in sleep he's sent to me, in dreams he came

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Oh hai thar

Character Name: Lubomir Varg
Character Birthdate (including year): 04/06/04
Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci (not applicable to non-canines): Luperci Ortus
Gender: Male
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The grey wolf was slightly more than a shadow. He padded noiselessly through the trees, leaving hardly a mark behind him. So long, he had been gone for so long. His nose lifted to catch a scent, he grunted to himself and trudged on. His body was going to abandon him if he didn't stop pushing himself so much. But he was close, he really was. He would be there. Soon. And indeed, the smell of wolf became so pervasive, he knew he had reached his destination.

Lubomir collapsed at the edge of the border, his lungs burning. Too long, he had been gone so long, his mind was wandering back and forth between Skoll's death and the journey that followed. He shook his head, trying to concentrate. He steadied himself and slowly issued one slow wail, a call for his white angel. The song was full of sorrow and a call for help. He wondered, vaguely, if she had not left. Well, if she had, he would simply move on. Like, it seemed now, he had been doing all his life.

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Mew Sadira

Stopping dead in her tracks, two white ears flickered in the winter air, searching for the sound they thought they had heard. Could it be..? No, he had gone. He had left without notice, given her hope and thrown it away. He wasn't here, no-one in their right mind would come back like that. Not after how he hurt her. But the sound had not been as she remembered him, it was weak. It was calling for help. A rhythm of two feet hitting the ground in a sprint was all the femme heard, running to convince herself that there were no-one where she thought the sound had come from. But the closer she got, the stronger became that faint smell of male. It wasn't Haku, and it wasn't Slay. It was that smell which had shrouded her mind only twice, which she could not forget. She had tried, but it would not let go, and now, perhaps, it had returned.

Trees flew past the white tilia's sidevision as she sprinted, and sure enough, there was a dark-ish figure lying upon the mix of snow and rain, not that far ahead. Her feet picked up their speed, even though she had already been running, and soon she was at his side. The smell of him was weak, as was his whole form, and all of her grudges and damaged emotions towards him was thrown away the second she realized his need. Quickly she had sat down, her two white hands picking up his head to cradle it in her lap, speaking his name. Lubomir.. what has happened? Are you allright?"

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His head lifted slowly and his eyes opened. There she was, his angel. He had left, the selfish, crude bastard that he was, he had left and let her in sorrow so he could find some peace. True, he had lost his friend, but Mew had been a different kind of content. Her fur, warm against his muzzle, smelled like he remembered it. She had no scent of another male on her and he thought, with a cynical tinge, that she had waited. Or that he was a fool to believe she could accept him. Her voice. He had nearly forgotten her voice. Oh, his angel, his wonderful angel. I have come, my angel. I have come from despair and sorrow.

His eyes closed again. His breathing was laboured, his lungs burning more and more. He felt cold and hungry and scared. He felt alone in the big world, his friend dead. What had they done to Skoll? Had they given him a proper burial? He had left, in anger and fear, he had run away. And now, a broken old man, he came back. Truthfully, he was not that old, but Lubomir's mental age probably double his physical. But, oh, his angel, his sweet beautiful angel. She was here. Tell me, my beautiful one, say you will take me in. I am weary and hungry and I have longed for you so much. You were my angel, my light in the darkness of fear, my hope of return. Lifting his head, Lubomir looked at Mew. I need rest, angel, I need some rest. He awkwardly got up and shook himself, before gently nudging her side with his nose. His tail managed a weak wag. So, the grey wolf had returned.

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Mew Sadira
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He didn't speak her name, but rather that nickname he had given her a long time ago. Angel. When they'd met it had been odd, but had swiftly gone from odd to comfortable to something she craved. This was different than a sexual craving; the desire to have sex with the male was not the prominent desire, and she hadn't really thought that much about it either. What she wanted was just his closeness, the heat of his fur, and the smell of him around her. Two times she had tasted that experience, and she needed it again. Warm, damp air from her mouth softly descended and swirled around the face of the male in her lap, clouding the female's eyes for a few seconds, or perhaps it was something else. Her senses were on edge, taking in every faint proof of his presence, as if they would not believe themselves. I'm glad you've come back, my dearest. I've missed you. It was more than true, although perhaps she had not known as strongly as she did now, what her heart had been telling her all along.

The male whose head rested in her arms presented a plea to stay with her, and how was she to tell him no. She couldn't resist, not with him. She would let him come with her, because there was no way her brains would be able to overcome her emotions by now. The flow of words that exited the grey male's muzzle pleased her to hear, and as he got up, she did too, her two-legged form raving over his, smiling at his return. My den hasn't moved since last time you walked me home. I trust you know the way? A little wink escaped her face, as some of the shock at seeing him here had settled. She was glad that he had decided to come here, of all places, to Dahlia de Mai, for her. Lubomir had come for her. It was more than she had hoped for.

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It was strange that, for all his body ached, Lubomir's heart felt less heavy. He was weak, yes, but then he had always been so. It seemed almost ironic that he, he runt of his litter, had been the great traveller. From the Old Country here and from here to far away lands, all to maintain a promise to a friend. And that friend was now gone. He did wonder sometimes if Skoll would agree with him moving on like this. But the wolf had always been an honest and true friend and he would not begrudge Lubomir his happiness. Looking at Mew, he realized that this was where he wanted to stay. He would seek out his old friends and see what they were doing now, but he would remain with Mew. For as long as she wanted him.

That Mew had missed him only made the reunion that much sweeter. He nudged her again and slowly made his way into the packlands. The smell of wolf was overpowering. It felt good, to be someone that didn't stink of him, to be in a place that didn't reek of dead animal and depression. And the promise of a den was just that much more enticing. What has happened in my absence? And would your mate not be angry about you bringing in an angel? His nose might still betray him yet. Best get the awkward part out of the way now.

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Mew Sadira
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Her two legs and his four moved together towards the house that was her den in Wolfville. Feeling quite light-headed, Mew could not stop herself from looking down on him every now and then, as if to check if he was still there. And he was, and he seemed to want to be with her. And not Firefly, and not Ember, but just her. It could be a trick, to have a pack to come to, but if so she was letting herself be tricked. If so she wanted to be tricked. Illusions could sometimes be a blessing, and she needed this. A white hand rested on his neck as they walked, feeling that warm skin and fur to her fingers. There was no way she could deny this one anything.

The silence between them was broken by two questions, one a subtle silliness. Much had happened in his absence, but in her life only - not much. For others a whole deal, probably, but Mew did not bother in keeping track much. Her green eyes glanced at him before staring ahead of her as they walked, suddenly nervous. Words that normally laid so smartly in her mouth no suddenly didn't want to make out a good sentence at all. Not looking at him she attempted to come across as completely relaxed and in control, hoping he wouldn't notice this new feeling of nervousness. What, mate? I have no mate. Should i have one?

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Her hand was warm and reassuring, telling him again and again that he was real, grounded, belonging. He had loved Shadowed Sun, loved being able to learn so much, being close to the source of so much knowledge. And the he'd left it all behind. The male looked up at Mew and his heart leapt in his chest. Here he was, a weak wolf, one who could not yet hunt for himself, who would need rest, sleep, that sort of thing. And she was ready to take him in. Admittedly, she might be doing it out of pity, and the morning might mean that she would throw him out. Well, so be it, he would deal with it when it came.

Her admission startled him, and the grey male nearly stopped walking. But he was getting tired, and they would soon reach the den. So instead he trotted on, thinking things over. No mate? But... well... he had always thought that Haku was her mate. It seemed not. He'd been gone so long. And she was such a lovely female, what male would refuse her? Well, Inferni might, but they hated wolves. Most of then, anyway. As Asphyxia had proven, she had a heart. And she'd loved Skoll, right to his dying breath. Who was to say Mew could not find this? Angel, it just seemed that you would find love. Out of all of us damned souls here, you deserve love the most. The unspoken thought was that he hoped he would be worthy of her.

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Mew Sadira
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Mew had not found love, because it had run away in the form of a grey-furred male so torn over the loss of his friend. It had run away, but right now it seemed as if there was a chance it might return. Mew and Lubomir had not had a relationship, nor anything like it, really, before he had left,but there had been that strange drawing to each other; the unspoken attraction that was masked under a friendship and would only come into the light if pushed there. And Mew had been too afraid to face that, and then he had been gone. Gone, leaving a trail of women in his shadow. But he had come back, and he had come to meet only her. Did she dare read anything in his actions this time? She couldn't really stop herself. Silently, Mew let his words pass, as they had entered the human cities and she could see that he was tired. Motioning to the house where she lived, she wanted to stop and breathe for a second. She didn't, however, but she felt the need. Her body was tense, her movements rigid. Nervousness was painted all over her form. He had been here before, and that time he'd left her hoping, and the hope had been broken. Just on the top floor. You look cold, so I'll get some blankets from the first floor just incase. Not waiting for a reply, she entered the house and rummaged around in the livingroom, waiting for him to go upstairs. It was all so awkward, and the strength she normally had in her was not present.

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If anyone has asked him why Mew, why the strong feelings and the return, perhaps he would have never given a proper, coherent answer. There was none to give. In the beginning, yes, he had felt pity for her plight, but in time he had come to like her, for her strength, vivacious attitude and just plain kind nature. He doubted she could hurt anyone. Unless protecting someone she loved, as she had done with her puppies. Soon the city sprawled before them and Lubomir felt both relief and a bit of regret. What could he possibly do now? He would rest.

The house he remembered well. Her scent hung heavy and when her lithe form disappeared, Lubomir drank in the sight and presence of his angel. He looked around the city. Once, humans had walked its streets. They had loved and hated, fought and rejoiced, they had filled the houses with their presence and their energy. Perhaps, in this place, another loved had once stood, his heart a tiny flickering light in his chest. Perhaps he had proposed to his beloved. They had made love between tangled sheets, until there was no distance between them. He had not left. He had stayed and loved her for all the days of his life. He had been a hero.

Slowly, Lubomir entered the house and walked upstairs. He felt nothing, save a great emptiness. But as he settled on the blanket, he smiled at Mew. I cannot thank you enough. Angel, you have done so much for me. I hope that when I wake, you will still want me to stay with you. Curling up, Lubomir closed his eyes and sought refuge in dreams that spoke of purity and a chance to find freedom eternal.

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Mew Sadira
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Silence roamed her head and the air between them as he thanked the girl in front of him, and curled up on the blanket she had given him. She would be four years old next spring, but she felt nothing like a grown person right that moment. Silent - Mew didn't respond to his words of gratitude - there was nothing she could say that fit, and she was frightened her clumsy words might ruin his calmness. Her mind was far from calm. Of course she would offer him her help, and of course he could still stay with her in the morning - and for as long as he needed. There was never a question about it. There had been, once, when she had thought of him and decided that should he ever step inside her pack's borders again she would chase him away, but it had been nothing but comforting lies and bitterness. It helped, sometimes, anger, despite its destructive nature. It could soothe to blame someone when perhaps the one that should have been blamed was oneself. Quietly, the femme sat down on a chair, thinking for a moment, watching the one who made her mind so unruly. Thoughts drifted away with time, and the brown of the wooden walls became a blur together with the other colors present - her head was nodding up and down as she nearly fell asleep and woke halfway up again. Realizing she should get some sleep, she shook her head gently and put an eye on the one on the floor. The dahlian female made sure grey fur on his back and chest rose and fell steadily before she dared move (the awkwardness at having him wake up to realize she'd been staring and half asleep on a chair behind him was a little too much right now), and then she realized he had her sleeping spot. Uncertainly, she rose as quiet as a feather's landing, and looked around. There was the old human bed, but it had mice in it and parts of the mattress was rotten. The springs were uncomfortable. She had no more blankets, but she wasn't that cold, so that didn't really matter. Finally, she decided on lying down on the floor, a two-metre away from the male, and only seconds after lying down did she feel some of the nervousness ripple away from her. Eventually, calm overtook her and her chest too rose in the rhythm of sleep. Dreams made her move this way and that, and suddenly her body was right behind grey-pelted male that troubled her so. Easily putting her arm around his stomach, the sleeping femme buried her face in furs that were not her own and laid still. She had found what she was looking for, right now.

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