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He stormed back into the hut once it felt like nothing else could be done, the lost he sought to find were located. His arm dripped a dark red, apparent to his eye, cut deep from his fall onto the sharp stump. It was not something to normally faze him, yet the gaping wound appeared to challenge him, laugh at the Ayastigi for not trying hard enough. He could admit feeling cold, his clothing-bare Optime form soaked with the rain, and chilled by the winds. Somehow, the redhead found it amusing, that he had never witnessed such a storm, and here he was: Holding his arm, soaked and farily disappointed with his efforts. Jac had no shirt to tear, to stop the bleeding, and the personal medical supplies were likely given to the tribemembers at the Town Hall, for the injured.

He had to laugh.

As much as the Lykoi prince hated to move, the desire to staunch the bleeding trampled whatever sane desires to keep warm, to dry off and head to bed. Taking a deep breath, the Warrior left the hut, scurrying as quickly as he possiby could to the Hall. Many times his feet slipped, loss of balance from one of his hands staunching the blood from his arm. The coyote was desperate, blinking the water from his eyes, shivering. Jacinto hoped so much that his son was okay, as well as Io and her mate Jaroslaw. He knew, things hadn't worked out as well at first with Io's mate--Reasonable, but still...He worried. the former-infernian soon made it, orange eyes watery and his fur drenched. His arrival was anything but graceful, throwing himself into the hall and sitting half-heartedly on the floor. The room was dimly lit, likely from other AniWayans seeking shelter wihin. His wound did not look good. The blood had slowed some, yet it festered a worrisome wetnes...There was still some blood. He sank back against the back wall defeatedly, not knowing one thing about healing.

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He's cut roughly above his elbow, in a horizontal line halfway around his arm. He fell and rolled when he got hurt.

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The storm had been raging for days, at times building steadily and at times providing gusts worthy of an entire flock of massive birds all taking off into the sky at once. The world seemed much less organised than any group of avians Everly had seen, though – debris flying, as if fallen trees and floods weren't satisfactory obstacles. The weather had lost its mind, and occasionally the beige and brown Kunikoti wondered if her grip on her own faculties was slackening. She was beginning to consider the idea that she'd actually brought the hurricane with her.

Head bowed, with a deep scowl on her face, Everly fought against the wind, wishing it was more like branches which could be ducked and dived between rather than an all-encompassing pressure. The hurricane was toying with her fur, her senses and her balance but the woman's jaw was set in an expression of unyielding determination. With every lull in the gale she took a carefully placed step, her arms tightening around her precious load: armfuls of spongy moss wrapped around bundles of herbs and a reel of tough vines looped over her upper arm and shoulder. As yet Everly didn't know exactly what she'd need, when she'd need it, or whether her fellow AniWayans would think her a bit behind the times using natural remedies where cloth and rope could have been used in their place. But she knew and trusted these things, and no injured wolf needed a medic who wasn't confident in their tools.

The Town Hall looked like a safe haven, but when Everly neared the building, placing a hand on the wall to steady herself, she picked up the scent of blood. Her nose wrinkled automatically as she hurried inside, hawk like eyes scanning the space for the injured party.

It didn't take long to spy the flame-haired man, propped up against a wall. A couple of red marks adorned his body but the modifications weren't studied in detail. Everly's gaze zeroed in on the tear above his elbow, the crimson stains of seeping blood. Everly's bare paws whispered against the floor as she crossed towards him and knelt at his side, slipping into a mindset where pleasantries ranked below immediate action. A gentle but firm hand cupped the bleeding wolf's elbow. ”Room spinning a bit?” she asked, her tone almost conversational, although the intent behind the question was serious – shock was a dangerous thing. Deft fingers tore a section of moss from the improvised first aid kit. ”Pressure.” Everly's voice was almost vague but her movements as she moved to press the porous plant to the wound had purpose and intensity. In working mode Everly was focused and confident, firmly within the bubble of her mission – to stem the bleeding. Within that space names were an afterthought. ”I'm Everly, the new Kunikoti.”

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dum dum dum....Jac has flashbacks and acts creepy to the new girl. great job Cinto :D this gunna get amusing <3

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At least he had managed to do some good. Perhaps not one of the greatest rescues he had ever attempted, it still counted. His body felt cold, yet the coyote couldn't find himself shivering, or perhaps he was...But it wasn't felt. Once before he had jumped into a river in the throes of winter to save Omni...Omni, back when they had something quite like love...Jac was very much aware of loving her deeply, of caring for her and looking after the young woman the best he could. Where was she now? Still in Inferni? How could he go back now? The hand he held at his wound was taken away, by now he couldn't feel it. Why would it be bad now?

His ears were cupped for noises, but for some reason he wasn't aware of the slender feminine form nearing him until her hand found itself at his arm. Dazedly, his head turned slowly towards her, narrowing his eyes just a little. This was strange, he could not see her clearly. And in a meek voice, much like a child's he whimpered Omni... But after he found, the lemon-toned eyes did not match, his former lover's were blue. The injured coyote shook his head of flame-like hair, glancing to his elbow. I feel weird, yes. A little like the affects of his favored herb, but a little more dreamy. Perhaps if this happened more...Lost in the faintness of idiotism and blood loss, the Ayastigi observed while this strange woman helped heal his wounds, pushing some sort of plant to it. Vaguely he wondered Can I smoke that? Jacinto almost laughed, despite feeling tired. Jacinto Lykoi, Ayastigi. Toothily he grinned, settling back against the wall. Thought you were someone else...Sorry.

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The world around Everly and her injured patient seemed to have slowed a little, either through the focus the Kunikoti was exercising to complete this task – it was still a task to her; despite being mere inches from the red-headed male it was easier for her to work on a wound than a wolf, to slip into a gear where emotion was used rather than submitted to – or because she had left the storm outside, and the dizzying speed of everything with it. Even her breathing had slowed to deep inhalations which would keep her head clear and her movements smooth.

The name Jacinto uttered, in spite of its complete lack of familiarity, jarred Everly into leaning back slightly, her mouth opening a little. It wasn't the strange name itself but the tone it came with which momentarily shook the brown-dusted woman from her state of concentration. Logic told her that blood loss was probably toying with the poor bloke's mind, but it was difficult to block out the sound of such emotion.

Everly's response was to try and bury herself deeper in her healing duty, although her free hand fumbled as it reached for a section of vine. Luckily, the lanky wolf seemed to return from whatever hallucination or memory had slipped into his mind, his face taking on a grin which Everly couldn't quite interpret. She couldn't match it either for some reason, although she smiled and bobbed her head at his apology, waving a hand. “You've lost quite a lot of blood so I'll let you off.”

The vine was laid across the she-wolf's slender knee, ready to be tied above the wound. A second hand joined the first at the elbow, not to put further pressure on the wound but to coax his arm upwards, aiming to get it above his heart. “The circumstances could be better but still, it's nice to meet you, Jacinto. Ayastigi, that's a warrior rank? Which opponent gave you this?” Ev's voice was breezy, unnecessarily so, but keeping the man alert was a good idea.

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The Lykoi man could admit this was alright, as the blood was beginning to clot and slow. However, this healer's work was fluid and delicate, obviously Everly had devoted some time to this. He was lucky to be out of the harsh winds and biting water from the sky. He glanced up for a second, wincing slightly from an involuntary twitch in his arm. His outburst of a name had his sanity prodding him with guilt. Really, the words were better unspoken, noting the look on the Kunikoti's face afterwards. Omni was old news, they had betrayed eachother; it was done. No reason to head back to those memories, anything but those--He had to focus on. He had a wonderful child, who had a wonderful mother. In which he held no romantic ties to. At least not really.

He focussed himself soley on Everly and her work, letting the woman manipulate his arm into the right places in which he was being cared for, making his injured arm slack enough to be moved. It was tied with the vine.Thanks Everly...I uh, was looking for people, wind blew a tree over and I rolled out of the way. Damn stump gave me a little bit of a poke. The hybrid flashed her a small smile, reclining back more comfortably against the wall. There was still so much to do still, hoping that the rest of the tribe would be adept at finding others. Where was Io and Kuba? Was Jaro keeping them safe? So, you're new here right, what made you come here?

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With the crude tourniquet applied Everly leaned back to cast a critical eye over her handiwork. The blood wasn't flowing as freely anymore, a relieving and reassuring sign, although the Kunikoti tried to stop her features from reflecting too much of either feeling. Like the hurricane beyond the safe walls, Everly's task wasn't yet complete, but at least she wasn't fighting a one-woman battle. She nodded her understanding of Jacinto's explanation, a half smile of admiration touching her eyes. Clearly these new packmates were more than injuries or tasks to be wrapped up; they cared for eachother. Everly was more likely to be found dealing with the aftermath as she was now, than leaping directly into the fray.

“That's quite some poke,” the yellow eyed wolf remarked, a hand skimming her herbs again as the warrior settled back against the wall. The wound would need cleaning and bandaging soon, but Everly was loathe to interfere with it too much until she was certain the bleeding had come to a stop. The female answered Jacinto's question with a flatter tone than the one she'd been using. “There was no reason left to stay where I was. I found AniWaya and I felt peace. That was all I wanted.” A loud chuckle escaped the healer. “I think the weather had other ideas.” A hand reached forward to lift the edge of the moss from the cut. “Splinters will need to be removed, if there are any. It'll have to be cleaned up and you'll need a bandage.” Everly pushed a strand of coffee coloured hair from her forehead. “How long have you been here?”

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