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In the time that Ayegali had been in the new lands, she had made her way completely from one side to the other, stopped by a looming mountain that harbored the scents of death and the quiet calls of lost souls, trapped on the other side. From there, she had traveled to what the natives to the lands had called Inferni, a clan of coyotes known for their hatred of wolves, or so it seemed. Surprisingly, things had gone well there, and an agreement for peace had been reached. An agreement of sorts anyways, something like a quiet toleration for one another. Now though, Ayegali had to continue with her business and she knew it. She had camped out in a small cave in the side of the mountain, leaving her horse, Vtsi, outside at the entrance.

As soon as the sun rose she was out and off, riding toward the next lands, which were only a bit of a ways away from the mountain. It was almost mid-morning by the time she reached the lands, pulling Vtsi to a careful stop just ahead of the borders. Ayegali dismounted her friend quickly, leaving him with a firm pat on the shoulder before turning away from him to approach the borders. She'd heard very little about any of the other packs in the area, though Inferni was the only one that she had been told was hostile.

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Iskata normally left the border patrol to the two other counsil members, but she'd been busying herself so much with working on putting up supplies for the winter that she honestly thought she needed a break. The small group of newcomers that they had resently collected and with Hel being held up with her pregnancy Iskata figured that someone should be manning their territories.

She'd just come across the meadows closest to the mountains as she caught the scent of a stranger on the winds. Scanning the area as she came from the edge of the Dampwoods she caught sight of a dark hued wolf. She already knew from the scent that the stranger wasn't any of the ebony folk that she had encountered before and lingering at the borders made her a little suspicious of what was going on but she continued on towards the lady just the same.

She walked on through the open field towards the woman, she knew nothing of the girl at the border but generally there were only a few reasons those she didn't know waited at the borders. She rather like the ones that did, atleast she knew that they held some respects for others by their actions. Raising her sun shot sky eyes to study the newcomer who was a few yards before her she smiled and paused the distance away as she spoke. "Hello Ma'am, can I help you?" even as a leader Iskata had never lost the touch of being respectful.

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There was very little that she could tell about the pack just from scents. They were all made up of scents that she didn't recognize, of course, she hadn't met very many other wolves in her time in the lands. They seemed to be a growing pack though, or at least a decently established one, as there were many scents that lingered over the borders. Two were very prominent, marking scents, and a third that seemed to have faded off somewhat. Ayegali noted this as she continued her investigation, this time with her eyes. It seemed like an odd place to settle down, at least in her head, the lands seemed to stretch off from the clearing where she stood, down into more sandy areas, what looked like it could easily lead down to a beach.

It was as she brought her gaze back around that she spotted the woman moving toward her through the clearing, which meant her investigation was suddenly over. Silver eyes stayed on the woman until the point that she had stopped, ears cupping forward to grab the words from the air as they were spoken. "I was hoping that I may seek council with one of the leaders here." She stated immediately, wanting to get to the point so that it might not seem like she has some other motive. "My name is Ayegali Kala and I am the Chieftain of a Tribe called AniWaya. We are seeking new lands to make our home on but I was hoping to speak to the current packs before a decision is made."

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When the woman began to speak and gave her reason for being there Iskata moved closer and settled herself down before the woman. Her tail curled over her hindlegs as she set back on her haunches. She listened politely as the woman spoke, interested to hear that a new pack, well, in this case tribe, was wishing to settle into the area. She knew that the lands were strong enough and large enough to support another pack though she wasn't for certain how the others in the lands felt about these strange newcomers.

Iskata herself was rather curious of the these newcomers, but she refrained from asking a million questions as she gave the lady one answer she sought. "I'm Iskata Sadira, and I'm one of the counsel leaders that governs Phoenix Valley.." She turned her eyes away from the lady as she passed her view over the miles of lands beyond. Their pack was small but growing every moment of every day and she was proud of the family atmosphere that they were gathering. She turned her eyes back to the Chieftain as she spoke of their pack. "We're a well enough pack, we're more a family than a pack, though few of us are of the same blood. We're a new pack and we'd rather live in peace than find ourselves fighting.." she admitted, worrying on what this tribe was like as she spoke.

She shook her head as she went ahead and asked. "Your tribe, how do you live, what are your values?" She ddin't want to give the woman a guarantee of peace without knowing just what they offered as allies.. what trouble or joys may come of such bonds. "I'm sorry if I seem forward.. I'm rather curious.." she said, though her mind added, of what we may find at or door here in the near future. She thought it interesting that the lady had come to announce that they may settle in the lands, but she worried too that even if the packs decided they didn't wish these strange new faces they would still come.

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Silver eyes followed the other woman as she settled herself to the ground, watching her for a few moment before finally deciding to do so herself. Ayegali did so carefully, dropping herself to the ground and folding her legs over one another, resting her hands carefully in her lap. There was a difference between being comfortable and being disrespectful, especially when it came to meeting others of mutual power in new lands. Ears cupped forward quickly, taking in the words that were offered to her, and Ayegali gave a nod of her head at the others introduction, running the name in her mind a few times. She was certain that they must have thought their names were odd, just as she had thought many of the names she had heard seemed odd to her.

"I don't blame your curiosity, it is a sign of a careful leader." She said quietly, knowing that it was exactly the same reason that she had come to the pack's lands. "My tribe lived far away from here, we've been traveling for many months now. Other groups of Luperci started to the gather in the area of our home. They didn't understand the way that we live, didn't want to understand, so they attacked. Many lost their lives as we fought to protect our home and our families. There were to many though and I made the decision to leave and find a new place to settle. We've been traveling ever since." The dark woman explained quietly, a frown settling in to her features as she lifted her eyes to the other woman's face.

"We would like nothing more than to be allowed to live in peace. Our tribe believes in hunting in our own lands, respecting our neighbors, whether it be the animals that roam the lands or the other packs that might live near by. We have many celebrations, feasts and dancing, but everything we do is on our own lands." It was difficult for her to try and find a way to explain their way of life. Sometimes she thought they were just better off observing it. "We live under the laws of nature and the Spirits and crimes are an unacceptable thing. And like your Phoenix Valley, we are all family, whether by blood or not."

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Iskata sat quietly studying the woman before her. This new tribe of wolves that was thinking on moving into the area brought her mind to ticking up a storm of questions. She wasn't certain what to really think, she wanted to trust the woman but after the last stranger that became a trusted friend and the disaster that followed, she wasn't sure she had the heart. Her mind threw up a million cautions as to why she should find peace between their two families, this could be a false front, she could be walking her friends and family into a bloodbath.. Fear crept into her heart at those thoughts but she tried to push the ideas away as the woman spoke.

She nodded in agreement at the truth the ebony chieftain spoke of and she listened with respect as the woman began to explain a brief introduction to the reason they'd found themselves in the outskirts of the territories. The frown that fell upon the other's maw was noted as Iskata sat pondering for a moment, either the woman was an excellent actress or she was being honest. The silver and gold leader shook her head sadly as she admitted. "Honestly, it's not my place to grant a decision here. Phoenix Valley isn't lead by one, there is a counsil that leads these lands and all choice that may affect the whole of the pack are decided between the Matriarch, Shaman, and Warrior of our lands. I would have to speak with them.." she felt bad at speaking the truth but there was really nothing more she could say.

Her eyes cast back over the head of the other woman as she spoke truthfully. "I don't see our family here having problems with your tribe, if anything they'd probably be caught sniffing around the borders out of curiousity to see these new strange traditions and ways of life... " She nodded to the woman as she did give her one piece of hope. "I can bring our leaders to counsil and meet with you again to give an answer.. but I won't give an answer without the others." She hated to leave the woman waiting but this was something they would have to see to.

She didn't want to disappoint the other even if she was unsure on if she could trust the woman or not. She admitted one thing to the woman. "I know I would love to see how your world differs from ours.. and the likes as well. There may be a lot our bands can learn from one another.."

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