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Setting Location Form NPCs
Location: The Peninsulas, SL
Date: 11 Sep
Weather: Crisply cool, breezy
Time: Early afternoon

366 Cat is probably following Draugr around like a creep as usual. Not mentioned in post.

PROMPT: Something rather strange has washed up on Salsola's beach. It ended up in our sea caves in the Borgata Tecolotl and has been making an awful racket scraping against the rocks. The item appears to be metallic and very rusty: it is almost surely a relic of humanity. Investigate the item and retrieve it, if it turns out to be of any value. Note: You get to decide what the item is! How fun!

Draugr is by me!

Draugr had been avoiding her home as of late. She was not certain as to how to deal with the small, frail creature she'd been taken in. The earthen-hued wolfdog fed the slight creature, ascertaining her diet and liquid needs were well-cared for, but she could not seem to penetrate the quiet. There was a fear about the silken-furred canine, and this disheartened Draugr more than she understood. Perhaps it was her strange feelings toward slaves to begin with -- she was not used to confronting one she could not understand.

So it was that she typically departed in the early morning, wandering around Salsola. She'd return by midday and take Dyrne out, either for a simple ride or with a purposeful destination in mind. There was, after all, always something to do within the pack. Just now, however, the dark-furred woman found herself with empty and unfilled time. This made her uneasy, for her thoughts wandered freely when she had nothing with which to occupy her hands.

She had not thought of Max in some time, and it was just now that her mind foisted him to the forefront of her thoughts -- irritatingly, since thoughts of him accompanied a feral sort of longing. The silver-streaked woman was not used to being so enslaved by her desires; she was a creature of higher thought and should therefore be able to conquer such yearnings of the flesh with striking ease. Sadly, it was not so.

She meandered along the raised coast, walking slowly and purposelessly. Perhaps if she merely placed one foot in front of the other, as she seemed to do in life, she might forget about all her distractions. That was, in truth, what they were -- distractions from greatness. The tip of her tail flickering angrily, the Tradesman was considering turning around and heating home to confront -- or at least banish to the storage closest -- her fears. It was just then that there was a loud, echoic scraping sound. The wolfdog froze, eyes wide. The sound stopped, followed by the familiar hissing rush of water leaving some space in the world. A moment later, the scraping noise came again.

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Itachi remembered their previous interaction with contentment – at least somewhat, as he was a voidful (look, Libri makes new word) creature. Draugr could become a valued acquaintance with time, and China so did insist that he get out socializing more with his pack. He lived to please the silver thing that had captured his heart, so he thought he would do just that. The dark female’s trails were fresh, and the two-legged form of the blonde followed in his comfortable tempo. One would never think he had a worry in the world, and though it wasn’t always so, it always seemed he was taking his sweet time. The result of his lax pursuit had several possible endings. Perhaps he’d catch up with her, perhaps not. He wasn’t picky.

Salty breeze tickled through his thickening pelt as he reached the beach and traded rock, earth and grass for rough sand, more rock and eventually water. Autumn had brought its weather, and the wind was fresh and lively. It had been quite a while since he had been here. Itachi had never had any special love for the sea, though he didn’t fear it either. It was merely inconvenient more often than not, so he rarely found concrete reasons to venture here. But this was the direction Draugr had gone, and his eyes could even catch a glimpse of her now.

Yet she wasn’t alone as she first had appeared. As the paling hybrid came closer, his large audits twisted at the sharp sound coming from the direction of the sea caves. Its origin was unknown to him, and its screeching characteristic was terrible in sensitive ears. Had he been quicker to display his thoughts and feelings, he would most certainly have grimaced at the sound. Instead, he seemed untroubled as usual. ”Draugr?” the Confidant’s hollow voice called out, though certainly softly. She was his superior now, according to Salsola’s silly hierarchy. His eyes wouldn’t reach her face, and his tail swung low with simple traits of submission. Her feline companion was ignored for time being. She had the right to turn him away if she did not wish for his presence.

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Draugr is by Libri!

She was standing for a few moments when something warm brushed against her leg. Starting, she looked down and saw with minor irritation Styrr had followed her out of her home. She was no longer quite a kitten, but had attained a mostly adult size. A faint indication of youth still remained the dark cat, but she might have passed for an adult, especially at a distance. Her great size aided this -- had Draugr any knowledge of cat breeds, she might have identified the Maine Coon immediately. Styrr's long and thick fur was well-suited for the climate, and she peered up at Draugr with adoring, sharply green eyes. The drab-hued woman had reflected before the cat bore a resemblance to their once Auxiliary, and had taken some small pleasure in owning a creature so alike her superior. It could be a statement, after all, if she chose to make it so.

The cat seemed utterly indifferent to the scraping noise, which occurred with regular intervals against the hiss of the sea escaping some crevice. She was preparing to investigate when, in her periphery, she perceived a golden brown form moving against the still green grass. Parts of it were yellowing, but Itachi's fur did not yet blend perfectly, as it would in the deep fall. Twisting her body around to greet him head on, the hybrid delivered an easy-going and impeccable rendition of the typical greeting. Her demeanor was not entirely unchanged from her promotion, but neither did she balk at displaying the superiority so expected of her.

Itachi, she greeted, with the faint indications of a smile. Styrr seemed perplexed by his appearance and had crept away several paces, glowering at the tawny coyote with baleful green eyes. There seems to be something caught in the sea caves. It's making an awful racket, the hybrid said, wincing as the sound came again. Shall we fetch it out? The question was polite as a tea party invitation, but could just as easily become a command.

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Despite owning several lesser creatures, the pale gold man had never particularly warmed up to the idea of having servants in such a sense. Naturally, he would not deny the peculiar bond he had developed with his crows – especially one certain feathered individual, but it wasn’t a bond that was meant to be. Wolves were turning human; they had started to bend other animals to their wills, either willingly or by force. The feline was an intelligent creature, most likely with the freedom to choose, but its kind had not been bred to be some kind of pet for another species entirely.

She smiled, albeit very faintly. It was more than he could offer her, but she should be accustomed to his involuntary “stiffness” by now. It was his intention to appear friendly, but he couldn’t draw lines and emotions on his face as he pleased. There was simply nothing but the cool glint of intellect behind beautifully shaded irises; greater than any exploding sunset. The usual greeting was exchanged, with the screech of metal serenading in the salted background.

She spoke of the owner of the sound, wincing. It was just as unpleasant a sound in his own ears, which gently folded on top of lengthy, fake gold locks. She seemed to welcome his appearance, and China would be pleased had she seen him now. The thought of his beloved – as always – would have warmed his face if he hadn’t been who he was. Nothing of the pleasantness within managed to claw its way through his cool demeanour. ”We can certainly try,” the male replied. He stepped up next to the trader and felt the sea salt swirl about his feet, bringing a pleasant, wet cool.

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Draugr is by Alaine!

Styrr remained up above them, pacing and occasionally meowing plaintively. Draugr gave the cat a sharp look and lifted one lip in a grimace, and the onyx-hued feline promptly disappeared. Dra knew she would not wander terribly far, but at least would cease with her noises as they tried to work out whatever had washed up from the ocean's depths. The icy cold of the sea was deliciously sharp against her skin, and she restrained the urge to step deeper into the water and instead picked carefully inside of the cave.

The sea came rushing up into it and there was that scraping sound again, loud and echoing brutally within the confined space. The sea drained out of the cave again and, for the first time, Dra became aware of the danger they'd placed themselves in. The cave was impossibly slippery and almost slimy on the sides. She took a few quick steps forward, taking advantage of the sea's momentary retreat. It rushed back in again and with surprising force -- Dra almost lost her footing but snatched onto Itachi's outstretched arm and retained her balance. The dark-hued woman remained there, clutching onto the tawny coyote's arm, while the sea raged around her ankles. She would not have imagined only a few inches of water could have quite so much force.

When the sea left again, the dark woman loosed herself from Itachi and nodded her thanks stoically. The earthen-toned wolfdog was not the sort to be unnerved by such trifles as nearly being swept to sea. Her curiosity overrode whatever fear she might have had, as usual, and she scampered to the cave wall. This time, due to her position, she retained her footing easily as the water came swirling in. The scrape this time was thunderous, and Draugr put one hand over an ear ineffectually, unable to cover the other ear for her precious hold on the cave wall.

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It didn’t take long for his skin to cease appreciating the vicious cool of the relentless waves of salt sea. Toes flexed and distended and belonging grey claws curled into the hard sea flooring in pursuit of proper grip. Such wet floor covering, along with the steady pull of merciless currents made moving about dangerous. He did not appreciate the situation he so willingly had put himself into, yet there was no thought to withdraw and cast away her idea to investigate the unfamiliar sound.

He allowed the younger, more adventurous canine to take the lead, and followed behind her with occupied eyes following the incomings and outgoings of spirited waves. The hybrid had only once been at this particular spot in the past, and didn’t harbour terrible interest at the thought of learning returning. That encounter with Eris had not been delightful. The required route to entry today, one year after seemed unnecessary dangerous, and left him with no desire to risk his own health. But the sound was indeed as strange as it was terrible, and he couldn’t turn. Even if it had been a valid option, he wouldn’t consider leaving Draugr alone here.

The other optime moved swiftly to take advantage of a white frothed wave’s momentary retreat, but was shortly after punished by returning currents and boldness alike. No thought guided the movement of his arm – it was mere reflex taking the driver’s seat for a moment. She had sense to find her balance by grabbing hold of his outstretched arm, and his fingers curled around her wrist, claws accidentally digging into her skin to ensure that she wasn’t swept away and thrown into the rocks. Dark nostrils flared with his enlarged exhale, but she held on and didn’t fall.

Their hands let go and she continued, though made her way along the cave wall and remained safe this time around when the white foamed current took another leap into the darkness of the hole. The male moved after her, strategically and with uttermost care, using all four limbs more than once to ensure that his grip and footing was secure. Much of the stony surface was slick and slimy, and utterly unreliable, and as they closed in on the mystery screaming object the sound escalated until it seemed unbearable in his flattened, ringing ears.

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Draugr is by me!

There was a vague ache in her wrist, but better that than being swept out to sea. Draugr was not the strongest of swimmers -- although marginally capable, she knew well enough she would be all too easily dragged out far beyond the island and into the deepest waters, where she would surely drown. The cave's scent was distinctively salty, the smell sharper and more acute than it was in the more general air of Salsola. The scent of salt never seemed quite away from them, however. The wolfdog found, much to her relief, this far into the cave the water was far less forceful, and as another wave swept in, she retained balance easily.

The scrape came again, and Dra saw in the dimness the faintest glint of metal. She bent forward and retrieved the item. It was a case of some sort -- battered and beaten, the leather casing over most of it scarred and shriveled from salt and sand. It was quite heavy, but as she lifted it, the case began to drain water rapidly, growing lighter in her arms by the moment. The awful scraping noise had ceased entirely, and the hybrid breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Itachi in the dimness, blinking pale purple eyes. Better to open it in here, she murmured, her voice surprisingly loud in the echoing cave. No sense dragging it out if it's filled with junk.

Dra lifted one leg and propped it against the slick cave wall, digging a hold into the barnacled stone with sharp claws. She leaned the now-emptied briefcase against her thigh and stuck a thumb into the metal clasp on top. She tugged and pushed, but they were rusted shut. Grimacing, the dark-furred hybrid grunted and looked to Itachi, shrugging. It won't open. We might have to break it, she said, glancing around as if to ascertain whether it would be better to do so here. Another rush of water convinced her no, and she tossed her muzzle toward the entrance of the cave. Back out, I guess. She tucked the wet case against her side and wrapped an arm around it, not trusting herself to keep balance and hold the case both.

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He lingered close against the wall while the woman darted forth to retrieve the mystery item. Hybrid ears coated with wet spun gold swivelled at the blissful relief from screeching metal. Lips quickly darted out to wet stinging lips, and he tasted the salt of the ocean. Undrinkable water just wasn’t right. The meeting with Eris seemed blurry in his mind, and it seemed impossible for him to recall the season. What he knew was that the little trip into the cave had been much less of a hassle than this.

But Itachi would be the one in the lead now, as the woman gave up her half-hearted attempt to open the human suitcase and decided that it was best they went back out before looking through its innards. A slight nod was given, and he turned to face the brightness by the cave’s rock jagged mouth. He didn’t ponder about the luggage’s secrets, but Draugr was a younger creature blessed with the joy of curiosity. He didn’t know what it was like to be hungry for life and secrets, but he didn’t shun it just because he couldn’t participate in the feeling.

Slowly, he made his path back out, choosing a slightly different route than they had taken on their way in. He wasn’t for taking any chances, especially when one of the woman’s hands was occupied with holding on to the human artefact. He didn’t rush as the seawater retreated to gather strength to send a new wave forth. It took longer to exit the water dungeon, but there were no near-accidents either. He periodically glanced behind his shoulder to ensure she was still with him. The feline had disappeared out of sight before they had entered, and it was completely out of mind.

When they were on safe dry land, he shuffled around until he found a decent sized rock with a jagged end. It had no true form that he had seen Pandemic hammer out, but it would do. ”Come here with the thing and I’ll see if I can open it.”.

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Draugr is by me!

The little suitcase seemed full of all the treasures of the world. It could contain quite literally anything, and the woody-hued wolfdog lamented that she could not have opened it. It felt like fire under her arm, and she practically buzzed with the excitement of what secrets might be within. It still felt heavy enough to contain something, though that might have been that it was also quite water-logged, even if most of the liquid had drained out. Yet there was no sloshing from within the case, and Draugr's imagination went wild with creative fantasies of what might be within the effectively locked case.

It was easier going out than it had been coming in, perhaps owing to the fact that Draugr could see the waves coming from a long way off. The bay swelled with them, and she was able to brace herself rather well before they came and swept over her feet. Itachi led them out differently, as well, and this path seemed marginally easier than the one she had chosen. The dark woman marked this in her mind, noting it almost as if she'd stuck a post-it note over her mental image of Itachi. The exterior air was refreshingly crisp, and Dra breathed in huge lungfuls of it, keeping the grin from her face by will alone.

Once they were on suitably dry ground, the dark woman carried the briefcase over toward Itachi and set it down, stepping back. She peered down inquisitively, and soon sat down on the ground so she was on a level with the coyote. Styrr appeared as if from nowhere, bolting over to make herself comfortable in her lap, glowering at Itachi all the while. She was quick to depart, however, once the rock came down on the briefcase -- and did so with such comical haste Draugr went so far as to chuckle, despite the sharp pinpricks of white-hot pain where the cat's claws had dug into her.

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Contents: Soggy, ruined documents, remains of cloth, a gold watch, one pair of broken glasses, an engagement ring (fat diamond and white gold) and a silver bird necklace.

His feet dug into rough sand and rock with invisible appreciation as he turned around to lay eyes on the following lady and her – yes, he perceived it as hers, as this had been her little quest – newfound treasure. His gilded, bottlebrush tail swung behind him, though more to banish wet salt than to express a merry mood. His frame of mind hadn’t changed since he had approached her. His glorious pelt was moist with sea water and dirt quickly gathered against his footpads, but it wasn’t something unmanageable. A small dip in freshwater would suffice.

Dark claws roughly scratched against the shiny surface of the primitive tool he’d found, but Draugr still approached with the suitcase and stepped back. The man squatted down in front of the strange human artefact, and let patient fingertips travel across its alien surface. Having spent a considerable amount of time scouring departed human towns for parts for China’s gift, he was somewhat familiar with locks and closed things. The hybrid had been quick to discover that objects viewed as valuable were more likely to be imprisoned in storages armoured with locks that either required one to turn small wheels to match symbols (something he’d never managed to guess successfully) or a key of some kind.

The lock on this particular item seemed to be just by the handle – a part of the item’s body. Sunset eyes squinted slightly, and both hands were on the dull rock as he gently placed it directly over the spot where he intended it to hit. Only once did his eyes flicker to the woman and the freshly reappeared feline, before he lifted the rock and struck in a fluid, almost elegant motion. Hard tremors pulsed through his hands at the time of impact, and a sharp metallic sound lashed against his sensitive eardrums. Blond hybrid ears quickly flattened as he, without visible hesitation, lifted the rock to strike again.

He paid absolutely no attention to the female’s audible reaction, for his focus was fully on the item and his simple job. At the third strike, the rusted metal gave in, and the lock had been reduced to something unusable. Pale fingers let go of the stone and brushed against each other instinctively, to rub away some of the ache. Quietly, he turned the briefcase around so that its mouth faced her and not him. It was Draugr’s treasure, after all. Just as quickly, he opened it, allowing her to be the first to gaze upon its contents. Fresh lines of seawater tickled down his palms, but the ground beneath the item drank whatever liquid escaped.

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388 ps -- it's hers because she outranks itachi. BITCH

Draugr is by Requiem!

Styrr stood several yards away, pressed almost flat into the earth. Her huge green-yellow eyes seemed to occupy most of her face, and her fur was slicked flat. As she stood and watched, however, slowly her back arched and all of her fur seemed to puff outwards, her tail rising up and over her back. She walked on stiff legs toward the pair, growling audibly. Draugr, who had been watching the procession of Itachi's attempt to open the case, glanced toward the cat darkly. Styrr's path veered toward Draugr and some of the aggression drained from her, though her wide eyes were still set on Itachi and the noise of the rock against the case.

There was a vague crunching, shattering sort noise at last, and Draugr was almost surprised as the tawny coyote flipped the case toward her. Styrr took a half-leap backwards, as if she expected something awful to burst forth from the item. Draugr could not yet decide if the cat was fooling around and playing or if she was genuinely frightened; such cowardice was unexpected from a generally ferocious hunter such as her dark-hued cat. In any case, she ignored the animal's antics and smiled, leaning forward to sift her hand through the case.

Much of it was black and soggy beyond recognition. The dark-hued hybrid sifted her fingers through it without a hint of distaste until they hit on something solid. Withdrawing her prize, she held a broken pair of glasses up so Itachi might see them. Useless, she said, sticking a finger through the absent lenses. They were twisted almost beyond recognition, and a healthy growth of rust and other sea grit had caked up along the joints on each arm. The hybrid set them down anyway and dove back into the muck, withdrawing her hand a moment later with another something. It was caked in more of the goopy mess from the inside of the case -- which, thankfully, smelled only of salt and sea rather than rot.

The hybrid flicked her fingers free of the mess and produced a small ring and chain. She saw, after a moment, the chain had its own charm -- a small silver bird. This she passed to Itachi to perhaps clean or inspect, and went back into the case.

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Crimson eyes swept low, disinterested in the secrets of the human clam whose mouth they’d opened with force. It was rare for him to find value in human artifacts. It was true that he used both trinkets and clothing formed from ideas taken from the lost human race, but he believed in minimalism and simplicity.

Sand and algae decorated his fingers as he kept the lid open for the young nymph, and held on as she greedily rummaged through treasures that surely were hidden, as her initial response was not one of instantaneous joy.The feline remained ignored in his eyes, for its behaviour strongly suggested that it did not approve of him in any way -- for some reason. Perhaps it detected the black of his blood.

Useless, she said, and his eyes rose to investigate the pair of glasses that was held up in her hand. He was unfamiliar with the design, and though he’d seen humans wear these intricate objects on top of their noses in pictures. However, their function was not known. Indeed useless. Pale ears folded back in response to her lacking findings. Next she handed him a hand of dirt and something perhaps slightly less useless in her eyes.

Sparkling things had never really caught his attention, but he knew some canines enjoyed jewelry and thought wearing it made them more attractive, somehow. He let go of the suitcase’s mouth and left the container open for her to continue browsing, while he toyed with the ring and the chain, trying to clean away the mess they were covered in. It didn’t take long for the small charm’s appearance to catch his attention. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his.

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Draugr is by Despi!

Though her fingers fished through the case, they brushed through only the slop that made up documents, cloth, or whatever had once been. She withdrew her hand and was about to abandon the case altogether when she realized the upper compartment had a pocket of sorts. She tried the zipper only to find it was stuck fast. Feeling against the top of the case, something hard and unyielding caught her attention immediately. The woman tugged again at the zipper with no luck. Only then did she turn her claws on the upper parts, shredding the soft cloth that had suffered such a long submersion. It gave willing, parting as easily as soft flesh. The earthen-hued wolfdog stuck her fingers into the compartment and found it filled with more of the goop.

Beneath the goop, however, there was the hard thing. Draugr retrieved it and flicked her fingers free of the goop, aiming it away from Itachi. Unfortunately, this was the direction in which Styrr was standing. The cat yowled plaintively and disappeared, presumably for good this time. The dark woman held up her prize, sparing only a momentary glance toward her cat. She looked over this new acquisition with a tilt of her head and smiled up at Itachi, her tail twitching with pleasure. This was not a bad venture -- they'd ended the wretched noise, after all, and gotten some trinkets. What do you like best? she asked. Rewards were a due part of good service; Draugr herself felt slighted at times by the dark-hued woman who now served as their Crone, but such was her current station. She needed only listen to the whispers of her mother to know the truth of her path.

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There was no need to consider his answer. Already, one trinket seemed rather special to him, as it was formed into a silver reflective symbol of his devoted love. He had been dead before he met her, and he wondered if he too seldom presented her with gifts and tokens of his affection and gratitude. This would have served as a fine present, though it didn’t currently belong to him. It was up to the darker form before him, though the question made him somewhat hopeful – a rather fresh trait in him. Slowly, but surely, China was breathing life into him.

The woman’s feline seemed misfortunate this day, and had he been a man with humor, he would have smiled at the final straw that caused the cat to bounce away from the scene completely. ”This one,” he genuinely answered, holding the silver bird and its accompanying chain up to her. But perhaps the lilac eyed woman would agree, and it was her treasure to do as she willed with. He wouldn’t mourn the loss of something that had never been his in the first place. Scarlet eyes remained calm and sincere as they peered to her. Much of the grease had been brushed away, but the items could do with a slight dip in the salted water

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