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POSTED: Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:35 pm

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<p>Alyssum sighed, and took another drag on the clove cigarette. She had been rather tense lately--moreover ever since that encounter with Roath happened. But, she tried to keep this from showing when she was around her pack, and now in the prescene of Antebellum, she felt loose and was able to let the stress show plainly for a moment or two. But, she was never one to wallow for long, and after a minute of puffing on the clove angrily, causing a thick, calming smoke float about her, she was able to get over it, at least for now. Yet, even the clove couldn't keep thoughts away, and she glanced up at the sky, like she at for the past few days. She felt something was amiss, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She tried not to think about it too much, but lately she had been watching the weather more than often lately, and felt a bit on edge.

<p>She straightened up and stood away from the stables, and reached out to pat the mare with both of her hands, giving the horse a good, comforting rub. At least the stubborn horse didn't give her problems she didn't know how to solve, though she would try her hardest to complicate things sometimes. The creature grumbled and snorted with pleasure as the coywolf smoothed over a spot on her neck, and the woman grinned around the cigarette that was clenched in her teeth. Antebellum was good company to have, she supposed, when she was going through a somewhat difficult time like this, though she had half the nerve to believe that the horse just pretended to listen in order to get a nice petting. Whatever the case, Alyssum was just glad to talk to someone without burdening them with her problems.

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