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Terra's tail wagged brightly behind her as she set off, Ananse trailing behind her. Sometimes she wondered what she was supposed to be doing with them. She did her best to begin teaching them tricks, and how to care for themselves, but for the most part she really didn't know what to make of them. She wanted to care and protect them, but they were so helpless it really tied her down. She could hardly go anywhere at all.

Twisting suddenly she ducked behind a bush, crouching down to tackle Ananse as he went past. He might find her before she had the chance, but she hoped he wouldn't. She really needed a good game right now, the restlessness getting worse. Her tail flicked mildly behind her as she thought about these things before crouching down lower, waiting for him to appear. He might be more obedient, but he was still related to her, and would cause trouble.

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Comeing like a little tornado or chaos and distruction, not to mention cuteness! Came Ananse running like a mad pup in the last known direction his mom was heading. He looked forward with tail going and little growls coming from him as he looked around wondering where his mother was and like the confidant little explorer he was he boasted and yelled as he ran blindly into his mothers trap." I'ma get you moma!!! an pull your ear!!!"

He came around a bush breathing hard and looking like a little ball of fur that could have very easy been rolling along the ground but it was in fact a pup and he was full of energy and loved to play his games with his mother. He did notice however that she was moving around a lot but he thought it was just cause she wanted to play like he did so why wouldn't he come out of no where and try and knock her down even though she was much larger.

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Tracking Ananse's location took no effort. She could hear him tearing through the bushes, completely careless for what was out there. Her tail wagged, listening and waiting. She had no concerns about him being harmed. The pack was a safe place for the pup to play in. The only concern there was was the ditches and brambles running over the ground that a pup in a hurry could trip and get scraped across.

The cry might have struck fear into another's heart, but Terra only giggled. He barreled around the corner, the mob of brown fur going as fast as he could before she leaped forwards. The bright coyote moved to tackle Ananse and bring him rolling with her over the ground, licks being sent to cover his body. I caught you! Her voice was punctuated with playful growls, letting them keep going cheerfully. At least she could forget for now.

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Running full speed was thought to be the best course of action all the way up until his mom came out of no where and boom! he was tackled and then rolling. Giggling and growling, Ananse had no choice but to follow his mother into the roll and to the ground and he wiggled and growled back at her as he licked and snapped at her playfully trying to get her. " I caught you" He heard his mother say and he smiled and shook his head as he called up at her his little tail still going like a rattle on a snake" na ah! I got you! seeee!" He looked to her nearest foot and he clamped his little mouth on it and he pulled and moved his head as he growled and tried to act all big and tough but all the while the large smile on his face gave way to his playful nature and his extreme unwavering love for his mother.

He chewed on one of her toes and he wiggled and squirmed tell he was able to squeeze free all the while pelting her face with licks to distract her as he got free and took off like a bullet. He dashed under the bushes and around trees almost tripping multiple times but managing barely and then as he came to a hill he ran over it seeing where the boarders of the pack was and he saw a wolf sitting against a tree all alone and he smiled and lowered and started to make his way closer to the large wolf and unknown to the boy, it was Shadow who had come to see his sister and best friend.

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The pup was completely caught up and rolling. He wasn't able to stop himself. Terra could feel him scrambling, the tny bundle rolling over her much larger frame. Laughter filled the air as they went, finally coming to a stop underneath a wide tree. The autumn leaves stuck to her coat firmly, making her even more of a mess than normal. Red leaves, yellow leaves, even brown leaves changed the color of her appearance.

Ananse set himself on her with his teeth, clamping around her front paw. A soft yelp escaped her as she danced back, trying to set him loose. The pup got loose, and Terra tore after him, still laughing. At least until she realized he was heading for the border. That got her up in arms. Her hackles raised as she took on another burst of speed. Ananse! Come. She ignored the wolf on the borders, completely focused on getting her son back to safety.

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Ananse was far to focused on the stranger to pay attention to his mom. He had worked his way close and was sniffing at the man and his eyes caught something....shiny. He looked close to what was shiny and it was on the man's waist and leather was all that kept the dagger attacked to the large males frame, he was his mother's son and he saw a target and he wanted to steal it to show to his mom, she went around and got pretty things so why couldnt he?. Ananse moved slowly now sniffing more and he moved around the tree that the male was sitting against and as he peaked around the male moved which made him hide for a second and then he peaked out again and smiled big as he noticed the mans eyes were closed and he was breathing slowly.

The male had a cloak and hood on and the man's scent was strong due to traveling. Ananse watched the man's eyes as he inched closer and closer and then he looked to the pretty dagger that was silver and black. Ananse was so caught up with being so close to his prise that he wasn't paying attention to the man's eyes. The male was watching the pup while peaking with one eye and a smile on his face bit again the pup did not know. Inches away now Ananse opened his mouth to take the leathered hilt in mouth and then he felt someone pick him up by his neck and he looked down thinking it his mother and it was only after he listened to the guy speak that he knew he was in trouble.

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The man removed his hood and looked directly at Terra with a kind, loving smile and he nodded and he spoke loud enough for Terra to not kill him due to mistaking him as a stranger." Hmmm, what do we have here....a little pup snaking around and trying to steal from a very large possibly dangerous wolf and showing all sorts of traits of a trickster that I know....hmmm I would have to guess that this pup belongs to a very tricky very beautiful friend and sister of mine...What say you Terra?" He smiled at Terra and chuckled lightly as he oved his attention back to the boy and what he saw was quite intriguing.

As he held the pup gently by the scruff of the neck and made sure no harm came to him, he smiled and looked the boy in the eyes and it was amusing to see that the boy was very calm and quiet and stairing right back into his eye's...was it fear that held the boys tongue or was the boy as interested and curious as his mother. " You have a very brave boy here Terra...Now get over here and big your big brother a hug or do i have to chase you for it?"His tail thumped lightly on the ground as he slowly put the pup down and his smile never left his face as he was glad to see his sis and her boy.

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What was he thinking he was doing, ignoring her? Ananse was going to be in huge trouble when she caught up with him. When the black male reached down and picked her pup up she almost lost it. Growling she charged forwards, ready to do whatever it took to get her pup back to her side where he belonged before lecturing him. The voice that came out did slow her down. Oh, it was only Shadow. Her tail wagged in relief, but she was still very angry at Ananse. What if it hadn't been her brother? He could have been killed!

He's curious enough, but his instincts are lousy. Ignoring Ananse for the moment she buried her head into Shadow, nuzzling at him. Her bones began to shift around, lengthening out to the new form. Her toes lengthened, stretching into fingers as her balance changed to something more suited for two legs. Long red hair fell down messily, and her newly formed arms wrapped around him. It's good to see you. Disengaging from the hug Terra turned to Ananse, scowling. You do not run up to the borders, and you NEVER approach strangers at the borders! Got it?

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Ananse looked to the man and then was quickly was lowering his head and his tail went down too as he got scolded by his mother. He whimpered lightly and and tried to look up at the man and then to his mom again as she told him about the boarders and strangers and he spoke really soft and with sadness in his voice.

I'm sowwy mama.....I was just trying to get you the predy ting on his hip..." Ananse pointed at the nice dagger on Shadows hip and then he lowered again and he ended up rolling onto his back and whimpering loudly not liking that he had angered his mom....He was only trying to do what she did and get her more treasures and things, but he had done something wrong.

He licked at his mom and was close enough to nuzzle her foot and ankle as he stayed low wanting for his mom to pick him up and let him know that everything would be okay.

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Shadow leaned down and hugged Terra around the neck and nuzzled her affectionately as she moved in and then he watched her change. Her hands and arms changed and angled differently and her legs bend and got longer and in no time at all she was on two legs and he smiled big and hugged her tight as he nuzzled into her neck and nipped her gently loving that he could see his loving friend and sister again. He kissed her forehead and pushed his nose to hers as he chuckled at hearing what she had to say about her boy being curious but having no instincts and that made him look to the little fella."Makes since that the boy of my sister Terra would be a little trouble maker..." He was only kidding and he nodded lightly when she said it was good to see him to which he replied" It's always good to see ya Terra, you know I love ya and I promised I would always be here for you and be your friend and brother and I don't like lying so here I am.

Shadow let Terra pull from the hug and he watched her look to the pup with the look of an angry mother on her face, he would have said something but truth be told he thought it wise for them both to know the danger of being tricksters. He loved his sister dearly but he did not fully approve of her actions and knew that she had to be wanting to train her pups to be little tricksters as well. He wanted to see her for it had been a long time since there last visit but like a good big brother and with what he had just witnessed, he also wanted to part with some wisdom and maybe convince the sneaky mom to let her sons pick a life of there own and perhaps the world would then be able to rest knowing that not everything would be stolen from her.

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Shadow's actions were as affectionate as always. Terra returned his nips playfully, tucking into his scarred fur. The mark on his chest had changed. It had become a mass of scar tissue, instead of the symbol it had once been. Terra didn't question it, as such things held no meaning for her. It had probably been damaged in a fight of some sort, or perhaps on a hunt. He did go after bears and the like. Shadow didn't seem to take her discouragement very seriously. The wrong sort of instincts could kill Ananse though, and where would they be then?

She nodded her head at Shadow's words. I know. Her attention was on Ananse then, the pup rolling over and asking forgiveness. She blew softly on the exposed cream belly, shaking her head. And you attempted to do so in such a brash manner? Survival comes first. You're not ready to leave the pack yet. You are NOT to approach canines that aren't pack, and you are to never leave the pack without my permission. Understand? She didn't move from her position, not caring that Shadow was a witness to her scolding.

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Ananse stayed there on his back and kind of giggled when his mother blew on his belly and then his little ears perked as her words came again and he nodded while staying in a submissive pose and he nodded while on his back to her." Yes mama....I understand...I sowwy" Ananse tried to lick his mom and then he looked over to Shadow while still on his back and he pointed with his paw as he finally asked."mama....Who dis?"

Ananse slowly rolled to his side and then very slowly got to his feet as he crawled on his belly towards Shadow and he sniffed at him and moved near his foot and kept sniffing and looking up every now and then and then he finally saw the mans eyes and Ananse stopped and started at them and smiled a little." Mama! mama!, He has eyes like the sun and moon!."[ Ananse's tail came to life and as Shadow swayed lightly the pups little head turned and swayed as he kept looking at him, it was quite the cute sight indeed.

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Shadow stood tall and crossed his arms and he watched the sight before him. Cute little pup in trouble by mom who herself was a handful, he was sure and they were a family and if she was anything like she had always been then she would have a little stash of goods somewhere. Terra was easy to read but that was because he knew her so well and the other thing he noticed was the way she moved and how she carried herself. He knew that like him she needed to be moving and about and "playing" so to speak and with pups, until they became of age she would have to settle down and play the role of the loving mother and not the trickster. He smiled as he heard the scolding from Terra and then he spoke lightly to confirm what his mother was saying." Your mother is right, you must be careful and be sure to take care of your survival and that of your mothers when you grow up and you can't very well do that if you don't be careful now can you?"

Shadow paused and was going to go on and then the statement about his eyes being like the moon and the son had him stop and smile and all he could do is look to his sister and he hugged her lightly before asking about it." More stories about Coyote huh?" He knew Terra would love to know that shadow had remembered the stories she told and he figured she had told some things about the coyote and the sun or perhaps the moon had mad his own conclusions? Either way he knew that the boy was blessed to have a mother as loving as he was sure Terra was.

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