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indentThe Mogotsi child sat on the borders. Throughout the entire night she had barely slept a wink and had decided to crawl out of bed and go explore the territory. The Loony Luna was rising in the east. She had sat in the same place all morning, staring out over the borders, ears pinned back against her head. She had yet to hear back from Segodi and it was starting to scare her a bit. Maybe he would never get his memories back? What would happen then? She would never see her father again, at least she would never see what used to be there.
indentShe curled her tail tight around her body, and started to shake uncontrollably. Did she scare him away? Pressing him with so many things could have done it. Her mind was a swirl of emotions at the moment, confused, scared, angry and sad. Why did she not search harder for him? He must have been somewhat close to the lands. Faolin bit her tongue, holding back a scream. She did not want to scare Gabriel, that would be the last thing she needed, for him to worry about her on top of everything that was going on.
indentWhy did life have to be so hard on her? She gets an inch, and it seemed as if she was dragged back a mile. Segodi was dangling right before her eyes, and it was as if she could not quite reach him, and she would never be able to hold onto him again. Silently, she brooded on old memories, completely drowned in her thoughts and sorrow.

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All of them were probably supposed to share a bedroom, but his brother seemed pretty deadset on being as independent as possible and either slept back at the den or somewhere else entirely and he hadn't seen either of his sisters in quite a while now (well, Eris had been gone longer than Rachias, but still). And so he had had the big huge bed all to himself. It was amazingly comfortable and soft and warm and he never really thought he'd leave it so willingly, especially not on a cold winter morning, but the though the footsteps in the hall had been soft, they had stirred him all the same.

He wasn't sure what exactly had lured him out into the chilling sunrise, but children were more perceptive than most people gave them credit for, and certainly more than they themselves realized. Faolin was upset. And it bothered him because he knew she and his eldest brother both worked hard to take care of his litter, especially now that their mother was gone. She was practically family, right? And unlike Andre, Arkham felt rather inclined to care about his family members. He knew what it was like to be lonely too.

So the growing grey pup had followed her out of the house and to the borders. Padding up softly up to her, the hybrid child sat down next to her quietly. Mornin', Faolin, he said, looking up at her expectantly. 'Chu doin' up so early?

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indentIt was funny how each of Kaena's litter were all different from each other. She loved each of them as if they were her own, but she guessed it was kind of like the difference between herself and hybrid. They had been separated at a young age, Hybrid stayed in the Land of Wuffluvers with Segodi while she went with Asphyxia. When Faolin returned, Hybrid had left. They both had managed to end up in the same place in the end, but even with all their encounters, Faolin still did not feel an incredibly strong bond with her brother. She hoped for different between the three remaining puppies.
indentHer thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a voice of a youth, one she knew quite well. A small smile formed on her lips, appreciating Arkham's company. She loved the little boy, he was so understanding, so peaceful. Was this how Gabriel was when he was younger? "Morning, Arkham!" she tried to say in a cheerful tone to the best of her ability. "I could ask you the same question. Well, to answer it, I couldn't really get any sleep last night," she grinned and let out a soft laugh. Her tail wagged back and forth, and she flipped over onto her side stretching out in the sand of the beach.
indent"Why aren't you back curled up in that nice warm bed? I've been thinking of going to the human city to spice your guy's room up a bit," she said, wondering if he would be interested at all in some new things. It was fun to go to the city and explore, find all the things they have there. "Maybe we could take a trip a little later on today?" she ask, head cocked to the side. Her mind - almost - completely off the entire Segodi thing. But, the image of how he reacted her that day was still at the back of her mind and she frowned.

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The differences in littermates were always peculiar, especially if they had all been raised the same as his own litter had. If the hatred that seemed to blossom in Andre had come from the blood, then where was it in himself or his sister? If the innocent optimism that seemed to be ever-present in Rachias came from some influence, then there was it in either of her brothers? Hadn't they all been placed under the same circumstances? It wasn't even a question of nature versus nurture; they had no real pre-ordained nature anymore as they had evolved beyond that, if it could even be called evolution. Perhaps the sustained thoughts that made up a consciousness were really just factors of devolution; after all, it certainly wasn't helping them to survive.

Faolin's voice and expression seemed to contradict the idea that anything was wrong and he found himself smiling a little as a result, though it was a very shy one. D'no, he answered of her reflected question, I jes' followed you. Why couldn't you sleep? Nightmares had yet to really enter Arkham's sleep and he had no real experiences with them; likewise, he had yet to really have a matter so pressing to his young mind that he lay awake fretting over it. His missing sisters offered some concern, perhaps, but he had mostly convinced himself that Eris had gone with Kaena and that Rachias had gone to find their father and that they were both just fine. No reason to worry.

Sure, the pup agreed to the venture, What sorta things can we find fer decoration?

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indentShe thought about her encounter with Rachias a couple days before. She was not sure how to tell Arkham, but she wanted him to know that she was safe and sound. It was hard worrying over a sibling, Faolin knew that from experience with her own. Although, when Hybrid finally came back - like most of them ended up doing - it was not the same. It was different when Tedros or Nyika would return and she still held a small hope for seeing them again. She had seen Segodi not a couple weeks ago, some hope was still held out for all of her family. Asphyxia was an exception. A lost cause she could call it. Her mother was to the point where all was forgotten and Faol could not see the female coming back any time soon.
indent"Umm, I saw Rachias the other day. I was not sure where you were at, but we had to get her back home. I'm sorry. She's with Laruku for now," she said, trying to quickly avoid his question with ease. Bringing up something that would completely take his mind off the topic of her unhappiness. "If you like, we could always go and take a visit up there sometime over the next couple days?" she wondered if that would make the little boy happier. She was going to spoil him to death now that Rachias was gone. She didn't want another one leaving too and Andre was just.. Andre. Faolin like him, but something about him reminded her so much of Hybrid and she was scared of him and what he would become.

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For him, Rachias was the only person he really considered a friend. He had a lot of family members; in fact, most of the people he knew were family members, but they rarely seemed to be anything more than that. Both Gabriel and Faolin acted as his caretakers, the stand-ins now for the parents that just weren't there, and as much as he cared about both of them, because they were much older, he didn't really feel comfortable confiding in them about every little thing. Some things adults just didn't seem prone to care much about and he would feel silly bringing them up. Ahemait and Samael were only about a year older, but they were still adults to him and he didn't see them much anyway. So it came down to his own littermates because there were no other children in the clan. Eris had always been too much of a drifter for him to get to know her and Andre was very simply unpleasant. So Rachias was all he had for a friend.

And so his ears perked and his eyes widened at her name. Twitching his tail, he looked up at the femme in surprise, She's with dad? It was almost surprising he recognized the name; it had not been tossed around much and it seemed like most of his family wanted to avoid the subject completely. But so all of his sister's talk hadn't been just talk after all; she really had set off to find the mysterious stranger that was supposed to be their sire. I thought Gabriel said he was a bad person? The child had never really thought to question much beyond that. After all, it didn't seem like anyone else had their fathers around either, so why pursue it? Is she really going to stay with him?

That prospect seemed like terrible news to him. It had been lonely enough the last week or so; he really couldn't imagine what it would be like for his sister to be gone for good. How far away is it? The questions were coming out more quickly and he wasn't really thinking about any of them. Of course he wanted to visit her, but how long could he stay? Would Faolin be allowed to stay also? And it would never be long enough. The coyote pup loved it on the beach, but without his playmate, it suddenly didn't seem all that appealing anymore. Why would she leave Inferni?

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indentFaolin's muzzle dropped as she listened to the boy in front of her. She had kind of expected it to take him hard, but she never realized just how close he was with his sister. She envied that in a way, a real connection with her own blood and kin. It had been nice being close with Nyika, and Tedros was there too. But, Hybrid was her actual sibling and she guessed it was like Rachias and Andre, they were going to turn out the same way in the end probably. She sighed and watched the boy. Swamped with questions, she sighed and collected her thoughts before responding to any of them.
indent"Well, I know Gabriel said he is a bad person. Let's just say Laruku does have his issues. Although, the only way I'll stop Rachias from living with him if is he hurts her," she spoke hoarsely, but what if it was too late and she could not stop him from going further? Faolin shook her head, deeply trouble by the whole situation. It was not like she could force the girl to stay in Inferni, could she? Maybe Arkham could talk her into coming back. "Surprisingly, it's not too-too far away. It's a good long walk, but I would not mind making the trip every now and then. Whenever you'd like!" she smiled, trying to cheer the boy up, even though it was really hard to cheer herself up ever.
indentShe stopped dead at his last question. Why would she leave Inferni? Faolin's eyes dropped to the ground and she bit her lip nervously, trying to figure why she in fact would leave Inferni."I don't know why she would leave. I've left before, but I came back. Maybe she will too. You can ask her when we go and visit."

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Issues. So apparently his father had "issues," but he really had no idea what that meant. He had been working hard to improve his vocabulary, but "issues" seemed to be one of those ridiculously flexible words that people liked to toss into sentences all over the place to mean different things every time. But in this context, did Faolin mean he had problems? What sort of problems? And why? Did they have anything to do with the fact that they didn't live together? Everyone had problems, right? Why were his so special that Gabriel would deem him as a bad person? Arkham wanted a lot more elaboration than that, but for the first time, he was almost afraid to ask. He had never thought much about his father, but he didn't really want to learn that he was some horrible monster either. Especially if Rachias was living with him.

Would he really hurt her? Why? Vaguely, he remembered asking Castor about how far away Clouded Tears was. He had assumed that the other had been from the same pack as his father because he had carried a vaguely familiar scent, but already he had forgotten what the answer had been. However far or close it was, it would never be close enough though. If there were borders then there would be borders. The grey pup didn't know much about interpack/clan relationships yet, but already he felt like there were walls between them and that he was too small and too weak to break them down. It was not a feeling of helplessness that he was used to and he decidedly right away that he definitely didn't like it.

Why did you leave Inferni? he asked, looking up at his brother's mate almost accusingly. He had never known that anyone had left before -- no one had ever told him. He had always assumed that they had all lived here for as long as they had lived and that that was how things were going to be forever. Apparently, he was wrong.

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indentFaolin had come to learn that everyone had there own issues, and the word could be taken in so many different ways. Yes, Laruku had problems, but how would you explain his type of problem to a young child. Especially his own flesh and blood. Faol cringed inside, hoping he would not ask the question. For a moment she thought she had heard his voice inside her head, but the question had been too clear to be just a dream. Faolin sighed, quickly trying to think of a way to explain this to Arkham. The extent to which these 'problems' had been described to Faolin, she was not even sure how far it went. He had become a completely different person. Like, two people living inside his body?
indent"Well, I doubt he would ever hurt her. I barely know anything about Laruku's problems, and how he deals with them, but I guess it's as if he becomes a completely different person," she sighed, biting her lip and looking at the little boy in front of her. No matter how grown up he was seemingly becoming it was becoming harder for her to explain this to him. She wanted him to continue on for a little while at least living life in an ignorant bliss. Somehow, life caught up to all of them. They could not spend their lives living naive. The cold truths of the world caught up to them all.
indentShe let out a deep sigh and looked Arkham over when he asked about her leaving Inferni. "Well, once I left in search of my family that had all left Inferni sometime back. The other I ran away because I had gotten scared," she could not explain the last one to him. How she killed her father after seeing his face in the face of another creature that had attacked her. Gabriel had gone ballistic and killed him. It was so confusing. Tainted Fears his name was? Iskata's mate. They had a touchy past that was really hard to explain. The details were foggy because she did not remember much of it herself. She ran, then remembered waking up soaked and matted with blood, then the scent of Hybrid and her father engulfed her. That's how Hybrid had found his way back, he had gone and lived with their father. Faolin shook her head, she was going crazy with the thoughts that was going through it.

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Her mate would tell him similarly in the coming days, but it seemed to Arkham that whatever the problem was, it was complicated and confusing enough that even the adults him didn't understand it well enough to explain -- not just that they didn't want to tell him, they couldn't. It perplexed him and frustrated him. Why was it so difficult? His father was either dangerous or he wasn't, right? What was all this about "sometimes" and "maybe"? Who was this "other person" he would become? It was a description out of a storybook, a man possessed by monsters and ghosts, demons from beyond their world. It was one of those things that he wanted to just take their word for, but that he would have a hard time believing until he actually saw it for himself.

The grey pup was not yet assured of his sister's safety, but he wasn't sure how he would confront her about it if he were to visit now. Clearly she thought she was fine if she had spent all these weeks there already and then come back to tell Faolin explicitly that she would be staying away. Rachias was stubborn, but he didn't think she was stupid -- if there was any obvious danger, she would come home, right?

Why did your family leave? It was probably something the femme couldn't answer, but he still didn't understand why anyone would leave the beach. It was beautiful there and he liked the people that were around for the most part. And the ocean was peaceful and calming as long as you didn't step too close. Where were you afraid of? More answerless questions and he was starting to feel kind of bad about them. Sorry, he sighed then, I jes' dunno why anyone would leave here. I like it here.

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"I don't understand it either," Faolin sighed, shaking her head. They had left though, and nobody remained anymore. Segodi, a slight flicker of hope, did not even remember and it seemed he disappeared once again. Faolin frowned and looked down at the boy smiling, he had so many questions, but it was not strange considering his age. Curiosity got the best of them sometimes and Faol had been no different.
"My mother left to return to my father at first, then I thought she had died and I had ran the entire way back to Inferni. I had my father here, Segodi, even though we are not related by blood he was really the only father-figure I had ever known. His son and daughter, Tedros and Nyika were like my siblings. My real father, well he died..." Faolin paused staring at her paws, I -killed- him. "Then Hybrid had followed me back here because he had been staying with him. That is all a blur now. Well, Segodi and Tedros left, and then I went in search of them, returned, then soon after Nyika had left. The reason I had stayed here too was because of your brother, Gabriel," Faolin smirked, and took a breath for a moment, recollecting her thoughts.
She shrugged her shoulders and pursed her lips, turning her head to look down the beach of Inferni. Faol had never wanted to leave these sands again. Not now, not ever. It was her home and she would die by this beach when she was ready. She hoped to see the days of many members once again. "Anyway, sometime soon we should go down to the human city! It's so beautiful down there and there is always lots of things to find. Maybe we can take Rachais along?" she asked, head tilted to the side. She supposed Arkham wanted to see the girl more than she did. When Nyika had left Faol had been heartbroken, Nyika had been her best friend and her sister. No one would make her feel the same way ever.

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Arkham listened carefully to every word the femme said; he had always liked stories and real people were even more interesting. By the sounds of it, it seemed like Faolin had quite the large family as well, even if some of it was adoptive. It made him happier somehow knowing that almost all of Inferni was either related to him or Faolin and that they were one big family (little did he know, he was connected to half of 'Souls in one way or another), but it was also a double-edged sword. He knew there were dozens of other family members out there, half-brothers and sisters and cousins-in-law that he would likely never meet if they didn't come home. As far as he knew, the beach had once been home to all of them and it was just... sad somehow that they weren't there. The rest of the world was too big of a place, how was he ever supposed to find them all even if he did change to look?

Are you 'n Gabriel gonna have kids? he blurted suddenly, staring curiously at his brother's mate. The prospect of more family excited him somewhat as if they would fill in for everyone that was missing. And if they had a litter, that would make him an uncle, wouldn't it? That made him feel older than he was and more mature. He smiled. Sure, he said of the city, I met a lady there the other day, but she was kinda creepy. Arkham realized that he really would prefer accompanyment if he was to go back and that made him feel like a kid again. Ah well -- he had the entire rest of his life to be an adult, right?

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I want something good to die for

To make it beautiful to live
It seemed she had more fun talking to the youth of Inferni than most of the adults. For the more part - save Andrezej - they were generally more easy-going and had a lot less worries. They knew how to have fun, and the conversations were always interesting. There was no right or wrong, and even if they were in the wrong they were just too goddamn cute to resist a small laugh. His question caught her off guard, and if she had been one of those cartoon character the humans drew she would probably have a big sweat drop by her face. It was hard to respond to a question like that, of course they would have kids, it was strange to think that this small boy - who was growing much bigger she must say - would be the uncle of her kids along with Hybrid and... Andrezej.
"Um, I'm sure we will at some point. At least I hope to have kids, I know you would make a great uncle!" She laughed, staring down at the young boy. It was funny to think he was related to so many of the wolves and coyotes within the lands. Laruku's family had an entire legacy behind it, he was related to Iskata and all of Iskata's children would be distant cousins of Arkham. Then there was Kaena's litters along with Faolin's family and adopted family. It was strange to say that he could be related to just about anyone on the shores. It would make for a hard time finding a mate, when half of everyone in the lands was somehow related to you, whether or not by blood. He thoughts quickly switched back to his next question.
"Oh, really? What was her name?" Perhaps this woman had somehow scared Arkham in some way. He said creepy and if there was going to be creepy woman talking to any youth of Inferni Faolin wanted to know about it. Make sure this woman meant no harm though. She knew quite a bit of the wolves in the lands if not at least heard of most the others. It was strange to think of anyone preying on little puppies, but if they hated coyotes enough, why not? Faolin sighed and shook her head, it was quite the strange world they were living in.

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He laughed with her, though it was a light and somewhat uncertain laugh. An uncle, huh? It was a strange prospect and he knew there were many pros and cons. He didn't particularly want to have to become a role model of any sort for a younger generation, but the idea that he wouldn't be the littlest kid in the family was a good one. It was a difficult place to be between wanting to grow up too fast and wanting to stay a kid forever. He usually clung to the fact that childhood was a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but all the same, wouldn't it be nice to be as strong as an adult? To be as smart? To be as capable and knowing? The hybrid knew that none of these were ally automatic, but he half-expected them to be anyway.

India, he answered easily, recalling her face and her voice. If asked why exactly he perceived her as "creepy," he probably wouldn't be able to answer, but he knew the feeling had been there and could almost feel again thinking about her and the old building they had been in. Perhaps it was the way she spoke or the way she treated her more like a child than anyone else he knew, or the way she walked? It was probably of no real consequence anyway though. I d'no, he shrugged, She was a loner. And he yawned right then, not having realized that he was still tired until now. Shaking himself, he blinked up at Faolin. I think... I'ma go back to sleep fer'a bit. We can go to the city later? And with that, he started slowly back across the sand.

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