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Character Name: Zana Avaya Lykoi
Character Birthdate (including year): Nov 7th 2008
Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: Luperci
Species: 37.5% Canis latrans ortus
31.25 %Canis lupus ortus
25% Canis arctos ortus
6.25% Canis familiaris ortus
Gender: female
A secondary form of contact (AIM, MSN, Y!M). iskatasadira

The reddish gold child had found her way to the beach finally, she'd been told once upon a time before the nightmares had taken hold that her father had lived on a beach. She'd heard rumors of others like her, like Dabi who lived there too. She'd liked staying with Dabi, 'Ki and Ti but she didn't like the monster that was often shuffling around the house and growling. Everytime she saw the silvery gold beast all she remembered was fire and the sudden flair of pain. Everyone tried to promise her that it had all been an accident but the monster seemed to shrink away from her like she'd done something wrong or there was something wrong with her.

She shook her head stubbornly as she waddled her tired little legs to the sands excitedly. There was a small pout on her lips as she caught the strange scent of the ocean, so like the one where she was from but yet so different as well. The sands seemed to stretch on and on.. how was she going to find her father out here.. What was a father anyways. She already had a Dabi, he always looked after her, now she was alone looking for a ghost. Her tail whipped back and forth, the fast snap of the ribbons making her happy for a brief moment as it was matched by the crash of the waves as she began to move closer and closer to the water's edge.

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     Training his mind was as much a part of his routine as training his body. Both Fatin and Tristan had grounded these ideals into him, and he honored them as he honored his birth-parents. He had spent the morning with a pen and paper, taking notes to himself on the layout of the land. Finished with that, he had dropped the work off with his father (whom had surprisingly, been home—albeit it sleeping) and headed to the shore.
     Now, perched on a large stone, he looked like a peculiar sculpture. One hand was held out, the other near his head. One foot was midair, and he balanced precariously, eyes shut. With slow patience he moved his limbs, switching one foot for the other, one hand for the next. At this point, the sharp crack of fabric tore him from his meditation, and he stumbled, just barely catching his balance. Both eyes opened and he sought the source with a frown—only to find it in the form of a young girl moving along the shore. A bark signaled his presence, and he waved her over, interested I why such a young girl was out by herself.

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The small girl was interested in the bubbling wash of the waves as they seemed to race back into the ocean and as soon as they were sucked back into where they started they lurched forward again in an endless game of cat and mouse. She'd seen the ocean in Phoenix Valley, but always from a distance, the pack didn't like letting her get too close to the waters so now that she wasn't being kept on a tight leash she wanted as close as she could get. Her little paws danced as the salty surf tried to leave her feet wet as she raced closer and closer and then suddenly she turned and ran back on her heels. She knew she shouldn't be distracted so from the real reason she'd come this far.. but the strangeness of the ocean was so irrististable!

Then out of nowhere a bark broken through the crash of the waves and the snap of her ribbons as she turned towards the voice. It didn't take too long before the waters caught hold of her paws and the little girl was racing away from the edge and further up on the sandy shores. Her large ears perked up as she began to flick sands and water from her paws, her strange eyes casting about for the owner of the voice that had distracted her so and made her lose the war with the waves. She'd give them a piece of her mind for helping the waters cheat.

It didn't take her long enough to find the source of the voice for he was gesturing towards her. He looked nothing like the grumbling monster so she raced as fast as her short little legs would carry her to the shifted fellow. Ribbons rippling behind her as her tongue lulled out the bright eyed little Lykoi girl almost ran into the stone that the boy had been perched upon. Those lilac orbs stared up at the male as she squirmed. "Wha chu waant?" she could barely stand to be there with him, she wanted to get back to her game.. then when she got tired maybe she'd remember that she was suppose to be finding some coyote who was suppose to be her father.

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     He squatted down, putting both arms on his legs, and cocked his head with childish interest. While Siobhan had been a child when he had found her, children still interested him so. They had a peculiar outlook on the world he had abandoned during the war and his time out in the wild. “I just wanted to say hi. Who are you? What are you doing out here?” Despite his family’s reputation, Zeke was quite talkative, and quite friendly to the world around him. This was evidenced more so by his tail wagging behind him, giving away the previously focused state he had been on.

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Her large round eyes stayed focused on the male as he seemed to make himself smaller, in her simple little mind she thought it was very funny the way he was squishing his large frame into a small space, he reminded her of the strange clucking birds the pack kept. They did funny things like that, except when you startled them bright white oval things that were tasty to eat appeared when they threw their little fits and scrambled away squabbing. She giggled at the thought and wondered if he was sitting on eggs too but he distracted her from asking with questions of his own.

It seemed too quickly she'd been discovered as he wanted to know who she was and what she was doing outside. Sticking her little pouty lip out she slowly and mournfully forked over the information he wanted. "Ahwr.." she sighed as her be-ribboned tail drooped. "I's S'ana.." she said as she scuffed her paws in the sands. "wookin' for da'.." She'd overheard Dabi and Jebbers talking about a place called Inferni and the chances that her father had come from there. She had no clue if he was or if she really needed a father, but if monsters stole mums she didn't want to be next. Zana figured as far as her little paws had taken her (with the help of a tricked wolfess) that the monster wouldn't be able to find her now atleast. Little did she know the monster and her nightmares were not the same creature.

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     Biting his lower lip, Zeke adjusted his weight and dropped to a sitting position. Scratching at his dreadlocks, the boy listened to her speak. She still spoke in puppy talk, which was not unfamiliar, given his other ward. Both ears, large but not unreasonable for his build, turned forward and his smile broke into a grin. “Zana? That’s a pretty name. I have a friend named Siobhan here, you would probably like her.” Mouthy, young. It seemed as if Ezekiel took after his mother over his father in that respect, at least.
     “For da’, huh? You got a name to go with that? We could go look for whoever it is.” Another wag of the tail, a doggish wink. One would never have guessed he was a de le Poer.

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The little one tilted her head to the side and watched as the boy sat down suddeny, squashing all chances of her finding an egg beneith his rump now if she could manage to scare him into flight. When he grinned down at her she wagged her banner of lavender ribbons behind her as she puffed her small chest forward and boast, "S'ana mean pretty! I pretty!" Zana had never really been around others her age, everyone else had been much larger than her, both siblings having died so early in life that they were just a haze in her memory. Much before the monster was hazy and distorted in her mind, but she didn't mind now.. the monster was so far away and she was going to find her father. This new fellow was destracting her though with talk of others, her response was simple as she wrinkled her nose and frowned. "Do I has toooo?" she asked him, she didn't even know who this friend of his was but he was already trying to toss her aside to someone else.

Zana suddenly tried to climb up onto the stone he was sitting on as the boy began to talk again, she squinted at him as she suddenly blurted out. "What cho name? Yous not da' ?" She caught hold of her ribbon wrapped tail in her paws as she slide off the stone and stared up at the male once more. "No nos! Look wik me?" she said between batting at the ribbons that moved slightly in the breeze. No one ever said the child could keep her mind on one subject for long at all but atleast she did come around full circle and return at some point.

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     “You certainly are pretty. I’ve never seen anybody with purple eyes,” he said, moving to help her before she fell into a heap on her back. Sliding down from the rock, he joined her on the cold sand, dreadlocks spilling back into his face. He laughed heartily at her question of him being her father, considering he was scarcely old enough to be grown himself. “No, I’m not your dad! Do I look that old? Man, maybe it’s the hair.” Sticking out his tongue and laughing between his teeth at the thought, he stood up and rolled back his shoulders.
     “So you don’t know who he is? It would be easier to look if we knew who we were looking for, you know.” Winking again, he leaned back on his heels and spared a glance to the gray sky.

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She'd landed with a soft plop on her rump and paused in attacking the remains of her tail as she noticed her company had joined her in the sands. She blinked at him as he started to talk about her eyes, she beat her tail happily in the sands as she squeaked. "I is! Iyes awws mines!" She did known that atleast, that her father didn't have her eyes, or her mother. There had been rare moments before she'd been burned that her mother actually had spoken of her father to Dabi, though she didn't know anything about these conversations she'd often heard brief catches of the conversation repeated between the hybrid males in the pack. The mystery of her father seemed to be the main source of gossip, or atleast it was the only one she caught onto considering her name was brought up so often in the process.

The sudden bubble of laughter that drew from the male made her wonder what was so funny, but then he explained, though she was still doubtful as she demanded. "Whoos is yews den!" Her bright eyes gazing up at the boy with the dreads as he drew up taller than her again. Scrambling to her feet she looked behind him for the egg that generally followed such outbursts but she was slightly disapointed as there was nothing but sand. Her tail softly wagging, the ribbons fluttering in the breeze as she blinked at his final question.

Once more that pouty little face took hold as she tried to concentrate but it failed her. "No nos... I jus Lie choo.." She'd never come to figure out that Lykoi was the one thing she'd been granted by her father. She had no clue what a father really was, or who her dad was. She just knew he wasn't within the packlands and that being away from the packlands was better than listening to the shuffling grumbling monster in the corner. Anywhere was better than there. She missed her Dabi and Jebbers but she would find this Da and flowers and sunshine would brighten her wintery world.

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     “I’m Ezekiel, but you can call me Zeke.” As was common, the boy neglected his surname. Fatin had drilled it into his head that the de le Poer (and by proxy of his father, the Lykoi) family carried a stigma. On top of that, they carried enemies. He understood this with the extent of how he understood the war, but accepted it because it had to be true. This was the same philosophy he carried in regards to God, even though he did not bear a dying son’s symbol as his father did.
     At her given name he mouthed the word, eyebrows furrowing as his eyes turned dark. Chu. She had used that while saying you, but this context was different. Then, quite suddenly, he realized what she was saying. Shock washed over his face and turned his eyes wide, and he took a step back to regard her in context. “Lykoi? You’re a Lykoi?” But from who? His father certainly was out of the case. One idea, albeit it terrible, washed over him and turned his eyes vicious. “His name wasn’t Andre, was it?”

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The small child sat staring at the larger male as he finally gave her a name. Her tiny ribbon wrapped tail thumped against the sands as she smiled with delight at having something to call him finally. "Z'weke.." She said outloud, trying to test the name on her tongue. She furrowed her brows as she muttered it again and again before she finally tilted her head to the side and asked. "Why yew wook funny?" Dabi stood in the funny form that Zeke was in but she rarely saw anyone else in the luperci form. She'd always thought Dabi looked funny too in the weird looming stance when he had to crunch himself all up to be down on her level. Zeke seemed to have to do the same thing, it all just seemed so silly. "Why no wook ike me?" she asked as she wondered if there was something wrong with Zeke and Dabi.. something bad.

He kept muttering her name as she babbled questions at him but then suddenly he gave her a look that she'd rarely seen before. Normally only when she'd done something wrong or scared someone. Her ears instantly pinned back against her skull as she wailed. "I nos can helps it!" He spoke like something was bad about being who she was and instantly she began to sniffle, thinking that she was in trouble. Maybe coming to look for her father wasn't such a good idea. Tears filled her eyes as she cried. "No nos.. nots pos' to talks bout em! No nos name.." She sniffled as she lowered her lilac eyes to stare at her big paws. How was she to know that no one would know who she was, that no one could figure out who her father was. She thought it would be easy.. but she was wrong.

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     By the time he realized what he was doing, she was nearly crying. Quickly, Ezekiel’s face melted into one of regret, and he squatted down again and folded his ears back. “I’m sorry,” he apologized, gold eyes turning soft. “I didn’t mean to make you cry. It’s just that my uncle Andre was a bad man…” The boy trailed off, unwilling to admit anything further. What had been done to his sister was unforgivable. If his father had not destroyed that monster then Ezekiel would have. God’s Might and God’s Sword would have been his, if only for that time.
     “Does your mother know you’re here?” He asked suddenly.

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Like most puppies with the briefest of attention her sniffles and sobs had already begun to fade away when Ezekiel had crouched down and begun to shower her with attention once more. Her oversided drooping ears caught his words and though she had no clue what they meant she did understand one thing, it wasn't her he was bitter with. She furrowed her little brows together as she turned those orbs back up to glance at him for just a moment. Otay.. I sowwy too.." She turned her eyes back to her paws as she mumbled. "bwig girls no cries.." She wasn't suppose to cry all the time but this was her first real adventure and she'd already made so many little puppy mistakes. How was she ever going to find her father.

Suddenly it seemed that Zeke was going to just ask her a million questions as he asked about mother. She just raised her lavender orbs back up to stare him straight in the eye as she answered, "No mother, I rwunnin frwom monster.." how sick and twisted that one unfortunate event had changed a mother into a monster and left the child an orphan. She had never called Iskata momma, even when she was younger, she'd been too young to remember nursing at her mother's side and by the time the silver and gold woman had healed from her wounds there was no nursing to be had at her side. Instead she'd often been stuck with the blind grumbling wolf when the others needed to tend to other matters. No one had ever really spoke of her mother and DaVi had been the one to feed her most of the time but he wasn't daddy. Her life was just too confusing for such a small pup.

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     Puzzled by her lack of parents, though positive one of them was a Lykoi, the boy bit his lower lip. Ezekiel had dealt with an issue like this only once before. Of course, Siobhan had needed him. She was his ward now, and he was responsible for her well-being. Perhaps this was Fatin’s sympathy in him, for the orphans and the downtrodden. Perhaps he wanted to comfort those because he had been given such a chance.
     “Well no monsters can get in here,” he said firmly, winking again and grinning. “Do you maybe want to stay with us? I don’t know who your dad is buy my aunt’s name is Lykoi too, so that makes us related!” Wagging his tail again, he stood up and let out a high, coyote howl, calling for his father.

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Zana was unsure if he could really keep the monster away but she was willing to believe his word, atleast for now. She looked down at her paws shyly as she whispered. "Otay, long as no mwonsters." She really hoped that there was no way the monster could find her now, and if Zeke promised that the monster wouldn't find her then she'd stay here. He even said he'd try and keep helping her find her father. She looked up at the male and smiled. "we finds daddy.." she said firmly.

He'd also announced to the little girl that she was somehow related to him, this one was even more puzzling than how she'd come this far and hasn't found her daddy yet. Her eyes brightened again as her ribbons snapped excitedly. "hows can we's b'lated? yous not da or bwother.." The family that blossomed further off the line wasn't something the little girl understood yet, she still had a lot of learning to do and it seemed she was into a long track ahead of her.

She just flicked her ears back in surprise at the yowl that Zeke had given out as she whispered and crouched down. "Whas that fo?" She asked as she turned wide eyes to Zeke, not knowing that now she was to meet another of those astranged relatives she couldn't comprehend yet.

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