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Colibri Haki
September 14th (after midnight). Private for Saul and Lilin.
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Tired as she was, Coli could not sleep. The simple straw pallet had been piled with several animal pelts, but the furs did not serve to make the bedding any more comfortable for the heavily pregnant werewolf. It took great effort to kneel and lay down so close to the floor, and then the weight was distributed in all the wrong places. Some hours earlier, her back had begun to cramp; the lower back pain came and went, but no amount of repositioning seemed to keep it at bay for long. It was mild, but wearisome, and she wanted it to stop so that she could finally get some sleep. She filled the night air with curses at each interval, the venom she saved up for when she was alone and no one was listening. Her heart was thudding in her chest, overworked from the stress of hauling her body from the door to the bed; how ridiculous! She just wanted to sleep, sleep forever, never have to leave her house and start the next day's herculean task of standing and walking again. But it was a restless night spent staring up into the darkness at the ceiling and fidgeting, squirming each time the ache pulsed in her lower back. Finally she growled, rolling over and struggling to her feet again. If sleep evaded her, she would simply take a quick walk.

It took an effort to push open her front door, the warped wood always getting stuck. That was something Ezra had promised to use his carpenter tools to fix... It might always be like that now. She sighed, stepping out onto the dewy grass. The night air was cool, filled with the music of crickets and a distant owl's cry. She raised her muzzle, inhaling the sweet scent of her flowers and the nearby pine forest. It was a peaceful night, but she still felt restless, like she needed to move about. The dull ache returned to her lower back, and she winced as she felt the muscles tighten. Finally they relaxed, and Coli released the breath she was holding. There didn't seem to be any pattern to the discomfort, and she didn't know how to relieve it -- it wasn't consistent enough to be an injury, nor was it fierce enough to call for help in the middle of the night. She should just keep walking, distract herself until she was tired enough to return to bed.

Her back twinged sharply, the pain spreading into her lower abdomen, enough to make her grit her teeth tensely and hold as still as she could. It stopped after several long moments, making Coli frown and rub her palms over the swollen curve of her belly. It didn't feel like when the pups moved -- in fact, they had been surprisingly still all day. It had been startling the first time she felt them moving inside her, but it had quickly become relaxing to know they were alive and well. They even seemed to sleep when things were quiet, or stir around when she was nervous. It was still hard to distinguish how she felt about the unborn litter, the motherhood that had been thrust upon her so unexpectedly. She was more excited to meet Lilin's pups than her own, but the solidarity the two sisters had shared this summer kept Colibri from plunging into depression or giving up before she started. Even without a father to raise them, even without a mate to support her, Coli was willing to try. She began walking again, changing her direction toward Lilin and Saul's house. If she kept walking, the cramps would probably dissipate, but just to be on the safe side, she should probably ask the healer if everything was all right. They did seem to be growing stronger.

Jordheim village was quiet save for the crickets and other nocturnal melodies. Coli's slow pace faltered every so often, cringing as the phantom pain flared up and then receded just as mysteriously. It was starting to scare her, and she whimpered softly, hugging her belly for comfort. It wasn't... her time, was it? Was this what labor felt like? It was her first litter, and she knew so little about the process. She had not counted the days, merely watched with dread as her body transformed against her will. She had only ever been present for one birth: during her time at Crimson Dreams, and that had all gone quickly and easily. A sob escaped her lips at the thought of that pack, and she stumbled forward, rushing to close the distance before the next wave of pain rippled through her. She couldn't do this by herself. She wasn't as brave as Anu.

Saul had promised he would be with her when the time came. He promised he would save her... that she wouldn't die like her mother before her. She didn't want to die. She had come close so many times before, and it was hard not to wonder if she had spent her luck already. Finally, the outline of their earthen home loomed before her, the familiar scents of the Virding couple drawing a sigh of relief from Coli. She had made it without needing to howl and alert the village. Her breaths came quick and shallow, her heart racing as she choked down the panic. Nothing was coming yet, it was just cramps. If this was labor -- and maybe it wasn't, she thought hopefully -- it had to be the beginning. But then again... the aches had started some hours ago...

Coli pressed her trembling palm against her rune scar, offering a silent prayer for strength. Then she knocked on the door, shivering as the next contraction came. There was less time between them now. She huddled over, wrapping her arms around her taut abdomen until the moment passed. Blue eyes desperately scanned the door, knocking impatiently a second time. Saul, Lilin, she needed them both. Why weren't they here yet?!
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yaaaay babers!

The chill of September was slowly beginning to seep into Vinátta and Saul had become paranoid that Lilin and the babies might be cold. He'd finished a patrol only a couple of hours earlier, darkness had fallen heavily over his lands and the male had finished up his circuit down at the shoreline. Green eyes has been troubled as he looked over the crashing sea- they were hurtling towards Lilin's due date, which mean Colibri would be ready to pop any day now. He'd tried to catch up with her a few weeks ago, to check how she was doing and that her pups were well, but he hadn't been able to find her when he'd looked. It wasn't urgent however and he'd seen her since, mostly in passing as the expectant mothers took quaint walks around the grounds. His relationship with Lilin at the moment was a little strained and Saul knew that he needed to spend more time with her. It just seemed that, at the moment, the pair of them had their own routines that didn't often overlap each others.

He'd returned to find his belle sleeping, a common passtime now that her abdomen was swollen with their pups. She was perhaps a few inches off of Coli, revealing how close they were in gestation. After covering her up more securely with blankets, tucking them around her feet so they wouldn't get cold either, the male had clambered onto the bed, wriggling closer to his belle to hug her closer. Unconsciously, his hand came to rest on her belly, a soft smile gripping him as he felt the precious lives within her squirming and moving within her. With his hand remaining, he drifted of into a fitful sleep, unable to keep the bad dreams away.

He jolted awake with a gasp, green eyes immediately searching the shadows of their bedroom before he glanced down at Lilin. He had no idea what awoke him- until a second knock came. Confusion morphed into action as he rolled out of bed, grabbing a pair of shorts and clumsily pulling them on as he made his way to the door. It was rare that they received guests after dark, but it was almost always when something was wrong. His mind jumped to Colibri and his footsteps quickened. Reaching the door, he wrenched open the wood in time to see the chocolate female in question curling in on herself, pain wracking her petite body. Coli! Come in... He exclaimed, moving forward to help her inside.

It was clearly obvious what was happening and Saul felt a sliver of excitement race through him before he thought about Coli's worries. Entering the house with her, Saul quickly locked the door behind them and made to help Colibri into the closest bedroom- the one that had always been spare. Lilin, wake up! He called, almost absentmindedly towards their bedroom. It's going to be alright Coli, I'm here to help you through this. Don't be scared... He murmured gently, his mind racing through all the things he'd need. The time had finally arrived and he had no idea if Colibri was ready for it.


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(466) important thread is important!

Lilin was an unnaturally light sleeper. She often found herself dozing in and out reality, all the while semi-conscious and semi-aware of her surroundings. The mother-to-be never failed to notice when her beau came home, when he left, or what took place in the household while her eyes were shut. Her body was heavy with her co-leader's children; the little beings inside of her belly wore her out, confining her to bed in a futile attempt to recuperate some of the energy lost. Her mind, however, was alert and wide awake most of the time. While she hadn't particularly acknowledged Saul's return nor his loving embrace, she'd found comfort in the fact that he was actually there at the very least. His continued absence was difficult to cope with and while she understood the reasons behind the scarcity, it didn't make dealing with it any easier.

She had been vaguely aware of the dream-like state he was in, the occasional twitching of a limb or the incoherent mumurs escaping his maw were good indications. A soft knock at their door pierced the silence, near instantly jolting Saul awake without her needing to wake him personally. He was faster than she was after all. Rising from the bed in her current state was a colossal task. It hadn't dawned on her that it could have been Colibri, not until her sister's flowery fragrance crept into the bedroom. At that moment, her eyelids fluttered open in shock and pure confusion. The urgency in Saul's voice was self-explanatory; speaking volumes with the simple intonation he'd used. She was already sitting up by then, in an attempt to stand up while rubbing the sleep from her mediterranean irises.

Dichotomous receivers were perked and alert, in an attempt to catch bits and pieces of their conversation as she applied one foot to the floor, carefully followed by another. Silently cursing her lentor, Lilin allowed a frustrated sigh to escape her lips as she hobbled herself to the main room - following as Colibri was being ushered into Temeraire's old room; the one where she'd spent the night a few weeks prior. There were some clean bed linens on the straw mattress, including a wool blanket. Lilin had taken the opportunity to make the room a little cozier, should they ever get another unexpected guest. ''Coli,'' she murmured from behind them, standing in the doorway while nervously running her fingers through her unkempt curls. As much as her sister most likely wasn't ready for this, she wasn't ready to see any of it. But together, they would make it through. Lilin merely stood in place, visibly horrified, as she watched the events unfold before her. She would not get in the way, unless Colibri wished for her to get any closer.

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Colibri Haki
You guys are the best. <3!!
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After what felt like an eternity of waiting, the door swung abruptly open, revealing the tall figure of Saul Stormbringer emerging from the shadows. Coli stared mutely up at him, desperation shining in her blue eyes. She didn't need words, as the intuitive healer quickly whisked her inside and locked the door behind them. She shuffled obediently along as he led her to the spare bedroom, the one she had slept in not so long ago. That was the night she told her sister about the litter. Now the firstborn Vináttan puppies would be delivered under their roof. The Virdings were much too kind to her.

Another contraction rippled through her, and she suddenly clutched at Saul's arm, gripping it tightly for support. "I am scared," Coli whispered, trembling all over. This had all come about so fast, and she was still woefully unprepared. She was still hoping this would prove to be a false alarm, and they could all laugh about it in the morning. The pain was growing more intense, though, and in her heart she knew it was time for something she could not run away from. She realized her claws were digging into his arm and quickly let go, cringing apologetically. "Th... thank you, though... If I don't... if I end up... you... you're my family..." Coli's disjointed sentiments trailed off, and she huffed with frustration, wanting to say something heartfelt but finding herself too distraught to articulate anything properly.

Then Lilin seemed to materialize, her dark curves blending with the shadows. Coli caught her breath, gazing beseechingly at her sister and dear friend. "L... Lilin, you... don't have to," she said softly, ears pressed flat against her mane. It was selfish of her to ask her sister to stay, knowing it would upset her. If their roles were reversed, Coli would not have the stomach to watch the delivery mere days before her own due date. She swallowed nervously, wringing her wrists. She was selfish, because if Lilin left her she would cry. It might be their last moment together. She moved to touch her sibling, merely to brush her fingers against the Soulstorm heir's wrist, before stumbling to the bed.

She already felt too weak to stand, and as the next contraction racked her, she slipped onto her back, grabbing her Frithr pendant and clutching it as tightly as she could to keep from crying out. A panicked growl rumbled in her throat, and she half rose from the bed, eyes darting wildly about the room. "I, I can't do this, it's too soon," she stammered, but sank back against the mattress helplessly. She was with family here, where else was she going to flee to? There was a warm dampness trickling down the inside of her thighs, and she whimpered in embarrassment, shifting her legs uncomfortably as she thought of the obvious -- had she just urinated on herself? There was a slight relief from the building pressure inside her, and she exhaled softly as the contraction released her, praying it was just the water that had cushioned her growing pups. The thought occurred to her that this process was going to be messy, and it could very well ruin the bedding that wasn't hers. Feebly she pawed at the wool blanket, trying to push it away from her quivering haunches as she waited for the next wave.
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Despite the severity of the situation, Saul was at least slightly pleased that Colibri trusted him enough to come to him when she needed. She wasn't the most trustful of females and she had an innate fear of males, but he supposed the proximity of her sister drew her closer as well. The pleading look in her eyes nearly broke his heart as he ushered her inside, locking the door securely behind them. She needed to feel safe and to know that nobody would be able to walk in on her in a most intimate and vulnerable moment would probably soothe her a little more. She clutched hold of his arm, claws digging into the flesh, pointing out clearly that another contraction was rippling through her body. Sympathy echoed on his face as he thought of the pain she must be going through, before her small voice caused a soft, wordless hum to escape from him. Hearing Lilin shuffling around reassured him that she'd heard his plea, before he turned, green eyes catching bright blue. I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Coli. Trust me...

His voice remained firm, but quiet, gentle. As they entered the spare room that she'd previously stayed in, Saul was grateful to see that Lilin had placed clean bedding in here, a few blankets that would certainly be useful this evening. His thoughts were interrupted at her next words, revealing the extent of her fears. His face softened from hard concentration to emphatic care. He wouldn't let her die, no matter what happened. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you're here for your babies, I promise. He offered in return, though he really wanted to return the sentiment profusely- Colibri was his family even if he was only related through Lilin now. Moving around the room, Saul began to get what he needed ready- herbs that would help if he needed them, his satchel that held various tools he might need. He heard Coli address her sister, glancing up to see Lilin standing close to her sibling. He smiled softly, though he was distracted with getting himself prepared.

Gratefully, Colibri made her own way over to the bed and lowered herself down. It was perhaps around this time that a tangy odour caught his nose and he glanced down to see that her waters appeared to have broken. That was a good thing, although it did mean she was well on her way to giving birth. Exiting the room for a moment, Saul gathered up a pile of rabbit furs, for a variety of uses. Re-entering, Saul walked past his mate, a brief touch to her arm to show his appreciation that she was here, before the male settled on the floor by Colibri's head. Its a bit of a waiting game until you feel the urge to push, I'm afraid. He spoked softly, though his hands had moved to gently roll over her swollen abdomen. He could feel three distinct bodies he thought, lining up to be born. He hoped for his mate's sake and that of the almost-mother, that this birth went without complications.


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(420) wotd: ecru

A quivering hand pushed a stray curl aside as she debated her next move. She almost felt out of place - she couldn't be the comforting presence Colibri needed. Concern gnawed at her insides, stung her eyes. Her sister's fears were her own. She had heard the chocolate Hollr's staccato comment right before she had infiltrated the doorway. It hurt to hear such things but being the realist that she was, Lilin couldn't blame her sister for thinking that way. A soft shake of her head was given in reply to Colibri's half-hearted comment - au contraire, she had to be there. They were sisters, that alone was reason enough to stay. Together they were strong. With a soft sigh, she chanced a few steps further into the room, sidestepping crumsily to avoid getting in Saul's way. ''I'm staying,'' she replied finally, giving Coli's fingers a gentle squeeze as they extended towards her - a fleeting touch, yet meaningful in so many ways.

Lilin couldn't control her fidgeting limbs, visibly tensing with every single contraction. It was a little frightening, seeing in how much pain she could be. Her mate exited the room around that moment and her mediterranean pools darted after him nervously. A distressed frown creased her forehead when Colibri's little fingers clutched the wooden pendant around her neck, right before another contraction ripped through her body. ''You are ready. Think of your babies. You've wanted this for so long. Be strong... for them,'' she replied encouragingly, opting to sit on the straw mattress just north of her sibling's frame- at an angle where she could not see between the birthing mother's legs. Her goal was to focus on Colibri and not what she would be experiencing within a matter of days.

Her fingers pushed the Hollr's chocolate strands away from her forehead, as she seemed to always do whenever her older sibling needed reassurance. ''Be brave,'' she murmured in Colibri's chocolate ear, awkwardly leaning over her own encumbering belly. Saul returned shortly thereafter with pelts in hand, causing the Soulstorm heir to relax considerably. She was unaware of what was going on down below but an exhale of her own matched her sister's, making her realize that she had been skipping breaths until now. ''Don't, Coli. Don't worry about that,'' she half-growled upon seeing her sister trying to push the ecru blanket away from her body, all the while heeding her beau's explanation. How much longer would she suffer? How much longer until she felt the need to push?

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Colibri Haki
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Saul settled on the floor nearby, ready and waiting. Lilin chose to sit upon the mattress, gently stroking her mane. They were both here for her, Saul and Lilin. They were her family and she loved them. She finally had a family, and she could only pray that she wouldn't be torn away from them tonight. Coli had never been particularly brave -- her life was one long string of cowardly decisions -- but tonight she would try her best to hold on and be brave for their sake. They were doing the same for her, and she had to earn that devotion, not just continue to soak it up and offer nothing in return.

Saul rolled his hands over her abdomen, checking her stomach the same way he had that sunny day in the garden when he first guessed what was ailing her. He didn't say anything, and she swallowed nervously, hoping that meant there was nothing wrong. "Do you know how many?" she asked meekly, waiting for the next contraction to harden her abdomen again. It had to be more than two, she was fairly certain -- she was so heavy for her small frame, there had to be a lot of them. She touched his shoulder briefly, wordless thanks for keeping his promise.

You've wanted this for so long... Lilin was right, of course. Coli was finally going to be a mommy, against all the odds; it was certainly unconventional, but in this moment she wasn't thinking about their father or their future. A little flutter of excitement brought a tiny smile to her face, and she moved the Frithr pendant to her lips, kissing it in thanks. For all the horrible things she went through to get here, for all the pain she still had to endure tonight, she was still going to have her wish fulfilled. It didn't make it any less terrifying, but she had a reason to survive.

When Lilin reprimanded her, she stopped pawing at the blanket and instead wriggled backwards on the mattress until she could lay her head in her sister's lap. She closed her eyes, pressing her face against the curve of Lilin's belly to block out everything that was going on. It was easy to lose track of time -- it was only minutes, but it could have been hours -- as the contractions gained intensity, leaving her only moments to feebly catch her breath before they rippled through her again. She was trembling, from fear or exhaustion or a combination of the two. The one mercy was that her frantic mind was beginning to shut down, letting instinct take over the natural process.

Suddenly she flinched, digging her claws into the blanket as she gave a strangled whine. "It's coming," she called through gritted teeth, twisting her body as the tension built to an unbearable level. It felt like she would be rent asunder by the impossible pressure. How was she supposed to do this? Her back arched as she struggled to push, to get past what she knew was the hardest part. Somehow, generations of ingrained knowledge exerted her muscles to do the job they were designed for, and the first pup emerged in a rush of fluids. She whimpered, tired body going limp as her muscles relaxed.

Coli was shaking violently, panting with relief. The coppery scent of blood hung in the air, as well as others she couldn't recognize such as amniotic fluids. She was too tired to even lift her head and look, to see the puppy she had just brought into the world. "Is... is it okay...?" she asked breathlessly, still with her eyes tightly shut. Of course she was afraid; what if it was stillborn? What if she had failed already? She had tried to eat well and stay healthy while she carried them, but whether or not she had succeeded was yet to be seen. There were others to come, though she could not tell how many. "I'll do the rest later," she murmured weakly, smiling faintly up at Lilin. Her sister was the brave one, not her. Coli just had to lay back and let nature take its course, but Lili was fully aware of everything. She would do her best to return the favor.

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-victory dance-

At Lilin's firm words that she wasn't leaving, Saul felt a soft smile tug at his lips. He was glad Colibri had her sister with her, for support. There was also a tiny part of him that wished Lilin wasn't here- she didn't need to see the process Colibri had to go through, nor the pain. She certainly didn't need to be here if things went wrong, if he couldn't keep to his promise. Swiftly, the thought was pushed aside- Lilin would give her sister strength and there was no way he was going to lose the Soul female. He looked up at Coli at her quiet question, a nod immediately bobbing his head. Unless there was a dead pup in there at the back, he was fairly certain she was carrying three. I think you've got three- but we'll have to wait and see until they're all out. He offered, his tone soft. He glanced up as Lilin began to speak, appreciative of the bond the pair shared.

He remained quiet and pensive as Lilin moved forward to sit on the mattress with her sister. It might get awkward when things started happening, but Saul was more than happy for the pair to seek comfort in one another. It was Lilin who noticed Colibri's discomfort at the mess she'd made on the blanket and he was glad to hear his mate's words- the blankets didn't matter at all. As he settled on the floor, he didn't know how long this was going to be. the onslaught of contractions, which clearly made Lilin wince along with her sister, seemed nerve-ending. However, after a short while, Saul began to pick up on a rhythm and he could see that they were becoming stronger, more frequent. It was about this time that he noticed the tension in Colibri's body and he was rewarded with his right guess when Colibri announced that they were coming. Its going to be okay Coli. He murmured, a quiet encouragement as she began to push.

What seemed like seconds later, or perhaps it had been a few minutes, he sensed to last contraction hit and in a flurry of fluid from between Colibri's legs, a dark pup emerged. Colibri's immediate question was not answered- Saul rushed forward with one of the courser pelts. He knew that Colibri needed to clean her pup, but as she collapsed back, she looked spent. Her murmured words were worrying, but he had to motivate her. Coli, your baby needs you. You need to break the sack, clear its airways and clean it up. You can lick it clean- it will stimulate the breathing, or you can use a pelt to keep it clean and dry... but you need to do it quickly. He instructed, offering her the pelt he'd picked up. He understood that it was an important ritual for her to complete- he just hoped she was able to do it before her second pup arrived.


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(312) wotd: quail

Lilin listened to her mate's guidance as if she were studying the phenomena, marveling in its miraculousness. Her sister had inherited more than their sire's distinct features, whether she realized it or not. Haku Soul's daughters had been blessed with his strength. Colibri was the strongest woman known to the Soulstorm heir. She handled everything admirably, refusing to quail in the face of darkness- coaxing a proud smile from her younger sibling's lips. If her co-leader's guess was accurate, the Soul bloodline would carry on in the form of three puppies. They were Vinatta's future. Seeing the birthing mother kiss the hand-carved Frithr necklace brought forth unexpected emotions. The Virding had to look away for a moment, visibly humbled by the emotional purity of the gesture. Blinking away unshed tears, Lilin murmured a silent prayer in an endeavour to save face and keep her composure.

She couldn't keep the surprise from her face when the chocolate Hollr's head settled onto her lap. It was unlike her sister to initiate any form of contact and the gesture itself caused her pools of ocean blue to glisten, catching the moon's reflection through the window. It felt like her own puppies responded to their aunt's touch, as they animated and shifted with the press of Colibri's forehead against their dam's abdomen. The Haki female flinched, announcing that her first child was on its way, and Lilin could only watch helplessly as her sister writhed and contorted. She refrained from making any sudden movements, afraid of interfering until the new mother's body finally stilled. Her dichotomous receivers lowered when her sibling's question wasn't immediately answered. Lilin craned her neck curiously, hoping to catch a glimpse of her newborn niece or nephew. Saul's words indicated that everything was fine for the time being, although his allusion to the fact that the child wasn't necessarily breathing was quite worrisome.


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Colibri Haki
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Lilin's lap was a place of comfort, and she did not want to move away. She knew Saul was trying to motivate her, but she was so very tired. Exhausted, Coli struggled to prop herself up on her elbows, grumbling faintly under her breath. She fell silent when she saw it, though, the dark distinctive shape of a pup curled in a still ball. Coli moved quickly to pick it up, accepting the pelt from Saul and trying to clean away the clinging membrane and fluids that obscured her. In her haste, she dropped the fur and used her tongue, letting instinct aid her. There was a faint whine caught in her throat, a soft sound calling her child to life. It stirred, little paws feebly moving in protest against the rough licking.

She was so small. Her daughter, her firstborn. Coli stared in amazement at the damp little thing, holding her gingerly in her cupped hands. There was a swell of emotion in her, a sudden fierce desire to protect her from the world and keep her safe. The uncertainty she had harbored before felt like a lifetime ago. Now she wanted nothing more than to love her little girl. How could she have ever doubted that she wanted this?

A cramping pain in her stomach reminded her that she could not rest yet. Reluctantly she wrapped the brown pup in the rabbit fur, touching noses in a small gesture of affection. The next contraction was strong, coiling fiercely in her belly and causing her to slump back against the bed, weakly offering the pup to Saul in case he needed to check her. The puppy was breathing, even opening her tiny pink mouth to squeak. Coli didn't want to let her go, but she didn't want to accidentally hurt her, either.

The second pup was close on the heels of its sibling. Coli was too tired to cry out this time, her legs trembling from the effort as she pushed. Through closed eyes she could see stars bursting, nearly passing out as she held her breath and forced it. But finally there was release, the second pup sliding out much like the first. Coli gasped for air, wearily moving to her newborn to repeat the process of freeing and cleaning it, rubbing the tiny body with the pelt to warm it up. The scent of blood hung in the air, staining the pale fur of her thighs and the mattress beneath her. She had to ignore it, though, focusing instead on her newborn. This one was bigger than its sister, and as she slowly revealed it, she saw it was covered in fuzzy black fur.

Black. She felt a little shiver, staring with trepidation at the tiny life she held in her hands; it looked like its sire, the black dog that had beaten her, forced himself upon her. She had been afraid they would look like him, grow to act like him. She hesitated, but leaned in close to lick, gently cleaning and stimulating the newborn until it began to move, raising its feeble head and squeaking. It was too late to deny the child she had brought into the world. Then a relieved smile spread across Coli's weary face -- the little one had faint brown markings on her cheeks. She, for it was indeed a female, could grow up to look like her Auntie Lilin.

Hesitantly Coli turned to her sister with the pup hugged against her chest, showing her. She knew Lilin was not overly fond of children, but maybe this little niece would be an exception. There were faint tears gleaming in the new mother's eyes, relief and hope shining from her haggard expression. They were doing all right so far. They were all going to make it. There was only one left.

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nawww, babers are cuuuuute!

He could see the struggle it was for her- her head rested so snugly in Lilin's lap and Saul knew how comfortable that was. But with what seemed like a herculean effort, Colibri raised herself once more and accepted the fur he'd offered her before scooping her first born up. Breaking the sack was the worst of it and in her haste the chocolate female dropped the fur. It didn't seem to matter however- where the warm fur had been, her rough tongue replaced it, clearing the airways and encouraging breathing. For a moment, the silence suspended the trio in limbo before the quiet, worried whine broke from Colibri's lips and at last there was a shuddering breath and a squeak from the first. A relieved breath blew from the male as Coli finished cleaning the pup up.

It was clear to see that Colibri was not done yet and as what he assumed another contraction cramped up, she wrapped her first born in a fur and offered it silently to him. Without hesitating, Saul scooped the newborn up and quickly began to check her, as a quick look revealed, airways and breathing. Once the mucus had been cleared, the breathing was shallow but he didn't think it was anything to worry about. He checked the little females eyes, clearing away gunk from her eyes and repeating the process on her ears. After checking that there were no obvious deformities, Saul wrapped her back up in the fur. He was about to place her back with her mother, but a glance at the chocolate female and it was clear she was very close to her second born. With a final push, the pup emerged.

Saul remained quiet as Coli scooped up the pup, breaking the sack as she'd done the first time. Green eyes widened just slightly when he caught sight of the dark black that made up the pup. He'd never seen Toby, but it was no secret that he had been pure black. His heart throbbed slightly as he thought he saw Coli hesitate before her maternal instincts kicked in and she began to clean the pup up as she had the first. He sighed softly, rubbing the first born softly as if to rally her into accepting a sibling into this world. The awkward twist of Coli as she presented her second born to Lilin looked uncomfortable but Saul didn't say anything. There was still one more to come and it was often to last born to cause problems. Still a little unsure what to do with the little female, he offered her to Lilin, hoping he was wrong and that he didn't need to jump into action to save her. Until the third was born and her placenta had come out, he was on high alert.



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Pools of ocean blue stalked Colibri's every move, silently watching the interaction between daughter and mother; learning from it all, committing things to memory. She would have to do the same in a matter of days. It all seemed so surreal. A hand was placed upon the new mother's back, offering comfort and a source of balance as Coli struggled to clean her firstborn child. In Lilin's eyes, silent awe was most noticeable. Her body was tense with needless anxiety as her sister perforated the membrane keeping her child from taking its first breath. It was hard to believe that such a tiny being was their newest family member. Until Colibri had come along, Lilin had felt no connection to the Soul family. And with the arrival of these little ones, the Virding already felt her love expanding and encompassing them.

Her niece was transferred over to Saul, who promptly reacted by taking her in his arms and giving her a thorough examination. Colibri's second daughter took the opportunity to make her presence known. Lilin's attention travelled from Saul to the birthing mother, visibly overwhelmed by the urgency of this situation. Her sibling's throaty gasp signaled the birth of the second baby. Her receivers perked with the same curiosity as before, especially when both Colibri and Saul visibly froze at the sight of the little girl. She was the last one to see her as her tiny body was cleaned of bodily fluids. Through her dark coloration, her dog sire was recognizable. Only the brown highlights on her cheeks belonged to her mother.

Lilin hadn't quite made the connection with her own complexion but one smile from Colibri was all she needed to understand. Her frown softened into a genuine smile then, and she nodded. The Soulstorm heir wasn't sure what the proper reaction would've been or if her sister even expected one at all. A part of her wanted to reach out and touch the dark child, but she felt too inadequate to do so. Saul apparently did not see it as such. Her eyes widened momentarily when her mate handed one of the puppies over. It all happened so fast. Within seconds, her niece was nestled comfortably in her arms, seeking warmth. The Virding instantly became captivated by the little creature in her arms.

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Colibri Haki
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The events were getting less distinct, more hazy around the edges. Coli's perception was dimming, clouded by fatigue and hormones and the overwhelming emotional response, as she blinked back the tears. No one was speaking anymore, the room quiet save for the sounds she made during her labor. That was good, she did not think she could concentrate enough to respond to words at this point. Her second pup was passed to Saul, and vaguely she noticed he handed her firstborn to Lilin for safekeeping. It was the safest place for her, cuddled in her aunt's warm embrace. Coli smiled, infinitely relieved to see them bonding already, just in case...

The contractions ebbed and flowed, the late stages of labor taking longer due to the mother's exhaustion. The coppery scent of blood was stronger now. That was... wrong. Her heartbeat was fluttering, rapid and shallow and leaving her lightheaded. This couldn't be normal, could it? It reminded her of the effects of nightshade. But at last, the third and final puppy was born. Coli struggled forward, trembling as she cradled the slimy bundle, using teeth and tongue to clean the mucus and cord and coax the little creature to breathe. She whimpered softly, nudging her baby with her nose until she felt it nudge back, stirring in her hands.

White, or at least pale, the faded markings lost in her damp puppy fur. Even her nose was a pastel shade, something the newborn held in common with a cousin she would someday be introduced to, Eclipse. This child was not the pure unblemished white of her arctic wolf ancestors, but she was a closer link than her littermates. She was smaller than her dark sister before her -- all three were female, an unexpected turn of events. Coli had expected at least one son, a little boy she could name after Conor. But perhaps it was better, knowing that the males in her family struggled more with the darkness in their line. The pale pup could carry the Soul name in honor of the Dahlian uncle she would never meet, without fear of being destroyed by its legacy. This puppy was silent, not squeaking like her sisters before her, merely squirming about with its tiny mouth open, questing to nurse.

Colibri was dizzy, spots dancing behind her eyelids as she panted. She wanted to sleep, sink into the blackness forever. Her pups were born, and the bulge of her swollen stomach was gone now, though the ache was still present. Wasn't she done? They were safe now, weren't they? She would nurse the little ones as soon as the pounding in her skull receded enough for her to think straight. She was still clutching the youngest pup to her chest when the afterbirth was expelled, all the remnants of her pregnancy sliding forth. Wolf instinct told her to devour the mess as she had the sacs, but she was too tired, and it was too awkward in this form. Her abdomen was still cramping, but the pain was duller than it had been during the full contractions, easing back to normal.

Coli shivered, laying against the mattress with her chest heaving. Her thighs were slick with blood. She couldn't seem to catch her breath, no matter how she tried. "'S'over... they're all right... feels cold..." she mumbled, head lolling against the mattress. She would sleep now. It was time for rest.

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Despite the slight uncertainty with which Lilin seemed to look at her niece, within moments of Saul offering her over his mate had settled the first born into her arms. And he was then given the second born, the dark female to look at. Repeating the process was easier the second time, when he sort of knew what he was looking for. Checking ears, eyes, nose and mouth only took a few moments before he'd felt along the little girls body, trying to find any deformities in the physique. He could find none and with a grin sent towards Coli, he silently let her know that her second born was healthy. It was then that he spotted the glazed, far-off look in the females eyes, the point where exhaustion didn't quite describe what she was going through. She just had one more to go and he hoped it came soon.

As if on cue, he saw the pain flash across her face as more contractions sought to expel the third and hopefully final life from her body.Coli's exhaustion made it difficult and the last push seemed to take forever to get there. The pup emerged in what appeared to be a massive torrent of fluid, the scent of blood overpowering. Saul had never been present at a birth before and he wasn't sure if it was normal. As before, Coli began to clean the pup, revealing a pale form beneath. He smiled softly, relief causing a huff to escape him when the little pup began to squeak. The little pup settled against her mothers chest and Coli lay back, panting it seemed. Was that it? Was it over? He watched as just moments later the afterbirth was expelled.

Green eyes were critical as he looked at her, barely able to breath. Cinnamon backed ears plastered against his head when her words came- she was unable to catch her breath and her words came out in tired stutters. She was cold- that wasn't right. Without thinking, Saul handed over the dark pup to his mate and remove the third pup from her mothers breast. The tree would be a handful for Lilin, but gut instinct told him something wasn't right. His nose told him he'd been right as just seconds later, the tangy scent of blood increased and he looked down to spot the bleeding between Colibri's legs.

Coli, don't panic. Just stay awake for me- I need to stop the bleeding. He spoke calmly despite the thumping of his heart. Moving quickly, he gathered up the remaining clean furs, folding them into a thick wad of absorbent skin. Keeping the females legs open, he pressed the wad against the apex of her thighs, applying as much pressure as he dared without causing more harm. Green eyes watched her stomach and abdomen, which he could see were still clenching. Was her uterus still contracting? His brows mashed together as he tentatively reached out, the heel of his hand pressed into her abdomen, moving in a soothing circular motion. Pushing hard enough down so that the movement would massage her uterus, he hoped he would be able to stop the contractions- she had nothing left to give. Keeping one hand pressed firmly against the wad of furs, he dared not remove them for fear that the sight would be something truly terrifying.



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One soon became three. Lilin had been so caught up with her firstborn niece that she hadn't caught on to her sister's decreasing health until all of the newborn puppies found themselves in her arms. She too had noticed the overpowering smell of blood but, given that she had little knowledge of birthing procedures, she hadn't necessarily associated it with something being wrong. At first, the Virding had struggled to hold all three of them adequately - pressing them against her body perhaps a little too tightly. Last thing she wanted was to drop one of them. Once the pups were secure, Lilin finally permitted herself to glance at the bloody scene unfolding before her. What she'd mistaken for exhaustion was much more than that. Her breath caught in her throat, along with the silent whimpers that threatened to escape her parted maw. Saul's instructions rang clear and her dichotomous receivers lowered in response.

It felt was though her heartbeat was syphoning Colibri's, picking up the pace when her sister's was faltering and fading away. Still, she remained silent, clutching the children as she moved several feet away from the bed- repositioning herself at an angle where her eldest sibling would be able to see her offspring without effort. The Soulstorm heir did her best to stay out of her mate and co-leader's way, suppressing her anxiety as best as she could. She did her best not to look at anything but Coli's face, avoiding the excess of blood and the concern written all over Saul's face. ''Coli,'' she murmured, barely above the insistent squeaks of her nieces. ''You can't go to sleep yet. Your daughters still need you. Look at them,'' she continued, urging her to focus on the babies and not the gravity of the situation. Her tone of voice strained and quivered under the emotional weight of it all.

Don't go. I still need you.

Lilin Soulstorm


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