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Word Count :: 487 Back-dated Aug 25th, he's in Optime form with his sword and shield

"That bloody minx." Growled the Callow knight as he thrust his belongings moodily into his pack. "Oh, don't be shy, Alister. You're such a gentleman, Alister." His voice was high-pitched, as he did his level best to mimick a woman's voice. His pack thudded heavily against the shield at his back and the wolfdog made his way to the door. He passed through the hallway, glancing sideways in a grimy mirror. He'd wanted to smash it since the moment he'd found his chest bare and Sidra gone. This urge, however, he could control, and he left it there, hanging askew on the wall. His head ached, and he hadn't even touched his mane. The memories of the night before flooded his mind and he almost wished he would have drank more...almost. There'd be no telling what would have happened if he had.

He was hopelessly reminded again as he passed the sitting room table, the wine glasses sat empty and abandoned. Her scent still lingered in the fibers of the couch and he snorted as it passed through his nostrils. The tawny wolfdog passed by swiftly, opening the door. It slammed behind him as he exited. Sidra's scent lingered on the city streets, and Alister occupied himself by kicking any stray debris in his path. Would he ever be rid of her? It surely didn't seem like it.

God, what had he done? Somewhere in the back of his head he knew it hadn't been his fault, but he was infuriated that she had used him. He wanted to find her, find her and confront her. That pendant had been his mother's! It was all he had of hers, and now that was gone, too. These thoughts passed through his mind, unruly thoughts, he was just so...so angry.

Before he knew it the invisible barrier of Casa di Cavalieri rose up before him. He was careful not to cross the border and instead stood before it a moment. Anxiety flooded him as he gazed at the lands beyond. This wasn't how he'd imagined this day, everything was so very off. An idle hand rose to comb through his disheveled mane as the Callow man tried his best to make himself presentable before he called for someone to greet him. Once he was satisfied that he no longer looked like a senseless vagrant did he pause. He didn't quite know what he should do. He'd never joined a pack before, he'd been born into one, and although it hadn't been home to him he was still apprehensive. Thinking of nothing better to do the man rose his head and howled. In the moments that followed he began to pace. Would they accept him? Isa had assured him they would, she'd even gone as far as volunteering to vouch for him. And Hadley...Was it true? Did they really accept hybrids like himself? His eyes glanced skyward in silent prayer.

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Isa heard the call and realized it sounded familiar. She couldn’t place it with a name for a moment until she finally remember the time she spent with a man named Alister. Had he decided to take her advice and join Casa di Cavalieri? It certainly seemed to be the case.

She picked up Amatha, smiling as the pup wiggled around in her arms before quickly falling asleep. She had told Alister that he could meet her pup once she was born. Isa couldn’t guarantee that Amatha would be awake most of the time but hopefully she would be awake at least part of the time.

Reaching the border, Aliister slowly came into view and Isa sped up, wanting to hurry to see her friend. Alister! It’s good to see you. She wrapped one arm around him, giving the man a small hug. What brings you to Casa?

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Word Count :: 000 Here's the plush he's giving her http://web.ivenue.com/russgifts/images/Yomiko_Wolf.jpg

He half expected to see Sidra there, a glimmer of triumph in her amethyst eyes as she proudly sported her stolen treasure against those...perfect breasts. Damnation, Alister! He growled and glared sullenly at the ground. She'd made a fool of him, yet all he could think of was her body, the way it moved, the way she smelled, the feel of her beneath his calloused hands. The memory of her heat still lingered, and his mind fogged with the sheer thought of it. He rubbed his temple, trying to rid himself of the ache that still persisted. She'd wanted this all along, he could see that now, recalling the way she made sure his cup never emptied. It had been nothing but a game to her and the Callow knight was putty in her hands. I'm such an idiot. He'd ceased pacing by this point, and sighed, ears perking up when he caught sight of the silhouette that had been drawing near.

He took a deep breath to compose himself and watched the figure, one that became more femmenine as it approached. His breath caught in his throat, but he soon exhaled as his hazel eyes took in the sight of the silvery pelt and his nostrils recalled the scent of the pregnant woman he'd spoken with weeks ago. She was slimmer than he remembered her. Oh, wait. His eye caught sight of the precious bundle in her arms. She'd had her pups. A grin crossed his muzzle as she called out to him, hurriedly rushing forward.

"Oh," he said, surprised, as he was drawn into a one-armed hug. "It's uh..good to see you, too." He patted her back awkwardly. "Oh, uh, joining...I think." he said in response to her question. An idle hand ruffled the back of his mane nervously. His eyes dropped to the infant in her arms when she pulled away from him. "So that's what you were hiding in there." A crooked grin crossed his brown muzzle. "She's beautiful, Isa." He spoke quietly, not wanting to wake the sleeping babe. The wolfdog gazed at the darling creature whose pelt was a perfect mix of both her mother's and father's.

"Oh, I have something for you." It occurred to him. "Just give me a moment." He removed the bag from his back and turned away from her as he rifled through it. His hands found what they were seeking and when he turned back to her he held out the plush he'd found in an abandoned home in Halifax. "For her. You were pregnant when I saw you last...I thought, well, here." A blush crept over his cheeks as he wondered how she'd react. He'd only met her once before, but she'd been kind to him, one of few. He hoped he wasn't seeming too familiar.

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Isa took a step back, noticing he seemed a little awkward and uncomfortable. Perhaps she shouldn’t have hugged him. They had only met once before after all. Well, I know you’re a good guy but I still have to ask what you can offer the pack.When he commented on Amatha, a large smile formed on her face. Thank you Alister. This is Amatha. She licked the pups forehead, waking her gently. The tiny pup wiggled in her mother’s arms, trying to get a better look at the strange man before her.

Hearing that Alister had something for her, Isa became curious. She hadn’t expected a man she met only once to bring her a gift. He pulled out a wolf plush and her eyes lit up. Oh Alister it’s wonderful thank you! Amatha pawed at the plush before trying to get closer to Alister, causing Isa to chuckle. Seems like she likes you. Would you like to hold her?

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Word Count :: Silly, awkward Alister xP

He stood there a moment, staring at the brown toes on his right foot. She retreated a step from him, causing him to glance upwards. His ears perked a bit, curious, still a bit rattled from the morning's discovery. It was nothing Isa had done, he was just a bit...touchy. She asked him what he could contribute to the pack, and he furrowed his brows. "Well, I told you I was a soldier, right? ...before I came here." He started, shrugging his shoulders idly. "I can hunt, I mean who can't? Hmm...Manual labor? " God knows he'd done alot of that. The Callow knight had no craft persay, but he was young, and he was strong- a fierce fighter, and always happy to help a person need. The warriors of his clan saw to most of the physical tasks about their home. Odd jobs, like patching a roof here, cutting meat for the pack stores there, polishing the weapons, not to mention the man was a fast learner.

She woke the pup in her arms with a gentle lick, introducing her as Amatha. He watched her as she wriggled and squirmed, holding the toy for her to reach. Both the mother and her daughter seemed pleased and his tail wagged a bit behind him. "I'm glad you like it...I found it in an abandoned house in the city, and then I remembered your generous offer, and...well, I couldn't just show up here empty-handed." The whelp pawed at the toy before reaching out for him. He gazed at the pair a moment, a bit hesitant. No one had ever let the hybrid close to their children before, it made him feel good that Isa trusted him enough to let him hold her child. His face broke into a crooked grin. "May I? ...Well, who am I to refuse?" He chuckled lightly, holding out his arms to take the babe from the woman. "Hello there, little lady."

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He glanced up at her when she took a step back. Perhaps he hadn’t minded the hug after all. She chuckled as he spoke. Yes, I know you’re a soldier but we ask all joiners hun. Hunting and manual labor are good though too.

She took the plush from Alister as he spoke. It’s perfect and she seems to love it. You didn’t need to bring a gift though dear. It was very kind of you though, thank you. With a large smile on her face, Isa handed Amatha over to Alister, placing her in his arms. The small pup whined happily as she snuggled into the man’s arms, enjoying the warmth. She pawed at his chest, bringing a chuckle from Isa. She seems to really like you huh Uncle Alister? She smirked, knowing he wasn’t an uncle by blood but he already seemed to care about both Isa and Amatha so she saw no reason why he couldn’t be considered Amatha’s uncle.

I’ll call for one of our leaders now so they can accept you. She lifted her head and called for either her Sole or Luna to join them.

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short post so we can get you all titled up soon. 8B <3

She had been poking around the Fort when the call sounded. On four legs she was squeezing around small spaces and looking through the empty houses and stores to just see what was what, and had not found anything interesting besides moldy items beyond use and dust. The first howl mildly surprised her, and pulled herself out of a hole she was checking out and slipped out of the house and out of the Fort. Soon the magpie swooped from above and roosted itself onto her shoulder. "Isa there. She talk to wolf last Macbeth saw."

She was glad that Ismeme was walking about, but she could not help but let an inch of concern squirm into her conscience, mainly for the little girl the woman had recently. But, she trusted Ismeme's judgement, and she knew that the bird would not have left the pair if some foul play was occurring. Comforted by the subtle signs of peace, she quickened her pace towards where Macbeth said the to were, and was actually nearly there when she heard a feminine call specifically for her, and ran the rest of the distance while the bird flew from above, keeping a close eye on the situation despite its routine feel.

"Hey!" she greeted kindly as she appeared to the three canines, and slowed to a stop only when she stood near Ismeme's legs, looking up at the man who held the woman's child. "I'm Alyssum, alphess of Casa di Cavalieri." She took a pause, allowing him to answer back with his own title, if he'd wish. "You guys need anythin' I can help with?" she asked the two, but she primarily looked towards Alister, already forming a guess that he wanted to join the pack.

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Word Count :: No problem -noms on Aly-

He grinned sheepishly, "I suppose I am a little nervous." He touched his chest, the fingers grasping for the necklace that...wasn't there. His hand darted away quickly, balling into a fist at his side-- eyes momentarily dark. Right... He released it slowly, reminded of who's company he was in as Isa's gentle laughter sounded in his ears. His tail swayed slowly behind him and he handed over the toy, trading it for the babe who Isa placed carefully in his arms. He gazed down at the pup who seemed quite content, snuggling into his chest. He chuckled as she pawed at him, a mischevious grin spreading across his brown muzzle as a free finger lightly flicked at the sensitive fur just between one of little Amatha's front paws, tickling her. He beamed up at Isa, ears perking as she named him, Uncle. He quirked a brow, but quickly took it in stride. She would be his pack sister soon enough...hopefully.

Isa called for a leader, and the anxiety returned. He gazed down at the pup to keep himself centered. Alister smelled her before he saw her, but when he did he carefully handed Amatha back to her mother, his tail still. She greeted them both kindly, coming to a stop at Isa's legs. She furthered, introducing herself as the Alphess of Casa di Cavalieri, asking him what it was he sought there. Without pause his hand came to rest on his sword hilt, which he drew from its sheath, slow and careful enough that it wouldn't be taken as a threat, rested its tip lightly, on the ground, and kneeled before it, keeping his head low. "My lady." He returned respectfully in his Bristish voice. "I am Alister Callow. I've come in search of a home." He glanced up only briefly, careful to avoid her eye out of respect for her station.

"If accepted I will gladly pledge my life to yours and all within your borders. My sword, my service, are at your command." He was comforted by the fact that the woman herself appeared to be of mixed heritage. It was a good sign, and seemed to be just as Hadley and Isa both had assured him. His anxiety showed in his actions which were quite formal, it didn't occur to him to be any other way. He was seeking acceptance, afterall, and first impressions were everything.

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gonna go ahead and skip Ismeme--I hope you don't mind, Courtney! e. Made a derp and forgot acceptance message!

As she settled herself upon her haunches, she noticed him taking out his sword. But, his slow and deliberate movements caused no alarm within the woman, and she watched with mild curiosity as he performed some sort of ritual. When he spoke, she felt a little flattered by the "lady" part. Southern grown with manners and expectations, she was impressed by this, and a smile crept onto her lips. Already, this man was falling into her favor.

She allowed a moment to pass when he announced his vow, a pause adequate enough for her to think over his offer, especially when it was given with such intensity and meaning. Usually it was the routine ask and answer, so this was new. But, following the knightly fiction tales as her guide, she stepped forward to the bowed man--her hands would've done a better job than her basic form, but she didn't want Alister to wait. She pressed her nose regally to his shoulder, and repeated the same with the other.

"As Luna, I accept your pledge. Alister Callow, you are now a part of Casa di Cavalieri--welcome, brother." With that, she took a step back, and she cracked a more humorous grin. "Now, pick your self up, darlin'. And no need to be so formal." But, it was obvious that she enjoyed the exchange. "Let's show you to the Fort, and you can spend the night at the courthouse until you find a more permanent settlement. Many sleep in the courthouse, but you can do whatever you're most comfortable with."

Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri!


Here are some things that we suggest you take a look at, now that you've been accepted:

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