Returning Home

POSTED: Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:33 pm

maybe we can finish this soon with the impending move and stuff? :)

[html]<center><img src=""><br><div style="width:550px;font-family:georgia;font-size:13px;text-align:justify;"><p>Trent hadn't meant to turn the meeting into a pity-party, but it seemed that was what was going to happen. He loathed pitying himself, at least in the deep way he was right now, rather than the carefree jokesy way he usually did (even though that was a mere stepping stone up to the deep, dark way).</p>
<p>Terra joined in with the party, and even though he probably would've felt bad that now not only he, but someone else too, felt sorry for him normally, Trent could not help but feel oddly happy with her compliments and the sudden soft expression on her face. A gentleness he hadn't seen before. He smiled a little as he looked at her. <strong>"Thanks."</strong> He wasn't sure where he'd earned the compliments of, but wasn't about to ask, either. Maybe he had a friend here, after all.</p></div></center>[/html]

POSTED: Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:33 pm

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<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 000</span> :: Out of Character text.</p><p>

<p>She nodded her head briskly. As long as he was no longer sulking about not being good enough what she had said did it's job. Her tail flicked behind her as Ananse managed to work his way finally over the cloth folds. Terra stepped up, making sure the pup wasn't harmed before he toppled over, hitting the ground. It couldn't have hurt much, as there was hardly any fall at all to make. Ananse still set up a howl of dismay, blue eyes as wide as he could get them as he cried about the unfairness of the world.<p>

Moving in Terra licked at his head, soothing the pup with care. Loki watched the entire procedure with interest, as if he hadn't the slightest clue that his brother had been hurt or that he could get hurt doing the same thing. Picking Ananse up she tucked him back into the den, and this time followed after them. <b>You'll figure out what your name means.</b> For Terra that passed as comforting. Lowering her head she licked at the pups as they came over to her, happily nuzzling into her body and settling down to sleep.</p></div>

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