[J] Again I Wander To These Lands

POSTED: Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:34 pm

Gender: Female
Preferred Rank: Tradizione, soon hoping to hold a co-rank of linguist

Initial Post:

The path that she was walking on felt no different to Dara. It had all been the same since she had taken off suddenly. With no pack to call her own, no place seemed like home. But now, she was headed home. She was headed to the place she knew she could come back too, no matter what. But she was still on edge. She didn't know how well they would take her back in. She knew they would take her in, but how well was the question.

She shook her head, clearing the doubtfully thoughts that clouded her mind. She walked for a while more, her newly acquired horse nudging her along. Dara couldn't hold back the flood of memories that where over coming her every second as she got closer to the pack lands. Skylyn just watched her with concern.

The smells of the pack got stronger as she got closer. She could not identify the scents individually but it was still the smell of Cercatori d'Arte. She knew the borders of the pack well, having walked them daily when she was here. She stopped at one of the borders, the same exact one as when she first came to CdA. She waited a few minutes before letting out a howl that let the leaders of the pack know of her presence and her intentions. She fidgeted as she waited, occasionally rubbing Skylyn's side and loving her new companion. She mind wandered to the thought of who would be the one greeting her. Skye or someone new?

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