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Jiva had spent many days getting his life in this new pack sorted out. He was making rooms and walls within his new home, most of them were temporary. Just something to hold up until he could get someone to help him with more permanent settings when the warmer seasons came. He spent much time with Drin and Leaf, though to him it seemed she gave far more attention to Leaf than she did was him these days, of course there were those few times where they spent nights together and the kit would be in another room entirely, but it seemed that she just gave him far more attention and Jiva, though he didn't think of it that way, was getting jealous.

Since they were finally settled in he decided it was a good time to start getting to know vinatta and the residents. He figured he would get to know the village first, and he let Drin know that he was headed out, though he wasn't sure if she even heard him. Once outside he caught wind of the crisp autumn air. He was happy to know at least some things could be familiar. He walked the village, looking at the houses and noting which ones had scents and which ones didn't. There were many who lived here and he was certain he would make many friends, perhaps even learn from them. Time would tell exactly what would happen though. He thought of many things, though still clearly sulked over the kit that was taking so much time of Drins from him.

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Alessandra hurried through the many houses of Jorheim, relieved that she had found a goat and given some of the milk to the tiny puppy in her arms. It would be easy raising her sisters daughter, but she was sure with Reykr’s help they would manage. The bleached woman was on her way to speak to Saul, wondering if his mate or perhaps one of the other woman in the village who had children might be able to provide tips for her when she came across a new scent, one that somehow was wilder than the others. Her own scent was different then Vinatta as well, she smelled of pine, sure, but she also smelled of pleasant spices and bones. Some might be put off by her bone headdress, but as a woman well versed in sacrifices she had a special bond with the skeletons of the dead.

Intrigued, she moved toward the wild smell and found herself following a male with a peculiar haircut. He seemed to have a red mohawk that set atop of his head. Interesting. However, Alessandra stifled a laugh. What she thought was interesting and strange might be small potatoes to others, considering how strange and often fearsome she looked. Her coal-black coat was not marred by anything save for the bleach and chalk that outlines the bones in her hands, fingers and forearms. The same was outlined on her head, showing what it might look like if her fur, skin and muscle were taken away. It was to remind others of their mortality, but some did not like to look into the future in such a way. “ Hello? “ She called, her accent noticeable. Instinctively she cuddled the puppy close to her chest, not wanting any hard to come to her precious cargo.

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Jiva’s thoughts were in a muddle and he didn’t know what to think about his present situation. She was giving the kit lots of attention as she had when they left New Dawn, just in a new place now, so he wasn’t regretting leaving, but when he tried getting her attention it was like talking to a wall. The man sighed and was catching a presense behind him, his ear folded back then he heard the silent hello, he let his head follow to the woman who made him take a step back for a second at the sight he was seeing, but when he saw it was just make up of sorts he relaxed; “Hello, I’m Jiva Takekuro, I’m pretty new here myself,” He said.

Once he got over his initial shock he could see the woman was as normal as he, though her mask was daunting and it reminded him of the inferni borders and then the meeting he had with Emma, who he had once thought he liked quite well, but he could now see the pup in her arms and tilted his head. His heart went out, but it also reminded him of the death of his children and it made him wonder.... would she still be paying more attention to them or would he get a little bit too? It was a selfish thought but seeing as she had been reluctant to even mate with him these days, it was hard to see that things would ever be the same again. “ Is this your child?” He asked, he wasn’t sure if she was just puppysitting for someone of if this was her child. It was hard to tell, especially being upwind from the woman. Since she did say hello it was always polite to greet someone and him being as nice as he was he always tried to go a step further.

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