in and out of consciousness.

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Set right after <a href='' target='_blank'>Anatole pulls Claudius out of his collapsing home</a>. I wasn't sure where this would be set, but I think that the Town Hall could work since it was IC'ly reinforced?
Claudius floated in and out of consciousness. After the events with Anatole, he wasn't sure where he was or how he got there. He remembered much from being trapped in his cave: the panic and how he had nearly been paralyzed with fear, but also how Anatole had pulled him out of it (quite literally) and into the winds and rains. It had been difficult to get away and Anatole had been hurt in his attempt, too, so Claudius desperately hoped that his cousin was doing alright.

He couldn’t see anything. It was all dark. When he tried to open his eyes, he could see dim outlines, edges, and shapes; but they were all blurry and indistinguishable. He tried to move and get up, but the second he tried to lift his head, he felt his entire body seize up and he was overcome with nausea.

He felt horrible and everything hurt. He tried not to whimper, but every time he moved, he found a new source of pain. His left wrist and his right shoulder were definitely injured; he remembered that much. But there were other unknown pains lingering, lying in wait to strike. He decided to try and lay still and hope that they went away.

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The frenzy of activity in response to the hurricane didn't seem to be slowing. Rushing around, tending to the victims of the weather with a bank of knowledge which seemed less substantial every time she tried to quantify it, Everly had to ward off the feeling of not being quite able to catch her breath. She clung to her duties doggedly, even when they threatened to overwhelm her, hoping that following through with her purpose would be enough to anchor her to the ground.

Before coming to AniWaya Everly hadn't had much to do with buildings aside from sheltering in them. The Town Hall was certainly an adequate shelter but it also seemed to be something of a beacon. Ev paused before entering, gathering herself, taking a mental count of supplies and trying to prepare herself for what she might encounter within the sturdy walls.

Mingled with the smell of blood and other scents which seemed to have been trailed in from the wind and rain was one which Everly recognised as belonging to a leader, and when her eyes found him, he appeared to be in a bad way. The chocolate pointed female made a beeline for the pale figure, sinking into a crouch beside him and speaking in a weary but clear voice. “Can you hear me? My name's Everly. I'm going to help you out.” Or try to, at least. Everly's intangible grip on her purpose tightened.

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