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Word Count :: 000 This is Ayita's death thread. It is set for the 11th of september. Anyone who wants to join can. I would love for her kids to be with her.

The last two nights Ayita hadn't slept well. her lungs burned from the seeping infection that was over taking them. Fever had over taken her causing her to go through waves of various heat. Liam had been by her side since his return. Through hallucination and coughing. she took in a deep breath as she looked up at her bi colored eyes of her son Liam.

She sighed which caused herself to go into a coughing spazum. She was still trapped in her massive Secui form. Her body shook as she gasped for air a bit. She had begged the man to spare her life yet here she was dieing anyhow. She took in shallow breaths as she laid her head back on her son's lap. She could feel Liam running his hand through her fur. she couldn't help but notice him trying not to cry.

My son do not worry you are home now... She weezed. Kable and Amaranth are strong and will be your needed rock. We all have a time Though she was not wanting hers to be so soon or so painful. She could feel liam gripping her fur. He said something and tried to force more herbs into her. Moving her head to face the other way she just closed her eyes.

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The scent of death had been growing stronger. Terra hadn't wanted to admit it. She didn't tell anyone that she could smell that there was something deeply wrong, that Ayita wasn't getting better as she should. It wasn't like Terra knew anything about such things. Sure, she played with death. Actually being infected with it was something quite different. Terra could escape it. This slow creeping death that stole through the house, resting in the home where everyone denied it's existence was painful.

She had taken her sweet time coming over to the house. Visiting with Ayita had been great fun, passing the time with light banter. Now though, she had come back finding the others inside in a much more grave mood than normal. Terra had avoided thinking about it, spending time with her pups, occasionally coming back to check if things had gotten better. She couldn't avoid it any longer though, and lifted herself through the house. The pups had been tucked away, they didn't need to see this. Not yet at least.

Slipping through she peered into the room. Liam stood there, the one that had been her friend when she'd first arrived. His time away from the pack had made them strangers, but she still remembered the games they had played. It was painful, looking at the way he was still trying to fix her, when Terra knew it was too late. Silently she took a place next to him, hoping that her presence would give him some comfort, bright green eyes fixed on the fallen wolf. There was nothing she could do, but watch her die and leave to the stars.

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Cour des Miracles was in turmoil after the shift in leadership, and Skoll wanted to throw his head back and laugh at the pack for being so goddamn blind. He could see plainly now that a shift was needed, a shift that brought the pack to a more defensive position. Attacks were happening and no one was lifting a claw, no one was patrolling over the whole span of the shoreline and inner forest until their paw pads were raw and bleeding, no one was tearing out the throat and heart and guts of the man responsible for this.

The blond wolfdog limped heavily as he ran to the building, leaving red paw prints and dots of saliva behind him. For the first time that he could remember, he was exhausted, and even then he would press himself. Once his brown-furred brother had return, he had known something had changed that would never be changed, and he’d thrown himself headlong into his patrols and training until he thought he might collapse. Doing something might fix this whole mess, and he would climb up the porch steps and throw open the door with a shove of his nose and all his work would have fixed it, somehow, if God really was watching and God was pleased with his sacrifice.

A cloying stench tickled his nostrils, and his heart stuttered if he wondered he was too late this time, just like he’d thought he was too late each time he set foot inside to visit her. She was so fragile, she was an old woman, and the fact that she was his mother and she was supposed to live forever didn’t mean anything. He shoved through the doorway and made his way to the room, smelling others there, too, and trembled as he set his raw paws on the floor, almost dragging his tired lupus body inside.

“Mama,” Skoll murmured, and he somehow found or made space between Liam and Terra and squeezed himself there, the feel of their fur and the lull of their scent keeping him from falling down. Green eyes roamed sharply over her face, and he shivered as he knew what was coming, what was inevitable. “Mama, je suis ici,” he blubbered, and collapsed anyway, sprawled on his belly with his nose pressed into her fur until he thought he might smother himself and he wanted to, too.

“Je suis ici. Restez ici. Dieu, s'il vous plaît.”

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Kable’s generally positive state of mind and way of life had taken a turn. Since the incident with Ayita the seigneur couldn’t help but be depressed. His dear mother was hurt, far too badly to make a recovery. Day by day she seemed to get worse. He dreamed and prayed that she would get better, but some dreams wouldn’t come true and prayers went unanswered. He had made his way to the house as he knew he should, if he didn’t see her now he might never get the chance to see her again. He stopped by often enough, but alas she was passed out asleep. The Catori really wanted to see her, consciously.

Paw prints of dried blood littered the trail home, Skoll must have already been there. The husky man paused at the door before walking in he could smell the others already inside. Gliding down the hall and into where they were gathered, he made little to no noise. There she lay with her head resting on Liam’s lap; she was so weak it killed him to see her like this. Kable didn’t have the heart to admit it, even though he already knew she was dying. The words the golden boy spoke caused the man to break down. Pools drowned his eyes causing his vision to blur a bit albeit he wasn’t balling, he was crying and he didn’t give two shits.

Moving to a empty spot near her, he got down on his knees. Taking a large hand, he gently ran it over her a few times. Tears fell from the male’s red eyes and onto her fur, lightly dampening it. He slowly shook his head, sure she was getting on in years, but really not too old. He hadn’t the chance to hook up with a woman and have any children of his own for his mother to love. Mom, please don’t go. Can’t you stay with us? He spoke, choking on the words.

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Amaranth Catori

Amaranth had not had an easy time coming to terms with her mother slipping from them. She was angry and she was forcing herself to be around her family. She had barely held it together telling her son to try to come down. She didn't want him to not get a chance to see her. She had started to get better till a cough began to rack her body. She had to hold herself together but walking into the home death seemed to loom in the air.

She could smell blood from skolls feet and she found herself climbing the stairs to join the group. She could see skoll mushed in near liam and Terra, Kable on the other side of their mother. Skoll spoke to her in french and Amaranth looked to the weakened Matriarch. She sat herself next to Kable . She knelt there and looked at her mother who rested in Liam's lap.

The red husky mix said nothing there was nothing to be said all the begging in the world would not keep her here. Purple eyes just focused on her.

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WC: 470 | ;__;

Hati had been in the house all day, but he was too afraid to enter the sickroom. Every day the light in her once-bright blue eyes grew a little dimmer. It was breaking his heart. He tried to stay positive for her since the attack, visit her with stories or news, anything to take her mind of the pain. But it was obvious his mother's health was failing her, and he couldn't handle it anymore.

He was curled into a ball, fingers digging into his sides as he tried to think of something, anything, other than that. It was only the sound of murmured voices that drew his attention -- Ayita had visitors, more than usual. Hati rose quickly and stumbled down the hall, drawn and haggard from losing sleep. His pale eyes were set in deep exhausted circles, his mane disheveled and uncombed for once. He barely ate. It felt so wrong to be healthy and fit while his mother was wasting away. And what had been her crime, to deserve this punishment? All she wanted was to travel, to visit her far-flung family. Hati couldn't deny the vague misdirected anger he felt towards Liam, who had finally returned and had taken his place at Ayita's side. If Liam had never left in the first place, perhaps their mother would not have had reason to travel, and would not have been attacked by some degenerate loner. His feelings toward Skoll were no longer as sharp as they had been weeks ago; the crisis was drawing them closer again, softening the rough edges between the brothers.

Hati stood in the doorway, gazing at the scene before him. Amaranth and Kable, Skoll and Liam, most of his mother's children were gathered by her side. Even Terra, an honorary kinsman, was solemn and still. There was blood in the air, and sickness, and decay; tears were shining in many eyes, as they all gazed sadly on Ayita's broken body, listened to each wheezing breath. Hati trembled, clutching at his chest. It hurt to breathe. He stared at Skoll, brave and powerful Skoll, pressing himself against her like a mewling puppy. It occurred to him, in a strangely detached clarity, that he and his littermates would be yearlings tomorrow. Their mother was not going to see their first birthday.

"Arrêtez-vous," he growled, staring angrily at each face in turn. "Stop it! She'll make it, she'll be all right... Stop talking like she's..." He trembled, digging his claws into his chest as the burning in his lungs intensified. It hurt to breathe, it hurt with each beat of his heart. He couldn't bring himself to get any closer, to see the truth. It wasn't supposed to be like this. She had to pull through. She had to. He couldn't lose her like this.

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The princess stood silently, shoulders draped in thick red fur trembling softly as she fought to keep her composure. Liam had come back, back where he belonged, and his presence had come at a difficult time. Charlotte did not want to believe that something like this could happen to her mother, and she could not stand to see the way that her father was crumbling, falling apart and aging by the minute. She lifted one pale hand to her face, stifling the small sob that threatened to escape when her mother spoke. Mama... She wanted to open her mouth, to whine and protest, but she knew it would do no good.

The girl stiffened, feeling her father enter the room before she turned her face to look at him, tears in her ocean eyes. She watched as he padded to the bed, his massive secui form joining his mate's on the bed, curling around her while leaving room for Liam to stay where he was. The dog King had come to realize that all of his son's herbs could do nothing to prevent what was happening within his lover's body. He nuzzled into the fur of her neck, breathing in her scent, still her, even under the smell of illness. "I love you," he whispered softly, so quietly that those gathered around would not hear. Those words, laced with tenderness and fear and pain and love, were for her alone.

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Word Count :: 000 Skoll hati and Lottie received a necklace each a moon for Hati a sun for Skoll and a Star for Lottie in the post there is a link to each pendant.

Ayita was still with them she still held the flame of life as she noticed her youngest daughter and the future Queen. She was so proud of the woman she was growing to be and could not help but feel as though she was letting them all down. Though the will to fight and the will to live burned strong in her it was no match for the poison that raged from infection. Had humans been around she may live they may have taken pity on her and saved her. This was not that world.

She took in a breath and glanced at her son who was so angry. Hati come her Charlotte you... She gasped for a moment. You as well Her voice was soft and weak from the wear on her body. Her Crystal blue eyes were fading to dull blues that held little life. Her mate stepped in to the room. His strong figure gave her warmth and she just wanted to lay with him till her heart stopped.

She looked to Liam who stood to do his mothers bidding. It was his fault it was Jiva's fault, it was even their father's fault for letting her go unescorted so he did everything for her. A small box was pulled from a shelf as she looked to her three youngest. She took a breath and glanced to each. I had wonderful gifts for yo... your birthday. I fear my dears...that I will not see it.

She stopped to breath her lungs burned. Skoll your name blessed by the sun. You will do anything you put your mind to. Liam pulled out a pendant of a sun looking at Skoll the Sun hung on a silver Chain. this gave Ayita Time to breath. Hati you are the moon child. But pl..please stop hiding in the shadows. You, are of noble birth be p..proud. Take Asagi as your own. Liam could feel himself choking but as he pulled out the moon charm that he hoped Hati would wear. Lastly he looked at Charlotte as he heard his mother's uneven breathing. My youngest girl, and some how the boldest of the three. You are meant to be the guiding star to the court. You may not have a name born from legend but thats you will make that legend yourself. She coughed choking as she could feel herself shaking even under vigilante's power. Liam smiled to his younger sister and lifted out a star necklace. She rested her head back down and looked to the three. Je vous aime tous She said softly.

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Skoll's reaction was painful, if not as full of meaning for Terra as it would be for the others viewing it. Gently she licked at Skoll's coat, trying to relieve his misery. Just because one life would be snuffed out didn't mean he had to follow. He was injured. Perhaps she could stop him from making it worse. True, she had her own pups to worry about, but Skoll was pack, and a close friend of hers. She had to help somehow. Her rough licks continued, whining soft reassurances to the devastated hybrid.

Skoll wasn't the only one affected by this. In fact, Terra was the only one without the heavy burden of sorrow drawing tears from her. Terra was here to help give Ayita support when she died, and would mourn in her own way when it happened. A snort came from Terra as Hati spoke. She didn't move to comfort him, just staring at him with sharp green eyes. Ayita was dying, that was the truth. The alpha's presence was acknowledged with a small dip of her head, a sad whine slipping past. Ayita had held this family together, even drawing Terra into it. The death would be difficult to recover from.

Liam's movements were painful. Terra could smell his guilt. She didn't know why, but felt that he had to have something to do with her death to bear that smell. Or perhaps he simply felt guilty that he hadn't been able to repair her, like he could with so many other things. She watched intently as each necklace was drawn out, gifting their names the way that Terra's own had been when she'd been born. They would be a year old soon? It was hard to think that way. Terra didn't count time as the luperci did. The sight of the star necklace brought her to a stand, hackles raised with fear. Ayita would make her daughter a death carrier? Why? Whining she stared with fear, pressing into Skoll's body.

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It seemed like every one who should be here was here The mixture of emotions in the air was nearly enough to make the man sick. The anger, depression, disbelief and sadness it all quickly added up to make a not so great experience. His dear sister Amaranth had been quiet, he knew for certain she understood fully well that their mother wasn’t going to make it. Had she come to terms with it he didn’t know. The seigneur could only gaze at Hati with red eyes; the boy didn’t seem to be taking it so well either.

The king had entered the room, the husky male stepped back giving him room to be with his love. Kable eyed Liam who comforted the weakening woman who brought them into this world. All the things he was capable of and none of it would make her any better. He watched silently with no more words to be said. Though the tears had stopped that certainly didn’t mean the pain subsided. As Ayita spoke, did her physical bidding, giving gifts and words of love and wisdom to each of her latest children. The gifts they’d received were very fitting to them. Terra seemed panicked when Liam gave Charlotte her gift why he had no idea. The words that escaped her lips brought more tears to his once dry eyes. Covering them with a large had he tried to wipe them away. Nous vous aimons trop. He spoke feeling like someone had been choking him.

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Bodies shifted around him, other members of the family joining them in the death-filled room. He wasn’t aware of anyone coming, or even of his hybrid friend’s comforting licks; he was silent and in another world, his green eyes fixed on his mother and his muzzle dipped between his forepaws to somehow stifle the pathetic breathy whimpers coming from him. He only became aware of the others when his brother’s voice cut sharply through the near-silence of whispered pleading and praying. Skoll’s head shot up, attention latching on to Hati, but all he did was withdraw himself from the press of bodies to shift into his bipedal shape. The effort left him looking more haggard than before, and much older than he was, but he managed to conserve enough energy to step toward Hati, and wrap his arms tightly around his brother in a trembling embrace, whispering something meaningless but affectionate in their shared language.

The blonde boy clutched at his sibling, but he withdrew his head from Hati’s shoulder to stare at the exhausted secui being that was his father. Another stab of fear and grief shot through him, and he swallowed with difficulty as he watched the King calmly walk to his mate, curling himself around her. That, that more than anything, was what was the image that would imprint itself upon Skoll Haskel in the years to come.

But then Ayita spoke, her words coming with difficulty, barely audible in the oppressing silence of the room. Skoll turned immediately, his ears straining forward to hear what she had to say, even if the words only sent his world crashing down all over again. He shook as he was addressed, his older brother pulling a sun pendant necklace out of a little box. He reached out to take it, his hands trembling so hard he nearly dropped it, and he slipped it on around his neck; the silver chain was freezing cold. He stared down at the golden core of the sun, swallowing loudly.

His littermates were given gifts as well: a moon for Hati and a star for Charlotte. His mother spoke more words to them, gave them gifts of horseflesh and destiny, and Skoll wondered vaguely what had happened to him these past few months, what had happened to destroy everything he’d held important, taking his fate from his hands. He couldn’t bring himself to feel anger or confusion, only a deep grief and love, although by the time Ayita whispered her love for them he was a whimpering, sobbing mess.

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(Just speeding this up a bit at the end of this post Ayita is no longer breathing.)

They all sat there listening to their mother's weak voice. She remembered the woman fighting an angry out of control female puppy. That puppy Amaranth her self, the girl had hated her mother. When most puppies were snuggling and loving their parents she was hating hers. Her mother had chased her father and brother away. She had allowed Amaranth to be injured and her world fell apart.

Now though the woman who worked so hard to raise this family was fading before them all. She spoke not as she listened to her mothers now weak voice. Soon she fell silent watching her children. Amaranth smiled at her mother trying to make it easier on her. What scared Amaranth was that the Catori Matriarch was so accepting of this fate. Why? Why did her mom just say that this was ok.

Purple eyes hazed as she fought back tears. As they sat there time seemed to pass like water None of them moving as they watched almost not breathing themselves. It was Just shy of midnight when Amaranth watched Liam move. Their mothers wheezing seemed to cease and the womans eyes were closed. Amaranth buckled and let out a light howl as she crushed herself into Kable. Her mother was gone, She was the eldest Catori her brother the eldest male. How could she be so strong for all of them when she felt so weak?

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He watched the remainder of the precious life slowly leave their mother. Her constant struggle to do simple tasks such as breather, move and speak was finally over. Ayita now laid there motionless in a room full of those who loved and cared about her. It was an emotional, sad way to die and yet she went out with a little smile on her face. Wasn’t Kable supposed to be a man? He was the second oldest of all her children and the whole time he’d been an emotional wreck, shedding several sets of tears. Amaranth had finally broken down; she was pretty strong up till recent. Her body collided into his as she held onto him. Kable couldn’t hold back his own very husky like whine. He welcomed her embrace by wrapping an arm around her; dipping his head to hers he could only stare at their mother. Liam had removed himself from Ayita. The room was quiet aside from the verbal emotion. This was a sad day for the court, and an even sadder one for friends and family.

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WC: 564 | =(

Hati could feel Terra and Kable staring at him after his outburst, boring a hole through him with what he perceived as disapproval. He stood stubbornly in the awkward silence that followed, feeling nothing but the burning in his lungs as he struggled to continue breathing. This whole scene was wrong. It wasn't supposed to be like this. His father did nothing but curl up beside his mate, sharing her touch for the last time. They had all given up. Hati gritted his teeth, panic and despair creeping into his defiant expression. Skoll moved then, looking to him wordlessly before slipping away from their mother to shift upright. As those golden shoulders rose, shaggy mane unfurling, Hati trembled. He did not know what was coming, but he was an emotional wreck, far less stable than the afternoon the two princes had fought in the training grounds. If his brother was coming to slap some sense into him, Hati would not back down. Not today, not even in front of their dying mother, he would --

-- Skoll's arms wrapped around him, hugging him. Hati's knees buckled, sagging into the embrace as he clutched at his brother's broad back. He was shaking, or maybe they both were. They needed each other, the sun and the moon. He couldn't bear this weight alone. He did not want to hate. Ayita spoke then, her tone halting as she struggled. Hati stiffened as he heard his name, pale eyes watering with tears. This was it. He murmured a faint response to his brother before they parted, and he shuffled forward obediently, drawing near Liam. Their mother addressed Skoll first, offering him a simple adage as well as a parting gift. He expected nothing more when his turn came, but he still shuddered with anticipation, blinking back tears as he listened.

His mother's horse... Ayita was entrusting him with her horse. A startled sob escaped his lips, and he glanced away for a moment, overcome with grief. He worked so hard at the stables, trying to find some talent that would make her proud, and now she had seen fit to bless him with her last living link. He nodded, biting his lip and silently promising his mother that he would do as she asked. He always would, anything for his mama. When he turned back, Ayita was speaking to Lottie and Liam was offering him the silver moon pendant. He accepted it dully, holding the cold metal in his palms. It was intricately crafted and elegant, but it would always remind him of this sad day. Hati swallowed hard before slipping the chain over his neck, letting the pendant settle heavily over his sternum. He was not about to forget.

"Je t'aime maman... toujours, je t'aime..." he whispered, though he sensed she could no longer hear him. His cheeks were wet, though he barely realized he was crying, the small sobs shaking his shoulders. The silence was oppressive, everyone waiting for the inevitable. The wheezing breaths faltered, gradually halting altogether. It wasn't until the husky siblings let out their throaty cries of mourning that he finally broke down, burying his face in his hands as he rocked back and forth. Ayita Catori had been taken from them, and her family was plunged into grief. Hati moaned, stumbling backward until he could shrink against the wall. It wasn't fair.

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