The Corsage of Love and Liberty

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Player Name: CorneriantrooperGrey
Character Name: Jordyn
Date of Birth: September 2, 2010
Gender: female
Species: Border Collie
Personality Traits: Encouraging, strategic, bipolar, sweet, and humorous
Skills: Playing the ocarina, dancing, and comedy
NPC: None

OOC: Back-dated September 8th, 2012

The collie shook her head, sending water flying around her. She dropped to her knees and breathed heavy breaths of air in, and out. Her ears were back, and her tail tucked slightly. She had been running for what had seemed like forty-five minutes from a threatening wolf from the Sangi'lak pack. A kind woman from the Vinatta pack had helped her escape by telling her to run ahead to the Vinatta's safe borders, while she held him off. She hadn't dared to turn around, for the fear that she would see those horrible, beastly eyes of the dark grey wolf against her mind again.

The smell of the Vinatta pack was wonderful. It had a salty, loving smell to it, along with the fresh smell of wood shavings, and a ticklish scent of pine needles. It made her cheerful inside, and it made her want to play her ocarina. She checked her pouch, meters outside of the Vinatta grounds, to make sure that nothing had fallen out during her run. To her surprise, everything was still intact. Her pocket book was a little wet from the heavy rain, and so were the rose petals, but everything else looked fine. She sat cross legged . The collie wasn't sure if she should talk to anyone. She didn't think she should leave her spot anyway because if the woman did return, she wanted to be here to thank her for everything. She clutched her ocarina close to her heart while she looked in the direction she had just ran from, through the light drizzle that was still continuing on the landscape. She feared that the kindhearted woman that had helped her reach safety not long ago, would not appear before her ever again.

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This should probably be backdated, but I personally don't care about finagling with dates. xD It is before the hurricane, though! <3 Everything else looks good I think. :o

Shiloh was still shaking with rage about the verbal onslaught from the Sangi’lak wolf, one that could have easily turned bloody. It was all she could do to send the dear dog girl ahead of her while she made sure that the grey brute didn’t call reinforcements; luckily, they were not far from Vinátta, and he hadn’t seemed interested enough to pursue them—either that, or he’d had a single stroke of intelligence after the aggressive stupidity he’d displayed earlier. She couldn’t really call it anything else but that; it wasn’t justified in her mind, even if she was biased in trusting her brother. Any wolf that threatened to skin an innocent girl because of her species was beyond sanity in her book, and that this “collective” would allow him to stay only showed that they were evil, too.

The white wolf breathed hard as she jogged the last hundred yards or so to the territory, her inhale bringing her the scent of the pines. Light rain fell, but it only gave the earth a more distinct scent, and her heart soared as she returned to her home. Immediately, her blue eyes flickered over the landscape to search for Jordyn, and she smiled in relief when she saw the girl sitting with her little instrument clutched against her chest.

“Are you okay, dear one?” Shiloh asked first, slowing to a walk and then kneeling beside her, one hand reaching for her shoulder. She sighed and gave the dark fur there a little rub, trying to smile encouragingly. “You’re safe now.”


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Jordyn sat outside of the Vinátta pack grounds waiting for Shiloh to return. Small drops of rain water fell on her, to which she mostly ignored. While she dug her fingers into her ocarina's holes, bracing herself from the rough wind, she contemplated about going back to look for her; wondering if the two were in a quarrel in which she would be able to help. It wasn't a wise decision to her, so she ignored the thought. Her mother wouldn't have approved of it. The canine knew it was silly to still live by her mother's rules, but they had kept her alive for sometime now, and she knew she could trust her mother's words.

The wind chilled, and dried out her eyes. She blinked profusely. Through her blinking, she saw a figure coming up from over hill. She began to make out blonde hair, and a white coat. It was Shiloh! Jordyn wagged her tail to welcome her. The white wolf asked her if she was alright to which she shook her head yes and stood up with her. There was so much thanking for Jordyn to do for this woman, but she couldn't put her words together. She was in too much shock. Shiloh told her that she was safe now, which she believed. She kept telling herself now in her head that she was safe over and over in her head, which brought her the courage to step closer to the Vinátta pack grounds.

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Shiloh suppressed another sigh of relief as the girl nodded that she was okay, and she wrapped a slender arm around the collie once she stood. With a little pull, she encouraged her to step past the borders. “You’re my guest here, for as long as you want,” she said firmly; she didn’t think her brother would have an issue with that under these circumstances. It would also make her feel safer to be on the other side of the scent markers, even if any fool who attacked them now would have the whole pack howling on their heels even this close to Vinátta.

Whether or not she succeeded in bringing the girl over, the white she-wolf stepped into the pack territory and looked at her, her ears tipping down against her blonde hair after a moment of silence. “I’m sorry,” she stated, unexpected guilt weighing down her conscience. “I… I don’t know if he would have said those things to you if I hadn’t been present. Apparently Vinátta has bad blood with their collective, but I’m so new here that I didn’t know, and that probably didn’t help his attitude.” She wanted to hope that the grey wolf had only harassed Jordyn so darkly because of her association with the Dawnbringer, only because it might mean that all of Sangi’lak wasn’t so insane.

Shiloh shook her head. “Like I said, though, you’re safe here—and you can stay for as long as you want.” She bit her lip in a single girlish moment before trying to smooth her expression, resisting the urge to add “Maybe even forever.” She didn’t know if Jordyn had other plans in Nova Scotia, if joining a pack was one of them. She wanted to extend the courtesy to stay at least until she recovered from whatever psychological wounds the encounter could have caused.


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The Vinátta pack grounds seemed warm, inviting, and calming. The sun was now breaching through the clouds, and shining on the wet grass with such perfection, and beauty that she almost collapsed right there. It all looked so grand' she had never seen anything like it.

As they walked into the pack grounds together, she stayed close to Shiloh, while constantly looking over her shoulder. The first thing Shiloh said, was an apology. Jordyn desperately wanted to tell her that it wasn't her fault; a matter of fact, it wasn't anybody's, but she just couldn't dig up any words to say to her.

She turned around and looked at Shiloh, listening to her about the man from the other pack and how she could stay here for a while. She hadn't known that there was a history between the two packs, and it interested her. Maybe during her stay she would learn more about the subject. Jordyn looked up at Shiloh, bashfully looking into her eyes. The woman had been too kind. "Thank you," was all she could say to the generous wolf, "Would they really accept somebody" Although everything seemed mysterious and new, Jordyn was just happy to not be continuing her life alone.

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Aww poor Jordyn <3 You can edit "leader needed" into your topic title now! :)

The collie girl thanked her softly, and Shiloh smiled gently. Her smile had a fiercer cast to it, almost like that of a mother bear, when she heard the words “someone like me.” Was Jordyn worried about her species?

“Of course, darling,” Shiloh said slowly. “Vinátta accepts anyone, as long as their heart is true.” It was cheesy, but those were the only words she could come up with; she wanted the girl to know that, even if she wasn’t a great warrior or medic or something else that the pack would shelter her, give her room to grow. She seemed like a sweet girl from what Shiloh had seen. “We could use a brave member like you, too,” she added with a twinkle in her eye, proud of the way the female had stood up to the grey brute.

“I’ll call for a leader—my brother or sister-and-law,” she explained, and stepped toward the trees, tilting her head back and letting out a melodious howl to call for them. She was biased toward wanting Saul to show up, just so she could tuck herself into his arms and be safe with her strong sibling, but her dislike for Lilin had waned; there was no real reason to dislike her as a person, at least, only the union between the two Virdings. She wouldn’t show weakness even ifs he wanted to, though.

Smiling a controlled smile, she glanced back at Jordyn. “They might want to ask what skills you have to contribute to the pack, if you choose to join, though. It’d be nice to think of some—though I already know you can play your ocarina very well,” she praised.


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<33 welcome to 'Souls dear!

Saul Chibi is by Requiem!

There was a tension in the air, a electricity that Saul understood to mean change. In just a handful of days, he was sure Colibri would be ready to give birth and then just a few days after that, his own progeny would be here. He was excited, and incredibly scared at the same time and it was irritating Lilin to say the least. He could feel them drifting apart- he didn't have a clue how to react to her mood swings and silence and it just made things worse. But he returned each evening to curl around her ever growing body, squeezing as hard as he dared to make her understand that it was just a hard time between them.

He'd been out with Eirias this morning, trying to keep the male used to his presence. He had to admit that he was neglecting the bird and it wasn't hard to understand why. As a leader, he was busy most of the time, but he knew he was going to have to try and spend more time with him. Hunting with the bird was a good bonding technique between the pair and by the time his sisters howl rose above the trees, he was enjoying himself. With a grin to the bird, the male took off towards the borders, four legs faster than two.

He wondered what Shiloh was doing out there, his curiosity causing his muscles to bunch together quicker, to surge forward at a faster pace. A glance skyward told him the Gyrfalcon had followed him, wheeling above him in a lazy swoop that looked so effortless. His speed as it was, it didn't take him long to arrive at the borders, green eyes alighting on an unknown female and his sister, who appeared to be supporting one another. He didn't think he knew his sister well enough to pick up on the most subtle of emotions from her, but he could see almost straight away the tension in the pair of them.

Shi... whats wrong? Has something happened? He asked, concentrating for a moment to rearrange his bones. He stood upright after a few moments, rolling his neck when an ache appeared there. Moving forward, he came to a stop, green eyes searching blue eyes try to discern what was happening sooner. Glancing towards the smaller black female, he couldn't help the friendly and encouraging smile across his lips as he waited for an answer. Can you tell me what happened? He asked, directing it at both females now.

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Thank you!

Jordyn's eyes twinkled brightly at the woman's words. "Did she really mean it?" she thought "Am I really brave?". She knew a pack would definitely bring up her confidence, which had always seemed to be low even with her metal disorder, which was a positive thought to her. Her mother suddenly formed in her mind. What would her mother had thought of this? Would she let her do this, if she was still by her side, or would she had just brought her to her father, to make him decide? All of this worried her, but Shiloh's words echoed in the back of her mind, making her stand tall for herself and her lost family.

The collie's ears perked up when a booming howl danced into her ear drums. She had only heard a few in her life, and most had been deadlier sounding, since wolves had been her family's enemies in her old territory, but this one ricocheted through her body with the delicacy like notes being quietly played in a music box. The message was received by a strong looking wolf with greyish-brown fur. He had a head of shaggy cocoa color hair, and a necklace with an owl on it. She could only guess that he was Shiloh's brother.

When he stopped in front of them, his face formed a small smile towards Jordyn. She smiled back to be polite, and cleared her throat a little to answer his question. "Shiloh and I were down by the coast when a male wolf from the Sangi'lak pack threatened to skin us. When he called to his pack I took off running, while Shiloh bravely stayed behind to face him. She told me to run here, to be safe." After she spoke, Jordyn looked into the male wolf's eyes, waiting for an answer.

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Shiloh throws a tantrum. xD

The dark-furred girl remained quiet in response to the white she-wolf’s encouraging words, but Shiloh didn’t press her and didn’t mind the silence. She used it to think, her forehead furrowing contemplatively until she realized she was doing it and made an effort to keep her brow smooth. She took a deep breath, snatching one last glance at Jordyn in worry until the grey-and-tawny figure of her brother came into view. She fidgeted anxiously with a strand of blonde hair as he shifted, picking up on her jittery demeanor and questioning her. Even with those being the first words out of his mouth, the Virding found the time to flash a smile at the newcomer, who smiled back.

Jordyn concisely explained what happened, and Shiloh could feel herself bristling all over again. She’d been as polite as she could be throughout the dangerous encounter, but now her true emotions came out; anger sharpened her features and caused her to puff up slightly, a warrior of wrath. She wanted to lash out at something or cling to her brother until the emotions went away, but she controlled herself for the girl’s sake, not wanting to frighten her.

“Unprovoked,” the Dawnbringer spat, her voice a far cry from the soft cooing it had been with Jordyn or the tight courtesy she’d forced at the Sangi’lak monster. “The girl was playing a song, and I greeted her, and that brute showed up and threatened us: me because I was a Vináttan, her because she was a dog.” She gestured feebly to show the sheer ridiculousness of this last prejudice. “When we ran, though, he didn’t press an attack; neither one of is hurt. If I had my staff with me…”

She remembered herself, growled softly, smoothed her fur down, and glanced sidelong at Jordyn. “This little thing was brave though, Saul. We can—we can give her a home, right?”


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Saul Chibi is by Requiem!

The tentative smile from the dark female was encouraging- it didn't seem any harm had come to the pair and he relaxed slightly when the scent of blood failed to reach his searching nostrils. He was surprised when the little female answered first, though his expression turned from worried and curious to thunderously angry in just a few seconds. Brows furrowed and a scowl tugged his lips down. Sangi'lak had certainly been a thorn in their side, but aside from the negative reaction to their neighbours Saul hadn't thought hostility would come into it. He remained silent, his mind racing as the female admitted that the Sangi'lak had threatened to skin them. He was in shock.

Shiloh's outraged tones caused him to glance up at her. She wasn't harmed, he would see that. Her indignation was an indicator that she wasn't harmed, but her pride had taken a battering and she was just as shocked as he was. She filled in the blanks, how she'd come across the female playing. He remained silent as she mentioned that they'd been attacked because Shiloh was part of Vinátta and she mentioned that the female had been attacked because she was a dog. Eyebrows rose softly in shock once more- he was certainly learning a lot about Sangi'lak's culture and it certainly wasn't positive. He sighed softly, a weary hand run over his face. I'm sorry this happened to you both- we hadn't realised things had escalated like this. He admitted- they hadn't considered their nuetral neighbours openly hostile.

Shiloh's next words caused another weary smile upon his lips. He wouldn't turn her away- Vinátta held no prejudices against species. The way Shiloh asked, however, reminded him briefly of Temeraire one-time obsession with a butterfly back in Hilsburn. He'd asked, with the dead bug held gingerly in his jaws, whether they could keep him. Saul had had to explain that the insect was dead, and even if it hadn't been, they wouldn't have been able to keep it. Thankfully, these concepts did not apply to the female. He felt the soft nod dip his head. You are welcome in Vinátta for as long as you wish. He offered, confirming that she was more than accepted in their ranks.

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Welcome to Vinátta!

Joining a new pack can be nerve-wracking! Here are few tips and tricks to get you started. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

  • Our information portal is a good place to get familiar with our ranks and pack game!
  • Why not get to know your new pack mates by creating an AW thread?
  • Would you like your character to feature on our member page ? Contact us with the information we require, and we’ll have you up there ASAP!
  • Don't forget to look over our ranks page and take note of how to rise in the ranks (shown in the side bar).
  • Our pack’s core values are based off Norse mythology, you might want to take a look at our website’s culture page to better inform yourself and avoid any confusion!

Any additional concerns can always be directed to Honey & Jessica via the OOC account here! Looking forward to RPing with you!

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The collie tugged her hoodie down as she listened to Shiloh's explanation about the encounter with the wolf. She had never seen her this mad, although, she hadn't known her for very long period of time. Her description of the event was a lot more negative than her own, and yet she could see her trying to control herself during her telling. The wolf had every right to be angered, and Jordyn was, too, but clearly not as much as her. It must have been the aftermath of shock still in her system.

When Shiloh asked her brother if Jordyn could stay, she put her head down, and looked at the ground beneath her. She usually did this when she wanted to have a private thought, and to avoid eye contact while doing so. She thought of the different things he could say. If it was no, she would just have to live with another person not wanting her around, but if said yes, then her life would be changed forever. When he said yes to Shiloh, Jordyn immediately felt a rush of joy. She was a member of the Vinátta pack! She wagged her tail at both of them, while wearing a gigantic smile on he her face. The collie couldn't thank them enough. She wouldn't be on her own anymore. She would have a pack to back her up if she was in trouble. And most importantly, she'd have a family again.

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Saul Chibi is by Requiem!

The reaction was instant and immediately reminded him of why he enjoyed this part of his duties so much. It was clear the girl had been through a lot and the persecution of Sangi'lak must have been an incredible shock to them both. He was gratified to be able to offer a home to those who needed it and it was evident that Jordyn appreciated her acceptance into Vinátta. The grin she sent both of them, accompanied by the swinging tail was enough to cause a soft chuckle from the Virding. There was only one thing left to do. If you'd like to follow Shiloh and I back to Jordheim, I have a gift for you and you may choose a house to live in.

He said with a kindness to his tone. Turning, he made the way back from the borders in deep thought. It was worrying, to think how little they knew about their neighbouring pack. They had no desire for open hostility with them, but it seemed this was not mutual. Sighing softly, he tried to push these thoughts from his mind as they arrived in Jordheim. He disappeared into his home, before bringing out a bundled package. Inside the deerskin that held it all together, a pair of rabbit furs nestled against a bottle of wine, a hunting knife and the customary Frithr necklace. Welcome to Vinátta, Jordyn. I hope you find a home here. He offered, befoer allowing her to explore as she wished and to find a house to live in.

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Woah, now this is a long post!

Her new leader talked with pride and grace to her, and it made her feel welcomed to her new lifestyle. The collie absorbed all of her new surroundings, drinking every last bit up. Her eyes twinkled with delight at her new leader. She looked up to this man with great pride. She didn't know exactly what it felt like to be a pack leader, but after having to support her family as a pup, she knew that it wasn't the easiest job in the world.

Jordyn followed him to Jordheim to find her new home. She was accustomed to living in caves, not houses so she was weary about her surroundings. The houses were rounded, and had several windows and one door. She looked in a few as she walked beside her leader, and eyed a few wolves whose names she did not yet know. They stopped at a house that was larger than the others, and it had noticeably the most open space around it. Jordyn stayed outside while he walked in. She turned her head around and looked at all the different houses. Building these houses didn't look very easy, and it was obvious that the humans that had once roamed here had built these structures. Before her leader had walked into the house, he seemed slightly troubled about something, but that emotion left his face when he handed her a bundle of rabbit furs, wine, a knife, and a necklace that looked exactly like the one he was wearing, too. By the way it was wrapped, she could tell, almost taste, that this offering was a tradition for new members. After she had inspected it, he welcomed her to Vinátta again, and she looked up at him with a gigantic smile, and her tail started to wag. She reached in and put the necklace on, and beamed. "Thank you," was all she could say. She was touched by the kindness of this pack. It was hard to believe that only a few hours ago she had been insulted, and threatened by a wolf so unlike these people.

Jordyn walked through the clusters of houses, observing each and every one of them. They ended up fining a small, sluggish looking house isolated from the other members. It would be perfect for practicing her ocarina. There was no door, but she knew that she could substitute it for something else. She turned her head around, back at her followers and the other houses, then turned back around. Jordyn stretched her foot out into the house, and touched the floorboards, which creaked slightly, then stepped all the way into the house. It was one floor with three rooms, and a tall sealing. She clutched her hands together, and smiled. "I love it." she said gleefully, while looking out the door. The house was perfect for her. She didn't need much room for everything, and she knew she could spice things up a bit if she needed to. She couldn't thank the man enough for this.

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