in Lilin's belly, that he was leaving Vinátta for the day and that he would be back by nightfall, Temeraire left the borders feeling elated. He was going to track down the blind female and demand to complete the challenge they'd set each other when they'd first met. Unfortunately, her curiosity over a building, which had almost squashed her, had negated their challenges, but he found himself wanting to prove her wrong. In fact, he'd been practising walking with his eyes closed and found it easier in his optime form. He wasn't confident enough yet, but he thought perhaps he'd like to try swinging through the trees with his eyes closed- testing his reflexes and reactions was always fun and having ones eyes closed only added to that challenge.

It took him only an hour or so to travel the distance between Amherst and what he assumed was New Dawns borders. He could certainly pick up the collecting pack scents that had clung to Lena's coat. For a moment, he allowed his mind to wander back to being tangled on the floor with her, before he heated and pushed the thought from his mind. Coming to a stop, he waited for a moment, sniffing cautiously at the border, before lifting his head and howling for his almost-friend.

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(381) Optime form. <3

Despite Cody's threats on telling someone about the incident, he never did. He explained once they got home that the scare she had was enough for her, and neither of them mentioned the event out loud since. But, there was a definite tension between the twins, especially when they started to shift. It was barely noticeable to the pack and even to themselves, but it was there nevertheless. It felt as if they felt less in unison. Cody was spending more time hunting for the pack and for his sister, and she herself was exploring the plants that grew near the den, identifying some of the familiar smells that were taught to her by their mother and Palaydrian.

Perhaps it was part of growing up, she supposed. Cody couldn't be her guide forever, right? They needed to split at some point, for each to have their own life. Noah's lessons helped with her being able to go about alone and she was proud that she was getting better, but yet, Lena didn't want them to suddenly fall out and have this distance between them. She thought about this as she sat cross legged among the plants, rubbing the petals of a flower that helped with fever. The sun was reaching the highest point in a cloudless sky, and she knew this because her eyes had started to bother her. Blindfolded, she sat and thought until she heard the howl.

She jerked up in surprise and wagged her tail furiously as she realized who the caller was. Grabbing a random stick long enough to prod the ground and smack trees she wouldn't see with, she jogged to where she heard him, long hair flowing smoothly behind her. When the trees began to part, she knew she was reaching the borders soon, and tossed the stick aside and walked the last few steps. The fresh scent of New Dawn hit her, as well the scent of her friend. She flashed a pearly grin and suddenly rushed up. If he allowed it, or if he was too caught off guard, she gave him a quick hug. Personal space wasn't in her dictionary. "It's great to see you again, Teme!" she stated loudly as she released him, her face still frozen in the wide smile.

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Unlike his father, Temeraire suffered from impatience. He was not content to just sit back and wait for things to come to him, he was a proactive and rather energetic youth who did not like to sit, or stand, still. And therefore, as he lowered his head from the light howl he'd sent in hopes that Lena would come to the borders, without her brother, he began to pace back and forth. In had progressed as far as swinging his arms in wide circles before he heard the thump of a stick on the ground and he paused. Knowing that Lena couldn't see him looking ridiculous with his arms swinging in the air didn't register as he dropped them swiftly to his side, white rimmed ears flashing back against his skull briefly as he saw her emerge. Surprise caught him as he spotted her on two legs instead of two, which was immediately followed by pleasure at knowing she was closer to his own age than he first thought. He thought she was only a few weeks younger than himself and was pleased by this thought.

What pleased him more, however, was the rush towards him, followed by her body pressed against his own. With a grin and a flash of his tail, he couldn't help wrapping his arm around her and swinging them both in a circle a few times. His arms were strong and held onto her tightly before he placed her on the ground, arms around her still to make sure she was disorientated by his exuberant response to her hug. Gentle words were met with another excited grin and even though he knew she couldn't see it, he was sure she would feel it. "Are you alright? Did Cody hurt you? Have you been allowed out since we met?" His questions came in a rapid quickfire and he was unable to get ahold of his brain filter to really consider what he was saying.

Stepping back and severing contact with the female, despite the want to hold onto her and knowing it was probably creepy as they had only met once before, Temeraire looked over at her. She was shorter than him in this form, as she'd been smaller than him in their lupus forms. But there was an elegance about her that he appreciated. "I missed you..." His jaws snapped shut with an audible click and he couldn't help the groan of embarrassment that came from deep in his chest. Was he stupid? He'd met the girl once, who admits to missing someone after only meeting them once? Hands clenching uneasily at his sides, he waited for her ultimate rebuke.

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(479) Lena is a weirdo. xD

Lena felt satisfied that her hug both surprised and made Temeraire happy. It was rare for her to give hugs, only because everyone seemed intent on running around on four legs. She never really questioned it, but now finding herself with thumbs and a bit of added height, she wondered why the others didn't shift often. The hugs were a definite plus as well. But, she couldn't focus on anything for too long until the boy's arm wrapped around her, she thinking a return hug, and was lifted up the ground.

The sensation of losing the ground shocked her for a moment, but the grin never did leave her face as she was twirled. On the second spin an excited, giggly laugh left her and she held on to him closer, though it was not necessary--she felt th sure grip on her, and knew she wouldn't be dropped. But, she was certainly glad that when she was finally put down that he kept on her, unsure she would be able to stand with head swimming and her knees wobbling. As her mind cleared, she was fired at with speedy questions, and she raised a hand and stated playfully, "Slow down, I'm still dizzy! Besides, I'm not going anywhere, so no need to rush."

She was a little sad as Teme took a step back despite the fact that she was no longer on the verge of tipping over, and decided not to over think it. Things like touching and hugs never bothered her, and it was one of the many of she "saw" the world, in her own little way. A thought suddenly came to her at the idea of touching and seeing, and she felt the urge to ask something, but Temeraire's statement and groan stopped her. Her grin softened a bit, and replied brightly, "I missed you, too. I tried to go back to that city, but I never had the chance to." Deciding to answer his questions and just to end whatever worry was plaguing him, she went on to address them. "Yeah, I'm fine, and Cody would never hurt me! He's my bro, after all--he just worries a lot. You really made him mad back then--but, anyway, he didn't tell anyone about it, so I was let out as much as I usually did.

But, ever since I shifted, I guess a get a bit more freedom. They actually let me leave the den by myself now!" Her playful sarcasam was really obvious, and not all all spiteful. "Anyway, I was wondering..." Lena felt a bit unsure about what she was going to ask. The boy seemed really touchy about, well, touching, and she wasn't sure if he would find her question rude or something. But she decided to ask anyway, not seeing the harm in it. "I was wondering if can I touch your face."

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If she'd resisted his squeezing hug, lifting her off the ground and around him in a circle, he didn't feel it. On his second swing, a breathless giggle escaped her and he couldn't help his answering chuckle. He was overjoyed to see her again and didn't know how else to express that. He didn't want to let her down, but realised it was probably socially unacceptable to simply hold her to his body in a tight hug. As much as he didn't want to let her go, he forced himself to place her back on the floor, hands moving to her arms to hold her steady for a moment to let her catch her breath and sort her balance out before he released her altogether. Unconsciously, he raised his right hand to run his thumb over the Frithr charm he'd had since Vinátta was made and the Elk charm he'd had for as long as he could remember. Realising what he'd done, the boy released the necklaces with a huff, turning his attention to Lena as she spoke.

His laugh returned as she demanded he slow down. A sheepish grin, that she couldn't see, occurred and he gave a nervous chuckle. "I'm glad you've got a bit more time." He spoke softly, sincerely. He didn't know if he could deal with her overprotective brother another time without physically fighting with him. The pair certainly rubbed each other the wrong way. Thoughts of Cody, however, were eclipsed by her own admission, that she'd missed him too. He heard the little gasp come from him before he could stop it, coughing lightly to cover it up. "I looked for you, in Amherst. But I couldn't smell you anywhere so I got worried..." He admitted, his cheeks heating and he glanced down at his entwined fingers. He wasn't the nervous type and with an internal scolding, he straightened, stopped fiddling with his fingers and felt the familiar crooked grin slip onto his lips.

Her defense of Cody was to be expected but the boy couldn't help the pout. He was glad he hadn't hurt her, thinking the worse after she'd been manhandled away the last time. He couldn't help the almost arrogant snort that escaped when Lena explained that he'd made her brother mad. "He made me really mad too... who does he think he is, ordering you around like that? And accusing me of hurting you?!" The incredulous note in his voice was noticeable, but he took a deep breath to try and calm down. There was no point in taking it out on Lena. She explained that she was still allowed out, adding that since she'd been able to shift was allowed out more. "So does that mean I'll see more of you?" He asked, hopeful that he could see her whenever he wanted. Her next question threw him off guard for a moment, before he stepped forward, his confidence secure. "Go ahead" He offered softly, hunching his shoulders to lower his face, easier for her to access.

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(539) it's okay my love. <3

She was pleased to hear that he was happy as well that she had more time together. But, his small confession that he was worried soon turned the girl's once gentle smile into a sharp grin. "You shouldn't have gotten worried. I told you I could take care of myself, right? Maybe you should worry more about the boy who can't walk straight with his eyes closed. That should concern at least one person, especially yourself," she teased lightly, and gave a mock punch to his shoulder, using a bit more force than she intended--not that her small self could cause much damage to the bigger wolf with a playful punch, anyway, so she did not sweat over it.

Lena could not help but roll her blindfolded eyes at Temeraire's less than positive mention of her brother. Half of what he said went through deaf ears--she did not see why the two males couldn't at least get along better than they did. It confused her to no end. She waved a hand again as if to brush away his anger at Cody, or at least showed that she dismissed it. "You'd get used to it, with him being the way he is. He's just pessmistic." Perhaps that was a dramatic understatement, but from her perspective as his sister, she saw it as nothing more than that. "And, you weren't exactly mister friendly guy back then, either," she added with a smirk, "I mean, the growls and snarls weren't exactly saying, 'Hey, nice to see you, too! Wanna go frolick with me in a meadow instead of going barking mad?' Certatinly less welcoming." She wouldn't admit it, but that part of the event frightened her somewhat, but by poking fun at it, it kept her mind off of it.

Her teasing went down a notch as she heard the hopeful remark, and flashed another playful grin, but it did have an edge of sincerity. "Yeah, sure, why not? We're friends, so I don't see why not." Not to mention she enjoyed his company. It was a nice change from all the simple matters that she had to go through. Sleep. Eat. Maybe sniff at some plants. Then back to sleep again. It was a fun mix-up from the boring norm, and, no, she wouldn't mind hanging out with Temeraire more than once in a blue moon, especially when Cody busied himself with pack stuff.

The girl perked up as the boy said she could touched his face, and reached out once she heard him crouch down a little so that she did not have to reach as much. Her hands slowly advanced through the air, and when she began to thought that perhaps she missed her mark, felt a wet nose brush against her thumb. She cracked a toothy smile, but it melted into a more gentle one as she moved her fingers across his face. "So, how's your pack doing? Vinátta? Anything exciting going on over there?" she asked casually as she moved his hands over his cheeks, deciding not to let a silence brew for too long. She liked talking, especially with Teme, and it felt strange to be quiet as she inspected his face.

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His admission was met by a sharp grin from the girl and Teme couldn't help his own answering smile. He liked Lena- she was a fun person to be around and she was never boring. Perhaps more than that, she was intelligent, confident- he enjoyed the fact that he could tease her just as well as she could tease him. Of course, her words caused a mock huff to escape him, though the grin on his lips, hidden to her, belied the noise. As her teasing turned back towards him, Temeraire felt a spike of pleasure and excitement. "I've been practising, actually!" He returned, tone mock indignant. "And I'm good... better than you at any rate!" He gloated, chest puffed out slightly without his realising. The punch she threw his way deflated his puffed out chest with a gust of air and he didn't think before he grazed her own arm with his knuckles in return. He'd been taught not to hit girls, but he'd reacted without thinking, thankfully lightening his blow so that it was weak.

Their conversation took a touch more serious note when Cody was mentioned and Teme thought he saw her head move in a rolling eye motion. He couldn't tell of course- the blindfold clearly hid her eyes from him. It was weird to him... that he didn't find her blindfold strange in any way. Her comment caused a dry snort as Teme shook his head- he would never get used to anyone bossing him around like that. At least his father was fair and didn't use physical violence. He couldn't say the same for Niernan, who'd 'attacked' him to prove a point. But that had been for his own good. Lena continued, pushing some of the blame onto him. His mouth popped open, before he replied in a rush. "He started it! He came in with the accusation, thinking I'd hurt you! What did you--" He cut himself off, chest heaving with the emotions running through him. Arguing with her wasn't going to get him anywhere.

Thankfully, she seemed to want the same things he did and agreed that they could see each other more often. It bought a smile back to his face and he almost scooped her up into another hug. He'd already lowered himself however, his face a few inches from her raised hands. His nose touched her hands and he suppressed a giggle- he was too old for giggles now. As her hands flattened and moved towards his cheeks, a question came from her. It caused a shrug from the male initially, before he thought about it. "Lots has happened... My dad and Lilin are going to be having pups this month and so is my Aunt Coli. They think I don't care... but I'm a little scared my dad isn't going to want to spend time with me when they get here..." It was a difficult insecurity to admit to, but he felt as though he could tell Lena anything. With a sigh, he tilted his head slightly to give her better access. "What about New Dawn? Anything happening?" He returned her question, unconsciously humming in contentment as her hands caressed his face.

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"Really now? You suggest you are better than even me?" Her face was serious, but cracks could be seen through her mask, like the way her mouth twitched as it suppressed a smirk. "We'll see about that. You can soon prove if you are as great as you are making yourself out to be." Her façade broke when she heard the air the Temeraire was holding within him blowing out--probably sticking out his chest, like she does at time to time--and a grin slipped through her features and she grinned widely. She smiled even more when she sensed him move to retaliate, and tried to dodge his hand but it was grazed anyway, and she yelped softly--not in pain, but in surprise, and it was obvious she wasn't hurt by the crooked smile still on her face.

She raised an eyebrow as he began to make excuses for himself, but instead of interrupting him, she merely listened. While she was naive, she knew not to pick at this subject. She just simply knew that everyone was at fault here, even her, one way or another, and to pretend otherwise was a bit redundant. But, she didn't want to fight with Temeraire, and was glad when he cut himself off without getting any deeper into the rant that he was surely starting to build upon. "It's all in the past now--I think Cody probably forgot about it by now. So let's not think about it, okay?" This she said with a kinder smile, sort of hopeful that he'd agree. She'd rather let that part of their meeting be forgotten than to let it fester between her brother and the boy.

She was beginning to smooth over his brows when she noticed that her question seemed to remind him of something less than happy. She continued to feel out the rest of his face as he explained, and when she finished, she felt lost for words. She did not know how to comfort him. This Lilin woman did not sound like his mother, either, by the way he'd addressed her. "I'm sure he will still spend time with you, Teme. If he doesn't come to you, you can always try to hang out anyway. Maybe you should talk to him about it?" She never hid her feelings from her family, neither from Cody or Sky. When she was worried, she would tell them, and it would get solved one way or another. Maybe Temeraire needed closure,

She faintly smiled as he returned her own question, but then it turned a bit sad. "Well, it's complicated. We got a couple of problems... We have this woman dog bothering us--someone told me they took Lucia's brother, a puppy, and she hurt a few of my pack mates. But they never tell me anything or what they're doing. And... our alphess left. They said that her children are... gone, too." She felt saddened being reminded by all the troubles that surrounded her pack. But, she lifted the grimace that fell upon her face. "But, everything at home is pretty good, now. One of my sisters--I mean, pack mates--she's having puppies soon, too. I think she'll be good mother; she teaches me a lot of things about plants and what they do."

She completed the rest of her inspection in silence, and she pulled away once she got a pretty good look at his face. She felt pressed by the problems that were fresh in her mind, and tried to distract herself from them. "So, mister I-can-walk-straight, let's see if you can walk the talk." She removed the blindfold that concealed her pale eyes, and after blinking a bit to adjust to the sunlight, she handed the dark green strip of cloth to him. "No cheating," she added, a sly smirk on her face. She knew she couldn't tell if he was peeking or not, but she trusted his sense of honor and wanted to make sure he wouldn't cheat.

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Their challenging banter was ground that Temeraire was well used to. While it hadn't been much when Elias was his best friend, he teased and was teased by his uncle's relentlessly and now that he'd met Ink, he found himself doing the same thing. The fact that Lena was not exempt from the challenging rivalry was probably a good sign- it showed he liked her. More to the point, the return of said challenges spurred him on further- if he wasn't careful, the pair could end up in all sorts of dangerous situations. "I'll prove you wrong, little Lena. You just wait." He promised, a toothy grin settling over his lips. He couldn't decide if it was a good idea whether her hands were still on his face, but he couldn't help liking it.

She remained silent when he could no longer keep his opinion to himself. He was surprised she didn't argue and listened instead. Cutting himself off, however, was probably a good idea. She seemed to consider him for a moment, before speaking. Her placating words soothed him and before he could really think about it, he'd nodded his head in her hands. Without realising it, he'd allowed her to manipulate him. If he'd had his way, he'd be hunting Cody down and making him see that being over-bearing to his blind sister wasn't going to get him anywhere in the long run. Instead, he'd allowed himself to drop it and move on. Of course, by that point their conversation had turned a little more personal and Temeraire couldn't help the droop of his ears, the frown on his lips.

Her words were encouraging, although he had to admit that he'd thought about talking to his father. With a little shake of his head, he thanked her. "Thank you, Lennie. I'll try and talk to him about it, see if there's anything we can do." He offered, not realising what he'd called her. Thankfully he was distracted as she answered his question in turn. And her situation seemed a lot worse than his own. He remained quiet as she explained about what was happening- it seemed like everything was in upheaval. He didn't know how to comfort her, so he allowed his hand to come up and stroke her cheek once. "Everything's changing... But you never know, it may sort itself out in the end." He offered, hoping perhaps he might be able to comfort her.

Thankfully, the hard topics they covered didn't weigh them down too much. Before she could remove her hand, Tem felt his head turn and push once into her hand before he was released. He'd found the invasion of his space oddly relaxing, so when Lena returned to their previous challenge he gave a startled huff. She removed the cloth from her eyes, blinking at the change in light before handing it to him. It smelt strongly of her and he hummed softly as he placed it over his eyes, tying it behind his head. Her warning was received with a chuckle, though he was trying to stand still. The deprivation of his sight was harder to accustom himself to than he thought. "Prepare to lose! He declared, gathering as much balance as he could and walking forward towards the girl.

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She smiled as he complied and became a bit more docile, and gave him a reassuring pat on his head when he accepted her advice. The nickname did not go unnotice to her, but she didn't mind it much; she called and referred to him as Teme, after all, so there was no room to argue. When she talked about her own situations, though, it became a little harder to keep a smile on her face, and had to force another one on her face. While she wouldn't call herself a liar, she could give off the air that she was impassive when she really wasn't. Not even the mention of Drin having pups cheered her much, but she pretended and succeeded to be happy again. But, as the boy stoked her cheek, she felt deeply comforted, and nodded her thanks. "I know it'll all be okay. It's just difficult."

Talking about it did help, though, and the smile on her didn't have to be forced upon anymore as her mind wandered to the challenge they had set weeks ago. She was beginning to remove her hand, but she felt him push against it, and she lingered for a moment longer before pulling away. The motion itself confused her, but her heart fluttered, as if part of her recognized something that the other half didn't. But, Lena refused to be phased by it, though her fast-paced mind was still paused on that moment, and moved her thoughts back to the matter at hand--the challenge. She wanted patiently as he tied the cloth around his eyes, and cracked a grin when he announced that he was ready, and she backed away a few steps from him, as silent as she could be. From what she guessed, she had put a good couple of meters between her and him, and she was about directly in front of him.

With a mischievous grin on her face, she waited for Temeraire to come near, if he could, and formulated a plan in her mind. Whenever he came close, she would move quietly out of his way--giving him the impression that he was walking in circles, hopefully. So, she prepared herself to move, suppressing a laugh that was tempting to bubble from her mouth.

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The proximity to one another had unconsciously shifted- so that where they'd stood separately before her invasion of his face, now they stood just a hairs bredth from each other. He didn't realise how much the feel of her hand on his face relaxed him until she removed it, his own face moving of its own accord to press against it, a silent plea not to move. The cold air rushed up in place of Lena's hand and he stepped back, brows dipped in confusion. He didn't have a name for the feeling, but he knew he wanted to be closer to her, to spend as much time as he could with her. Trying hard not to think about what it might mean, Temeraire accepted the blindfold from her, enjoying the touch of her fingers against his skin even for just a brief moment. Her soft words caused a smile to his lips- she was strong, he knew that

The sensory deprivation stopped any reply he may have had. Without moving, he tried to remain upright and refrained from stooping. The instinct to get close to the floor to balance himself would probably have been classed as cheating even if Lena couldn't see what he was doing. Her near silent footsteps were only just caught and Temeraire automatically took a step in the direction he'd heard. Straightening, he took a deep breath and put another foot in front of him. Unconsciously his arms came out to help him balance and he moved at a slow pace. He thought he was moving in a straight line, but when he gestimated where Lena might be, flinging his arms out to 'catch' her, he was met with air. "Hey! Lena, are you moving?" He called out, turning around as if to go back the way he'd come.

"You know, this isn't exactly a fair test! You can't see if I'm going in a straight line and neither can I." He pointed out, ears flickering against the constraint of the blindfold underneath them. He could spend hours walking around in circles and if she was moving away from him each time, they could be hear for days. Stopping, he allowed heightened ears to listen for her, catching a breath of air before he settled into a crouch. Staying blindfolded, to perhaps make this attack more fair, he launched himself in the direction he thought he'd heard her breathing from, arms outstretched to collide with her.

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left is vague, since I didn't know if they'd crash into the ground or if he is bear hugging her xD

That moment still puzzled her. Touching was not something too weird for her; she was often poked and prodded by members of New Dawn, even more so by her family, and found it something quite natural. But, it felt odd when Temeraire pressed back for an unclear reason, and she was not sure what to make of him or the unnameable feelings that sprouted within her. But, the more she thought about it, the more she tried to reject the thought from mind, not wanting the moment to ruin the fun, even if she wanted to muse over what transpired between them.

While she could not see, she could imagine him having a difficult time, being in complete darkness. She was used to it, but for a seer, he may or may not have had trouble with it. Whatever the case, though, she took precautions and kept herself aware of where he stood. When he began to walk into her direction, the steps easily heard to her trained ears, she sidestepped away, and moments later, she heard the swinging of arms as they caught open air. While her pearly grin flashed as the boy questioned if she was moving, she had to suppress a laugh from coming to life--any noise would give her away.

Well, he finally understood the fun of the challenge--neither of them could decide whom the winner was. Lena knew that the challenge was odd, though the reason evaded her, and now that it came to light, she had to hold back another giggle, her breath now becoming slightly labored as she contained herself. Being so certain that she would not be caught, she did not spare attention to Temeraire as she quelled herself. She felt the brush of arms, but before she could take flight, she was enveloped in him. A breathless squeak of a gasp escaped her, and was stunned still for a moment. When the stock ebbed away, she finally let the laughter that she bottled up spill over.

She grabbed his shoulder and stated playfully through an intake of breath, "Well, I guess you didn't do too bad." She continued to laugh until it was breathless giggles, and sighed.

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He had to be right about this- Lena would definitely know if he missed her completely and landed on the ground with a painful 'oomph' and more than likely a whine or two. He didn't have to be precise- if he caught her side that would be better than nothing. The momentum, however, would mean that the collision would knock them both to the floor. That was unavoidable- if he'd been able to see her, to see how far away she was and gauge the right amount of power to get to her, he would simply have enveloped her in a restricting hug. But as it was, he just had to hope for the best and trust his instincts. He clearly wasn't anywhere near as good without his eyesight, but he supposed she hadn't had much of a choice.

He shouldn't have worried, or considered his leap, so much because in a few short seconds, his body collided with hers, his arms automatically enveloping her as his weight and momentum outweighed her and they pitched towards the floor. His breath whooshed from his body as his chest had collided with her shoulder and he wheezed once as they hit the ground. His arms hoped to cushion the impact of the floor, but as soon as he realised he'd actually managed to capture her, a dazzling grin split over his lips. As they seemed to settle slightly on the floor- his weight held off of her as his legs had ended up on either side of her and his arms were held beneath her, he realised this was the second time they'd ended up on the floor together.

"Caught ya..." He murmured, almost softly, before a snicker escaped him and he aimed a slobbery lick to her cheek at the same time as she spoke. His snicker continued and he dropped his chin to his chest for a moment as amusement wracked his body. Despite his body clearly being bigger than her own, she wasn't completely obscured by him. With a final grin, he huffed and tugged up with his arms- his hands still trapped beneath her, craddling her shoulder blades. "Get up, Lennie." He cooed, before sitting back on his heels, hoping to bring her with him.

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She clasped her muzzle with a hand as she heard the thump of sound and felt the slight rattle of the ground as he tackled the ground. She considered for a moment to give up the game, but the suppressed giggle and the urge to win kept her from approaching him, and knew he was okay despite the few whines that escaped him. Even when she knew that he was rough in his first attempt to catch her, the force behind the lunge clearly sensed, she did not expect when he did finally got a hold of her fickle prescene that she would be easily overpowered by the power that was behind his move.

Naturally, with her being so small, she held little resistance as they fell to the ground, and winced when she felt the chest collide with her shoulder, but perhaps the contact only made her laugh harder. Instead of landed on hard ground, though, she felt arms underneath her, and it to her a moment to realize it was Temeraire's. The stiffness that had frozen her when they had made contact melted, and she made herself comfortable on the floor as the boy hovered over her. Well, isn't this familiar, she thought sarcastically, her mind moving back to that moment they had tangled up with each other when he had pushed her out of the way from the falling object from the building.

"Yeah, yeah, you did," she said dismissively, but a smile still played on her face. But, it disappeared momentarily when she felt a slobbery thing rub against her cheek, and she playfully squeaked against the lick, and tried to turn her head around to avoid it, but didn't make any real effort to move away from it. She felt him pull her up, and she followed his movements along with his words. "Why is it that I always end up under you one way or another?" she asked rhetorically, her face almost forming a pout. Then, a thought flashed in her mind, and she immediately acted upon it. She touched his face again, not asking for permission, and commented lightly and quietly, "At least you're smiling this time."

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The boy couldn't help his signature snicker and crooked grin towards the female, despite the fact that she couldn't see it. And he couldn't see her either- he'd lunged with the blindfold in place and their tumble to the ground hadn't been rough enough to dislodge the scrap of material. At her words, he laughed loudly before dipping his face down towards her shoulder, rubbing his face against her to move the blindfold off his eyes. The sunlight was blinding and he stilled for a moment to blink, adjusting to the influx of light once more. "I warned you I was good!" He chuckled, tail flickering back and forth. Of course, the challenge itself was redundant- neither of them would be able to judge who was the definitive 'winner'.

Her next comment caused another laugh in the boy as he pulled them both to a more vertical position. He shrugged before realising she wouldn't be able to see it. "I don't know, I clearly enjoy tackling you..." He admitted, the amusement evident in his tone. His laughter hiccuped for a moment, however, when her hands once again moved to his face, her fingers looping once around his lips to map out his smile. Her comment once again amused him, although he remembered vividly how angry he'd been at Cody and his treatment of his sister. "Well, this time I have you all to myself." He stated, a matter-of-fact tone to his voice.

With a stretch, the male clambered to his feet, attempting to pull the girl up properly with him. Now that their challenge had been set and executed, he wasn't sure where to go from there. The sky overhead, however, seemed to make his mind up for him. "Its getting dark Lena... we should both get home." He wasn't normally sensible, but the idea of her being out in the dark on her own wasn't a pleasant one.

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