[aw] run to the water

POSTED: Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:52 pm

Setting Location Form NPCs
Location: D'Neville Mansion (Pool)
Date: 30 Sep* (Backdated)
Weather: Calm, humid, cool
Time: Late morning
Optime Asher: Optime Dusk: Optime

(447) As a result of the hurricane, the pool is filled almost to the top with water; time to take advantage of it before it turns gross! Everyone is free to join in on this little pool party; no posting order. :D

Vesper is by Sie!

The storm had finally receded, leaving Inferni a wreckage of flooding and debris, although the damage certainly could have been worse. If anything it was a great nuisance, leaving a few coyotes homeless and giving others a lot of work to do with repairs; not to mention the general yuckiness of everything.

Vesper cursed softly as she yanked her paws out of the mud, moving through the territory and staring at the branches littering the ground; she only hoped that she wouldn’t find the skeleton of one of the archery stands crashed in the mud too. The camouflaging would likely have been torn away, at least, and she wanted to swing by the mansion and grab Asher (and whoever else) to help her.

She reached the D’Neville to see a tree had landed across the fence and scowled, hoping that there weren’t any similar accidents though she knew no one had been seriously injured during the hurricane. She paused to shift shape before she would enter the building, and heard a splash and a high-pitched yelp just as she completed the transformation to Optime form. Startled, she ran clumsily around the outer edge of the mansion then skidded to a halt as she saw a Luperci dragging itself out of the pool, only to grab the leg of a familiar tricolor male and pull him into the water.

Asher resurfaced as Vesper reached the pool’s edge, her ears tilted forward and a grimace of confusion twisting her features. He beamed at her, though, spitting out water and waving. The other canine, a young coyote Ves recognized as a new member, sat on the edge and was wringing out his tail. When he saw her, he dipped his head and mumbled, “Hello, Centurion.”

“Dusk, Asher,” the woman replied, and gave the latter a questioning look. “What are you doing?”

The border collie mix grinned and splashed like a child. “Enjoying the pool!”

“He pushed me in,” Dusk added darkly, but there was a light in his fiery eyes that suggested he didn’t mind the conflict. In fact, to further demonstrate his displeasure, he leaned down and sent a wave of water at Asher, who only barked laughter and returned the watery warfare. Eventually, Vesper had to stand back as the splashing increased in violence, culminating in the young coyote leaping at the doggish Tirones; a wave of water washed out over the edge, soaking Vesper. She set her teeth in a growl, which seemed to startle Dusk into stopping, but Asher only stuck his tongue out.

Vesper wouldn’t allow the mutt to challenge her authority like that, of course, so she slipped into the pool and returned fire.

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