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POSTED: Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:28 pm

OOC: Soo this is set the day before the hurricane hits (20th September). I guess she's stuck between Adella's Rage and the Village. No post order :)

Everly should probably have given up on trying to shake out her fur and hair a while ago. The storm had been building for some time, although the siamese pointed wolf couldn't remember if it had been the pounding rain which had arrived first or the wind. As she'd listened from the best natural shelter she could find, the storm seemed to have many voices: roars, howls, shrieks, bone-jarring rumbles. The sudden crack of a branch above had forced her to move.

She shook her narrow head again but paid no attention to the sparkling droplets which went flying in several directions. As much as Ev loved nature it was now the dark side of nature itself which made her decide to make her way towards the village. Towards company and strength in numbers. But it wasn't just a desire not to be alone with the wild weather which had started her trudging towards the inner sanctum of Aniwaya. Everly had joined the pack as a healer, and duty would surely be calling in a storm like this one. Packmates to patch up; that was within Ev's abilities, but life-threatening injuries would mean thinking back to the teachings of her father, long gone.

The merciless rain seemed determined to temporarily remove the woman's vision; no matter how many times she blinked, raindrops coated her eyelashes or dripped from her fringe. With the loud gusts on top of that Everly was essentially two senses down, feeling and smelling her way through the territory, moving slowly. Too slowly.

That was how she got stuck. She paused to listen to the surge of a river, to try and gauge how wide the flooded area would be and whether she needed to take a less direct route to the village to avoid it. Unfortunately she hadn't avoided it at all. There was no river water rushing over the shorter than average woman, but there was mud. And the mud seemed as determined as the storm itself.

Everly tried yanking her foot out; she tried moving it slowly, rotating it and angling it. Still the thick mud held her in a surprisingly strong grip for dirt and liquid. The canary eyed woman persisted, wiggling her right leg, trying to make sure the left one wasn't about to be held hostage too. None of it did any good. Everly was well and truly stuck. She had left her natural shelter to aid others and now she was the one in trouble. Her leg ached from the effort of trying to free her foot, and after a particularly vigorous and frustrated yank, she fell, adding a bruise on her rump to the protests from her leg. There the woman sat, one foot submerged in mud and her head in her paws.

Too soon she had to rise again to make sure the rest of her body wasn't captured by the mud, and it was only then that she howled, hoping someone had more experience with swamps or fens than she did.

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(I'll help you :) so says the sothern wolf XD. Hey think we can get fire's foot crushed?)

Fire growled trudging though the mud and rain. She long thin legs cut though the mud, but it stuck uncomfortably to her belly fur, making the light tan a dark murky grey. She whined pushing forward, and trying to get to her new home. Her blacksmiths bag hung around her broad shoulders. From time to time she glanced down to make sure it stayed put. Coming to a hard patch of rock and grass, she closed her eyes. The wind buffeted her ears, and the rain pelted like sharp sparks of her beloved flames. Suddenly she stiffened, the thin peal of a scared howl echoed in her ears. Tilting her head she recognized the call of the other new wolf, Everly. Fire lifted her muzzle and howled back,"I'm coming. Where are you?" She shifted into a halfling; hoping the strength of her new form would out weigh her thicker legs. Growling louder she started to plow toward the younger wolf's cries. She felt like a drowned rat.

Huffing she got closer to the sounds of struggles, or panic depending on how you see life. Her frustration was mounting with all this sticky mud. "I didn't leave the nice, green plains for this stupid rain." She slapped out large feet spread at a shallow stack of mud. She smiled as it splattered in a fan of wet, dirty drops.

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OOC: Yay, thanks! :D And we certainly can, maybe Ev can land on her foot as she gets pulled out? Also I wasn't sure if Ev would actually be able to see Fire yet so I left it kinda vague xD

Everly's fruitless efforts to regain her liberty from the stubborn gloop holding her in place had resulted in a lot of mess. There were splashes of murky brown distributed over most of the creamy fur below her waist, as well as smaller streaks on her chest, neck and face. The combination of mud and her chocolatey points, the sticky texture against fur, were sure to offer an unimpressive sight to whoever might rescue her. The thick mud coating fur which was usually soft as a kitten's felt heavy, almost uncomfortable.

Being released from the mud was still the Kunikoti's primary concern, and she continued to try and break free with more subtle movements. A small twist here, a tentative tug there. Half of her wanted to conserve energy and strength, but the other half, perhaps tinted by panic, would rather make some movement, however useless, than simply stand and wait to be rescued.

The Optime woman only froze completely when her howl was answered by a voice which sounded muffled but wild. Everly couldn't remember the tone of her own howl but she hoped it hadn't been too pathetic. Relieved that someone had heard her cry, she tried to take stock of her surroundings. She didn't yet know the territory well enough to be familiar with landmarks or areas with specific names and in the rain and wind everything seemed dark and colourless, but if she listen carefully, if she pushed her ears nearly to their limits – there it was. The sound of water, different to the needle prick pattering of the rain. It was fuller, tumbling rather than driving down in individual drops. Everly lifted her muzzle again to respond, trying to keep her voice calm and comprehensible. ”I think I'm near the river rapids, between them and the village! Don't think I'm going anywhere just now.” Everly turned narrowed eyes down towards her trapped foot, considering trying to work her way free again, but if aid was on its way there was little point.

Everly's head jerked up as she heard.. what was that? A voice, maybe. Paws on the slick mud. She called out again, just in case her fur was so covered in mud that she was completely camouflaged. “I think this mud is getting quite attached to my foot. Problem with that is that I really like my foot as well.”

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(Works fine for me :) sorry for not posting before I had written a great answer and the Internet messed up. So I got mad XD anyway here ya go. Oh and in case your wondering about the quick mood changes... I'm basing this off my self, but showing what would happen if I dropped my shields)

Fire jumped, her hackles raising at the sudden voice. She was standing just behind the floundering wolf on a bit of harder ground. She peered though the rain seeing Everly's light pelt showing a bit. She coughed out a laugh in embarrassment as well as amusement. "I could see how loosing your foot would be unwanted." Her own paws ached in sympathy. Slowly, testing her footing she moved around the tan wolf, eyes narrowed in the down pour. "So my dear," she said keeping Everly's mind of her predicament, " Where are you from?" She hoped to the left landing on some slick grass and sliding a bit. Struggling she remained on her paws.

Fire glanced up at the sky teeth barred. She came to this place hoping for a better life. So far the only thing to like has been the great fire, and even that has gone out in this weather. Her mind was starting to splinter a bit her high winding down. No, plunging down, into the dark hole that was her true center. Usually the only way to fix it was to work the fire and create something infused with her feelings. Now though, way out, far from her new home, the only thing she could do was help Everly and hope the feeling doesn't get stronger. Lowering her head she watched.

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OOC: Moodswings could be fun ;D


Only hints of smell were allowed through the barrage of wind and rain, as if the storm was actually watering them down then washing them away. There was a flash of a scent, nothing more than a glimpse had it been an image. As keen as Everly's ears were, the weather was doing a pretty good job of covering the sound of the other female's footfalls. It wasn't until she heard the chuckling, too light a sound to be part of the scowling, growling storm, that she realised how close her packmate was.

The trapped healer craned her neck, looking over her shoulder to offer Fire something between a grin and a grimace. She was glad when the sooty-eared wolf began to circle, meaning she didn't have to strain her neck so much. The movement itself, although it didn't seem aggressive, reminded Ev of the dance acted out in the midst of a hunt. Everly herself would be the prey in this instance: the storm's prey, ensnared and vulnerable. Instinctively her toes dug into the ground below them – or rather, surrounding them, at this juncture. The tracks and puddles of mud all looked very much alike in the gloomy lighting, but Everly could feel that her free foot was pressed to firmer ground, although it wasn't firm enough to warrant enough confidence to put a great deal of weight on it. The sensation might've been pleasant if the thick, cool mud wasn't holding her firmly by the ankle.

The Skyfall woman's predicament faded briefly from her mind as she gave an answer to Fire's question. “Somewhere that's probably a lot drier than here at the moment.” Her brown-flooded muzzle wrinkled but she wore a wry smile, not wanting to let her frustration with the mud bring any hostility into her speech. “I'm Everly Skyfall,” she added. “Where do you come from? Somewhere that's made you an expert in extricating wolves from mud pits?” The Optime's tone was hopeful but jovial. Her foot was still wiggling, seeking a weak spot in the mud, but Fire's idea, even though Everly wasn't in on it, had clearly worked: her mind was no longer on her foot.

Her thoughts were further removed from the mud entrenched foot when her rescuer's demeanour changed abruptly, sharp teeth exposed. Everly fixed her with a questioning look, uncertain. “Are you quite alright?” she inquired her voice hesitant and tremoring a little.

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Fire froze her lips falling quickly back over her lips. "Yep, I'm perfectly fine." She smiled looking down at the wolf. Only her brother would have known the truth of her actions. Only he would know how fragile her out ward appearance was. Still studying the stiller wolf she cocked her head to the side. " My name is Fire Lynn, it's very nice to meet a fellow new wolf. As for this mud? Well, to tell you the truth, I'm from way down south. We're lucky to get a small puddle of mud instead of this gunk." She lifted her front paw and shook it in demonstration.

Once again she fought the urge to snap out at the mud flecks, or at least stare at their simple beauty. A cold shiver racked her body as she remembered the rain and her purpose. She was starting to get frustrated with her own skipping mind, not to even speak about this mess. Sighing she nodded shifting to the right where Everly seemed to be loosest. "Do you think you could move? If I pushed on your left side?" Fire's voice was strained but clear. Even with it deepened with a harsh grating noise that was from overuse, almost like a slowly worsening hole in a damaged instrument.

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The blue-eyed wolf recovered quickly enough for Everly to shrug off the short change as some element of the storm spooking her. It was beginning to seem to Everly as if she'd been moored to the same spot for so long that she must have witnessed every aspect of the storm: every angle of biting rain which was beginning to make her shiver, every voice in the thunder. She could feel it most in her restricted leg, the calf muscle beginning to ache.

A dry chuckle forced its way between the medicine woman's gritted teeth as Fire lifted her paw to show the coating of mud. “Lovely stuff, isn't it?” she responded, half sympathy and half joke. “I'd say with both of us being new we should stick together but I'm not particularly fond of the idea of being stuck anywhere right now.” Her comment was punctuated with a somewhat pained grin. Everly's will to entertain others was as stubborn as the mud surrounding her.

Her ears lifted as much as they could with their extra burden of cold raindrops to take in Fire's suggestion. She almost winced at the effort which seemed to be needed for her fellow AniWayan to speak. If she ever succeeded in escaping the predicament she was currently in, she'd have to see if she could produce something soothing for her throat. “I think I can.” Carefully, Everly turned her body, testing the mud's hold again before extending an arm towards her packmate. “Um.. on the count of three or something?”

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