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Eclipse’s dream was hard to bare. It was the day she had to tell Aro that his puppies passed away. The look on his face, the sadness in his eyes was magnified in her dreams and it escalated to him trying to dig up the children and when she was sure he was close enough she woke up, eyes wide, but she didn’t scream. She knew because Robert was still sitting in the chair sound asleep. Eclipse looked over at him. He looked so peaceful, the worry lines smooth, his breathing was calm and in that it calmed Eclipse. She smiled at his handsomeness. She kept her secret for some time, since the night they looked at the stars together. How he captivated her. She had to drown out those thoughts though. She would surely lose him if she showed anything above friendliness.

It hurt her to wake him though, but she was sure he was uncomfortable in one way or another; she rolled onto her belly, laying sideways on her bed and put her finger to his knee. Then poked “You’ve got to be uncomfortable, you know there are other beds in the house.” She said teasingly her voice soft but loud enough for him to hear her.

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Robert was not a very imaginative wolf. It would not be unusual he would go on many nights without having a colorful dream--that being said, he was not dreamless. He was usually haunted by boughs of information, all jumbled and distorted by his subconscious to the point where it was nonsense. One time, he had a dream of plants hybriding and mixing up their uses and their appearances until they look like they were something out of a storybook; it was quite odd, but interesting to him nevertheless.

That night, with his hand propping up his head as he fell asleep watching the woman rest, he had a rather vivid dream. All he could remember about it was that it was bright, colorful, and left him with the feeling of being happy. He tried to focus on it as he felt a touch on his knee, his already light sleep being roused, but when the poke came he begrudgingly opened his eyes, though he did not remain reluctant for long. His frost eyes flew open at the sight of Eclipse, and jerked upwards in his seat, fearing that something was wrong.

A teasing voice reached his ears, and he settled back into the chair. “But I like the chair--it is comfortable enough,” he argued softly, a grin playing on his own muzzle. He wouldn’t tell her that he wanted to remain vigil on her--oh, how may she teased him. “Besides, I bet there are mice in them. You told me before that may house may have once had them--perhaps the same happened to your’s?” Of course, it was rhetorical, and while he doubt she had creatures running around her house, it made a good argument for him to stay in the chair.

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She couldn’t help but giggle a little when he jumped up. At the sound of her voice he did settle down and in his usual way began an answer, a teasing one of his own, but an answer nonetheless. She grimaced a little. Mice... or rats. she had been chased by one when she was out in Halifax, which resulted in a pretty bad foot infection when she tried to retrieve her pan she threw through a window. She opened her mouth to say something but then flushed a little and was glad she didn’t say it. In terms of her near blurt of saying her bed didn’t have mice in it she changed the subject entirely; “How about breakfast, I have mouse ala mode?” She said teasingly and sat up on her bed, curling her legs into a comfortable sitting position. It was so odd. Robert had promised he wouldn’t leave her when she asked since the pups were born and here he was still with her, still sitting by her bedside. It frightened her and at the same time excited her. She bit her tongue telling herself she needed to be more accepting now, she couldn’t live under a hole, and take risks on a furthering relationships than being scared of the rejection.

She couldn’t put herself to do it though, not yet, but she was brave enough to say one thing... and it would be the end of her; “Since you live here and all now.” She kept her cool and made herself give him a wink but made to get up so she didn’t look at him, but she knew her heart was pounding hard against her chest. Cooking would make it feel better and that was what she would do, make him a little breakfast and hope like heck he didn’t leave because of that remark.

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While he was somewhat upset in the littlest of ways that he was awaken from what little sleep he could get, the light laughter that escaped from the girl’s mouth lifted him and made him more aware. It seemed as if the two wouldn’t be going back to sleep for a while now. He rose an eyebrow as she opened her maw to say something, but she reached a decision and spoke about something else. His grin turned a bit more sharper, and he could tell it was already happening--the back and forth. “What were you going to say?” he called her out, the same sly smile on his face.

He did not notice it, but it had been a good few weeks since that day. The hours seemed to pass by slowly when he was with Eclipse, and the outside world went too fast. It both felt like years and only days since the event occurred and when he made all those promises a lifetime ago. He was fulfilling it to the tee, and we was somewhat aware of his constant presences--he would only realize this when he had to leave her side for a moment. It was starting to get hard to imagine going about things without her involved in it or without her on his mind.

Whatever coy smile he had on his muzzle was whipped off at her next years, and stared at her for a moment, decoding the words she said. Live here? Hardly. But come to think of it... When was the last time he slept in his own bed and not in the care he had become oh so accustomed to? Was he not still wearing the same pair of clothes since that day, never had changed them since then since he never revisited his room? That enough proved that he had, indeed, been staying away from his house for quite some time.

He fell silent, feeling embarrassment swelling up in him. “Well, I...” He found himself stupid for not realizing that sooner. What must Eclipse think of this? Was she tired of him? She didn’t seem like it, though. “I... uh, I guess I do,” he stated tentatively, staring at the woman as if he was asking her something. He felt a thump against his chest, and noticed that his heart was beating faster than normal, and he knew why. It was personal, what he was suggesting, to live with her, and who knew where that could lead to. Or, at least he hoped it lead to something greater.

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And he wouldn’t let her drop it she shook her head but she knew he would not relent; “I um... Well it was a joke and I dunno it sounded a bit personal but i was going to say.... My bed doesn’t have any mice;” That was when she blushed, and she knew he could see her face glowing red even through her fur. She looked away but her eyes darted toward him then back a few times. “See, so it wasn’t really funny so yeah;” Her heart thumped against her chest as she said that not sure what his reaction would be, lately it was something different, not the usual curt comment he would have given to her when they just met, but she figured he had to get to know her to treat her like he was. She just knew she felt safe with him.

Her pulse quickened more at his answer and she turned when she got to the doorway, her ears not sure if she believe his words. Now it seemed as though her heart was moving so fast that not even a shooting star could catch it. His words were so unexpected that she couldn’t say anything for long moments but she made herself become braver and braver and finally answer “I believe you do.” She couldn’t believe it. Just from that alone possibly changed things forever. Those words would probably end in a horrible tragic ending. With that thought though she began having visual ideas and knowing how close to the tragedy they were in she would do it before something happened. Whatever time she had with him was now. But she didn’t move, no matter how much she tried to will herself she still felt uncertain about his feelings for her. He may live here now but did that mean anything really? Yes it meant she was safe.

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When she explained her joke, his grin faltered a bit. But, he managed to hold it up, and forced it to become a bit wider, though it could not help but become meek and shy. He felt his stomach twist with some sort of emotion, but whatever it was, he did not allow himself to think about it. He let out a shaky laugh, and added, “I bet it doesn’t. It’d be uncomfortable if it did, right?" He wanted to grimace at his less than smooth answer, but he kept up the smile. He did not find it personal, but... it did stir some thoughts within him.

“Nah, I thought it was funny,” he stated, a bit of honesty with his words. Perhaps half of him wish it could be taken literally, but like she said, only a joke, not an invitation. Again, the thoughts appeared to him, and he had to block them from mind. They were close friends, nothing more. Right? Lately these days, he had been questioning what kind of relationship they were in, and it would always puzzle him.

When she heard her words and turned to face him, his gaze sought something else in the room to look at. Even after all of this time, there were moments where he was too shy to meet her eyes, and this was definitely not an exception. Her silence had seemed to last forever--a lifetime or two went by in a matter of seconds to Robert--and she answered with finality. He did live with her. He turned back and met her eyes, a pleasant and shocking surprise coloring his face, his skin under his fur turning a hot shade. Quite frankly, he was stunned into silence, and was not sure what to say for himself, or what would happen now.

Would they go on as normal, as if nothing changed? He could tell by her frozen state that Eclipse must have been affected by this to some degree, as he himself. Even the next minute seemed distant and unknown, and all he could do was sit in the chair and stare at the woman, his new roommate, apparently, dumbly.

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His attempt at making it seem the joke was good was not unappreciated. She couldn’t help smiling at his attempt at least. She didn’t know how much it warmed her heart and she tried to make things less awkward at her stupid joke. Unfortunately she made it worse by the housemate comment. Worse in a good way. Now she was feeling braver. Her heart still seemed like it could go a little faster, though he didn’t answer her, it seemed he had no answers for it and they just stared at each other. Her at the doorway him in the chair.

Just do it. She thought. It had been so easy before. But she never cared for anyone like this before either. None of them was Robert. Her true friend. But now that she found something more in him she had to make the best of the time she would have with him. So the steps she took, though they seemed like miles, took three or four she was right next to him. and bent to his face and braved herself to kiss him. It was quick but meaningful and silent, but all she could do after was turn and walk out of the room, her face flush. She would find herself busily making breakfast in what seemed like no time flat. Everything was changing.

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As they stared at each other, Robert could not help but blank out on everything he was thinking about previously. The bed situation didn’t matter. The mice could crawl all over him for all he cared at that moment. Breakfast could wait until forever, long past after he was gone. All he could think about as he watched the woman that he had got to know and now, yes, love, all he could think about was her. Her spark, her humor, her eyes, all the times she cried, and how he wished he could dry every single one she ever shed, and to keep them from coming in the future and tarnishing the face he would watch at night to make sure she would stay safe.

He watched, as if from a distantance, as she crossed the room. Time again played tricks on him, moving so fast yet so tortuously slow. Sometimes reality can be so merciless. He was still as she leaned down, and he felt a pair of lips brushed his own. Whatever distance he had felt suddenly vanished, and he was there, sitting in the chair and feeling the warmth spread from his mouth and to the rest of his body, all centered around the thudding thing in his chest. It was there but for a mere second, and it was gone, and he felt cold despite it still being summer.

She was halfway across the room when it came to him that he could stand and walk, and she was at the doorframe when he grabbed her hand. His cream paw was a light hold, but it was sure, needy, wanting. He said nothing as he turned to face her, and leaned in himself and kissed her back. It was gentle, soft as the words they would speak to each other. But, he did not break away, wanting to keep the feeling that spread through him as long as he could. He never wanted the moment to end.

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She felt herself about to cry at the thought of destroying their relationship. It was going so good and then she had to go do something like this. It was magical though, when she felt his warm mouth on hers but it was the end of it. Brave things her ass. She thought as she moved toward the door. But something, a slight pressure stopped her, and she noticed it was on her hand then there he was. She was afraid, It was time for the rejection. It would come and she was close to tears. Yet it never came, what did was surprising she nearly cried anyway as he kissed her on his own accord and she pressed her lips in reciprocation and wrapped her arms around his neck. The feeling she got just from this, it spoke so much to her. Hope, pure and simple hope came to the woman with the spark she got from the touch of his hand, then his lips. Now she was flying with him on a journey she knew not where it would lead her but she would let it move her to the direction she was hoping it would go.

She was the one to break the kiss, but rather than leave this time she hugged him tight, but said nothing. Words could not express how she felt right now. Whatever she wanted to say was expressed in her body, her hug wanting him to stay with her, her slowly moving tail a sign of contentment, and the posture... ears face, everything spoke of the love she had for him for many weeks now. A love she kept quiet because she didn’t want to be rejected. He could see something in him too and it was scary but at the same time relieved her. Perhaps things could be different from that of her past. Perhaps he would not leave her. Maybe he was who she was waiting for. Why she didn’t show her love for others, perhaps it was to share with him. Her thoughts jumbled together when she looked up at him, to stare into his eyes, captivated by him alone and hoped he would meet hers.

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He thought he saw the slight wetness of her eyes, the telltale signs of her tears, once he reached her at the door. If anything, that had strengthen his resolve as he closed the space between them and their lips. He felt arms wrap around him, and realizing how new he was at this--his second kiss in his entire life--he felt a moment of uncertainty. But, he did not dwell on it as he reached up and held her face gently between his hands. All his mind could manage to think was the feeling that washed over him and consumed him and the girl facing him. Everything was happening so fast, but neither of them missed a beat.

To an outsider’s retrospect, this was a long time coming, this kiss. It could only happen sooner or later. He looked down at her, not quite looking into her eyes, as she parted from him, only to tackle him with a hug, which he greeted back with one of his own. He felt her words loud and clear as she pressed against him, and Robert somehow knew that she would know what he was saying as well as he held her closer and kissed aimlessly on top of her head, taking in the scent of the herbs she would cook with and the woods she would hunt in--the scent that became almost as familiar as his own.

He could not remember a moment before this that he wanted her more than ever. He always wanted to tell ever, but he never knew the words, like an artist or writer never finding their muse. But, with his touches being his brush and pen, he managed to create a picture he had been wanting to show for a long time. He never thought he would feel like this for someone before, always thinking there was more to life than this, and he was, once upon a time, dead wrong. But, everything was different now, and he could not find any more meaning in his life except for the thing he held in his hands.

He looked down at her finally, and met the eyes that had been looking at him for a couple of moments. A moment passed, and his flashed his trademark grin, meek and awkward but now joyous and caring. He pressed forward again and kissed her once more, now a bit more emotional, yet still retaining that gentleness. Now he wanted to show how much he loved her, but he would not do anything that she was not comfortable with, and could settle with sharing kisses and touches for a couple more moments.

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She was a little more experienced in this situation than Robert and yet this was nothing compared to the other men she kissed. No this was a little piece of heaven. Everything they refrained from speaking verbally went throughout their bodies in the language that love could untangle. She now felt him as though she knew him since birth, since the beginning. She never knew such a thing could happen but it was and she felt his love for her. It was both wonderful and terrible.

She let herself get lost in his eyes and then he grinned. That goofy grin she loved so much and leaned in to kiss her again, how could she refuse that sweet grin, how could she ever refuse him? She felt the intensity of his kiss and she pressed herself to him, but controlling her actions reminding herself this was new, this was not just an infatuation, or heat. This was the real deal. She would not be the one to screw this up in any way. Even though they were alone in her room kissing she could not bring herself to go further just yet. She truly was content on being with him because he was there. It felt good to know she was being protected by him, no matter how meek he seemed. In her eyes he was the strongest of males. Her alpha among all the other wolves. She knew she would be his forever.

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His grin spread even further as he pressed his mouth against her, but soon it melted and he could not help but wander in his mind, losing his train of thought as he tried to pour himself into the kiss without forcing anything. Yet, it felt so natural anyway, and whatever worry or concern he had about himself began to ebb away like a weak stone against a wave, leaving behind a more confident man. He held himself against her, the closest he possible he could be, his touch hungry to be engulfed by her being, to just stay in her presence.

Unconsciously, or perhaps not really focusing on the thought, he lead them back to her bed, and he did not noticed that they were moving from their spot by the door when he felt his calf against the mattress. He broke a kiss they were in to look down at the thing, as if it was something foreign, and he had to process what it could have meant. Suddenly, his heart beated faster, and he looked back at Eclipse, again meek and found not words to speak. His momentarily bewildered look showed that he did not expect anything to come from the kisses, but now the thought was prevalent in his mind.

Tentatively, he began to lower himself onto the bed, grabbing a hand as he sat down. He did not mean anything intimate as he settled onto the bed, for it both meant little and yet everything to him, and hoped she did not take it the wrong way, and looked up at her, wondering how she was going to react.

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She was all too aware of the direction they were going in, perhaps because she, being a hunter let her senses surround herself even when she is preoccupied, but her mind was more on Robert and showing her love and interest in him as he was with her. It was so new that it seemed like her first time. As though she were doing everything for the first time, yet she knew what to do. Eclipse allowed him to move her to the bed and the anticipation was rising in her. She was his and he wanted to show it. They stopped and she let Robert soak in everything before he sat. That seemed as though it made his own resolve solid. She looked down on him a small grin on her face.

Eclipse let the grin turn into a tender smile and threw herself at him, not in a forceful way but a carefully controlled way as she put her arms around his neck and let herself drop on the bed in hopes he got the idea that she was a willing partner in the game of love. She did not take special care to remind him that she was not in his position. In a way she was. Anything she did he could not like and it would end everything they started, but she tried her best not to think about that.

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It was strange, how much and how many emotions stirred within him, some familiar yet some so foreign he did not know where they could have come from. They all gravitated to one thing in common, though, and they revolved the woman as if she was a star herself. She might as well be, he off-handedly thought. She was about as bright and warm and luminescent as one. Eclipse was a star, and now it seemed that she was now his personal little ball of light on the ground.

He saw the beautiful grin, and took it as a good sign. It suddenly softened, and in a swift motion she was on top of him, and he had to catch up both in breath and mind. He had to extend an arm behind him to keep them from falling completely onto the bed, but the other found its place around her back, as if it was made to be there. Robert wished she would never changed. He loved her surprises and the way she would stun him with the things she did. He slowly lowered them so that he was now laying on his back while she remained over him. While he was still caught up in the moment, he was somehow still able to think, and thought that his position could get a bit better than the one he was in now, and the idea came with a sly, yet still shy, smile.

He, if Eclipse allowed him to move her, gently guided her onto the bed, and he momentarily laid by her side, his hand lingering on her side. But, the moment went and passed, and he shifted himself so that he hovered over her, his hands on either side of her. For some reason, he was hesitant with his next kiss. He had the vague idea where this was going, and at moments he wondered if he was going to do something wrong or embarrassing and ruin the moment that he did not want to end. But, he did not have any reasonable thinking once he made contact with her lips once more.

Maybe it was because they were in a bed and he was over her and feeling a dominance that was unlike him, he began to feel a rising urge deep within him, and his movements were becoming less gentle and more passionate. He felt an instinctual need, and he was still oblivious to what it was despite his position. In any case, his kiss became deeper and more rough, and felt a hand cup her face once more. It was hard to believe that only moments ago he was sleeping in a chair, and now here he was.

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Everything was going wonderfully and she could not help but stare into Robert’s eyes for the few moments she lay over him but before she could do much more than share the special smile she shared with no-one else, she found herself on her back and he was over her. She felt the passion he had for her and knew she felt the same for him. His kissing brought on her own fever. she could feel his need and her own came to light not even a second later.

She wrapped her hands around him. one on his back the other; his waist and cursed his clothing in her head. such things made the more needy far more difficult. she pressed up against him wanting contact as she reciprocated his fierce fiery kisses. her legs rubbed against his as her hips began a slow rocking motion

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