Too Many Puppies

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Ananse and Loki were growing rapidly. They still couldn't go far without tripping over themselves, but Terra was willing to take them out on trips outside of the pack now. She had been teaching them the paths in the pack so they could travel without being seen, but not all of them had been revealed. She didn't want to have anyone tripping over them and blabbing about her paths. They would start watching them then. There was a reason why she made sure to not use them all the time.

The pups enjoyed the trip. Even with the two of them growling and fighting each other Terra felt that they were making alright speed. Deciding that they had gone far enough Terra stopped. The pups took it as the signal to start exploring the area. Yips exploded from them both as they began to explore the grassy area. Terra kept a sharp eye on them, calling them back whenever they began to wander too far for her.

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Helotes Lykoi

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Helotes had decided it was time he teach his children how to truly hunt. Being coyotes meant that most of their dietary needs were met by scavenging when not in a clan, but sometimes picking could be slim, and being able to bring down prey was important to their survival. The children had been excited at the prospect and had not even complained once at having to get up early. They had set out then, Helotes joining them in Lupus as they headed into the wilds beyond Inferni’s borders.

The first hours of the morning were spent on tracking various animals to various degrees of success. Sadly, on the last try, the animal that was expertly tracked by his children ended up to be a very frustrated skunk, and had sent all three Lykoi’s running for the hills. After that the lessons had deteriorated into play, though their stomachs were satiated by Azucena’s excellent fishing skills, thanks to her tutelage by Willam. Helotes watched as he children ate; Zuzu was nearly full grown now, though she was still lanky in adolescence; Helotes could tell she was going to be beautiful, just like her mother. Basilio on the other hand had not grown much in the last month and Helotes worried that he was slowing down in his growth; he was not going to get much larger than he was now.

After the fishy lunch, Helotes decided to just let his family wander a bit; they were young and loved to explore. As they wandered, a scent came to him, followed by the soft sounds of coyote yips. All three Lykoi’s stopped to listen and sniff, their recent tracking still fresh on their minds. But Helotes felt it was best to let the others know that they were here, so he let out a couple yaps of his own, alerting them to their presence.

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Her ears lifted at the deep yaps that came to her. It wasn't often she met another coyote. Most of them were members of Inferni, a pack that she had clearly been warned off of. Which was a shame, as she rather liked Helotes. Not that she was a hundred percent sure that he knew her real name. He had been her first, and she still felt a slight burning inside her at the memory. Truth be told she had been in heat for the first time and everything had been heady, but she'd still enjoyed the experience. He'd also soothed her when she'd been worrying about her hybrid nature, feeling so divided in her nature.

Calling Ananse and Loki to her side Terra cheerfully trotted out to meet the coyote. She was surprised to find that it was truly Helotes when she'd just been thinking of him. Tail wagging she let out a greeting yap. The female didn't bound forward, though her pups were working pretty hard on tripping her up. Coming forwards she smiled at the sight. It was another family, though the pups were older than her own. Looks like you've been busy. Loki and Ananse happily tumbled forwards, sniffing at the two pups. Loki decided that the first order of business was to squash the smaller dark pup, even if he was still smaller due to age.

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Helotes Lykoi

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There was some rustling in the brush and from them emerged another coyote family and Helotes tail began to wag, Fleta! He said, skipping up to her to boop noses and sniff at her. His children followed suit, Azucena making a beeline to the small pups and sniffing at them. Basilio however, much unlike himself, hung back a bit and actually growled slightly at the young kit that came barreling into him. Helotes turned for a moment and Basilio looked up at him and with a sigh relaxed and batted at the much younger child. Helotes suddenly felt bad, Basilio obviously was just hit in the face on how small he was, and that this younger pup was nearly as large as he.

Turning back to Fleta, Helotes let out a smile, You’ve been busy too, obviously. His smile turned into a smirk, It’s good to see you though. His tail was still wagging. The last time he had seen the female was many moons ago, and they’re meeting had been a scintillating one to say the least; he had even gotten scolded for their meeting. But that was so far in the past and the only thing remaining was a strange yet not unpleasant fondness for the trickster female, especially now that her body was in the full bloom of motherhood.

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So he didn't know her name. Terra's tail kept up it's wagging, thinking that at some point she would have to correct him. She had good reason for him not to know her name. If he asked around after Fleta it would be a lot harder to find her and pin her down for whatever trouble she'd caused. Terra, on the other hand, was quite easy to locate. She bumped against his nose easily, not minding that he dwarfed her in size. Most canines she was around were larger than she was, even with her mixed wolf blood added.

Ananse happily dipped down to play with the larger light colored female, green eyes flashing with delight. He pawed over at her as Loki froze, confused about the unfriendly reaction from the other. Terra ignored both to concentrate on Helotes. She laughed at his words, enjoying the irony of the situation. I couldn't stay out of trouble forever. It had caught up to her, though not in any form that Terra regretted. The only problem she could think of was her need to wander that the pups stopped her from filling.

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