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23.09.12 . 9pm onwards . saulin residence . optime form
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Saul Lupus is by Alaine!

Saul's stress levels were, rather understandably, through the roof. Two days ago, bad weather had begun to cast the skies into a dirty grey, the wind strong. The male hadn't thought much about it on the day, but that evening it had grown in strength until, by morning, the skies had opened and rain poured. It hadn't really concerned the male until late evening had darkened the skies further and the rain still hadn't stopped. The thundering roar from more southerly parts of Nova Scotia had given the warning that this was more than just wind and rain. Lightening had lit up the sky the night before and with it came the concern that this wasn't just a storm. Saul had never seen a hurricane before, but he'd certainly read about weather patterns before and this perhaps fit the description well. Not only was the whole of Nova Scotia about to be hit by what appeared to be a heavy hurricane- he had newborn pups to worry about. Not just his own, who caused him so much joy, but Colibri's too. And the pregnant Grace worried him also.

Things had gone from bad to worse when by this afternoon, the rain still hadn't abated and the very real thoughts that they would experience flooding shortly had urged the male to inspect some of the lower lying houses in Jordheim. He'd gone out to the lake and sure enough, the banks had been breached. There was nothing they could do about it either, aside from wait it out. His worry about the horses in the nearby stable were echoed as the grey male had run into Oak on his way to check on the pony on his mothers wishes. After a rather brief conversation, the pair had decided that it would be beneficial to take a group out there to check on the horses and calm them if need be. After this had been arranged, evening had well and truly fallen and water was creeping into Jordheim.

Returning back to his mate, children and cousin, Saul had checked on the six before returning to the rain. He took a moment to glance around the mud-slick clearing outside his house before he lifted his head and issued his warning. His howl was commanding, translating to something that could be understood as 'Take cover' although the intent was clear. For those who did not wish to stay in their houses, shelter would be given at the Virdings. For all those who wished to remain in their own homes, it was time to do so. Whipping his hair from his face, he moved back to enter his home. Eclipse and her mate Robert had arrived a few hours ago, drenched and freezing. He'd taken them in and they were inside, staying warm and hopefully dry. It had been an unexpected development and he couldn't help but feel sorry for them, being caught in the rain. He'd sent word the day after Colibri's daughters were born, to let the girl know of her impending new cousins and it seemed she'd wanted to meet them, as well as introduce her partner.

Entering the premises, Saul stood in the door to shake the water from his coat, aiming most of it outside. He was cold and soak through so he moved towards their bedroom and grabbed the warm brown cloak he'd owned for as long as he could remember and wrapped it around himself. After shivering for a moment and gathering himself, Saul moved out to the living area, where his family had taken up camp. He entered the room and with smile, kissing Lilin's forehead tenderly before checking on the three newest Vináttans. They were tucked, warm and snug, against their mother and Saul couldn't help the grin across his face. It was going to be a long night, but they would get through it.

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This had been a terrible idea.

The woman lay shivvering, soaked cloak wrapped around her thin body. The months of being a loner had thinned her and though there was lean muscle on her frame, her waist had shrunken considerably. While wholely this wasn't so bad, it made her ability to tolerate cold near non-existent. As so, the cold she was enduring felt like it was in her very core and leeched through her bones. Max and Alessandra had chosen to stay in the forest since they had been accepted, she wanted to wait for Reykr before settling into a home. She wanted it to be - their - home. Now however, this wasn't showing to be a bright idea. Her white hair was plastered to her head and all of the days chalk had been washed off of her face, even in the slight shelter of the canopy. Max had taken Valhalla to the stable earlier in the day, so at least he wasn't suffering to badly she hoped.

She was another story. Both sat perched on branches to avoid the flodding that was happening throughout Vinatta, but with how cold she was Less wouldn't last long if she didn't get inside. Max watched her with brooding eyes, and finally sighed and lowered himself to the ground. Alessandra saw his movement and began to protest, but he cut off whatever she was to say with a wave of his hand and plucked her off of her branch. The shadow woman clutched at his equally soaked white frame and closed her eyes, concentrating on keeping warm. He hadn't said much since arriving here, but that was the hulking monsters way. Silence was as good as speech around him. With purpose he moved through the woodland, wading through the water that had gotten higher throughout the day.

His ears perked as they neared Jorheim, a commanding howl letting everybody know it was time to go inside and take shelter. They didn't have a place yet, so Max did the only thing he could think of. Head to the Virdings house. Though he had only met him briefly, Max liked Saul. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders and his mate was equally level headed and beautiful. As he thought of beauty, he stole a glance at the exhausted bleached woman in his arms. If only she knew how much he really did love her, had since the day they met, years ago. A displeased grunt left his maw that he felt guilty for when Alessandra stirred in his arms. He kept pushing forward, and found himself at the door of the Virdings. Feeling somewhat nervous at being turned away, he shifted the thin woman in his arms and raised a huge hand to rap at the door, once, twice, then a third rap. He stepped away and waited, his expression betraying nothing of the rain and wind that was battering his body.

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Eclipse and Robert knew the hurricane was coming only when they were three quarters of the way to Vinatta... or else she would have turned and ran for home. As it was they did not beat the drenching rains, howling winds and lightning that came with the storm. The clouds made it so dark it almost looked light twilight, they raced their horses as far as they could go and when they got to parts that flooded they had to get off and pull the horses to safety. In the end they had to walk the horses,which made them late for their own meeting within the Vinatta lands. Once she was allowed in the borders she and Robert stabled the horses and volunteered to help secure the stables when she got there. She did it even though she was freezing cold from the wind and rain that was coming down.

It had been some time since she got back to her cousin’s home and she was finally warm and dry when she heard Saul reenter his home. She left Robert to relax, probably take a nap while she went to greet her cousin. She had not heard about anything with the puppies or her other family yet because of the situation that was upon them. So she followed the sound of Sauls steps to where he was now. Hoping she wasn’t intterupting she made a quiet sound so not to wake anyone in the room. She smiled kindly at her cousin turned father; “I hope it hasn’t gotten much worse outside. It was horrible when we came in,: She whispered to the man, then noted the woman, Lilin, a cousin of sorts, and the children. She remembered the first time she saw Lilin, she’d saved her from her friends, whoever they were, but was interested in Eclipse herself after she found out she was related. Her ears fell back when she heard the sound of knocking on the door. She moved away for Saul to do what he needed to, torn against watching the puppies or following him like a lost child herself.

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648 words. I'll post once more here when the door is answered and then Nier will be shooting off to the stables. Have fun with Grace and all the animals, feel free to PP her as much as ya like. :)

The rumbling of the storm had been audible for days and he had been aware of the impending squall. Grace had helped him to shore up the house as much as they could, fixing the door and the window frames so that they were watertight. He was proud of their work and was happy that their home would pull through this storm with little damage, but when the rain came and Thor set the thunder and lightening rumbling across the sky a niggle of doubt wormed into the back of his mind. To be honest, a million thoughts were racing through his mind; he had to take care of Grace and the animals, he had to look after Darcy and check on the stables, he wanted to check on his fellow packmates. He felt, as a pack wolf, that it was his duty to look after the others, but it wasn't a burden, he was pleased that he cared for them all so much. So he found himself dithering at the door, handpaw on the doorknob, his satchel full of carpentry tools slung over his shoulder, his cerulean eyes resting on Grace.

It was Sauls howl that cemented his resolve, Grace's ears perked up too, the creamy pinna swivelling to catch the message. She raised ocean eyes to his and saw the determination there, "No Niernan! I am not going to sit in Saul and Lilin's house with all the other women and puppies. Can you think of what a disaster that would be?" Her voice was firm and Nier felt a fire of resistance flare in his gut. He removed his handpaw from the door and marched over to her, taking her handpaws in his and staring directly into her eyes, Think about what a disaster it would be for me if something happened here while I'm out at the stables, and you got hurt. You'll be safer with the others, so will the menagerie. You have to go, for me. His voice was firm but gentle, with a devastating hint of emotion, the prospect of losing her causing a hitch in his voice. She seemed to realise how strongly he felt about this and she was taken aback by his fervour, so she nodded slowly. His eyes widened slightly and he was amazed that she had conceded so easily. He released her handpaws and made busy gathering the animals together. Ciaran was coming with him to the stables, the cat scaling the wolfs body to wrap around his neck. Nier bundled the quolls and Leo into the hammock that they all slept in, tucking Turnip and Jason into his satchel.

He made sure to close the door tightly before they set off, the wind howling derisively as they set out. Grace's dreadlocks were whipped by the dirge, she kept one handpaw tightly held in his while her free paw shot up to her hair, holding it down as best she could. Nier cursed the house and the fenced gardens that stood in the way of the most direct path to the Virding's house. They half jogged around the point made by Brans house, cutting through the thin stand of trees. The rain had made the ground treacherous and Nier kept flicking his eyes to the slick mud, avoiding the worst patches. The windows of Sauls house glowed warmly and he could see shadows moving inside. It was then that he noticed the figures stood outside the door, another male and female pairing, one monstrously large and brown furred, the other more delicate and black furred. He shouted a greeting, his voice elevated to be heard over the roaring winds. Hey there! seeking shelter too? It seemed the pair had already knocked on the door and he happily waited for somebody to answer, sheltering Grace and the animals from the wind and the rain as much as he could.

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She felt disconnected from the outside world. At first she'd considered the endless roaring of thunder to be a message from the Old Gods; a prelude to a new beginning, something great. While her companions braced themselves for what seemed like Ragnarok, fortifying their dome-shaped houses and the stables, Lilin awaited the brunt of the storm with piqued curiosity and impatience. Safety was still a concern though and when the wind picked up considerably, her thoughts immediately went to her sister and the rest of her pack mates. She could only agree when her beau voiced his concerns, echoing his justified prudence with a nod. Miskunn, the pack's Godja, was already present by the time Saul issued his orders - she was one step ahead, as usual. Eclipse and and her friend also arrived early on, which had been a complete surprise. Lilin had greeted them both with a reserved smile, denoting a tinge of discomfort with their sudden appearance.

She hadn't looked her best nor felt extremely sociable ever since the birth of her progeny. As a matter of fact, she had stayed out of the public eye during most of her gestation. Despite her social awkwardness, the young mother truly did not mind helping relatives. A shudder ran through her body everytime someone opened that door, forcing her to relocate in a corner where the cold winds could not reach her puppies. They were only five days old and already, they had begun crawling about (quite clumsily, of course). The children never went far and they never failed to find their way back to her, knowing their mother's approximate location at all times. They were blind and deaf, yes, but they could smell well enough to pinpoint the Virding's location if needed. Her offspring were fast asleep again, piled on top of each other, nestled against her belly. She could feel their bodies twitch every so often, or hear them subconsciously suckling air. Saul's kiss was accepted modestly, with lowered receivers and droopy eyelids. It had been a long day and yet, the night was still young.

Attentiveness returned to her when three consecutive knocks collided with their wooden door. Her ears adopted an upright position immediately and she could not pry her two pools of blue away from the entrance. She couldn't pick up a single scent with all this rain; she could only hope Colibri and her children weren't too far.

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Coli padded along on all fours, shivering from the cold and dripping with water. The small wolf was gripping a basket in her weary jaws, the contents hidden from the world and safe from the storm. She hoped her pups were still napping, and was eager to get them indoors and warm. Her youngest, Florina, had taken a tumble, and she hoped fervently that the pale-furred girl would not catch cold. Luckily the child did not seem harmed or upset, but it only served to embarrass the new mother; surely she should have been more vigilant in protecting her children. Ears pressed flat against her sodden fur, she trudged on through the mud, over fallen branches and around puddles, struggling to find her way through Jordheim in the dark.

At last she saw there were others gathered, and knew she had finally reached Saul and Lilin's home. She did not recognize most of the windswept packmates around the threshold -- she picked out Niernan, and assumed the female wolf he was shielding protectively had to be his Grace. There was a hulking white male gently holding a small dark female in his arms, giving her the impression of another couple, albeit one she did not know. Coli was already in a poor mood due to the storm and her maternal instincts, but she did not have the patience to put up with love and mateship right now. Not when she was still alone, and Anu was... The small wolf bristled, stalking past them with the heavy basket clamped in her teeth. When she reached the doorstep, she placed her precious cargo down, shaking her waterlogged pelt and spraying rainwater in a radius around her. Then she pawed at the door, scratching impatiently at the wood.

"Just open the damn door already, before we all drown," she growled, blue eyes glaring at the strangers. She would feel too guilty to snap at Niernan, he already looked frantic enough trying to balance the bundle in his arms, his satchel, Ciaran around his neck, and holding his lady's hand to keep her close. But she was too exhausted and high-strung to care what these other packmates thought of her, not tonight. Her limbs were trembling, weakened by the anemia she was still recuperating from. It was not a good night.

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Saul Lupus is by Alaine!

Entering the living area was a little tense, that was certain. Lilin huddled in the furthest corner from the door, her body wrapped protectively around their pups. He knew this was making her uncomfortable- he got the distinct feeling that she wasn't too happy about Eclipse's presence. He wasn't certain if anything had happened between the two of them, it was possible they'd met before. If they hadn't, he would put it down to the fact that there was a hurricane outside and Lilin was fiercly protective of their progeny. Eclipse remained in the living area and Saul was glad to see her. The flash of a smile from her was returned before her words caused a soft snort from the male. I think its going to get worse before it settles. We're in for a long night... He sighed softly.

The banging on the door caused him to jump slightly. He was used to Temeraire walking in of his own accord, though most others did knock. After letting the inhabitants of the living area know he was going to answer it, Saul moved quickly towards the door. Tugging the heavy object out of his way was more difficult with the force of the wind outside making problems but he managed to pull the door free. He found a group standing outside his door, getting soaked by the minute. For a moment he didn't recognise the hulking white figure, the darker feminine shape in his arms. It took him a moment to place Alessandra and Max. His eyes flickered over to Niernan and Grace, who appeared not to want to be here. But he knew Niernan was going to help secure the horses, so he assumed Grace was here for peace of mind. Lastly, the small and rather weak looking form of Colibri, a basket clenched in her jaws.

Come in, out of the cold. Everyone else is in the living area. He ushered them in, directing Max to take Aless further in and to the left of the doorway. The rest knew where his living area was. Looking down at Coli, he noticed the foul mood that tugged her lips down. It was no wonder really- she was still weak from the blood loss and she had to drag her babies out in the cold to get over here. Are you okay Coli? How are you feeling? He enquired before moving towards the living room, grabbing a handful of sheets he'd found in the house when he first arrived. They would do well to dry everyone off- the fire in the small fireplace warmed the living area considerably but sometimes it might not be enough.

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473 words. Niernan and Ciaran out. Sorry for dumping Grace and all that on ya. Have fun. XD

Nier's eyes widened as Coli appeared, basket hanging from her maw and her eyes hardened by need and anger. He had never seen her this way before and when she snapped out her irritated words he was even more shocked. He saw that Grace was about to snap at the petite wolf, her own frustration at being dragged to shelter manifesting in an acidic irritability. He increased the pressure on her handpaw and gave her arm a discrete tug, subtly telling her to keep her mouth shut. She shot him an evil glare that promised he would be punished later. He could deal with that, as long as Grace didn't verbally assault the new mothers, or new members, or anyone really. He hoped she would get through this hurricane without being attacked or thrown out of the pack.

The door suddenly opened and his grey cousin was revealed, ushering them in with his warm voice. The warmth that gushed out of the house was extremely tempting and Niernan wanted dearly to cuddle up with his mate in the glowing heat of the house and keep her safe from harm, but he knew he had to go and help with the stables. He waited and allowed Colibri to enter first, her burden the heaviest after her harrowing birth. He then waited for the new members to enter the house, following the large white wolf as he stepped over the threshold. Nier's attention deviated from his packmates as he filed into the house, eyes searching for a quiet corner to install Grace and the menagerie, somewhere they would be out of the way. He dropped Grace's handpaw and moved over to Saul, taking his cousin's shoulder and talking quietly to him, I feel awful dumping Grace on you, she's not too happy about being here and I'm scared she'll snap at everyone and anyone right about now. You got a quiet corner you can stash her? He winked at his cousin and let a cheeky smile dance at his lips, but then felt the immensity of the situation dawn on him. Actually, it's probably best that ya get her sorted fairly immediately, just tell her I'm an idiot and all that. Should calm her down a little. Oh, and I'd keep her away from Coli and Lilin. With that sorted he patted Saul on the shoulder reassuringly, swooped in to kiss his mate and waved at the sliver of Lilin that he could see through the doorway.

He didn't want to go back out into the cold and the wet, but he wrenched the door open again and ducked out into the rain, swiftly pulling the wooden portal shut behind him. He set off at a sprint towards the stable, hoping that he hadn't missed out on the work, knowing the physical labour would warm him up.

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It was as though Colibri were a loner again, defensive and ill-tempered and impatient. As soon as the door swung open, Coli blustered forward with the basket in her jaws, not waiting to see that her packmates had willingly let her go ahead of them. The warmth of the fire and Saul's presence was calming, though, reminding her gently that she was not alone and she could let her guard down, if only a little. The pounding headache behind her skull forced her to sit down nearby, and she nosed open the basket top to check on her daughters as Saul addressed her and the others filed in. His Optime height towered above her, but she offered him a feeble half-smile anyway, unable to lash out at her Virding and friend. "I... I'm all right, still weak though... um, when you have a moment to spare... One of my girls might need a checkup, she, uh... had an odd reaction to something, just wanted to make sure she's okay..."

Her voice trailed off as she nosed each pup in turn, checking to see that none of them were too cold from their journey. Flor's white fur was still damp, but she was unfazed. Fio and Fari were dozing contentedly, brown and black bodies intertwined. Coli glanced up at Saul with a questioning look in her blue eyes, as something else occurred to her. He must have been the one to welcome Anu and her companions from Berwick -- surely Lilin would have been too preoccupied for border patrol. Did he know...? But she shook off the question, turning away as Niernan pulled his cousin aside. Saul had other things to worry about on this dark and stormy night. He didn't need to know what was eating her up inside. The weary wolf gripped the basket handle again, carrying it to the room with the fire so that she could warm up.

Blue eyes swept the room as she entered, and was greeted with a pleasant surprise. "Eclipse! Wh- I didn't know you were here, when did you arrive?" Her bobtail stirred behind her, relieved to see her niece safe and sound. And that wasn't the only niece of hers in the room -- Lilin had her puppies, and Coli whined softly at the sight of three little bodies pressed against her sister's dark fur. She couldn't wait to meet them, but she was exhausted herself and knew better than to prance over and wake up the little ones. They would have time for that later, a lifetime of playdates and puppy-sitting and sharing advice...

Instead, she accepted a dry sheet from Saul, laying it on the floor and pawing it into a loose circle, to make a sort of nest near the glow of the fireplace. Then she poked her muzzle into the basket, drawing out each of her daughters one by one and quietly announcing their names in public for the first time. It made her deeply anxious to show them, but they were not supposed to be a secret anymore. Lilin was their aunt and Eclipse was their first cousin, and they deserved to be the first to know. Grace and the other couple were strangers, but they were packmates all the same and she had to trust they would be safe. "Let me introduce you... Fiora vin Haki, Farina vin Haki, and Florina... Soul."

It had taken days for the new mother to decide if she should give them surnames or not, and finally her desire for family ties won out over her shame for their lineage. She could imagine Haku sneering at her for passing on "Haki", especially with the added syllable from Vinátta, but that ghost would not tarnish these innocent lives. The Soul name made her hesitate, but she had chosen it so that the sisters did not doubt their ties to the two Soulstorm females in the room. It had nothing to do with her father, she reminded herself firmly. They were only days older than Lilin's brood, but noticeably larger -- they grew so quickly. Soon their eyes would open, she was sure of it. Coli curled around them, her back to the fire, and glanced eagerly to her family to see their impressions.

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She smiled at her cousin-father and nodded; “We were lucky not to be entirely caught out there. I am thankful to be inside now I just hope everyone else is well.” She said to Saul. Her voice quiet as the pups were still asleep. She looked at Lilin and gave the woman a shy smile; “I suppose the storm just wanted to rush a lot of things, I am sorry to come into your home so suddenly especially with new pups and all. I would have been find in a guesthouse or something” She said talking to the both of them. The last meeting she had with Lilin she had accidently trespassed in not a pack territory,but a group one and apparently those she lived with were extremely territorial. She had been nice enough at least. She watched as Saul opened the door to let the others in, all of them were quite wet and she knew most of them. .. well ok some of them. She gave Niern a shy smile, remembering his antics with his brother.

Then Colibri came in and she brightened a little but she saw that she had a basket with …. were those puppieS? She hadn’t heard about Colibri being pregnant and she looked at the woman with wide eyes! “Colibri I didn’t know! I heard about Lilin being ready to birth but you too? Congratulations!” She said excitedly, “I arrived a few hours ago, We had to race the storm to get here.” She said hurrying up to the woman to see her children as she introduced them. She wished Robert was awake now, but he was not used to long journeys and he wanted nothing but a place to rest. She heard the pause in the last name that was given, a soul, Her father had been one and others before it and remembered what Colibri said about haku, though she was not told what he did to her himself, she knew he was a horrible man so it must have been hard for her to give that surname. “I wish I had my children to show you all” She said, though if she thought about it she would still be pregnant if she did not miscarry. Her face did not falter though. This was a happy moment and the words were just a whistful wish that she said absent mindedly. They all had a lot of catching up to do.

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Saul Lupus is by Alaine!

They entered in a torrent of wet fur, the four legged form of the Haki woman first, a basket firmly gripped in her jaws. She moved towards the warmth of the room, though his question stopped her for a moment. Her uncertain reply had his eyes narrowing slightly- he could see that she was still weak, but he didn't know if she was coping very well. She elaborated, asking for him to examine one of the girls. His eyebrows rose swiftly and he nodded quickly, before his attention was distracted by his cousin and the males mate. Saul could see already, the stormy scowl in the golden woman's face. She didn't want to be here, that much was immediately clear. But it was safer in numbers than it was out there on her own, even if she was holed up in their household. Cinnamon backed ears flickered towards Niernan as he began to speak and he turned to pay full attention to him.

The light hearted chuckle caught him when his cousin gave his request and Saul was more than happy to oblige. Reassuring the male that his mate would be well looked after and wishing him luck with the horses was the easy bit. Finding a spot where Grace wouldn't be shoved in a corner and overlooked, but was away from most others would be hard, but after a moment of shuffling around, the male managed to seat the golden woman and her variety of animals over in a corner. He turned then towards Colibri, who'd struck up a conversation with Eclipse. He was glad to two got on well- logically Colibri was her aunt and their relationship was good to see. He was about to settle down to examine whichever daughter had the problem, when the chocolate female moved towards the basket.

As she removed them, she named them and Saul felt a grin split over his lips. He was glad she'd finally managed to come to a decision on their names- he knew it had been difficult for her. But they certainly suited, even if they would be a tongue-twister when spoken quickly. Welcome to the family, Fiora, Farina and Florina. Saul murmured softly, before shuffling forward and glancing over all three girls first before he looked to Coli, indicating to her that he'd be more than willing to look at whichever girl had been in trouble.

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Eclipse was quick to come over, and Coli felt the familiar flutter of recognition and wistful happiness to see Conor's daughter again. The glimmer of purple in her blue eyes always reminded her. "I... I didn't know either," she stammered quickly, glancing down at her paws in embarrassment. "When you visited us for the feast, and we spoke afterward at the garden... I didn't know wh-what made me feel so ill at the time, but I guess it was these three..." Pregnancy had been far from her mind that day, but now that she thought back on it, she supposed those early symptoms were obvious. It was just as obvious that she was raising them alone, and she quietly hoped Eclipse would not think too long on how they had been conceived. She was still so worried there would be something wrong with them.

"They were born just a few days before Lilin's litter. Did... did you just say you had children?" she asked in surprise, ears perking forward with interest. Not two months ago, Eclipse told her she had no intention of settling down, no desire to become a mother. Had that changed already? Up close, it was clear her niece did have other scents clinging to her fur, particularly one male scent Coli did not recognize intertwined with her Cercatori perfume. Her bobtail flicked in a happy pattern, excited by the prospect of even more little ones.

Coli watched curiously as Saul ushered Grace to a quiet corner. The bundles Niernan had left her with were moving, and Coli realized they must contain the companion animals Nier told her about. She squinted as she looked for the exotic one Nier had described as a cat crossed with a weasel, but then she saw Grace noticed her scrutiny and quickly turned aside, pretending to be watching Saul's approach instead. The Virding had such a warm smile on his face that Coli managed to smile in return, relieved that he approved of her name choices. She was so bad at making decisions, it had taken forever. And he called them family.

When she was sure Saul had the time, her voice lowered, speaking privately to the healer. "When I was carrying the basket, it... it tipped, the wind blew it, and, um... Florina fell out." She nudged the pale cream-furred pup to reaffirm which one she was referring to. Florina began crawling away, stubby legs carrying her across the sea of white blanket cloth toward the unfamiliar voices. "I... well, I don't think anything is wrong with her exactly, she... fell in a puddle and got all wet and cold, but she didn't seem to care at all. She still doesn't, see? Her sisters want to warm up..." Coli nestled more tightly around Fari and Fio, relieved to feel their small bodies pressing against her damp fur. Blue eyes watched with concern as Florina bumped fearlessly into Saul's toes, snuffling wetly at the obstacle in her path before attempting to clamber over it. Coli peered up at Saul's expression, waiting anxiously to hear the verdict. Was she overreacting? Not having a crying baby to deal with should certainly be a blessing, but it didn't sit quite right with her. There was so much else on her mind, perhaps she had missed something of importance.

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She remembered what Colibri had told her and what Saul had given her, but she did not bring that to the pups that wer not Colibri's she was not told about the rape and it was probably a good thing too. She wouldn't have thought worse of Colibri but she would have felt horrible when she learned about it. “Well they are beautiful!” She said, then she noticed that she had said something about her own lost children and looked away down at the puppies. She was quiet, not sure of what to do, but Saul took over and she watched as the woman explained what happened. She listened at the explanation her eyes on the puppies. She was no healer, but felt she should do something that would help them, but what could she do? Cook? Colibri could easily care for them in that particular situation.

She stayed quiet hoping that this woman's child and situation would make them forget about her own little slip up. She didn't want to be pitied and certainly hated being the center of attention when it meant that bad news was aboard. “I hope she is alright.” She said moving away a bit to give them more room. Her eyes went between Colibri and Saul, seeing where this situation may go.

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"Don't worry about it, Eclipse," she answered truthfully, hoping to ease the girl's discomfort. She had nothing against Saul's pseudo-daughter nor her friend from Cercatori D'Arte. Knowing Colibri and her nieces were somewhere out there, in a house that possible would not be strong enough to withstand high winds, was a horrible experience in itself. And perhaps she was unknowingly taking it out on their guests. Relief replaced anxiety when her sister burst through the front door, soaking wet and carrying a basket holding her three daughters. A smile threatened to break her concerned facade but Colibri's revelation overshadowed whatever joy she might've felt at that very moment. They hadn't sent anyone out to help the new mother and one of her nieces had paid the price of their negligence.

More people flooded in; Nier and his pregnant mate, Grace. She recognized the permanent scowl on her face and she wasn't bothered by it. The murmurs exchanged between Saul and the father-to-be piqued her curiosity, causing her brows to knit into a tight frown. Eventually, Nier left the D'Angelo female and their menagerie behind, leaving Saul struggling to find a place for her; inadvertently revealing the nature of their conversation. Her mediterranean blue irises turned away from Grace's grimaces, ignoring her temper for the most part. Two other wolves had entered their home around the same time; a male carrying what appeared to be his drenched mate. It was her first time seeing those two.

They all settled in; Eclipse and Colibri striking up a conversation following the introduction of her sibling's three daughters. Lilin smiled in reply, a silent approval before interjecting with her mate's name. "Saul," she pleaded, pointing to all three of her nieces with the tip of her nose, urging him on. She tried to listen in as Colibri explained how Florina had taken a tumble outside and how she'd reacted, catching bits and pieces of their conversation. While the puppy seemed to be alright at first glance, she too looked up at Saul for confirmation.

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There was a flurry of words and Saul tried not to interrupt. It was clear they didn't catch up very often and he allowed them to continue their conversation. Colibri's question, directed at Eclipse, made him look up, brows furrowed. Had he heard what he thought he'd heard? Eclipse had had children? Green eyes narrowed slightly at Eclipse as if to figure her own, before her soft words of compliment caused a smile on his lips. If she hadn't wanted to tell him, that was her prerogative and he would respect whatever she wished to tell him, or not. He did send her a softly encouraging smile, a non-verbal reassurance that he was here for her if she wanted to talk. His attention now, however, was redirected to Colibri, who had begun to explain what had happened and the predicament she now found herself in.

Her soft voice, almost too quiet for anyone but those in their immediate vicinity to hear, was stuttery as usual. He listened with a concentrated look, glancing down as she nudged the only pale female in her litter, re-iterating that she was Florina, who seemed to be on a mission to move away from her mother. Colibri continued, trying to voice her concerns about her youngest child. Saul couldn't help the soft smile on his lips as Florina bumped into his toes, seeming outraged at the obstruction there. Eclipse's soft words were registered, before the worried whine of his own voice from his mate caused him to look back up at Lilin. Nodding his head softly, he dipped, scooping the youngest up.

She was cold, the warmth of the house not yet infiltrating her saturated fur. It didn't seem to bother her though and she squirmed restlessly in his grip. Snorting softly, he dipped down to the floor and sat down, rearranging the pup into his palm, the other holding her still. Green eyes turned to her, checking her eyes, ears and nose first. Her nose was wet still, but her ears were cold and he gave the little pup a rub to try and warm her up. A finger pressed up against her chest, feeling her heartbeat and judging it to be normal. Bringing the pup closer to his face, he allowed his nose to tickle the damp fur, snuffling constantly around her, trying to see if he could smell anything wrong with her. Lowering her once more, he rubbed her body absent-mindedly as he glanced up at her mother. I can't see, or smell, anything physically wrong with her. I'm not sure Coli... He spoke softly, a regretful tone that he could find nothing wrong.

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