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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

Disbelief would probably be an understatement for the male. Anger and rage were warring with the unconditional love he felt for the vixen in mind, the frustration of not knowing the whole story. Regardless of not having the whole picture, Temeraire knew what he'd been told. She'd never wanted him, she'd only wanted it. His cursed family promise, a heavy weight that seemed to drag him down wherever he went. The fact that she not only knew about it, but had wormed her way into his life to get to it was like a stab to his heart. He loved her and even with this rageful thoughts racing around in his head, a larger part of him clung to the hope that it wasn't true. She loved him too, surely? Even as he thought it, a more practical part of him tried to squash it. He must not get soft- he knew the information to be true. His mate had only ever been with him for her own personal gain.

Unable to hold the choke of anger and despair any longer, the male dropped his head towards the floor for a moment. Stormbringer blue eyes were shining, his stomach roiling. He didn't want to believe it, but his friend wouldn't lie to him. He'd told Sonje this morning that he was going to meet an old friend- not a lie, the letter had arrived a few days ago informing the male that they had an issue to discuss. And it had been the worst meeting of his life. How could she do this to him? He'd given himself to her completely, everything he had he gave to her, his virginity, his life, his love. And it had all been a lie. These thoughts were poisonous and he tried as hard as he could to school a more neutral expression. He just wanted to speak to her, find out, from her, whether his friend had the truth of it.

Entering their small home, Temeraire was at least reassured that his possession was safe. He was well aware that his mate couldn't read and with a sickening wretch, he realised why she'd stuck around. She couldn't just steal it- she had to get him to give it to her. Over the past months of their whirlwind relationship, Sonje had expressed a wish to learn to read, which had pleased the dark male greatly. He'd set about the task with vigor, thinking his mate wanting to improve her literacy for their sakes. Gripping the string of the bow across his chest, Temeraire moved towards the house. He would prove willing to listen and as he entered, a soft call came from him. Sonje? Are you here sweetheart? The endearment felt acidic on his tongue as he quickly removed the bow and quiver from his person and hung them in their usual spot by the door. His shorts concealed his dagger, though he couldn't control the rapid breaths he took to try and calm himself. Blue eyes narrowed and he began to move, silent footsteps through the house.

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Sonje by Sie!

His voice, the highlight of her everyday. They could go hours apart, attending to individual duties and other small nuances of their personalities, but she had become too accustomed to seeing his face every day to go without it for more than that. She was drawing when he arrived, one of only three hobbies she practiced regularly; the other two being cooking and sword-fighting. How lady-like. But Sonje didn't need to be a lady. She fit with Temeraire, and he loved her unconditionally—something she treasured more than anything, as she'd never had someone show her such love before.

So when he called, Sonje tossed her pad aside, scrambling from the covers of their bedding in an effort to greet him. Coming! she called, feeling immensely giddy. She had news for her love, great news! And a wonderful picture to illustrate it, but in her haste, she left her elegant sketch behind and rushed into her mate's arms, with no less enthusiasm than usual. Once unhappy, selfish and egotistic, she'd found after months of being with him, that she could set all of that aside, if only for Teme.

She crashed into him, knowing his arms to be steady and strong, her bronze fur melting into his raven pelt like it belonged. She kissed him, full on the mouth, and a sleek hand snaked up to play with his white-rimmed ear (a habit), as she stood back again to observe him. She tilted her head, a small, admiring smile piercing her lips as she marveled that he was hers, a fact she was confident in. She didn't even remember—as it had been purged from her thoughts a long time ago—the real reason she'd come to know the amazing young man. How was your friend? Did you get to catch up? she asked interestedly, pretending as if she didn't have her own news. As much as it would have pained the "old" Sonje to play the loving, doting wife, she found it was easy with Teme. He deserved every ounce of loving attention she could give—or so she thought.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

He was deathly quiet as he stood in the house that had represented all he'd ever wanted. He thought he had it all- Sonje was beautiful and since their time together, she'd transformed into a wonderful mate. Neither of them were perfect, the Stormbringer male appreciated that. But this... this went above and beyond a simple mistake. His stomach clenched, making it difficult to breath. And the worst part- his automatic relaxation when her soft voice called down from above that she was coming. He heard her, white rimmed ears tipping forwards to hear her thundering down the stairs. As soon as she came into sight, his body seemed to give a jerk before her own slammed into his. Automatically, his arms came to steady her, wrapping firmly around her waist.

For the briefest of moments, he could forget what he knew. She leant back, lips seeking his own and he was powerless to stop the kiss. For just a second, everything was right in the world, the familiar taste of his loves lips against his own, the tingle of pleasure down to his groin as her hand came up to run over the white rims of his ears. For that moment, all he wanted to do was hold her tighter, forget he'd ever been told, forget about his damned secret and be with his mate. The spell broke as quickly as it had begun- the vixen moved back to study him, her voice excited as she enquired about his meeting. He was unable to hold back any longer, his face morphing from peaceful relaxation to the suspicious, narrow-eyed gaze he'd adopted when he walked in.

It was educational, to say the least. He revealed a few... truths that had been kept from me before. He tried to keep his voice calm, but there was a tremor there that spoke volumes. He stepped back, gaining some space from the female, dark hands clenching and unclenching. With ears pinned against his head, a look of pure anguish on his face, he took a breath. Tell me, Sonje. Why are you here? Why are you with me? Tell me... He demanded, tail tucking against his hind legs to give him a look of scorned vulnerability. In some ways, he dared her to deny what he was implying, but he could say nothing as his chest rose in aggravated pants. The truth would be revealed, one way or another.

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Sonje by Sie!

Something was wrong—and now that she was paying attention, he didn't have to narrow those lovely blue eyes for her to notice it. It was in the slight contours of his face, something uneasy lie there, perhaps unsettling. Had the meeting with his "old friend" gone awry, or was it something else? Concern laced her features, even as he spoke. Some sort of truth had upset him; of course, it didn't register to Sonje what he was hinting at. He stepped back, and reflexively she reached for him, wanting to lay her hand on his gray chest, just beneath his settled charms, but somehow she felt (for the first time) that her touch would not be welcome. So she hesitated and then dropped it back to her side, worry spreading across her face like wildfire.

She glanced down at his hands, read his increasingly tense body language, and now it was her turn to take a step back, slicking her own ears back from sheer confusion. She shook her head, not understanding his question. Teme, I don't... what do you mean? she asked, her voice accented with a sort of apprehensive defensiveness that was beginning to roil fitfully inside her chest. Why are you asking me that? I'm with you because I love you... Though it was completely honest (now) she was afraid this answer wasn't good enough for him. She didn't know what else to say.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

The unchecked anger coursing through his blood was icy cold, which was perhaps a little surprising to the male in itself. He always considered anger to be hot, rage and fury were hot emotions. But this was freezing, sliding down his spine to make him shiver uncontrollably. As he'd moved back, she'd automatically made to correct the distance and it made his stomach clench. His closing fists were noted and Sonje stepped back, a movement that Teme was grateful for. He'd never wanted to hit a girl before- but then no-one had ever broken his heart this way. His love, he almost choked on the thought that he still considered her as such, picked up on his body language almost immediately and her questions came tumbling forward.

Her stammering words served only to wind him up. She knew exactly what he was talking about- how could she not? She'd come here with a single intention, surely she couldn't have forgotten already. Her ears were slick against his head, prompting his own to take a more dominant position upright. He wanted to shout at her, to tell her she knew exactly what she meant, she was just delusional. But her next words caused his dark blue eyes to turn a dangerous shade of black, his own vision flashing red. She loved him? The lies poured from her mouth with such ease- how could he ever have fallen for it. Unable to hold it together any longer, he opened his mouth and roared at her.

I DON'T BELIEVE YOU. You are lying to me. After his initial shout, his words were spoken very clearly, a slight pause after each word to punctuate what he was saying. He didn't comprehend that he was moving until his arms had come up to grip her own forearms. He didn't realise he'd leaned in closer until he could see his own reflection in the darkness of her pupils. The book, Sonje. The reason you found me... seduced me. I know your secrets... He hissed in her face, lips automatically pulling back to reveal sharp ivories. He couldn't have adjusted his grip if he'd wanted to, but he consciously made to shove the vixen away from him, hoping she hit the wall or some other solid object.

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Sonje by Sie!

And just as she suspected, her words weren't enough to quell the steadily rising beast in front of her. Sonje had never had cause to be afraid of Temeraire before, so it was doubly shocking when he shouted at her, grabbed her even, and held her so firmly that she nearly buckled to his will. But the wolfdog had always been a defiant brat, and though her eyes shone with confusion and uncertainty, they hardened as he glared at her, realizing that she suddenly might have to defend herself against the only man she'd ever loved.

His anger brought an unbidden fear into her heart, something she'd never experienced before. Sonje wasn't a fearful creature by any means, but his tight grip threatened to completely cut off circulation in her arms, and a fight was brewing so readily and so quickly that she was momentarily frightened at the prospect of the outcome. Of losing him. He wouldn't hurt her, she thought—but even as this assurance crossed her mind, he hissed at her, something terrible. Initially she gave a small gasp at the accusation, which did little except to affirm her guilt. I have no secrets! she shouted suddenly, and just as she made to wrench herself out of his grasp, Teme pushed her.

Both simultaneous actions had Sonje careening carelessly into their small dinner table, where she'd set many meals for her husband and even shared a passionate, spur-of-the-moment tryst or two atop of. She snarled as she rocked the table, moving it several feet back and making a chair lose its balance. She gripped the edge of the table hard, steadying herself, but breathing hard. It'd happened too fast for her to comprehend, and she was vaguely aware that she'd taken the brunt of the table into her stomach. She whipped her head around, looking at him with both such fury and sorrow that it was difficult to tell which one was more prevalent.

You bastard, she spat; You fucking idiot! She pushed herself off the table, rocking on her feet for a moment before she made a swift start for the stairs. She was too flustered, couldn't even think of what he'd just accused her of and how true it was. She grabbed the banister. She just wanted to get upstairs, to the only mirror in the house. She just needed to check...

She thought to say something else to him, perhaps denying it would help, but her mind was in a fray and she was loping up the steps without another word—just trying to escape. Ironically, it looked like she was heading upstairs for the book, which, if anything, was the last thing on her mind at the moment.

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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

The fear and defensiveness in Sonje's eyes as he gripped her tighter, claws most likely piercing the skin, only seemed to cement the fact that she was guilty in the males own mind. If she wasn't guilty, she had nothing to fear from him. As he moved closer, muzzle just millimetre's away from her own, he thought he felt her struggle, trying to back away as he hissed in her face. Never before had he felt so angry, or so powerful. The softest of gasps came from her, serving only to deepen his snarl, before her own shout rang in his ears. It was the final straw, to which he'd given a disgusted roar and shoved her. Unfortunately for her, it was coupled with the lurch she'd given backwards, which meant the little female went careening into their dining table. It struck across her abdomen and for a moment her body flashed forward against the table so she lay against it. It didn't last long however.

She turned to look at him, hatred burning in her gaze as she cursed him. Did she think he would stand for it? The insults slapped against him, like a hand to the cheek and he could only snarl in response. Such was his rage that he could no longer form coherant words and instead resorted back to a more primal means of communication. His body tensed, coiled to spring and it seemed he wouldn't have to wait long. A few seconds later, Sonje made a mad dash for the stairs. She was going for the book, she was going to steal it, take it from him. It was his families curse to bear- they were responsible for it. Unthinking he dived after her.

Raising his arms to try and stop her, his claws came down to rake the outside of both her thighs. He had no idea if he pierced her skin, but at her attempt at escape and his own desperate need to contain her it was highly likely that she would have claw marks down her leg. It didn't seem to be enough though and Temeraire gathered himself together for a moment before lunging, leaping high and hoping to pin her to the stairs before she could do something that would kill him. He couldn't let her do this, this deceitful little bitch wasn't going to get away with his book.

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Sonje by Sie!

One hand on the rail, one hand on her forehead as she fought back a splitting headache—too many thoughts, too much chaos, too much at once. She'd reached the seventh or eighth step before a searing pain started on either side of her legs, and she howled in pain, whirling to face her attacker with a snarl. Temeraire had completely lost it, buried so deep into his anger that Sonje felt no amount of words could dig him out. Her only consideration would be to incapacitate him and make him listen; but she hadn't thought of this soon enough (in fact, it still hadn't even properly crossed her mind) and she was struggling to merely defend herself, let alone go on the offensive.

Sonje wasn't usually so clumsy, but then again, her mate wasn't usually trying to kill her. She'd taken to her knees on the steps, gritting her teeth as blood began a steady flow down each thigh. The same time to made to still get upstairs, she felt him move beneath her, and she barely had time to turn and brace herself before he was on top of her again. She was screaming, thrashing. Stop, Temeraire! Stop! STOP! Hysterically she tried to control her spinning emotions and the fear that was not directed towards her own life.

And even as she struggled beneath his overbearing weight, a body she'd once loathed to be without, she found that she couldn't find in herself the will to hurt him or struggle hard enough. Adrenaline fled through her veins, but it wouldn't apply itself, for some reason, to anything but making her heart pump unbearably fast. He finally had her pinned on the stairs, containing her forearms and trapping her slender legs between his. He straddled her, but dared not get close enough to her tear-stricken face, as her teeth were borne viciously at him, threatening to bite. I don't want your fucking book! she snarled. Get off!

Before he could cause more real damage, she jerked both knees up forcibly, aiming to nail him in the groin and free herself long enough to get up the steps. Viper, her dagger, was up there. She could at the very least keep him at bay with it. Fuck the book and everything it had once meant to her: Immortality. The greatest, most unearthly riches. Fantasy after fantasy for anyone as selfish as her. But that had all been before she'd gotten to know Teme... before she'd fallen in love with him. How could he do this? How could he toss everything away like this?

And then she remembered that his whole life had been dedicated to that book, when she'd only been given a short while. A few months was all it had took for her to get in—and it was all backfiring now. Tears flowed freely now, having never imagined being in love... and then having to fight said loved one like this.