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It was almost noon.

Felony, in her halfling form, paused at the edge of the border, two feet from where the marked foliage began. She began to step forward, then stopped; she was in her default shape, her fighting shape. It also might look weird to be traveling on foot next to the young, very fit horse that stood beside her; so she began to straighten up.

Fell's shoulders cracked like they usually did as she stood up on her hind paws. It didn't have anything to do with her shifting, but she had gotten into the habit of popping them as she stretched them back. <a href='http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_dZqI8BYUO7Y/TQRaEm6aIZI/AAAAAAAAAlY/AxoJCt2IyNE/s1600/Dafydddarksootybucktobright.JPG' target='_blank'>Imagine Royalty</a>, the tobiano-draft dapple paint next to her, snorted as he usually did when she shifted. He wasn't really her horse; she rode him when she had zero time to shift to either four-legged form (he could go from a standstill to full gallop in a matter of seconds) and for the occasional pleasure ride. She also enjoyed showing him off, as he was downright gorgeous and he knew it. He was also determined to follow Fell to the ends of the earth, since they had stumbled across each other when he was six and still in need of something or someone to follow around.

Felony stood still now, fully in her bipedal form, and put a hand against Royal's big neck. She stood to his left side, stroked his mane for a moment, and let out a quick barking howl to let the occupants of the border know that she was there and had neutral intentions. Royal flinched, but didn't run as he used to. Instead, when she fell silent to wait, he turned his big head and put his nose in Fell's ear, his breath ruffling her mohawked mane.

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hello Jessica! 8D have a pregnant Alyssum. x3

As the weather got cooler, her abdomen grew bigger. While she had been taking time to relax, especially after the stress and tension the hurricane had caused her, she attempted go about her duties, albeit at a leisurely pace.

Bundled up in clothing that shielded her from the temperature she was not accustomed to, she left the Fort and crossed into the forest, Macbeth following after her through the branches, hopping and flying at times, but he always hovered over her. Ever since it was revealed to him that she was carrying, he had been stalking her as if he was a vulture instead of a magpie, eyeing her as if he blinked his shiny eyes, she would disappear. He even bothered her with questions every minute or so. "Okay? Need food? Macbeth can get mouse. No hungry? Okay. Need rest? You need to sit, you rest. No rest? Okay." It annoyed her at times, but she knew that the bird had her best interest in mind.

She had decided to poke around the borders for an hour or so, and then turn back before it got to late. About a couple of minutes into the patrol, her long ears perked as a howl sounded across the land, quite nearby. It was emotionless and without a clear message, just simply a call for attention. Macbeth roosted on her shoulder, and stared sharply ahead. "It's okay, man," she stated dismissively, and started off towards where the howl came from. Soon enough, she saw two figures on the neutral lands, and once she could distinct what they were--a female Luperci and a pretty horse--she called out to them with a wave of her hand.

"Hey there! This is Casa di Cavalieri." She stepped a bit closer, and spoke once again when she was able to be heard without yelling. "My name is Alyssum, the alphess here. You need anythin'?"

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Well hai C:

Royal was bothering Felony about food when suddenly his ears strained forward, nostrils flared, eyes alert for the arrival of someone on the other side of the border. Fell tensed as well, nervous about another Luperci, as she rarely had much company other than Royal. She lifted her nose, but the wind did not favor her.

The figure approaching called out in a friendly tone as she moved closer, until Fell could see her clearly; a pregnant female Luperci with a bird on her shoulder who was eyeing up Fell and her companion.

"Hi," she called out shyly, in that awkward half-yelling, half-talking way. Unsure how to act with respect around an alphess, she lowered her tail and nodded her head once and said, "I'm Felony, or Fell. This is Imagine Royalty. I suppose I'm looking to join, but I'm not sure how to go about doing so..."

Royal reached out his head, once the other pair was close enough, to sniff at the air next to Alyssum's belly. Felony, with an instinctual feeling that this was probably not okay, knocked the young horse's nose away. "Royal, that's probably rude..." she told him. He ducked his head to avoid her hand but didn't advance again. Sorry.

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I don't think it'll be long till we can get you all titled up. <3 A few more posts and we should be golden!

The pair seemed friendly enough, if not a bit nervous. She had her assumptions as to why they were here, but as usually, she remained open-minded; not every canine that came to their borders were looking for membership, after all, and to jump the gun too soon could cause a bad first impression. Macbeth, of course, had a less positive outlook, but did not vocalize his thoughts, and settled on gazing over the two with bright, critical eyes.

"Well, greetin's, Fell and Imagine Royalty," she said warmly, knowing fully well how awkward she must have been feeling, having went through the same process of joining before. She opened her mouth to speak, but she was silent at a movement, and watched peacefully as the horse approached her. But, she was a little surprise as he went near her stomach, and could not help but give a wide grin as Felony brushed away Royalty's nose, and gave a wave of her hand. "No, it's quite alright! I guess your horse there has a sharp nose--that's a good thing." She settled her hands on the bulge that was certainly hidden underneath the clothing, and she explained, "The fella probably senses them, and there's no harm done with sniffin'.

"Anyway, if your lookin' for a home, it's not too hard. But, I do have to ask you a few questions, none too hard. What sort of things are you good at?" While her pack treasured warriors, a little diversity would not hurt a bit, and hopefully the question was spoken openly enough to show that she wanted to know her interests.

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Awesomesauce :D and sorry, I was at a riding lesson. My horse was on sick leave for, like, ever -.-

Felony listened as Alyssum spoke of Royal having a sharp nose. "Royal met my mother right before she gave birth to my younger sisters. There's a similar scent, I'm guessing, though I sure feel bad for Royal for having to endure my family for the twenty minutes that he did..." She shuddered a bit at the memory. Sure, a healthy lot with no deaths in the immediate family, but Lord, did those people fight. Fell and her still somewhat new friend had run into her brother, who was traveling with her mother, and God forbid Felony kept going without saying hello to dear old Mom and unborn twins...

"Anyway," she continued. The social awkwardness was leaving quickly as it usually did when she talked to nice people. "I've been wandering for only about a month, but I don't think being a loner is a good idea for me, at least not yet." She paused to think. "I'm a good rider. Royal is young and strong and could be a warhorse if asked, and a work horse or pleasure horse otherwise." She thought a bit more, trying to think of something she could do on her own, since the question was directed at her and not her horse. "I can throw knives and shoot a bow, and I'm pretty fast in all forms. I can also draw, though what that could be good for I have no idea. I know a bit about piercing, but I've only ever done ears." She fell silent.

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it's all alright if you don't reply right away! I'm sad to hear your horse was sick--I'm glad it's better! And welcome to Casa! 8D

Curiosity came to her when Felony mentioned her family, but Alyssum has learned long ago not to pry into other people's business--at least, during the first meeting. She seemed uneasy when the woman talked about her family, so she decided not to press about familial things and kept on the topics that were easier to discuss.

"Most wolves don't like to be alone," she pointed out simply, and could not help but think about that brief period of time where she roamed alone for those few months when she was not even a yearling. While the youngster angst certainly kept her away from others, it was not very enjoyable. She pulled herself out of her thoughts as Fell spoke again, and nodded earnestly at her horsemanship. "We need more horse folk around here--we have quite a large herd that go about freely in our territory, and having another capable hand around is great. And, having another addition to our little group is wonderful, too," she said with a smile, her last words directed at the male, though she was not sure how much of their speech he understood.

She began to list more of her skills, but what the Luna found more interesting was the bow bit; being a sharp shooter herself, she wondered how able she was at it. When she spoke of drawing, Alyssum added helpfully, "You can draw maps of our territory, if your good at that sort of thing, so it can be useful." The earthen woman was quiet as well when the list was completed, and allowed a moment of thinking to elapse; while she already found Fell's abilities useful, it only seemed appropriate to weigh what she said instead of out right accepting her. She even played it off with a thoughtful face, only to tease the woman, and finally stated, "I'd think you'd be pretty welcomed in Casa, miss Felony."

Her grin widened even further across her slim muzzle, and she gestured to the two to come over the border. Macbeth, having been silent this whole time, finally lowered his gaze from the pair and took off into the trees, easily mixing in with the leaves and going out of sight, but the de Fonte knew he wouldn't be too far off. "Let me show you to the Fort, it's where most of our pack members stay and meet at. It's a cozy little place, but a little shook up from the hurricane."

Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri!


Here are some things that we suggest you take a look at, now that you've been accepted:

  • Check out the Game to see how you can start collecting points for fun prizes!
  • Look at the Map and Territory Descriptions to see the various places your character can explore within the pack.
  • Look over the list of Co-Ranks that are available for you character to pursue once they reach the Famiglia rank.
  • Please read our Policies and IC Laws & Punishments so that you and your character can abide by Casa di Cavalieri's standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Melissa or Aly and we will do whatever we can to help you! If you're ready to get to roleplaying right away, post in the Thread Requests forum or snag an Open Thread!

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Thank you :D

Felony smiled at the map part. "Oh, great! I love maps." Her grin widened at the word 'welcome.' "Thank you," she said, making Royal twitch a bit when she took her hand off of his mane and stepped toward the border. Stepping over it, she turned around to face the horse. "You're not my horse, so if you follow me in here, it's not my fault if the other horses are mean." She paused. "But I'll still bite them," she assured the big horse. Okay, he said, getting the jist of the message. Not leaving.

Fell shrugged. "Okay." Royal followed her as she stepped over the border and stood beside Alyssum. "I can imagine it's probably shook up," she said. "I was in some cellar the entire storm, but I could hear it. Not a soothing noise. Tornados are bad, too." Royal lifted his gold eyes up as Macbeth took to the air, whinnying in confusion when he disappeared. Bird?

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Alyssum smiled gently as Felony became excited at the mention of maps, and was glad she was able to make the other see the usefulness even in activities some saw mundane and tasteless. Coming a lifestyle that once shunned all that was involved with Luperci with no justifiable reasons, the woman had a keen eye and a silver tongue to prove that some things were indeed able to be used for a purpose. Not that her elders listened to her, but it was a preened skill never the less.

The Luna had begun to turn to head for the Fort, but paused when she realized that Fell was address the horse that stood outside of the borders still. She listened as the conversation between them developed, and was quite surprised that it was even happening; while she did converse with her animal companions through their low speech for their opinions, it was rare to meet another Luperci who treated their horse like an individual.

"I better tell Antebellum not to bully him, then--Bella has been bossin' around the herd ever since I became a leader, since it's a 'right' or somethin', the cocky mare," she mused playfully, rolling her eyes as she spoke of her horse. She frowned a bit when Fell mentioned a cellar, and she warned lightly, "You must've not been near a river, then; being underground isn't the best option, floods happen fast and quick. The lower levels of the courthouse, where most of the members take home at, was flooded like somethin' terrible. Had to gut out a lot of things, too, it's a shame."

But, Alyssum soon returned to a positive note. "Never been through a tornado, though. Heard they're not good either." She looked over at Royalty as he made a sound of confusion, and explained, "Macbeth isn't the most social bird in the flock. He's probably watching us right now, so he didn't go to far. Probably gonna pop up again and ask me another silly question."

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Felony nodded at the mention of flooding. "I was on a hill," she said, "otherwise I'd have either drowned or learned the hard way about flooding. I saw the aftermath, though," she added, remembering looking down the slope after emerging. "I thought to myself, 'that lake was a puddle the other day. I splashed in it, and had a great time doing so.'" She could remember exactly the almost funny shock of that realization.

"You've never been through a tornado?" she asked conversationally. "I've been through one and a half. Hurricanes have a sharper noise and last longer, and tornados have this dull, constant grating sound like someone's dragging metal across cememt right next to your ear."

Fell looked over at Royal's confusion and Alyssum's mention that the bird was probably watching them. Royal reacted with a flick of his ears. Sharp eyes. "He's a bird, dummy," said Fell. "Birds have sharp eyes."

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wee I am sleepy as I type this. xux it's eleven at night where I live!

"The worst quality about a storm: it has no prejudice." She didn't need to elaborate or prove her words true, for they simply were. Innocent, young, old, even nature were not in the favor of weather when it rears its ugly nose. No moral, no reason, but to destroy until it has no energy left, spent on forcing its wraith, and to disappear. Terrible they were.

She mused over the description Felony had gave, and made a funnel gesture with her hands. "I heard that tornadoes are black wind that touches the ground and sucks up everything nearby, and spits it out miles away. Is that true? Can something like that be that strong?" Hurricanes were fierce and fast and slow to move, but wide spread, their damage mainly to the coast and anything near water. But, something that could basically eat a Luperci and send them off into a whole other territory? That seemed far fetched to the woman, and wanted to lay the rumors that were now fresh in her mind to rest.

Alyssum cracked another sunny grin at the small conversation that had went between horse and canine. "Sharper than a hawk's, I swear to you. You will see birds like Macbeth all over the place, though ravens are particular to the area just north of here, Inferni is what it is called, and crows stick to the mountains near Anathema. Though they seem just like another bird, if you go near a pack territory and catch sight of one, it could well be a scout." It amazed her how the packs used their natural flocks, and wished Casa had one of their own. "Sadly, all we have are horses, and they're not exactly the most... sneaky of critters. And there is a pretty high chance of them to be stolen if they came across the wrong sort, so it's smart for them to stick in the territory and away from the borders."

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Just got home from school and it's like 6:30 >.<

"No kidding. Unforgiving power," she muttered. "No sense of karma, but there's the occasional very convenient coincidence." She thought of the tornado, thinking that if storms like that had minds of their own the world would be in a lot of trouble; either that, or the other way around; if people had that kind of power. She shuddered a bit.

When Alyssum described the tornado, Fell nodded. "Pretty much. The wind whips around so fast that there's close to no air in the middle, so it's gotta suck things up to fill in the gap," she said, explaining her theory of how the storms worked. "Unfortunately only smaller things can fit up there, and the rest is just torn apart and ripped to rubble." She looked back on the memory of the aftermath of the tornado, with a good square mile of the occasional lonely, battered and stripped tree among fields of flattened wreckage.

Emerging from her memories once again, Felony nodded about the birds. "They sound very useful. And yes, I can imagine horses aren't the stealthiest type..." She chuckled. "Royal is only stealthy when he's jumping. he's a wonderful jumper. I can show you, if you like. He loves it."

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Sorry for sudden pause in posting. xD

She nodded her agreement with Felony's words, and listened as she explained a tornado in a bit more detail. So, it was true–a tornado was basically like a mini-hurricane, with an eye in the middle that instead of being the calm of the storm, could actually rip you apart. She grimaced at the thought of going through something like that, and considered what was worse: drowning in a hurricane or getting caught in a whirlwind. Neither seemed better than the other, and both made her queasy–which she never was, for she was a woman with a steel gut, but the pups could make her more sensitive–and she pushed the thoughts out of mind.

She felt her stomach settle as they focused their conversation on birds and horses, and perked her ears at the mention of Royal jumping. She cracked a grin across her narrow muzzle, and nodded. "Sure, why not? I wouldn't mind to see the fella hop around." Antebellum, while snarky and bold, was hardly playful; the mare wouldn't jump unless something was in her way, and for nothing else. She slowed her steps for a moment and turned her gaze to the stallion, the smile still playing on her face.

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OOC: When I get into horses I never shut up so I appologize for the long post xD

Felony grinned and tried not to think of this as showing off, and tried to picture it in her mind as 'displaying Imagine Royalty's skills with possibly some awesomeness of my own.' What the hell, it was kind of showing off. At least Fell wasn't the type to brag. She would keep her pride in her head.

Awesome! she said, and walked around to a few feet behind Royal's butt. It was her favorite way to mount, and she didn't pause before taking a few powerful, running steps and launching herself forward and up, pushing off with her hands against the top of his rear, to land behind Royal's shoulders. She was still in the air when he started moving, taking off at canter that was somehow lazy and excited at the same time.

I can see a few logs on the path, she said, circling him with her seat and legs and heading at an angle that cut diagonally in front of Alyssum. There were two bigger logs, fallen similar to the in-out jump setup (barely a single stride between; jump, land, jump again) at about two feet and then two and a half feet, with a higher, thinner stick several strides further out that looked like one would normally step under; it stood about 5 feet in the air.

Fell cantered him in a circle that nearly brushed the first jump, just to make sure he was settled and to align his strides with the 'course.' Royal bounced his head once or twice but didn't act up; he kept his ears relaxed and his head semi-tucked, a ready position that wasn't as formal as the dressage-like position. She turned him on the circle and headed for the first log.

She leaned forward; he jumped, she leaned back, he landed and she let her weight carry her forward again as he jumped the next one. Upon landing, she leaned back, tested her brakes by slowing him a bit, and leaned forward and sped up throughout the last three strides so that he would have enough power to clear the highest log. He did, though Felony was nearly dislodged from the jolt of his landing. She slowed him to a trot, regained her balance, and took him back to Alyssum.

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it's alright. x3

While Alyssum would not have called herself a horse person despite having a equine companion, most, if not all of Casa were at least knowledgeable of horses to some degree. The McCoy man was the main horse person around those parts, and to have another one the seemed to be the same story definitely interested the woman, considering how large of a herd they had.

The woman shuffled a few steps backward as she allowed her back to lean back a bit, resting her hands on the bump on her abdomen as she watched the girl running to her horse. A different smile crossed her face, a small and quiet one. The eagerness of Felony wanting to show her something that she clearly enjoyed tickled her, and left her warm-hearted. It was a definite change from all the tension that was looming within her, and she allowed for the simpleness of the situation to overcome her.

She leaned against a tree as the two begun the little show, already strutting by the way she straddled onto the horse in a non-traditional but eye appeasing action. She brought Royal in front of her for a moment, and the woman watched as they prepared themselves for the jumps. Soon enough, the dark girl brought the stallion around, and leaped over the first hurdled. Alyssum leaned forward a bit as she cleared through the next two, the last one making her nervous for a moment before calming down her suddenly fluttering heart. The last thing she wanted to see was for Felony to be flung from Royal to who knows where or against what.

The Luna gave a round of applause, and stated loudly, "That was exceptional! I don't think any of our other horses are that agile--I think most of them are bred for endurance and speed." At least, that how Antebellum was made out to be, being a horse trained for those sort of trials. "We're nearly at Fort Kingsbury, it is about a couple of minutes away. If you want, we can find a stall for Royal to stay in when we get there, unless you would like him to run free with the rest of the herd when his services are not needed. After that, we can find you a room in the courthouse."

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Alyssum clapped and Felony beamed with pride, and gave a small mock bow before sliding fluidly down from her mount to land with a small crunch in the fallen leaves. He just likes games, she said at the mention of agility. Imagine Royalty could walk long distances, but with a rider, Fell wasn't sure; they had took on most of the journey side by side with a significant smattering of pleasurable rides.

We're nearly at Fort Kingsbury, it is about a couple of minutes away. If you want, we can find a stall for Royal to stay in when we get there, unless you would like him to run free with the rest of the herd when his services are not needed. After that, we can find you a room in the courthouse.

Felony looked at Royal and said, A stable sounds good, at least for now. I don't want him picking fights or getting stepped on by a herd he doesn't know, at least not yet. She didn't want to assume he would be safe with a herd neither of them knew; first, she didn't know whether Royal would be the bigger guy or the little guy, and she also didn't know how he reacted to other horses. They had been loners almost the entire journey.

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