[M] ayo and deer sammich and sex

POSTED: Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:47 am

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<p>The time was finally here.</p>
<p>Ciara had done everything she possibly could to prepare for this night. Tonight, she was finally going to give herself to her mate in the final, and perhaps most intimate way. Their mateship would at last be consummated, because the golden girl was finally ready. She had worked herself up over the past few days to accept that she was going to be nervous either way, and that she wanted him. It was obvious Augustus wanted her and that he’d been struggling with not being allowed to take her. It was her last form of control, but she didn’t mind. She liked a man in control.</p>
<p>The air was crisp that evening and Augustus was out patrolling as usual. She couldn’t help the sly grin on her muzzle though, for she knew that Kiara and Shadowfang were standing by as planned to take over the patrol as soon as she called for Augustus. Was it weird that she’d negotiated a time to bang her mate with other pack mates? Maybe a little, but it was absolutely necessary. The two Epsilons just wouldn’t have found the time for themselves otherwise.</p>
<p>While her mate was out doing his job Ciara was tirelessly fussing with the den. She didn’t know if they’d do it inside the den or outside, so of course she had to make sure both the interior and the exterior of their home was perfect. She might have been playing it up in her head and romanticizing it a little too much, but the cleaning and organizing helped to soothe her nerves. She pushed rocks and twigs, other things that might somehow get in the way out of the area, even picking some larger twigs up and carrying them up to three feet away from their home. She pushed dirt around with her nose until she was satisfied neither of them would trip on anything and a disaster would be avoided.</p>
<p>Next she had to get a feast ready. She didn’t realize that it was turning out to be some medieval ritual, what with a feast and then the claiming of her maidenhead, but that’s what it’ll probably look like to readers. Either way, she’d scouted a nest of lemming and knew her mate didn’t get to enjoy them too often. It would be extra special to have a deer for him, but then she might be too tired from the hunt to…perform…properly. No, the lemming would have to do.</p>
<p>Ciara moved away from their now spotless den-site and picked through the woods, searching for the burrow. Eventually she found it and crouched down into the grass, waiting. Within moments there was movement inside the burrow and soon the rodents came out. There were three of them, and as soon as Ciara pounced there was frenzy. She managed to snap two lemming necks and gather the warm bodies into her mouth, trotting swiftly back to the den with her prize.</p>
<p>When she got back home she laid the lemmings out in what she figured was a nice ornate arrangement. Augustus would be pleased, she figured, or he might not notice the effort at all. At least he’d appreciate that she hunted for him. He often shared his caches with her, and now it was her turn to return the favor. Satisfied once again with her handiwork the golden Epsilon turned tail and ran for the shore. She had another plan to make this special for him, and grinned, knowing that her mate had no idea of what she was planning.</p>
<p>Soon the she-wolf reached the beach she was looking for. It was the place where they’d shared their first words of love for each other and she knew that he’d recognize the scent on her fur. Swiftly Ciara went straight out to the ocean and rolled in the salt water, bathing herself in the scent she’d had when he first met her. It made her exotic and special to him, and that’s exactly what she wanted. Once she was thoroughly soaked she came out of the water and shook. The sand clung to her paws but after a short while walking in the grass it was gone. Her coat dried quickly and caught the scent of dew in the grass, and the few remaining flowers that had yet to succumb to autumn.</p>
<p>Soon she was back at the den. She checked first to insure no one had stolen the lemmings, and then set to preening and picking at her fur. Once the golden coat was shining and pristine again she as happy. A final glance around proved that everything was in order. Exhilarated, and nervous, the girl tipped her head back and loosed a howl into the night air. Her song called for her husband, her anxious and excited notes clear in the air.</p>

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