sing a song just to turn it around.

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They say this anger, this emotion, and this passion is all a lie

       Siobhan had fallen asleep, she was draped over the boy's back her head resting on his shoulder. Silvery mane covering her eyes. Ezekiel sighed and kept walking, they were close to his old den where he grew up in. It did not take very long normally, but Siobhan had grown tired and he offered to carry her and there they were, walking. He hummed a tune while he looked about. Never had he taken the time to look about the lands and had always rushed through them and never had the chance to admire their real beauty.
       The boy came to a stop and as if on cue the girl stirred on his back. She was wrapped up in a white jacket with fur around the cuffs and hood. She grew so cold easily during the last couple weeks, especially with the snow. He had also found a scarf that she wore around her neck. He always had to make sure she was warm. She nudged Ezekiel with her foot and slipped from his back, quickly grasping his hand.
       "We're almost there," he said, everything he remembered as a pup quickly coming into view.

I’m not even trying to justify myself

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indent Gabriel ad not left the den he and Faolin had claimed since their arrival here. She had left, and his children had left, but he remained steadfast. It was large and it was lonely, but he had brought things in to fight off the cold. Blankets, mostly, and a few odds and ends. Books were sprawled amongst the corners, things he had taken to read on those nights when sleep refused to come.
indent After his son had gone together his ward, Gabriel had returned to this place. He was sitting on a rocky outcrop, dusty snow blowing around his head. The cigarette in his hand was nearly gone, smoked mostly by the wind. Though he was not as heavily addicted as his father, the same addiction was in his blood. It was enough to keep him busy. It was enough to keep him from becoming unstable as he had before. A reddish-gold man and a white figure appeared below, and he finished off the cigarette and tossed it aside. Pushing himself up, he waited calmly, smiling faintly as the two continued their approach.

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She hadn't been near any knives, so her mane had been able to grow out a little bit. Siobhan wasn't sure how she felt about this, really--it felt uncomfortable and tickly to have it in her face sometimes, mostly when the wind was blowing more. Her mane was just a small part of all of the new things that she was experiencing, though, now that they lived in Inferni. At least, she thought that it was his intention to stay here with his family. And she had no desire to leave or go anywhere without him, so she was staying with them. It had seemed like the best choice--she'd had nothing, before. And now she had something.

Deep red eyes had been closed before as she was carried, shut against the wind and snow that was blowing about, but they opened when she heard the annoucement. They were near. In a few moments she was back down to the ground and walking beside him, small feet matching his footsteps two for one. "Okay, Zeke" She said simply, craning her head to try and see beyond the next hill.

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They say this anger, this emotion, and this passion is all a lie

       Hand in hand the two walked along side together towards his childhood home. He had missed his father so much and took everything he had to not cry in front of him when he first saw him standing there. Ezekiel was so excited, yet a sadness stirred in his heart. He was hoping to come back and have everything go back to how it was like a long time ago. That would not happen now because his mother was not here. Where did she go? She disappeared out of no where. Maybe, she had gotten lost coming back to look for him. He could only hope that's what it was.
       "There!" he squeaked excitedly raising his hand to point in the direction of the large golden male. The boy giggled and he started to run ahead at an easy pace Siobhan could match. Everything he did was to help her, and he did nothing that would make her feel uncomfortable. He would make sure she would have everything she would need, perhaps they could get their own den eventually, but for now he wanted to remain close to his father. It did not take long to cover the distance between the two and he helped Siobhan by lifting her most of the way as they skipped up towards Gabriel.
       "Siobhan! This is my father Gabriel de le Poer. Dad, this is Siobhan!" his tail beat back and forth behind him. He laughed and rose his hand to the back of his head fiddling with the dreads, it was a habit of his and he liked the feel of them. He had only gotten them recently, so it still felt weird not to feel his soft mane growing in it's place.

I’m not even trying to justify myself

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indentHis son had gained a different appearance then he had expected, that much was sure. Ahren had once worn the same style of hair, though the last time he had seen his father it had changed. The girl was indeed a peculiar looking sort, though her size was more telling to the Aquila then her color. She would have to work to overcome both those barriers, though it would not be the first time someone had done such a thing.
indent “Hello,” he offered. After a moment, he spared a glance to his son. “Do you two plan on staying with me?”

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He seemed so excited now, even more than before! It was very catchy, and she ran along with him, cresting the hill and heading farther into the territory. She didn't know where they were heading exactly, but she was sure that he she wasn't worried about it. Zeke always had all of the answers--he knew everything. At least, she knew that he knew a lot more than she did. Siobhan hadn't experienced many of the normal things that other pups her age might have, so it had left her a little farther behind than most.

And now they were running faster, feet moving even more swiftly. Every few seconds it felt like she was gliding, as Ezekiel lifted her a little bit off the ground. She laughed her high-pitched laugh, shaking her mane out of her face and trying to run even faster. It wasn't far to the wolf that they were running to.

Everything was over in a few seconds, though, as they reached the stranger. She looked to him, then to Ezekiel, then back to him again. Who was this? She couldn't quite remember. Zeke introduced her and she hung back a little, behind him, staring out at the other. She had been so excited to meet this guy...but now she didn't feel as sure. Siobhan almost missed the stranger's words, she was so preoccupied with her own thoughts. She didn't know! Were they staying here?

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