I can hear you in the night, my friends.

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Anyone feel free to jump in. I don't think we'll go with a real posting order or anything, and you're free to play as if your character was already informed by Ayegali that this is the place she'd like to establish the tribe.

Ayegali and Vtsi had returned to the very edges of the lands, the place that she had started her journey into this new area, to await the arrival of the others. The two had spent the night there, setting up a cozy little area to keep themselves safe and warm. It was then, that night as she and her companions sat listening, that Ayegali had decided it was the perfect place. She could hear their quiet calls well into the night, soft howls that had settled across the lands, almost haunting her. They were spirits, of that she was certain, but they seemed to mean no harm. This intrigued the raven woman and she stayed awake most of the night, listening to their songs. This was the place that her tribe was meant to be and both Vtsi and her two Spirit Guides seemed to think so as well.

She was in the lands once more, this time to show them off to the rest of the tribe that had already gathered. The majority of the lands were held in by a large barbed wire fence and, though Ayegali wasn't sure how she felt about that, she knew that it could be a form of defense, to ensure the safety of her family. The prey was also abundant, as she had seen for herself, and they seemed content with the way they lived, trapped up inside a certain area. She watched them as the moved through the distance, grazing and romping around. The raven woman was standing just before the fence, watching quietly as she waited for the rest of her family to gather.

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[ooc] and there is nowhere left to hide

[bic] turn and face these empty eyes
The atmosphere was undeniable; Dohi knew, immediately upon approaching it, that it was something entirely suited to them. The soft whispers of his custom, self-made boots on the ground met with the gentle calls of the wapiti, and Adonvdo followed obediently behind. The free Appaloosa could have, at any point in his life, turned and left Dohi's side and he would be left without a horse, but some sort of faithfulness existed between the two, perhaps connected firmly to his own meditative nature. He hadn't always been like that, but after his own Journey so long ago, Dohi had been far from the fiery youth he had grown up as. His desires to be a leader had disappeared over time, and Nvwadohiyadv had helped considerably with it.

Here, the gentle voice of the osprey (as much a voice as it could be) reminded him, and the tuxedo turned his head gently to the right. His eyes followed the length of the defensive fence, and while a small shiver rushed up his spine at the thought of being confronted with it (of course there was a way past them into the reserve, because humans weren't entirely stupid, but he didn't know what it was) in a hurry, but he let his peaceful core remind him that it would serve more of a benefit to the tribe.

His dark haired sister wasn't far off, and the bi-toned wolf made his way quietly over to her. The wind swept his black hair around a little, but he didn't care much to do any correction when longer bits of the front fell over his warm hazel eyes; he merely stood beside her looking in to the land with the osprey Guide sitting firmly on one of Adonvdo's saddlebags.

This place has others, too, he stated, though he knew it was hardly needed. If he could feel the presence of other spirits here, spirits that were more than simple guides, so could she. That was a comfort to the Ulagahasti, even though comfort was rarely required in his case, and he smiled a little. Fitting; it has a very level atmosphere.

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Uwoduhi was so excited with the fact that the tribe was finally settling down that she ignored her irritation with her two brothers — for now — and rode toward her siblings upon Aditi with a great smile upon her face that always made her appear more youthful then she already was. Gracefully dismount Aditi and leaving her to graze Uwoduhi walked towards Ayegali, sticking out her tongue at Dohi as she passed by, before smiling happily at her raven furred older sister. "It's beautiful here," Uwoduhi commented as her stormy blue eyes roamed dreamily over the landscape. "Though these fences are weird." She finished, lacing her fingers through the gaps in the chain link. Of course in time Uwoduhi would be so distracted by her new home that she would completely ignore the fencing altogether. Wapiti seemed to roam free through the fields and forests that made up the large piece of land, and she couldn't help but wonder if the wapiti had ever encountered any predators recently, or even before. Letting her thoughts wander Uwoduhi turned and leaned against the fence, relaxing while she waited for Itsihnalv to arrive, and any other tribe members who had caught up since she had gotten here to come as well.

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OOC: Dohi! You complelty have not replied to our thread!!! XD

IC:Her small body was light on her chocolate horse's back. He was strong and full of spirit much like herself, it wa show they was raised. She had been following Ayegali's scent for awhile now and had noticed hat her brothers and sisters scents had joined that path. so, she was not the first one to reach the new lands after all. A brown Galapago's hawk flew in stride with their trotts. The three of them: Asha Amara, Hope Eternal, Aidan, Little Fire, and Jaya, Victory, were wild as they ran chasing the scent. The wind tossed The small red wolf's spiking hair back, just the way she liked it. As she entered a valley she slowed then stopped. This place had some feeling to it. Calming. Jaya circled above letting out calls, " We're here! Look the family!" His gentle voice was filled with excitment. She trotted up to her tribe mate who had arrivesd and smiled as he little figure lowered off of the large mustang. She was the shortest of her tribe, abnormally small at 5"5 fully shifted. With a pat Aidan walked off to graze and Jaya's large body landed on her bare shoulder. "It'll take some getting use to but everyone seems to like it here." She said in a factual tone as she motioned to their horses.

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_____They were gathering, one by one. Pieces and parts of the tribe were trickling in like the water bubbled up through the cracks and ran the length of the springs he had spied out upon first going through the area. Though he had been quietly trailing after Ayegali, Tawodi didn't make his appearance until the other adults had started to congregate close to her. He slipped out through the dense foliage, shaking out his coat as though he could truly free himself from the damp air. Asha's words were very true—it would take getting used to—but it also felt like it would be a good home, though he had long forgotten what exactly a home was. _____He weaved quietly through the towering werewolves, watching every step he made with his four feet as not to be underfoot or haphazardly stepped on. There were no immediate words spoken by the youngest tribe member, though he expressed his approval through a constant wag of his tail, letting it brush against Dohi as he meandered past. Casting many upward gold-eyed glances between the faces that had more or less been the only sense of “family” he had come to known, he smiled broadly. They were coming together once again, instead of being strung out like the travellers they had been for so many months.

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People can continue to jump in if they like.

Ayegali knew that they would not be far behind, not now that they had all come across one another and realized that there were more arriving than they had thought. Her brothers had both been a surprise, but shortly after that more and more seemed to be arriving and, in a way, it brought some kind of peace to her heart. It had taken her a long time to find them a suitable home, she was almost uncertain if any of them would have any kind of faith in her any longer. Finally turning away, Ayegali cast her silver gaze across the faces that had gathered, dropping down to Tawodi last, offering him a very faint smile. They all seemed to approve of her choice, at least for now, and for that she was grateful.

"There are various openings in the fence, they seem like they are able to be secured closed also." She explained, watching them all a quiet moment. "We can leave them open so long as someone is near at all times, to offer the wapiti a chance to roam free if they would like, and a chance to return to safety." Something told her, though, that they were content within their home. "I also wanted to tell you all. I may be bringing in an outsider to the Tribe." Of course, she knew that it wasn't odd for an outsider to join, it had happened many times before. "I believe he will be a great asset to AniWaya as we start to settle in. He was from a neighboring pack here who split up to later on reform. I would like him to be the speaker for our tribe for communications with the others that reside in this area." In other words, he would likely be a leader.

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He promised the lady that he would help her and her family no matter what would come of it; he was going to keep to his word. The black male followed the path back to the lands that she had picked out. Lucifer smiled seeing her, then there was her family all around her, the male didn’t push to get though, he was slowly shifting into something much more laid back in the crowds. If they wanted to talk to him, he would have no issue talking, but this wasn’t his time to shine. The male gave the respected ebony lady a smile with a dip of his head. Pushing his long bangs, back out of the way of his eyes.

Lucifer looked around, she had picked a wonderful spot, there was lush grass for the elk to eat that would be coming though, and if they played it right they would stay around, mate and reduce, and they would have fresh kill at all times, sort of like Deuce’s pack. He sighed softly to him-self with a wish that these lands would stay together longer then Twilight Vale’s did. He had loved the lands and the pack, but with Conri gone, it wasn’t the same. He looked out as he looked onto the family the lady had spoken about. So many new faces, to him it was promising.

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He had come along slowly, but in time to hear what Ayegali said. Not because he was old (because that was among the last things he was!), but because his mind was still in exploration mode. On his way here, following the others, he had been too busy looking around to keep up. He had been like this since they started traveling, absent, thinking. The red wolf male had understood quickly that Ayegali had decided to stay here, and thus went off turning every rock he could find. Information was always nice, and he had found some of that as well as mapping the area. It made him content, because he knew that some of it would be of value to the tribe. Although, now there was already a new person who would know all of this already. It didn't change a thing; Dawali had still made a contact outside the tribe, and that was valuable in itself.

Silently, his two feet carried him to them, and halted at the back, near the strange-looking newcomer. He would not draw attention to himself; that was not why he had come. Instead, he hoped Ayegali would see that this was his way of supporting the desicion to stay here, otherwise he would not have come. Those who knew him knew that, and most of the tribe knew each other at least as far as that. His older daughter, Asha, had already arrived; no wonder, she had that horse of hers. Her back was to him, but she most likely noticed her presence. Silently he wondered where the youngest daugther had gone off to, but she probably had her reasons for not showing. He would ask her when they settled for the evening.

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*kills time before she has to leave, dies*
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_____When everyone had turned up for the most part, Ayegali addressed them. Tawodi reclined easily into a sit, letting his tail sweep the grass with a couple more good pats before it fell still. He was intrigued to find out who this mystery outsider was that would be joining them, but also a little apprehensive to the idea as well. Though he hadn't really gotten to know very much of the other packs, what encounters with the members from them had been okay. Yet he had an enormous stock to place in believing that Ayegali would make a good choice for them too. He didn't know any different, being wary was simply part of his nature. Once the ebony chieftain had wrapped up what she had to say, Tawodi's tawny ears picked up the sound of others joining them, at which point he threw a look over his shoulder and pinned back his ears at the one person who didn't quite match up with those that he knew. Was this the guy, standing in near to Dawali?

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http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/2046/bymebld8.png) rgb(56,57,51) bottom no-repeat; color:rgb(106, 107, 101); font:8.5pt Verdana; line-height:1.2em; padding:1.5em; padding-bottom:16.0em; text-align:justify;"> Dohi had been with AniWaya since his birth; it had been four years, and he had never counted anybody out. Everybody that joined the tribe and left the tribe, all those who died and those who were born, were family to him. They needed no blood connections, newcomers, to feel immediately welcomed by the bi-toned brother of the chieftain. For this reason, and because he knew every single member of the Tribe, he picked out the newcomer as easily as if he was a bone among flowers. He was all black, with strange purple hair that contrasted Dohi's black ponytail and showed the traditional versus the modern more firmly than anything else. Dohi smiled warmly at the male, and his smile died when he looked back to Ayegali.

He had, for his whole life, been a scout. His peace-loving ways had allowed him to be perfect at wandering around, meeting who he could and gathering the information necessary to be a good asset. He was easygoing and made quick friends, typically, and his whole life he had been working for that very position. It was the Ututv position, he was absolutely sure of it, that was being handed over to a newcomer. The position he had strived for his entire life, the position he knew he deserved, had just been given to someone who probably new nothing about the tribe.

As composed and peaceful and careless as Dohi Ulagahasti typically was, it couldn't keep the dark cloud from falling across his face. He felt betrayed, by his own sister! She had known how much, as a kid, he had wanted to prove to his parents and everyone that he was good enough for that position. The only thing Lucifer had going for him was that he lived around her. The white-bottomed wolf cast another glance toward the newcomer, but this one, though deceptively still as welcoming, showed the dark in his eyes.

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Others arrived, and she of course knew their names, like their faces, off by heart. Asha Amara and Usdi Tawodi. It was then that her sister spoke, and Ama turned to listen with devoted attention, even if her mind was set on her brother Itsihnalv, and where he might be at this moment. It wasn't until Ayegali started talking of bringing in a newcomer that Uwoduhi listened on with more interest then before. Someone who would communicate with the other packs within the area, which was certainly not a task that was lightly given to any member, let alone a new one. A frown creased Ama's delicate features, and it was then that she spotted the newcomer. He was not that hard to pick out, for she did not only know all the current members of AniWaya, she knew none who looked so strange. Refraining from introducing herself until later she noticed Dawali arrive and her smile returned as she looked at the faces of everyone around her. The face she was most concerned with though was her brother Dohi's, whom although was hard to read past his easygoing and composed mannerisms, was not good at escaping the eye of his younger sister when Uwoduhi noticed his face hint at a down turned expression. With a mischievous glint in her blue eyes that many would not normally see, Ama approached Dohi with a flick of her tail and nudged him, a warm smile causing her features to light up and a reassuring arm going around his back so she could tug lightly at his ponytail. No worries, she seemed to silently say, as she turned her attention back to the rest of the tribe.

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She listened in content to her leader. A small smile grew on her lips as she was told that the fence had openings. That ment they had control of who can and who went, a good advantage in her mind. Then, as she mentioned the outsider, her smile faded as quickly as it had come. An Outsider from was alright, a good idea on Ayegali but giving him a spot on the coucil was almost maddening. She knew good, hardworking wolves of tribe birth who would suit the role just as well! Silintly Jaya whispered, Relax. You may want to tell that to Usdi as well." Glancing over at the tribes youngest she walked over to Usdi quickly and layed a hand on his back, crouching down to his level. "It's alright love." Her voice was calming and almost musical. Then, a scent came to her and she smiled turning to see her father. She nodded to him in greeting. True, he was a man of few words and he wasn't a very outspoken wolf but. never the less Asha loved and respected him. Returning her light borwn eyes to the pup, the red wolf spoke once more in a whisper, "Maybe you and I'll have to introduce ourselves to him." She gave the stranger a good looking at. He was deffinenetly strong and modern. On the positive side he would probably be a good warrior if needed and he possibly knew most of the packs and lands in their new home. She smiled again, "Maybe you can get him to tell you some stories about these lands." Her encouraging voice sang.

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People can continue to jump in if they like.

The dark woman turned to the small group behind her, some who had already scattered and others who still lingered. She cast her eyes across them for a moment, watching quietly, before speaking up once more. "I have spoken to the leader of a group called Inferni." She told them, a cautious look taking over her features. "From what I know those in Inferni are not keen on wolves, nor are the wolves very accepting of them. The leader of Inferni and I have discussed out situations and agreed to stay neutral with one another. If one of them arrives here, please be accepting and hospitable to them." She knew they would understand, even if only because of the situation that they had been put through before arriving in these lands. They would not do to Inferni what the strangers of their old lands did to them.

"Other than that..." She continued, with an air of finality. "I guess all that is left is to settle in." And she smiled, face softening and eyes lighting up at the thought of settling in to a new home. "Once everyone is fairly settled in we will begin to discuss places within the Tribe and give duties out as always. For now though, if you need any help you can find me for assistance." It seemed like life might begin for them once more.

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To preserve my continuity, I'll have Tayui wander past and observe silently, but say nothing, as she initially approaches the tribe about a week later. So if everyone could play it off as if they do not notice her (ie: she is upwind), that would be appreciated, thanks!

She had heard mention of wolves from another place and with another mind, but had yet to encounter them. Apparently, there was a group of wolves who lived closer with nature, harmoniously co-existing with the world, but had nonetheless been driven from their homes. They were apparently cannibals as well, but Tayui was fairly certain that rumour was one of the many false ones floating around. Creatures would gossip, and she was unsure what part she should believe. She might be risking her life coming here if they were in fact cannibals, but at the same time, she hoped her instinct was correct, and that they were in fact a peaceful group.

She had been searching for them for a few days, intrigued, and curious to see if what the rumours said were true. Finally, she had caught the scent of a large group of wolves, all with smells that were completely foreign to her. She managed to follow it and ended up in the reserve. This was the farthest south she'd come so far, and was curious not only of this mysterious band of travellers, but the lands themselves.

Tayui was so entranced that she nearly stumbled right into the group of them, having lost the scent a while back. She seated herself beside a rather large boulder on a small, yet steep hill that overlooked the group of wolves. She would observe without being observed herself. The winds soon shifted, bringing their scents and sounds to her. She flicked her ears forward, shuffling a bit closer, trying not to disturb the small rocks as she moved. She caught a few words, and had to concentrate for a while before she was able to properly eavesdrop. I believe he... to AniWaya as we start... settle in, she heard a black female say. She cocked her head, wondering what Aniwaya meant. A spirit? Their group's name? She chuckled, and settled down to continue listening.

The female mentioned Inferni, and immediately, Tayui's interest was piqued. It appeared as though she was not the only one who had sought out Gabriel to seek neutrality. Although her peacekeeping mission had been months prior, she was glad she was not the only one who thought of such things. She smirked; perhaps they weren't cannibals after all.

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Like himself, the others did not say much. Some mumbled quiet words to each other, some stared baffled at the stranger that was joining them, but no one said anything against their leader and her decisions. Indeed it seemed that all that was left was to get everyone settled in. That, and getting to know the ones they shared lands with. It was good that she had met with the leader of this Inferni pack, but he did not like the sound of them. He had come here for peace for him and his family - to avoid the dangers of anyone who wished to harm others, be that wolf or coyote, or any other species at that. To settle here with someone potentially dangerous not that far away wasn't perhaps something he agreed to 100% on, but he had confidence in Ayegali, and would not question her.

Nodding at her words, Dawali decided to offer whatever he had to the process of getting people settled in. This was particularly aimed at the younger ones, since he didn't care so much for himself as them. Some of them had lost their parents, and were perhaps a bit uncertain regarding what was expected of them. Ever since he had become a father, he tended to put children and young wolves in front of himself, and - of course - particularly his daughters. Shelter wasn't hard to find or make here, and they should get moving. He felt the responsibility to contribute quite strongly. Clearing his throat, he spoke. It was seldom that he did when many members of the tribe was gathered in a meeting or a social happening, but it seemed as if it was natural for him to do so as he exited the group. Anyone who needs any help can follow me, I've got two spare hands with nothing to do right now. He smiled, and waited for anyone to voice an interest, if there was any.

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