POSTED: Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:50 pm

1.Character Name: Kin Sae Inganno

2.Character Birthdate: (Including year)September 12, 1991

3.Gender: Female

4.Species: Grey Wolf

5.Is your character a Luperci?: Yes

6.Other 'Souls Characters: --

7.How you found 'Souls?: Googled Were Wolf Rp

8.Are you joining a pack?: Later

9.If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC?: In Character

10. Roleplay Example

Autumns breath hangs in the midnight air, bestowing its secrets on gently frosted vines; leaves curling under the promise of winter. So crisp, the smells of quiet decay, of crystalline pinpricks deep within those earthy roots, hiding in the forests pores. Eerie how such a hush fell over the woods this time of year; and its haunted rhyme sang, bitter sweet within her veins, and even in its icy glory, it was all still warm against the cold of her heart.

Crimson eyes stole into the mirror at her feet, the glassy surface of the puddle illuminated by both stars above and the smooth aura that her irises emit. A hum swelled from deep within her throat, waves of fluid sound cascading in sweet, licking tendrils; like a fog. The song was strange, foreign, laced with such a heavy sadness that it seemed to sink into the very stone around her, caressing the witches throne in a blanket of velvet despondency. Kin did not sing anymore, not as she did when she was a child. Though once in a while, on inky nights such as this when the silence seemed to bleed for her muse, Kin found herself bewitched again by the song that was not a song - but a memory. Old, fragile, and recluse.

POSTED: Sat Oct 20, 2012 2:11 pm

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