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The young Stormbringer was surprisingly pensive- more accurately known as sulking. A usually happy and upbeat male, Temeraire had been brooding for a few days now. Since he'd gone and found Lena again, he'd admitted his insecurities about his fathers new mate and children. He knew Saul tried his best to spend as much time as he could with him, teaching him how to write now that he had the thumbs to do so. His father had taught him to read from a young age and Temeraire was an accomplished reader. He was more than happy however that his father still recognised that his son needed lessons. During their writing lessons, which usually only occurred once a week and had happened three or four times now, the pair caught up on what was going on with each other. Temeraire revealed his friendship with Lena, embarrassed to have to tell his father about the almost confrontation with Cody. He'd tried to explain how he was feeling and Saul seemed to understand what was going on.

Still, the boy couldn't help but feel that once the pups arrived, Saul would have even less time for him. It was this thought that kept his usually sunny demeanour under a dark cloud. He'd spent a lot of time with Helexia since his meeting with Lena, reinforcing their bond as well as taking her on walks around Jordheim. She was getting bigger, having turned three months old just today. He'd gone over to the stables early, for him at least, and had given the filly an apple he'd found. It was small and tart, but the horse had enjoyed it none the less. He'd attached a makeshift rope headcollar to her led her out of the stables with a smile.

He found himself heading north towards the lakes, as he'd done a few weeks ago and found Liam fishing. He was aware that the dark male, and his little ward Caroline, had left Vinátta now. But the thought of the lake was refreshing to him. He would be over this insecurity soon he thought, but for now he was content to lead his horse to the water, laughing when the filly jumped and splashed him with the water.

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Oak sat at the bank, eyes open outstretched over the waters. He wondered often about the pack that lived beyond, remembering the words of his alpha. Oak did not wish for war, memories of the conflict against AniWaya always fresh and right on the surface of his mind. He had been so absent; almost cowardly during that time… he had grown to be ashamed of his actions then. It would be different if the time came for protecting his new homelands, the male promised himself that. Eyes slowly closed, silence and reflection washing over him as he became reserved in that pledge. He was trained, talented even (or so Cassia told him) and he did not fear pain as he had before. He wanted to be experienced, but and that would only come with conflict…

Noise of water and a wolfish laugh caused the red male to open his eyes and look to his left. A dark figure and that of a small horse lingered down the bank of the lake. Oak sat beyond a small formation of rocks and with the heavy foliage of summer it was easy for him to have missed the pair approach. The Risna stood, and decided to meet the black pelted boy rather then be solitary. It was important to meet the other pack members, and Oak was starting to become more like his social normal self with each canine he introduced himself to.

He approached slowly, as to not frighten to the horse. The russet wolf lacked his axe, the weapon sat inside the small home he had claimed, and wore nothing more then the necklace that had been given to him on his acceptance day. Hello there. he called, giving a small smile as well as a small wave.


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Having thoughts weighing him down was dreary and Temeraire tried his hardest to push things from his mind. It was probably a very bad coping mechanism- he came across as indifferent to most changes because he didn't want to deal with the thoughts. He had little opinion of Lilin aside from indifference and since finding out he was to have younger siblings, he hadn't thought hard about it and this certainly came across as not being bothered. He was, in fact, quite excited to have siblings- especially since Ezra and Elias' departure. He remembered the last time they'd gone, how he hadn't spoken to his father or Lilin for a week because he'd thought it was their fault. He understood now that it wasn't- the pair had left anyway. With a grunt, he made to splash the filly back, dipping down to swing his hand across the surface and splash the dun filly.

A voice from behind him startled him for a moment, but he couldn't help thinking he was glad he had company. Hex was a horse and couldn't talk to him, though he found simple pleasure in walking with her, subtly training her. He turned, taking in the sight of the larger red male with a flicker of his eyes before he looked back up at the males face. He felt the naturally toothy grin pull up his lip as he made to step out of the water. Hex followed, trotting forward to nudge his backside once. With a laugh, he lay his arm around the filly's neck, squeezing once before he got out of the water.

Hey! I'm Temeraire, this is Helexia... or Hex. He introduced them both, releasing the struggling horse who didn't like being held in a headlock often. Stormbringer blue eyes looked up towards the male, who was several inches taller than him and much more board, wondering who this might be.

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The world in Vinátta was not so different then what he had grown up with. There were families and strong friendships that bonded those that did not have blood to hold them together. It was not a strict place as the alphas had explained, and it was not the wilds of the neutral lands. He should be comfortable and feel as at ease as he had in his past pack. He hoped that meeting others would bring that to him.

I’m Oak. He replied, looking from him to the horse and adding, I’m still pretty new here, its nice to meet you. The red russet was not formally trained with horses, that was his brother’s department, but he was fairly sure that Hex was still pretty young. Just like he felt for the dark furred wolf.

Maybe Temeraire had grown up in the packlands, just like Oak had grown up in Crimson Dreams. The male cleared his throat, I was just relaxing beside the lake. Still have a lot to explore, and lands to learn. He was not shamed to show his need for knowledge nor his inadequacies, they were all friends here right? How is the water? He then asked, a small smile on his face and already feeling much more like his social self. Perhaps it would be too hard for him to regain it, after all.


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The male introduced himself immediately as 'Oak' and therefore categorising himself as a new member. Temeraire wasn't the most up to date on who frequented their lands, but he had a rough idea of who was who. As he'd never heard of the red-ish male, he must assume that he was relatively new. A grin slipped over his lips as he nodded in ascent, perhaps similar to a handshake on first meeting. His suspicions were confirmed when his new acquaintance admitted that he was new here. His grin deepened for a moment, becoming toothy and a little cheeky. He knew his father would insist that, at this point, he should return to sentiment and say that it was nice to meet the other also, but he refrained. He didn't know if it was nice to meet him yet, so retained that compliment for later perhaps.

Luckily, Oak didn't seem to like silences and spoke up once more, admitting that he didn't know the land very well. Swinging from the branches of the trees, one got to know the forest very well at least. With a chuckle and a subconscious roll of his shoulders, Temeraire chose to answer. You get used to it pretty quickly- plus the trees help. Have you ever climbed up to the top of one? Gives you a great view of the land. He offered, a mischievous look to him. His horse decided to butt him in the side and Temeraire gave a soft 'oof' before moving a little further away from her. He glanced up at Oak's question, his smile lowering to something altogether more wicked.

Its nice and cool, you should come in and try it. He offered, leaning down subtly to strike quickly- his cupped hand scooping up to splash water towards the male on the shore. He didn't look back to see if it hit the elder male- he turned and bounded through the water, his horse left confused behind.

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At first he did not understand why Temeraire mentioned the presence of trees, but that was quickly explained in the next breath. At first he had been unsure if the other male was teasing due to Oak’s name. Would company of a fellow oak sooth his anxiety? But with clarity Oak shook his head, I haven’t climbed a tree in a long time. he spoke with a light tone. He actually hadn’t done so since he was a pup, but those memories were fuzzy ones and he could not remember them too clearly. What he did remember was the presence of his brother, and the orchards of Crimson Dreams.

He was about to accept the offer and venture into the water himself but the splash from the dark hued male caused him to pause in surprise. How fair had that been? But Temeraire did not look back and so Oak pursued, entering the water quickly. It was a bit colder then he expected, and his legs were shocked as he ran forward. Slowing as he got a bit closer Oak reach down to give the boy a splash and bit of his own medicine. Your right, its very nice. he replied, smiling and yet a bit more wicked as well. He reached back to give another swipe of his hand though the water and preferably hit the newly met wolf in the face.


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Oak's admission that he hadn't been up a tree in a long time caused a mock-shocked expression to run over the males face. Since he was young and able to clamber into the lower lying branches he'd always loved being in the branches. When he'd been able to shift, the freedom had been great and many of his (rather brief) thoughts had come to fruition at the top of a tree. Well, we're going to have to sort that out. He said decisively, though he knew that today was probably not the day. It was too hot to be re-teaching the male to get up into a tree, plus Helexia didn't like it when she was abandoned on the ground. Snickering softly and pulling on the filly's fuzzy excuse for a mane, he made his move.

Oak appeared to have been moving towards the water as the flecks of water sent by Temeraire's hand hit him. The boy saw his new friend pause, before crashing into the water. It was a little chilly, but it was a rare hot day and Teme was making the most of it. Oak's agreement caused a barking laugh to come from the boy as a spray of water was sent his way, the reddish male giving chase. Picking up the pace, which was difficult when the water held his legs steady, Temeraire tried to jump back to shore as a larger spray tried to find him. Helexia was jumping about, trying to get both of them.

Alright, alright! I'm sorry! The boy pleaded, a laugh breaking his speech up slightly. Making a dive for the shore, Temeraire rolled slightly to absorb the impact of the ground. Hex remained in the water, head cocked slightly to the side as she tried to figure out what had happened. Laughing, Teme wiped the water from his face, half expecting another spray from the older male.

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Oak laughed kindheartedly at the other male as he jumped and tried to run away from the slashing. The water’s hold was powerful though and made both their movements sluggish. Oak drifted further into the water, enjoying the chill that it brought him and wondering why he hadn’t swam more during the peak of summer. Living in Berwick had not left him much room for puppish antics or lazy-free time. It was one of the many things that he found in Vinátta, he could relax. That was far more pleasurable then he could imagine, and instead of being stuck in the acts of roaming, hunting or patrolling he could simply sit and think about things. Or he could swim and meet new friends.

The male leaned back in the water once Temeraire had retreated back to the shore. Buoyancy caught his body and held him in place, his arm and legs moving slightly to keep his body from dipping too far down. After a moment he stood again on the muddy bottom on the lake. So how long have you lived here? He asked the other male, curious to know a bit more about him. As well as keep the conversation rolling.


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Now that their excitement had calmed down, Temeraire was able to shake the water from his coat and settle down a bit. He was too old for water fights, he assumed, but he couldn't deny that fooling about in the water still caused him happiness. With a soft click of his tongue against the roof of his mouth the boy attempted to call his horse to him. After looking at him as if he were stupid, Helexia gave a squeal and propelled herself from the water, no doubt catching the red male in the force of it. Laughing softly, he moved forward to catch hold of the dun filly, making sure she didn't run off like a lunatic. The late summer day was a calm and relaxing one now that Teme had found a friend to enjoy it with.

He glanced over as Oak reclined back into the water, chuckling softly as only a few bits of him remained above the water line. He seemed to have enough of laying in the water and moved to stand closer to the shore, a question on his lips. Temeraire smiled, remembering the first time he'd come to this place, his first experience of Jordheim. They hadn't formed Vinátta on their first visit- his father just wanted to tell them about the village he'd found. It had needed a bit of repair, but he and Elias had played tag through the domed grass.

My father and step-mother founded Vinátta and I was there when it was created. So, a couple of months now! What made you decide on us? He questioned, curios as to whether Oak was religious like some of Vinátta or if there was another reason for him choosing their pack.

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Ah, so Oak had now met the son of their alphas. Saul and Lilin were good creatures, and Oak enjoyed their company greatly. He had been without the influence of a passionate leading couple long before Crimson Dreams had disbanded and feeling the presence of the two figure heads brought him a great comfort. The solidarity of his mother as a single leading force in his life seemed to be over, and though Oak had not fully recognized that he was eager and willing to turn his following focus from her to Temeraire’s parents.

It just seemed to fit. Oak replied to the question, his tone light and mater of fact. He turned his body so that he was swimming forward. He paddled closer to Temeraire and then let himself float. My past pack disbanded, and my family and I lived without a pack for a few months. Lilin told me about this place and afterwards I couldn’t get it out of my head. He paused, arms waving through the water slowly, and eyes looked down to watch the ripples. I think it reminded me of the pack I grew up in.


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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

Oak's reply was simple, yet it seemed to reveal a more sensative part of the red male. On the one hand, it seemed an off-handish response, but there was also an undercurrent. He'd clearly been in a place that didn't fit. White rimmed ears twitched forward as Oak revealed that his step-mother had had something to do with Oak's choice of home. Snorting softly through his nose, thinking how similar their situations had been. The fact that his previous pack had been disbanded intrigued him, but intuition told him that it might be a painful subject. Unlike most, Temeraire was not one to ponder on things for too long and after a moment of contemplation, allowed his wanderings to dwindle once more.

I guess it must be a relief, finding a more permanent home... Teme mused, not really remembering, or feeling the pressure, of having no home. He'd been too young to really consider the implications of not having a pack to protect him- he'd been more than happy in the Lakes with Lilin and Saul and then Niernan, Bran, Ezra and Elias. He'd been upset when Ezra and Elias had left- Elias had been a great friend to him and he missed him at times. But the boy had grown too and he was beginning to understand that things would never remain the same.

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Change was never easy, and it the fact that Oak’s life had been so unmoving for his first couple of years had made the disbanding even harder. Perhaps if he had learned at an early age that like the seasons life would always be changing, things wouldn’t have been so difficult. It was a good thing, as he had learned once he had joined Vinátta, but the journey to that conclusion had not been an easy one. It really is. He confided in the other male, giving a slight nod as he did so.

The conflicts that arose when Crimson Dreams had fallen would give the male a foundation to fight the perils of the future. It had shown him that the pack was not immortal, and it was not immune to ills from within as well as the dangers of the outside world. It had taught him many things, and Oak would not soon forget the luck he had when finding his new home.


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