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They had been walking for some time now, well their horses. Eclipse was excited when Robert said he would join her this time to visit Vinatta. She had gotten a letter from Saul a few days ago about his puppies, soon to be born and she wanted to be there for the birth, she didn’t know how soon they would come or how late so if she was too early she would congratulate her stay a few days as promised to Robert then leave and visit when they got older. If she were on time she was sure she’d coo over the little puppies for those few days, not excluding Rob in any way but she knew she would not get to see her little cousins for long.

She didn’t feel right when she thought about moving close to Salsola, not after what happened, both times Really, but only what happened with Itachi stuck out. And as they got closer to where she had met her Brother She wasn’t feeling that good, she felt fidgety and out of odds. She stayed as close as she could to robert as though hiding herself from Itachi’s sixth sense of knowing where she was at all times because every time she went through here, there he was, ready to tell her something worse and worse. She could see Grace was getting nervous about being so close to another horse and thought of what could happen if something happened with the horses, and pulled away a little; “I dont’ like it here” She said as she felt a strong wind blow through her hair. There were light clouds above them, but she could see rain might be in their midsts soon enough. She looked over at Robert, but knew she couldn’t just drive the horses into a run, it would only be necessary for them to run the horses to the ground and though she shot at he pale man she had a feeling he would do nothing to harm her, but wondered why because he had killed her father...

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Even when they were hours beyond Cercatori d'Arte, still was not used to the beast he was riding on top of. He liked horses well enough, he guessed, since he had taken a liking to Grace and her foal, but striding them was a whole other story. The rocking of a horse's movements and the jerking and his height away from the ground, where heavy hooves laid--well, it didn't add up well with Robert. But, he knew this was the fastest way to travel, and while he had agreed to visit Eclipse's relatives in Vinátta, he wanted to return back as soon as possible when it was time to leave, not liking to be away from the familiar, loving home for too long. So, he dealt with his inner discomfort with a silence.

He noticed that Grace and Eclipse were pressing close, and while he found that comforting, he knew her horse wasn't exactly happy with it, and soon they pulled apart a bit. An ominous breeze pushed by, and he looked up at the sky, calculating a guess of what was going up there. He decided it was rainstorm, but something about it seemed off. But, before he could focus too long on it, the woman spoke up, and he tore his gaze away from the sky. "Here? Why don't you like it here?" He didn't like the place either, but it was only because he disliked anything that wasn't Cercatori, and he knew Eclipse must have had a legitimate reason than the fear of the unknown. What ever the case, her words made him more aware of his surroundings, wondering if it was something out here she did not like, and encouraged the horse with a press of his heels to keep a few steps ahead, but his body more or less remained leveled with her's.

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She wondered if it was a good idea to have him come with her. It was one thing to tease him to get outside and go hunt a rabbit on his own lands it was another to come with her and visit the stormbringer family, as well as the only other soulstorm family she had. He had agreed though she didn’t make him, she’d requested. She could see him nervous himself, and she looked up at the darkening clouds knowing rain was on the way, but reassuring him about it was the last thing on her mind.

She remembered the thunk on the wood as she shot at the tree that one day. Missing Itachi but it was because of his answer, “it was for the best” She closed her eyes and was reminded that he would definitely ask why. She sighed; “Around here, when I use to come though this area, I was always met by a man.. His name is Itachi Lykoi. The first time... he told me that my father was dead; She swallowed feeling a lump come up, but she wouldn’t cry it was just hard talking about it. “I was still a pup and didn’t believe him at the time, but deep down I knew. He confirmed it again the second time I saw him. He said...” She said then fell silent thinking of the second time, his warning that she would meet nothing but bad if she continued to stay there, especially with a fully lit flame. It seemed to make sense why, but if he killed her father why on earth wouldn’t he kill her too, why would he see fit to warn her of danger when he could just sit back and watch her get tore to pieces. She sat quietly looking down, she’d left much open as she had suddenly stopped talking but it was as if she forgot about Robert at that point, her eyes glazed over.. Thinking, trying to piece that horrible man that took away her fathers’ life.

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While he wanted to take the lead to secure the thought of shielding Eclipse from whatever was bothering her, there were a few factors stopping him. The most important was that she had begun to choke up, and he was hesitant to move far from her and Grace in case she suddenly broke out into tears. But, it did not seem that she was on ther verge of tears, or at least it seemed so, at least. Another reason he couldn't actually lead them was for the fact he didn't quite know where Vinátta was; he had traveled near there once, on the boat, though. For him to be a the forefront might as well been a wish to walk in circles for hours.

Lykoi... That sounded vaguely familiar, but the name was faint in mind, and he could not place where he had heard it from. Robert's sharp eyes narrowed a bit when Eclipse stated that the Itachi man told her that her father was dead. While he did not know much about Eclipse's family--in fact, there was little to nothing he truly knew about her relatives--but he knew that it was an uneasy subject for a reason. As she trailed off her words, he had the sneaking feeling about what he had said, and thus did not press her to continue her sentence as he jumped to the conclusion.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that man. I'm sure if we came across him, we could handle him." He looked over to her, and grimaced a bit at the thoughtful look that clouded over her face. He glanced up at the sky, and suddenly pointed at it. "I think it's going to rain soon. Do you think we could make it to the pack before it storm, or do we have to start looking for some shelter?" He didn't want to stray her away from important thinking, but he didn't want her to fall into some remorse silence, and maybe distracting her would help a bit. "I rather not sleep under a tree in the rain."

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They were silent as they rode on. It was Robert who startled her out of her silent thought, and she looked at him, biting her lip. She shook her head when he said she had not to worry about the man. She breathed in then looked at the sky, the wind blowing through her hair as she stared up; “We should keep going. As far as we can, there is not shelter from the wind for a while yet, and we are close to Vinatta,” She said and urged her horse faster which in turn urged Robert’s horse as they both were at odds. They sensed something as Eclipse was starting to sense.

The silence was great but she knew she would have to tell him. “I do have to tell you though. the second time he confirmed it.... he said the same thing. The... the third time was worse. He was acting odd, and then he told me he is my brother. That he killed my dad.” She took in a bit of chilled air and held for a second; “It is why i can’t let it go. I shot at him but I did not hit him. Though if I ever do see him again I’ll pierce him through the heart for doing what he did to my family.” She said growling now, her hackles rose halfway but she shook herself, she wasn’t angry at Rob. “Come on we don’t want to be here too much longer, I think it’s bad luck and I swear he was stalking me before. He could do it again.” She said and pressed her horse into a canter. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to see for Robert’s reaction to her tale and news but she wasn’t going to try and find out either, she was scared that she might turn on him as her own brother turned on her father, as her grandfather had done to so many...

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Overly Protective Robert™

He had hoped that he would find his comment about the tree a little humorous—the memory of their first meeting, where he helped her find her house, was what he was trying to refer to. But, it seemed that she was in too deep into whatever thought plagued her, and frowned a little when she stated that there would be no where to shelter, though Vinátta was near by. He watched as she pushed Grace forward, and felt a little shiver of surprise within him as the horse underneath him followed in the same fashion without encouragement. It seemed that the Luperci were not the only ones bothered by the ominous weather.

While a silence brewed between them, it did not last long until Eclipse spoke again. He looked back over to her as she explained the latter visits, and his grip became tighter with each word. Was the Lykoi, her brother, responsible for the nightmares she would have about her family? His blood felt thick and heated at the thought, imaging a shaded figure (His face was shadowed, for Robert lacked any imagination to picture someone he never met.) telling the woman all these things. He tried to imagine himself in her place—Nathaniel suddenly appearing, the long lost brother telling him that he had killed Bangle. What would he feel?

At the mention of stalking, Robert broke out of his imaginings and snapped his gaze up, but she was already off. There won't be an again, he thought quietly within his mind, and pressed his heels into the horse to move it to match Grace's pace. It came to him that they were visiting Eclipse's relatives; were they the same as her brother? "You know, I never heard of the Stormbringers before." Not a surprise, since he never went out, but still. "What are they... like?" After hearing Eclipse's story, it already set uneasy feelings within him, unaware of the truth.

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Eclipse had not thought about the tree she had slept under or his comment to her the first day they made, if her mind wasn’t on Itachi and her father she would have gotten it right away. Her mind was thick with the bad memories though. She hated it. She wanted them to go away. He was silent the whole time she talked and this was more than what she said before.... She never told anyone, except colibri, about her father. Colibri was Conor’s sister though at the time Eclipse didn’t know who had killed him or how, and she had a sudden suspicion of how he was killed but she never gave Itachi that satisfaction. She never would. She hoped ot never see her brother again.

Robert came up closer asking her about the Stormbringers. She hesitated. She looked at him and smiled; “This lot, they are a good kind. Saul became my father after it all happened. He helped me through many things, Colibri, my aunt she, well if I stayed at their pack I am sure she would be my best friend. I feel a connection to her. I saw lilin once, she was.... she was ok, and there are a whole bunch of others, I don’t know them very well but they are nice.” She said, though she was quiet, wondering if she should tell him about what she heard, the rumors that she took literally.

Taking a breath she spoke. “Though some wolves say that the Stormbringers are crazy, that they are killers, but I have never seen anything like that so I don’t think they are really, but you know where I come from, from my dreams.... both sides of my family. Colibri being a soul, the daughter of Haku, as my father was.... Haku he … he killed for the fun of it, at least its where I heard from many mouths when I was learning about my family. I don’t ever want to be like either, and it’s why I’m afraid.” She said. For some reason she felt better now, even as a large blast of wind hit their backs making Grace whinny in alarm; “Are you ok cantering? The faster we go the sooner we get there.” She said, their horses were relatively fresh though they were quickly tiring, but the wind was at their backs pushing them along which tended to help.

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He became a bit reassured as Eclipse mentioned that the Stormbringers were a good folk, but could not help but keep the little twist on his muzzle. The sourness of what was mentioned about the Lykoi still tasted awful on his tongue, and it was all he can manage to do was to listen to the woman as she went on about key points in the family, it seemed. Robert remembered Eclipse mentioning Saul once—maybe it was in passing when they were talking about Grace and her foal. Never the less, he felt better when the conversation turned casual, and formed a rather normal image of the Stormbringers.

But, he knew when she took in that notable breath, that there was more to it. He prepared himself inwardly, but for what, he was not sure. To hear that they were killers, and for her to word it like she somewhat agreed, set the picture in Robert's head into a stereotypical image: a normal looking family, smiling face, suddenly turning mischievous and malicious. He truly did not grasp what killers were—there was nothing to blame by the young adult criminal books he would read.

He wanted to tell her that she wouldn't end up like Haku, but he vaguely remembered having a conversation similar like such before, and decided not to fight with her about it now when they had to get somewhere post-haste, and he would rather arrive to the now ominous Stormbringer clan on good terms. He would prove to her one day that she was not to be haunted by such things, but at that moment, it was not it. He felt her become happier, and concreted himself to remain silent about what just transpired between them, his downcast smile turning up a bit as things seemed to get lighter for her.

His mouth then shot downwards as a harsh wind came from behind them, and gripped the reins in shock as it went pass. When she spoke of cantering, Robert gave an unsure "okay", and soon they were off. All dark thoughts were banished from mind, for all he could focused on was the regret to agree with galloping.

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