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It had been decided rather quickly that this would be their new home and things had gone much more smoothly than she could have hoped for. There was still a discontent feeling, specifically from her brother, but all in all it had come along better than she had expected. Those who were in the lands already seemed pleased with where she had chosen for them all to live, content with the surroundings and the lack of hostility that they had met thus far. Ayegali could only hope that the seeming peace would last forever, lest they have to begin their journey yet again. The raven woman stopped at the edges of their new home, the borders that she had been marking for a good portion of the day, running silver eyes across them.

They were in the process of getting everyone into the lands, setting up small homes and unpacking, and making sure that their companions could find their way around the lands. Vtsi had already wandered off to explore after Ayegali removed her items from him and even he seemed content with their new home. Finally, after a few moments of just watching, the raven leader stepped away from the borders and into the lands, ready to see how her family was doing and if anyone needed any help.

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_____With the things that everyone else had brought from home, Tawodi was naturally a little envious. He didn't have anything at all, therefore wasn't taking the time to set up anything or really help either. There wasn't a whole lot of things that he could do to help other than stay out of the way, which was exactly what he tried to do. Things were coming together and while he was a little uncertain about what to do, he soon found Ayegali through the mess of horses and Luperci and slipping up alongside of her quietly. With nothing more than a whine in his throat, he could only express the flurry of emotions in him—the excitement, the nervousness, even the apprehension—but he doubted that she would shoo him away. Picking his gaze up from the territory, he panned his ears back as he looked up at her, as though to suggest he had little idea of what to do next.

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Itsihnalv Go was still not entirely convinced that this was the right place in the least. He did not know particularly how well Ayegali’s meetings with the surrounding pack-leaders went, but he himself had done some exploring, and his impressions were not completely good. The fact that some lunatic was, just a few days ago, murdered by his own family on the coastline to the north wasn’t a very positive impression, and that coyote clan that resided there didn’t seem to greet them with open arms. But his own word on the matter did not have any impact; he would follow wherever Ayegali deemed, and right now, she deemed this place. He would simply have to swallow all of his discord and go with what she said that the tribe would do.

He spent his time aiding in however way he could – setting up homes and getting others settled in and happy. He didn’t find any need to rush to set himself up, as he could always do so later, and didn’t mind sleeping under the stars for a night or two along the way. He had just finished help unload some belongings when he spied his older sister Ayegali walking along, inspecting progress, with Tawodi tagging along. Finding himself free of his helping for the moment, he approached and began to walk alongside her, though with nothing really to say. He kept his deep brown eyes sharp, however, for anyone else who was in need of some more able hands.

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Watch the skyscrapers as they melt away
      She had heard the rumours, but scarcely believed any of them true. Tayui had met Anu a few weeks ago, and since then, she had met a number of wolves that had mentioned a new tribe in the works. And the word they had used had been tribe, not pack; tribe. There had seemed to be a certain degree of finality to the word every time she heard it uttered, as if the speaker could scarcely believe it themselves. Tayui knew little about the implications of the word, and thus, had ventured south in search of answers.
      She had been walking for a few hours now, in search of this so-called tribe. She could not be certain if it had already become a tribe, or if it was still in its initial stages of conception. Whatever the case was, Tayui was certain she was getting closer. How much farther could the land go on before she found them? Tayui slowly picked her way through the forest, navigating her way around the broken remains of a chain link and barbed wire fence. She could neither see nor hear anyone, and was beginning to lose hope in her mission. Refusing to despair, she continued walking, pushing deeper into area. She paused, letting her one foot hang in mid air, as a flicker of movement zipped past her peripheral vision. She turned to see a bird of some sorts fluttering nearby in a tree, and below it, three wolves. Tayui began to trot toward them, then slowed, unsure if they would be friendly or hostile. "Hello," she called out hesitantly. "I'm looking for the wolves creating a tribe; might you know of them?"

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"Have you found a spot to stay?" Ayegali smiled as she asked, immediately regarding Tawodi with a question, giving a faint wag of her tail as blue eyes dropped to meet him. If anything at all, the dark woman was certain they would be fine for the night so long as each of them had a comfortable place to rest. "If you can't decide on a spot, you can stay with me until something suits you." Her words were firm but kind, not wanting him to feel rushed in trying to make this place home. She, of all people, knew how hard it was to try and make a different place home, especially when they had only been there for a short while.

It was just after she spoke that her brother made a sudden appearance at her side. Itsihnalv had seemed the most apprehensive about the whole place and his silence wasn't very comforting. "They seemed to be settling in without much issue." She commented to him quietly, hoping that this fact might bring some kind of peace to him about the whole ordeal. She was about to speak once more but her words were stopped immediately by the sound of a voice. Ayegali paused for a moment, turning carefully to bring blue eyes to the stranger's form. "AniWaya." She stated once, firmly, before stepping toward the stranger. "This is the tribe you seek." But why was she looking for them?

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He was excited. It would not show to anyone who didn't know him well, but a tiny glitter in his eye spoke of the little thrill that had settled in him today. They were going to stay, and they had chosen a good place. Even though the inhabitants that were already here were many, and some of them very strange in both appearance and beliefs, the area was good. Gvihita agreed, and let him know by not being around at all. Or perhaps she was, but hiding. She was most likely, though, soaring around somewhere up high, watching them as they moved in. Up front Dawali spotted their leader, walking with her brother and Tawodi. The red wolf male didn't think of joining them, he didn't know either of them apart from participation in tribe affairs, until a stranger suddenly appeared and joined with the three of them as well. Dawali found it strange. A person outside of the tribe was not strange, but it was strange that she would approach them like that, quite boldly, in fact. His two legs sped up only slightly as he, too, walked up beside the now four people, though he kept himself at Tawodi's side, not wanting to be intrusive, but simply showing interest and.. well.. Dawali was perhaps, sometimes, overly protective. Blame it on a deceased wife.

The male didn't say anything, as usual. Everyone knew he wasn't the most talkative, but of course he would engage in conversation when invited. He just didn't think it necessary to always be the initiative behind one. People would speak to him if they wanted to hear what he had to say, and if not - then he would not push his opinions on them. It was just simpler that way. Thus, he simply watched the conversation as it played out.

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Watch the skyscrapers as they melt away
      "Ah," she replied quickly, bowing her head low in greeting, feeling rather nervous. She glanced back up, raising her head slightly to peer up at the other female, unsure if this tribe was enough of a pack to constitute submission. She mentally frowned, knowing that no matter what their political status, she was at their mercy if they decided to do away with her. If anything, she could only hope she wasn't overstepping her bounds. She hesitated for a moment, then snaked her head up slightly to lick the female's chin, then stepped back. She smiled, wondering what to say next.
      "That's good. Ah, well... I would like to seek sanction in your pack as a member. Would this be possible?" She snuck a sheepish glance at the other members, then redirected her gaze back to the female who seemed to be in charge.

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