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<div class="a7xvent"><div class="lyrics">flesh is <span class="sl">burning</span> you can smell it in the air
cause men like you have such an easy <span class="sl">soul</span> to steal</div>
<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 905</span> :: Levent does bad things to someone in this post; read at own risk.</p>

<p> Heavy puffs of air accompanied loud hoof-beats as Levent Kartal rode into Halifax. He pulled back on the reins and panted a command for the mare to slow down, and the rhythm on the pavement slowed from gallop to canter to trot. He guessed they’d need to head down to the ocean to wash the well-lathered horse, but he didn’t trust the coast so shortly after the hurricane had raged across the city. He’d no doubt most of the docks and boats he’d accepted as part of the view from the end of the street would have been torn away, and he was almost worried that the whole earth would tear away, too, dragging him into the water.
</p><p> The man guessed he didn’t need more reason for the horse to dislike him, though. Mai had been fussy the entire trip, and even now she tried to stop and gather her breath rather than slow steadily as he asked her to. They fought for dominance a few times, but Lev steered her to their current residence to grab something that could pass for a bucket and cloth to wash her down with.
</p><p> Mai had slowed to a walk by the time they reached the little storefront that was their newest little home. The Luperci dismounted and led the paint back around to the hidden garage where she stayed, calling out a jovial greeting (or as jovial as he could feel anymore): <b>“Wilson, I’m home!”</b>
</p><p> <b class="npc">“What’s up?”</b> replied a distinctly canine voice.
</p><p> Levent’s fur stood on end, and his lips wrinkled back with alarm even as Mai blew disapprovingly through her nose. The man released her bridle, trusting her not to run too far off while her tack was still on, and crept into the darkness of the garage. The cloying odor of marijuana lay heavily in the space, but when he drew a slightly deeper breath there was a stench underlying it that caused his heart to leap into his throat.
</p><p> <b class="npc">“Y’ don’t gotta be that way,”</b> the voice continued reprovingly, and a lithe dark shape rose from a chair with a squeak. Levent caught the long muzzle of a tan-pointed, short-haired dog, whose dotted brows lifted appraisingly. The black Luperci stepped a little closer, and smiled. Her voice was a buzz. <b class="npc">“Lighten up, y’ know what I’m sayin’?”</b>
</p><p> It was hard to think, breathing this air, and harder to speak the words caught up in his throat. <b>“This is where I live,”</b> Levent said slowly, too slowly, cream fingers clenching into a pair of fists. That <i>smell.</i> <b>“There was a cat here. The cat is <i>mine.”</i></b> His voice deepened, darkened, not so desperate as wildly <i>possessive</i>. The cat was <i>his</i> and that meant everything.
</p><p> The dog looked at him, nonplussed. <b class="npc">“Oh. Want some?”</b>
</p><p> The room began to take shape. The smell dribbled from her tan jaw, dribbled down her small, pert breasts, puddled on the floor. There was a shape on the floor, and it was white, and it was a leg.
</p><p> Levent didn’t remember moving, later. He didn’t remember a lot. All he remembered was that <i>smell</i>, that smell mixed with the cannabis and her own scent acrid with the same kind of fear coming from his own pores. She made a slow noise of alarm when he landed on top of her, his claws digging into her arms and his teeth bared. It would be too easy to pull out a knife and kill her, but the tragedy of a man immortal was that the pain would never end, might not even slowly fade. It was too fast.
</p><p> So he held her throat in his mouth, and his fingers ventured underneath the waistband of her shorts. They did things that made her yelp and sob, and the sounds made his ears flatten and his teeth clench until she ceased making any sound and her breasts stopped heaving under his scrawny body.
</p><p> It was only then that Levent released his grip on her jaw, dragging his fingers along her pelvic bone and smearing diluted pink there. He straightened, breathing, and with this hate in his heart let his pale eyes wash across the room again. There was more of the body: the white leg, a shoulder bone, a mutilated face. He shut his eyes quickly, breathed, drew in more hate, and opened them again.
</p><p> The face was splashed with tabby markings.
</p><p> He could never recreate the noise that left his lips, a shocked sort of squeak and sigh that spoke of regret and relief and disgust and distress. He shuffled backwards again, his chest heaving, and staggered out of the garage. Mai had retreated to the other side of the street, the whites of her eyes showing as she caught his scent. He started to walk toward her, to calm her with a word, but nothing came out.
</p><p> There was a meow. He turned, collapsing to his knees with a jolt of pain and opening up his arms.
</p><p> <b class="npc">“There was a dog,”</b> Wilson murmured, his voice curiously small. <b class="npc">“The dog chased the other one; his name was Billy. I heard crying.” </b>He stiffened in his companion’s skinny arms, his claws digging lightly into his skin. He drew back, dark amber eyes floating over Levent’s face. There was naked emotion in them for an instant, and then he pressed his head against Levent’s shoulder and mewed with infinite regret, <b class="npc">“What has happened to you, mate…?”</b></p>

<div class="lyrics">so stand in line while they <span class="sl">ink</span> numbers in your head

you're a <span class="sl">slave</span> until the end of time here</div>
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Skoll is by me!</p>

The young man lowered his ears uncertainly as he walked through the empty streets of Halifax, sniffing the air. It had been some time since he had ventured into the city, and it only seemed all the more foreboding with time. Something sinister seemed to lurk behind every corner, a darker threat than the monsters his younger mind has created. In the southland, he could trust the surrounding packs -- almost -- to keep the monsters at bay. There were no such guardians in Halifax.
Skoll wasn't even sure what he was doing here, other than following some vain hope that he might find something worthwhile, whether a person or a thing. And he had to admit he appreciated the distance from the pack lands. Though he was recovering from the worst of his grief, the once outgoing boy had moments when he liked to go out alone.
He reached a small storefront after a fruitless search through a red sedan, freezing when he caught a strange scent coming through the cracked-open window. Scowling, he stepped over and stuck his muzzle through with a deep breath: a strange, heavy scent overlaying the reek of fear and blood.
Skoll drew back in shock then growled, trying to force it open. It was stuck fast.
<b>Is someone in there?</b> he barked though the crack. He thought he heard a whimper in answer, and redoubled his efforts with the window before circling around the brick building. The scent grew stronger, more potent with the accompaniment of horse dung. There were other traces of someone living here, but Skoll ignored these in favor of stepping into the dim room.
The reek of blood was overpowering, and he had to swallow a lump in his throat. That lump grew when he saw the body of a tabby-and-white cat strewn about the floor; he ended up pulling back and vomiting in a corner.
When he straightened, wiping his mouth, he locked eyes with a dog Luperci who'd pressed herself into a corner. Her knees were pressed together, and a tan hand encircled a bloodied throat. Her bright teal eyes were wide with fear.
<b>It's okay,</b> Skoll murmured, taking a small step toward her. <b>Are you hurt?</b> A stupid question, an obvious answer. <b>Can I help?</b>
The dog stiffened when he took another step. <b class="npc">Don't y' come no closer,</b> she warned in a tremulous voice. <b class="npc">I'll kill you.</b>
<b>I don't want to hurt you,</b> Skoll said softly. He came even closer, and she trembled but didn't make a move other than shifting back.
<b class="npc">He <i>suffocate'</i> me 'til I passed out,</b> the young woman, a little older than him, babbled. <b class="npc">An' he...</b>
It was then he noticed the blood dribbling down the inside of her leg. <b>Oh, God,</b> he managed, and felt like he was going to vomit again. A rage welled up in him, a sickness, and he turned his head quickly, his blond hair falling in his face. He was young, innocent in matters like this, but old enough to understand that the implications of the assault were far darker than he'd been used to. She was <i>hurt</i>, someone had hurt her, and it had greater consequences than simply a tooth-cut neck and a bruised shoulder.
<b>We need to get you to a healer,</b> Skoll stammered.
The floppy-eared dog's eyes widened again. <b class="npc">Ain't nobody touchin' me there,</b> she snarled, and he stepped back quickly, hands held up to appease her. <b class="npc">An' I don't need no whelp like you playin' hero, y' know what I'm sayin'?</b> Her voice was harsh, desperate, but as she continued to speak it fell into a steady buzz, her face slowly closing off its fear and becoming stony. <b class="npc">He thinks I'm dead,</b> she said, placing odd inflection on the last word. <b class="npc">Don't want him comin' back.</b>
Feeling like a young boy again, the Captain flattened his ears helplessly. <b>Who did this to you?</b>
<b class="npc">Brown wolf,</b> the girl said. <b class="npc">Orange or yellow headband. Foot shorter 'n you.</b> This last fact seemed to cause her distress, especially as Skoll could see she'd be even a few inches taller than her attacker. Her body was lithe but muscled, strong enough to indicate she'd been able to take care of herself pretty well even though he could discern no pack scent on her underneath the haze and blood-smell.
<b>You'll...get infected,</b> Skoll added after a moment, uncomfortable with the subject but not taking his eyes off hers now. He only averted them when her tan hand drifted down to between her legs, and when he looked back she was nodding tightly at him, biting her lip and crossing her arms tightly around herself. <b>My brother's a medic,</b> the courtier ventured, swallowing. Her eyes darkened for a brief moment, but with a glance down at the cat body she stepped away from her little corner and stared at him.
<b class="npc">My name's Keziah,</b> the tan-pointed Luperci said quietly. <b class="npc">Take me to your pack -- but -- but you walk in front, y' know what I'm sayin'? Don't need no funny business from you.</b>
Skoll nodded somberly and turned, with one last uncomfortable glance at the cat, and walked through the sinister city toward home with the girl in tow.

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