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The morning had been spent working on the preparations. Everyone is Casa di Cavalieri knew that today the leaders of the other southern packs would be arriving. The courthouse had been swept, dusted and tided. The table in the war room was covered in meaty treats, cut down and prepared in various ways so that the leaders could easily use their hands to eat as they chatted. Jazper was beyond excited and full of anticipation all morning as he waited for their guest to arrive. He had briefed the pack about the dinner, asking them to leave the war room in peace for the early evening but inviting them to chat with any of the guests after the dinner.
Decorated in his finest clothes, his bear fur cape strapped to his right shoulder, the Sole greeted his guests, leading him to the war room as they arrived. At last everyone he had expected had been shown to the room and he joined them with a smile, filling up a glass of wine for all. Clearing his throat he called for attention, standing up beside Alyssum and raising a glass. <b>"Thank you all for joining my mate and I for an evening of socializing and good food. We are blessed to have you all here and thankful that you have taken time out of your busy lives for an evening."</b>
Pausing he thought of how to word his main reason for inviting the other leaders to Casa. <b>"Before we continue I would like to share with you an idea. Many of us have alliances with each other or friends within each other’s packs. I would like to propose a peace treaty throughout the south."</b> With these words he grew silent, his golden eyes watching the others for a reaction and hoping that they would see the idea in a positive light.


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<P>Io swilled her wine in her glass lazily, obviously with other things on her mind. Leaving her son for a prolonged period of time was hard. And surprisingly leaving Jaroslaw was difficult too. She'd spent most of the day before the journey to Casa in his arms looking for the wordless forgiveness he radiated outwards whenever he saw her. His patience must be outstanding. Jacinto would take care of Jakub though, and Jaroslaw was a grown man. Io had little to worry about.</p>

<P>Sipping from her glass she nodded in aid of Jazper's words, 'Yes. It would only serve to make us stronger. And I am sure we can all trust each other' her words were honest, but tired. As a sub leader, various things played on her mind and she considered that she was fortunate to be aided by Claudius and Ulilohi. But they were hardly responsible for her personal live.</p>

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<p>As she had gotten ready for the meeting that morning, she had idly wondered why it was always Jazper who was organizing and arranging these meetings of good will towards other packs; wasn't it d'Arte who was the one, after all, for good relations? She supposed Casa di Cavalieri was, as well, she thought grumpily in her mind as she had put on her transparent blue veil-like skirt, adorning herself with various jewelries from necklaces to bracelets, but never forgetting her belt and dagger.
<p>She had entered the hall relatively early - there were only one or two other leaders there, to whom she had uttered a warm greeting before seating herself. Truth be told, she had not forgotten the encounter with Tony, and she was still a bit sour over it. Allies indeed.
<p>However, she came with no ill tidings towards the pack itself, or the other packs that were gathered there today. As the last of the leaders filtered in, Skye listened intently as Jazper gave a brief summary - a proposition of peace. Skye nodded slowly; it would be good for them to band together, particularly because of their close proximity. She waited for Io to finish, and then spoke up for herself.
<p><b>"I agree,"</b> she said. <b>"A proposition of peace between our packs will bring security, too."</b> If peace was sought out for all, they would not worry about their neighbors attacking, as Skye herself had during the AniWayan war. Thankfully, however, AniWaya had avoided Cercatori d'Arte during the tension.

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<p>Oddly enough, Alyssum did not have a near catastrophe when she went to dress herself that afternoon for the dinner. Perhaps all the fore thought and meditation she had made during the weeks before had paid off, and she was ready for the meeting. Kind of. No amount of practice or preparation would cure one's sense of nervousness when they were about to do something of great importance, but the woman steeled herself before she entered the war room, being one of the first there as well--how anxious she would feel if she had to go to her seat with eyes trailing after her.

<p>The last of the leaders trickled in promptly, and she placed a small, inviting smile ln her face as Jazper stood to announce their gathering and the meaning behind it. She had decidedly not to speak, at least not now. The Sole covered the most important bases, and Alyssum was not sure if all of the leaders enjoyed the small talk she would speak with and the round about ways she had, so she kept on a friendly appearance and listened as the Knight presented his idea. So far, one of the women from the southern tribe and Skye--who's opinion she weighed greatly--had both agreed what was put forth, and the Luna's hopes grew eagerly, though her posture remained neutral.

<p>While the discussion was quiet, she felt excitement pulsing through her, probably from the greenness of being a new leader and the lack of routine feel to it. It was fascinating, this meeting, and soon she was wrapped up in the following statements, silently listening with an eagerness to hear more, yet her self-possessed nature hid this well enough.

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Silvano had gotten the message, and it was clear who would be coming to the leadership dinner. It was for his former uncle (still very much an uncle in his head), and Vigilante's place was at home to grieve for the loss of his mate and the mother of his children. There had been absolutely no question that he had no place here. The poor, worn dog had finally lost what he loved the most, and he could only offer gentle, and weak, condolences and a promise that he would take care of things. This was one of those; a big high to-do at Casa was just the sort of thing that Vigilante did not need to go to. Silvano was enough, and it was good enough practice that he desperately needed. </p>

<p>He had arrived, and found the other pack leaders there too; rather the ones that had come to visit. Of course he would not miss his uncle's invitation. For the dinner, he had dressed simply; black pants, black shirt. Light colors did strange things with his mottled pelt and black went with everything. </p>

<p>But it was a strange evening, different than what he had expected. He sat, having been fairly silent throughout the dinner as he stared back and forth between his uncle and the newest woman in his life. His lips were pursed tightly at the thought. He still thought that it was strange that his aunt and uncle had split, even if they had not been a good match. Most of the kids stayed here, with Jazper, and the others (few as they were) had moved on. But it was still strange. </p>

<p>Then the real business started, and Silvano looked up with a fierce concentration. <b>"Treaty, not an alliance?"</b> he asked, knowing that there was a definite difference between the two of them. A treaty was simply an agreement, and an alliance was a formal political connection. Did Jaz just want to have them all tied together, more so than usual, but without the ties that came with a formal alliance. <b>"What does that treaty entail, exactly, Jazper?"</b> he said, a little more formally than he normally would have. </p>

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Ulilohi had come reluctantly. Or, that might not be the right word. Still, she was not comfortable. It was odd to her to meet with all these strangers and non-strangers as if they had connection. Sure; Ulilohi had spoken to some of the leaders of the region before, or their more trusted pack members. She could understand the meeting's function, but she just wasn't really that interested in it. She could think of numerous better things to do than to join Io here and share a meal with some other personalities that she may or may not ever speak with again. Atisia had reprimanded her, talking about how important diplomacy was and that it was a great opportunity. He sat on her shoulder and occasionally sent her glances that she could very easily understand. It didn't change the fact that Ulilohi would rather be home and practice the spear.

She grew less stubborn and her mood improved greatly as the event itself started. Jazper opened with a proposition, and her ears moved as she tipped her head to the side, interested. She could have been less interested if it had been someone else than he making the suggestion, but he was not unlikable in the least, and she had no thoughts of him than positive. Her head nodded in silent agreement and she glanced to another who asked for details regarding the treaty. Ulilohi spoke out, not shy and glad that something worthwhile was happening already. The faster she could go home the better. "Perhaps an agreement of hospitality?" It would be comforting if she and her tribesmembers knew that wherever they went in the southern regions, a pack could help them or shelter them if they needed it. The councilwoman sent a glance to Io, as if asking what the bi-colored one thought of it, though in silence.

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