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(305) In the lovely lupus form! 8D and all I could think of was Katy Perry and P!nk songs for Ves and Aly, idk why. 8|

She let out a yapping laughter as she barreled her way into the undergrowth. The wordless screeching followed her, and she giggled as if she was a pup again when she felt a beak nip at her long ears, and burrowed her way deeper in the bushes, though she attempted to keep a little hole so that she could reach to take a playful snap at Macbeth when he tried to swoop for her.

She was not quite sure how they started this game of tag--she vaguely remembered the few moments that had passed before the the erupted. They had been talking about something that was faintly boring, probably hunting grounds around the neutral territories, when she accidentally shifted her shoulder to one side, and the once roosting magpie slid off in a humorous way. She gave a small chuckle, and the bird gave her a tiny poke of his claws, and she returned it with a nibble on his feathers. The cycle continued until she was where she was now, hiding behind her leafy shelter and popping up only to make an advancement, and then retreated back down before he could get his small talons on her.

The wild coywolf and magpie chase had lead them deeper into the woods, further into the unclaimed lands, but it mattered little to Alyssum. She felt like she needed an escape from all the formality that came with her position, and to have a playful moment with the otherwise stiff bag of feathers was relieving. She let out a breathy laugh and poked out once more, but noticed that Macbeth was no where in sight. She immediately suspected a sneak attack, and ducked back down, though her head still lingered at the top as she waited for any sign of the bird, her tail nosily wagging behind her.

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Playful mood is contagious it seems! :D

Vesper was no stranger to play with the feathered company she kept. Ravens were intensely social creatures much like canines, many of whom kept life-mates and squabbled like family. They liked to pester unsuspecting coyotes as well, swooping down and initiating a game of catch-me-if-you-can. At such times, the Centurion was glad to throw aside her other duties and rollick with the intelligent birds. Then again, socializing with the ravens and really learning about them was a part of her responsibility too; she saw them as “her scouts” just as she saw the other subordinates in the Lumen tier, and she needed to learn their personalities to keep and train them.

Presently, however, the small, scarred female was mostly business. She’d explored the mixed forest for some time after running into the mute coyote, and although the encounter had agitated her, she didn’t want to head back to Inferni just yet. Casa di Cavalieri was just off her right shoulder, and she wanted to know how far the territory of their southern neighbors spread. Although she bore no ill will toward the warrior pack—and, indeed, they’d come to good terms with Inferni after their exchange of gifts—it was an important detail to know and one that might factor in a situation where she least expected it.

Noticing her absence from the territory, Stark had of course flown out to find her like the paranoid paternal figure he was. It was fine with her; like usual, they both just pretended he wasn’t as worried as he really was, and that Ves wasn’t at all touched by the concern. They chatted instead: about how the other ravens were, about the coyotes, about Vesper’s love life until she told him to shut up or she’d recount her tousle with Myrika in graphic detail, and finally about the forest they were traipsing through.

At which point, Stark made a croak of disapproval and landed on a tree branch overhead. “Ugly crow flying about again,” he muttered, claws shifting in the wood, and she snorted laughter before pushing her nose into the soil and catching the familiar scent. Her tail quivered, and she threw Stark a curious look. “Getting it,” he said patiently. “Boy having too good mood again, doing stupid things, never telling coyotes.” He flapped off again, probably to make sure the magpie wasn’t up to anything unholy and make sure there weren’t unsavory characters in the area, and Vesper was free to wreak havoc like she wanted.

The plan came together far too easily when she followed the Cavalier’s scent trail, and saw a tawny head poking from the bushes. Keeping around behind her, padding quietly through the leaf-litter, Vesper waited then sprang out at the female with a high-pitched, playful growl.

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(358) weeee fun! 8D

She was still as she peered into the trees as she searched for the figure, his tail waving stiffly behind her as she tried to quiet herself to, by chance, hear the slight of moving feathers. For a moment, she saw a dark shape, but it was above the tree line, and probably an unrelated presence to her game. So busy looking up, she forgot to check on her back, and was unprepared as the growl was sounded and she felt the pressure against her.

Her first thought was that she was being attacked. But, when they fell to the ground her quick-paced mind registered the growl as one of good nature, and the force on her did not move to harm her other than the tackle she was not made aware of until it happened. She greeted the "attacker" with a round of yipping that was almost akin to laughter, and rolled onto her back in an attempt to softly shove off the lightweight Centurion with her feet, though the motion was halfhearted and it wouldn't surprise Alyssum if Vesper barely budged. Her narrowed muzzle showed a flash of teeth, and she spoke, mockingly casual, as she stared into the pale eyes of the hybrid, "Fancy meetin' you here."

Flapping wings sounded from above, and she twisted her head to look at Macbeth, her vision flipped. "Thought I saw Coyote and Raven," he remarked distantly, though not in an unfriendly manner. "Caught Aly, it seem." This was spoken fondly, and gave a twittering that was a sign of amusement. The earthen hybrid just cracked a grin and looked back at Vesper. "So, how've you been Ves, besides pouncin' people? Some of the low speech I gave you helpin' out any perhaps?" She was mildly curious how the few words she showed her aided her in any way, which brought up a question in her mind.

"Where's that Stark, anyway? I'm sure Mac wouldn't have mind havin' a talk with him again." To this, the magpie was silent, but pretended he did not hear otherwise, preening some loose feathers from under a wing to occupy himself.

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Vesper wants fraaannss~

Vesper knew that her corvine partner was right about her and her moods; she’d been spontaneously happy all too often lately, though she knew the reason well enough. It was hard for her to be as paranoid or aloof as normal when everything in her life was going so well. Again, the raven was also correct when he said it led to her doing stupid things—but she trusted her instincts, and she trusted that her impulsive actions wouldn’t land her in trouble this time. Or maybe they would, and she’d have a few scars to remind her next time (as if Stark wouldn’t take care of that for her.)

The lean tan body was bigger than hers, but Ves managed to half-pin the hybrid to the forest floor. She heard laughter and let out a smug yap of her own, reaching up to smack Alyssum lightly across the nose with a paw; she let herself be shoved back and stood leaning over her, grinning toothily at the other’s would-be casual remark. The southern drawl was absolutely adorable (and Vesper wondered in amusement what she’d do if she wasn’t already head over heels for Myrika), and she fought off a goofier smile. “I was in the area,” she replied with cordial reserve, keeping her muzzle tipped up in a dignified fashion. “Thought I’d drop in.”

Her ear flicked when she heard the wing-beats, but their rhythm was unfamiliar, and she didn’t need to look up to know it was the other coywolf’s magpie companion. She smirked at the bird’s remarks, and her eyes brightened as Alyssum asked after her low speech. “Everything’s been wonderful,” she answered honestly, her tail wagging; she stood back a little bit to give the woman space in case she wanted to get up too. “And between you and my other teachers, I’ve learned a lot.” She looked back and twittered a friendly greeting to Macbeth; it was one of the most basic of phrases she knew, and accented with the harsh croak characteristic to ravens, but it supported her statement.

Vesper laughed shortly. “Stark’s probably circling the area to make sure it’s safe—but I’m sure with your pack and mine there won’t be too much trouble in these woods.” She paused, taking a seat, and curled her tail over her scarred hind paw out of reflex. “How have you been?” she asked, returning the question politely. It was a far cry from how she’d treated Alyssum after learning of her Inferni ties, but the low speech lesson had kindled friendlier feelings, and it was hard not to be warm toward the Cavalier when her teachings had helped Ves so much.

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(471) ever since emphasizing her accent, all I can think of is Applejack's voice. @_@

A flattered look overcame the woman's face, but one could easily see through her ruse. "Well, ain't that mighty kind of you to drop by! If I would've known I had some company comin', I would've got somethin' cookin', you sweet soul walkin' all the way out here." In reality, she'd probably actually have a meal prepared for her friend if that was a planed meeting, so there was some truth to her words. But, keeping up the pretense, she rolled onto her stomach and gave her head a shake, flinging off some leafy debris, and pretended to fret over her less than clean pelt. "Oh, my..." How embarrassing it must be, to be with company without a meal and caught with a stained appearance!

Her underlying smirk that was playing throughout the act finally surfaced at Vesper's answer, and straightened her as she said, "That's always great to hear. I hope them other teachers taught you good." The woman's ears perked up as the pale coywolf sounded a greeting, and turned to Macbeth, who despite his preening and overall pretense of not listening to them, as he watched Vesper with beady eyes. "You sound like raven. Macbeth suppose that is good thing." He returned a sharp chirp back, more friendly than his bland compliment, and returned to his feathers.

At Stark's whereabouts, she could not help but let out a short laugh. "Between him and ol' Macbeth, I bet there isn't a soul out here that they don't know about. That magpie always insist on flyin' about like that, too." A stingy croak sounded from above. "But, it is always appreciated. You never know out here." When the table turned to her, a unsure smile crossed her face. Well, she herself had been a busy bee, but not entirely in the good sense. "Well, I guess I should go ahead and mention that I've been promoted since we last meet. I'm a Luna now--in layman's terms, I guess you can say a leader." It was still hard to imagine herself in a position; not that it didn't fit her, but because how quick she ascended it, and how much power she now held within her paws. Coming from a humble beginning, it was certainty odd. "Anyway, between my hunting and the pack, I haven't had much time for anything else." Except for Jazper, but she supposed that she'd leave that out--she was sure Vesper wouldn't be much interested, anyway.

"Inferni doing good as well? No more trouble from them wolves that were bothering you earlier this year?" she asked, but not too pressing but none the less interested. Ever since her visit with Myrika and Jazper, she guessed they were on good terms now, and had a reason to worry about their friendly neighbors now besides for the personal things.

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Sorry for wait and Ves being all dreamy. xD

Vesper grinned toothily at the other’s acting, though she didn’t play along except to quip, “I don’t like my meat cooked,” before leaning back and giving her own shoulder a scratching with a hind paw, doing her best to dislodge some of the dirt and leaves on her own coat. She nodded to confirm that the other teachers had done well in teaching—though honestly her mentors had consisted of her own bird and the young she-wolf from the artisan pack with her cocky kestrel. The magpie’s remark made her smile again, but she left him to his preening in favor of looking at the tan coywolf.

“Inferni has a whole slew of them,” the Centurion said, deciding that this wasn’t really confidential information—and, besides, it was the explanation for her wanting to learn low speech. “You never do,” she added in response to the other’s comment, glancing out into the woods as if half expecting something to lunge out at them there and then. “I’m lucky that Stark is as paranoid as I am.”

Hearing that the former Infernian was now a leader of her new pack was surprising, but Vesper couldn’t say she wasn’t pleased; a congratulatory smile crossed over her lips as she nodded. This would probably set them on even better terms with Casa di Cavalieir, even if she doubted an actual alliance was in the works considering the generally paranoid nature of her members. It was always good to be friendly with the big warrior pack, though.

“That’s great news. I guess it hasn’t been that long? The first few months are always rough.” She winked then licked a dirty patch on her chest. “It’s easy enough to patrol and be there for your pack, but it gets harder when you realize that they’re looking up to you.” Having ascended in the ranks as quickly as she did since joining the previous year, Vesper was struck most by that. Many lower-ranking members had been in the clan longer than her, and she didn’t always have the answers they needed. Luckily, she hadn’t truly had to prove herself as anything more than a member of the clan; most of the leading was truly left to Ezekiel and now Myrika, and she wasn’t quite comfortable in giving orders of her own.

“No more trouble from those wolves,” Vesper confirmed, her ear flattening for a moment. “Had a bit of trouble with poachers, though.” Deciding that needed explanation, she went on: “We have a herd of wild horses in the north, close to the bay. They roam free, but we own them, and a few wolves decided they’d snatch a few. They were taken care of, though.” She said this last bit disinterestedly, as if she wasn’t remembering mutilating the she-wolf’s face and whispering those threats in her ear while her comrades bled around her.

“Otherwise,” Vesper said with a smile, “everything is great. The ravens are great, the members are great, the new leader is great.” Her smile turned silly.

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